NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 11, 2021

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Check out the latest on Jack Eichel, T.J. Oshie, Owen Power and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

WGR 550: During a recent interview with a Boston TV station, Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel was asked if he could ever see himself playing in Boston.

“Yeah, I mean, I think every kid grows up dreaming of playing for their hometown teams,” Eichel said. “Whether that happens now, later in my career … whenever, who knows, if it ever happens. It would be pretty cool, but who knows what’s gonna happen here in the next little bit.”

Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Eichel’s hometown is Chelmsford, Massachusetts, so it’s not surprising he would say he’d welcome an opportunity to play for the Bruins one day. His remarks, however, will only provide more fodder to the trade speculation swirling around him this summer.

The Bruins have the cap space to absorb Eichel’s $10 million annual cap hit, but their focus is on finding a top-four, left-side defenseman and re-signing pending free agents like Taylor Hall and Brandon Carlo. They could also bring back long-time Bruins Tuukka Rask and David Krejci on short-term deals.

Eichel might one day suit up for the Bruins, but it seems unlikely he’ll do so this year.

NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: T.J. Oshie hasn’t spoken with Capitals management about the possibility of being exposed in the upcoming Seattle Kraken expansion draft. Oshie was born in Washington State and Kraken head coach Dave Hakstol coached him at the University of North Dakota. However, the 34-year-old winger wants to finish his career with the Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: During an interview last month, Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan said he was unlikely to expose Oshie in the draft. We’ll find out for certain when the expansion draft protection lists are made public by the NHL on July 18.

RDS: Speaking of the expansion draft, the league will be holding a virtual conference with the general managers on Monday to review the rules and procedures. Teams must submit their protections lists by 5 pm ET on July 17.

NHL.COM: Top prospect Owen Power would have no problem being selected by the Buffalo Sabres, who hold the first-overall selection in this year’s upcoming NHL Draft. The University of Michigan defenseman said it would be “nice and close” to his home in Mississauga, Ontario. He also praised the Sabres’ rich history. “I would love to be a part of it,” he said. The first round of the draft is Friday, July 23.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whoever selects Power might have to wait at least a year before he joins their lineup. The 18-year-old blueliner has indicated he’s leaning toward returning to college for another season.

THE SCORE: The lawyer for former Chicago Blackhawks player who alleged former video coach Brad Alrich sexually assaulted him said her client won’t participate in the team’s investigation into the incident.

Lawyer Susan Loggans said they have no faith in any investigation paid for by the Blackhawks, pointing out they’ve denied any sexual misconduct ever took place. She also said there’s no assurance from the team or anyone else that the results of the team’s investigation would be made public.


  1. Bruins package for Eichel: Debrusk, Ritchie, Carlo and a #1 pick.

    • Krejci has still been almost a point per game playoff performer and just replacing him with Eichel does not solve the depth issues in Boston.
      Obviously with age etc you choose Eichel over Krejci but you need a 2nd line winger and at least one more bottom 6 forward+ add a shutdown D with size….
      Dont see Sabres doing Eichel a favor and sending him to his hometown team who are far from the best trade offer package

    • Can Buffalo give Boston a 12 month warranty on Eichel in that deal?

    • in other words, take my trash for your treasure …

      DeBrusk is a 3rd liner, Ritchie is a 4th liner, Carlo’s career will be short because of numerous concussions and a late first? bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha

      typical fanboy proposal …

    • Sabres counter-proposal: McAvoy, DeBrusk, Beecher, 2022 & 2023 1st Rd.

      • (Unprotected, Unprotected)

  2. That situation in Chicago is a seething can of worms.

  3. To George and other Sens fans here….re Power

    I personally think Power has much much more of an upside than Sanderson

    They are 4 months apart in age; both going into their 2nd years at University; both Lefties

    Powers is bigger, stronger , sees ice better and faster now; and I think the curve up for him is much steeper

    Neither likely to be in NHL in 21-22

    If Sens see Powers as I do…. Much better in the long run…. Is there a trade possibility…

    Sen’s 10th overall and Sanderson for

    1st overall (Powers) + *

    * 3rd (Panthers) and 3rd (Habs); OR

    * B prospect (Murray??) ??

    That’s basically 5th overall + 10th overall ; for

    1st + 88th + 95th; or

    1st + Murray


    • Pengy, you know I never get into so-and-so for whose-it specific trade speculation – other than to maybe comment on the likelihood of Ottawa going down certain proposed roads.

      As to who is the better prospect, when I hear Mann, Dorion and Smith speak of Sanderson they are quite enthusiastic and when asked if he could join the big club as soon as this coming college season ends they all replied “absolutely.” Not only is he seen as effective both ways, they are also happy to see that he plays with an “edge.”

      No, he’s not as big as Power (few are) but at 6′ 2″ 190 he isn’t small either. In fact, other than Brannstrom, the rest of the Ottawa D is larger than most.

      Some seem to think Ottawa would love to dump Murray on somebody – I don’t see that at all. Yes, like the rest of the team he got off to a horrible start this past season, but when they began to turn their season around at about the 15-game mark by getting rid of Cobourn, Gudbranson, Paquette, Galchenyuk among others, and up until his season-ending injury, he too began to settle in with the restructured D and at one point had come up with back-to-back SOs.

      No, he won’t be protected for the Seattle draft, but that’s simply because they know Francis won’t take him. Nor will they lose Daccord, so next season the tandem will start with Murray-Gustavsson with Daccord # 1 in Belleville along with Forsberg.

      The results will dictate where they go from there.

      Meanwhile, with no Major Junior season of any note on which to base player ratings, this is where the various scouting departments will earn their keep – and Ottawa has one of the best. And at # 10 I think they can get a very good prospect.

      All of this is not to say Dorion won’t be involved in a trade (or two) – and it could involve that # 10 pick – but anything of that sort will be with a team or teams absolutely needing to clear cap space in order to re-up RFAs (we all know who they are) for a good seasoned D and/or F with term and a cap hit that makes it advantageous for the cap-strapped team to move him/them.

      • Thanks for the response George

        You’re likely right

        I expect fully that Dorion et al would say those type of things… proper sentiment regardless if they fully believe their public statements or not

        The MurrayI was speaking about is a Sabre prospect; I wasn’t referring to MM

        Agree with your assertion of MM exposed and who will be starter/back-up for Sens next year

        We’re all arm-chair GM’s here; and this arm-chair GM would make the Sanderson + 10th deal for Powers and 88th/95th OR Powers and Prospect Murray

    • I would not do that deal Pengy , I was impressed with Power holding his own at the world championships but I have also heard Sanderson has big upside. Ottawa are likely keen to snag McTavish #10 . He has roots in Pembroke and has likely been scouted since he was a kid. The Senators always seem to have one roster player with a local connection Methot, Boro, Ceci, Gudbranson , Pageau, Brassard, Peca in the recent past. None on the roster or in the pipeline these these days

      • If McTavish is still on the board, Ottawa won’t get him at #10. Vancouver would take him first (9th pick). They need a center in the system.

  4. You want Eichel give up Pasta