NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 24, 2021

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The first round of the 2021 draft is completed, Carey Price undergoes knee surgery, Sam Reinhart reportedly traded to the Panthers, Taylor Hall re-signs with Bruins, Zach Hyman heading to the Oilers, and much more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The Buffalo Sabres selected University of Michigan defenseman Owen Power with the first-overall selection in the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft. The Seattle Kraken selected Powers teammate, center Matthew Beniers, with the second-overall pick, and the Anaheim Ducks took center Mason McTavish of the OHL’s Peterborough Petes third overall.

The first round of the 2021 NHL Draft is complete (NHL.com).

Defenseman Luke Hughes of the USA U-18 National Team Development Program is joining his older brother Jack Hughes with the New Jersey Devils as the fourth overall pick. Center Kent Johnson, another University of Michigan player, was taken by the Columbus Blue Jackets with the fifth overall pick.

The remaining rounds (two through seven) will be held today starting at 11 am ET.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can see the full list of first-round selections by following the link above. I offer my sincere congratulations to all the players taken in this round except for the Montreal Canadiens’ selection with the 31st overall pick.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens made a controversial selection with defenseman Logan Mailloux of the OHL’s London Knights. Mailloux had withdrawn from this year’s draft after being fined for invasion of privacy and defamation in Sweden. He took a photo of himself and an 18-year-old woman engaged in a consensual sex act and shared that photo with his teammates without the woman’s consent.

The Canadiens issued a statement acknowledging the severity of Mailloux’s actions but also felt his decision to renounce himself from the draft was an acknowledgment of his poor behavior. They expressed their willingness to help him become a better person and player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens are trying to justify this by claiming he was the best available player at that stage in the draft from a hockey standpoint. They also reportedly took him that high because several teams intended on taking him in the second round before the Canadiens would select with the 63rd overall pick.

The young woman victimized by Mailloux hasn’t forgiven him because she doesn’t believe he’s genuinely remorseful for what he’s done. “I do not think Logan has understood the seriousness of his behavior,” she told The Athletic’s Katie Strang in an e-mail, adding all she wanted was a heartfelt apology. Multiple sources told The Athletic that Mailloux has portrayed her as vindicative during interviews with some NHL teams.

This is inexcusable by the Canadiens. An organization that prides itself on class and character has been stained by this decision. And shame on the teams that were still willing to select him later in the draft before the Canadiens did.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens goaltender Carey Price underwent knee surgery on Friday in New York. His expected recovery period is 10-12 weeks and he’s expected to return in time for the start of the 2021-22 season. Price was also evaluated for a hip injury but it will not require surgery.

NHL.COM: The Boston Bruins signed winger Taylor Hall to a four-year contract with an annual salary-cap hit of $6 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall was a good fit with the Bruins following his acquisition from the Buffalo Sabres at the April trade deadline. He was seeking some stability after playing for four teams in the past two years. Cap Friendly indicates he gets a no-movement clause throughout the deal and a modified no-trade clause starting in 2022-23.

WGR 550: The Buffalo Sabres have reportedly traded center Sam Reinhart to the Florida Panthers. It’s believed the Sabres will receive prospect goaltender Devon Levi and the Panthers’ first-round pick in 2022.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The trade is expected to be officially announced later today during the remaining rounds of the draft. Reinhart is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’s one year away from UFA eligibility. That could explain why the Sabres got a prospect rather than a player as part of the return, though they did get a first-rounder as well.

Speaking of trades, several notable moves took place before the first round of the draft. They include the Columbus Blue Jackets trading Seth Jones to the Chicago Blackhawks, the Vancouver Canucks and Arizona Coyotes engaged in a multi-player swap involving Oliver Ekman-Larsson, the Sabres shipping defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen to the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Rangers dealing Pavel Buchnevich to the St. Louis Blues. You can read my take on those deals by following this link.

TORONTO SUN: Zach Hyman’s days with the Maple Leafs are done. The pending UFA winger has verbally agreed to sign with the Edmonton Oilers. If a trade can be worked out between the two clubs before noon ET on July 28, Hyman will sign an eight-year contract with the Oilers. If not, it’ll be a seven-year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs are seeking draft picks from the Oilers. If a trade cannot be worked out today those picks will have to be in future drafts. It’s expected Hyman’s new contract will be worth between $5 million and $5.5 million.

SPORTSNET: The Carolina Hurricanes traded defenseman Jake Bean to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for a second-round pick in this year’s draft.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: That’s the second young defenseman the Blue Jackets added yesterday. They also got promising Adam Boqvist as part of the return from Chicago in the Seth Jones trade.

TSN: The New York Rangers yesterday placed defenseman Tony DeAngelo on unconditional waivers for the purpose of buying out his contract.


  1. Well… it seems like other than Caps…. The only Metro team not making moves is Pens…. Hextall/Burkie… you are down 2 key players…. Pick up the phone will ya!!

    Draft…. some shifts up and down for where players were expected to go… but some real off the board picks and highly highly controversial ones

    Uniting the Hughes bros in NJ… happy for them… not a big surprise

    Stevie Y jumping on the big Western G…. Cossa….could payoff down the road… He built Bolts (2 Cups) and drafted the bigVazy which certainly paid off

    Sens…I am still baffled at this one…Brian Boucher’s lad…. At 10th…. Almost all ranking sites had him going in the high 40’s and 50’s in ranking. Button had him at #49; Elite Prospects at #45. The absolute lowest anybody had him a5 was Bob McKenzie at #29. If Dorion was focused in on him so much…. Why didn’t he trade down (at least once, if not twice or thrice) and pick him up later and get at least another pick out of it. Later in the round ; Detroit gave up a 2nd and a 5th to move up; Dallas gave up a 3rd… this pick, without a slide and extra pick rec’d; at 10, was strange. Someone must have a major inside scoop on him

    Dallas picking Wyatt Johnson… most ranked him late 2nd; some in the 3rd round) at 23… also off the board??

    However… biggest surprise on the day… GMMB picking Mailoux…. kid made a mistake.. owned up… asked to be not picked… give himself time to earn back public respect…. and GMMB picks him as a first rounder… that to me was very surprising

    For me… I am hoping and praying for a big trade (bye bye Zucker 🙏🤞🙏🤞) today and a diamond in the rough pick round 2 for both Leafs and Pens (Picks 57 and 58… 🙏🤞🙏🤞🙏🤞)

    • Sportsnet reported earlier that day that Boucher was a target at number 16 for the New York Rangers and the was also valued high by Columbus and Nashville who both picked right after Ottawa. It is, in my opinion important to remember that teams internal lists often differ from the ranking sites.

      Boucher is a Sens type player and addresses an organizational need. He is a smooth skater, plays a physical game, is aggressive on thr PK, and scores in the dirty areas. He is also much closer to being NHL ready than many in the draft. For a 10th overall, his ceiling his probably a good 2nd line right winger to an excellent 3rd line scoring winger. But he fits the Senators two way mold. Tkachuk, Grieg, & Boucher are going to make the Sens an absolute nightmare to play against in years to come.

      • Thanks for the insights and background JJB

        That information then makes sense of his draft selection… I still think they should have at least tried to move down a bit , get an extra pick, and still pick him up

        I wish they would have said that (your background information) last night…. The “way off the board” comment by them made me look him up… I wasn’t familiar with him

        When I saw how deep he was in the rankings… that’s what had me curious and why I subsequently posted my thoughts above

        Thanks again



  2. Bad move by Montreal imo. Either the kid truly did not want to be picked, in which case the Habs move was completely unprofessional, or the kid was crying alligator tears in which case the Habs shouldn’t want him.
    Vailloux plays for the London Knights in the OHL. He has an interesting year ahead of him – every away game to start – luckily he has the Hunter brothers to guide his way.

    • Smart move by Habs best player available everyone makes mistakes if he continues to make stupid choices than it would be bad move. I believe he will make better choices and thrive in the NHL and I’m a Bruin fan you never make it it to top by never betting on the person.

      • You have any kids Obe? I have 2 daughters, one around the same age as Maillou.

        Phuck you comment!

      • Some people here lack true human feeling and understanding. Exactly like FD said Phuck you and your statement.
        I guess Tony D come on down! Montreal has a spot for you too.

      • That Montreal had to release a statement, defending their pick says everything. It was a trashy move. It says that, not only do they not care about women as people, but they also don’t care about the well-being of the player they picked.

        At best, this kid has maturity issues. Picking him in the first round does nothing to help him with those issues. He has just learned that there are no real consequences in life.

      • Didn’t Montreal have a Russian player who hung with Mafia types recently?

      • I believe you’re right, Obe. Mailloux was only 17 when the incident occurred, his character still being shaped and his motivations inspired by his macho contemporaries. He probably was made callous by the inevitable lineup of enterprising high school girls wanting to exploit him so as to be associated with a potentially rich athlete. I can’t see how ruining his career would make the boy a better person.

      • Terrible move by the Canadians. Everyone can speculate about this kid until the cows come home but I know first hand this kid has been a tool, bully and dirtbag all through high school.

        Big ego and no remorse. He rode the whole “I’m a hockey player so I can do and act however I want” train through school and I highly doubt much has changed.

        I also have three daughters and while some people have said mistakes, maturity, blah blah blah…if he came around my house, I’d knock his lights out.

        This is exactly who this kid is and if I know this about him, you can bet your arse an NHL club doing due diligence on a player like this knows it as well.

        Trash move, Montreal, and anyone else who thought of taking him as well.

    • Don’t understand your comment re Hall. I always thought a no-movement clause was broader than a no-trade clause. If so, how could the NMC last for all 4 years, but there be a modified NTC starting year 2?

      • He gets a full no-movement in the first year, meaning he cannot be traded, placed on waivers for demotion to the minors, or left unprotected in an expansion draft. Over the remaining three years, the no-movement applies demotion or an expansion draft.

    • If I’m the kid, I don’t sign with the Habs and simply re enter the draft when I’m able to do so. Explain to the Habs that they, and all other teams were told not to draft me, and move on.

      That would go a long way in trying to show a sincere and absolute want to be better, and try and show the young lady that I am truly sorry for my transgressions.
      It’s not perfect, but it’s a start.

      • Well said SOP. Those responding to Obe, don’t bite on that he thinks he is owning the libs or something weird like that.

        This kid obviously lacked empathy for the young woman or he wouldn’t have done it. If what she said is true about his behaviour since, that confirms even after the fact.

        Folks may want to google what that means when folks lack empathy, it may simply be immaturity, or a sign of something more serious that needs addressing. Or never changes.

        The kid deserves a second chance, I hope everybody accepts that? But making him wait a year and prove he isn’t a narcissistic a-hole you don’t want near your team is a good idea.

        2nd chances are earned where I come from. I had to earn mine. Let him earn it, he will thank you in the end if he does.

      • Ray, when you boil it all down it amounts to nothing more than – for the time being – Montreal simply owns his NHL nights. If he wants to stick to his guns he doesn’t have to sign with them, following which he becomes a free agent.

        If he screws up again – or shows any signs of continuing that bad behavior – Bergeron doesn’t need to even try to sign him. Let it expire and he’s effectively out of the picture.

      • Ya George, it may all be moot in the end and hope it works out for him and he learns how to respect other people. I just don’t like the idea of him getting a signing bonus right away. Skates on it.

        If he plays well, learns, he still gets drafted in first round and has a successful career if he goes back in next year.

        He or whoever is advising him gave the teams the right answer IMO. They didn’t listen. Serve his time/penance and he will be in a better place, and like what he sees in the mirror.

      • He is not sorry. Not at all. He is a Predator, and I don’t mean Nashville…

      • And YOU know this how?

      • I know his family. I know many, many kids who went to school with him. I live in BR. It’s a small town.

      • Shoreorrpark, I agree with you. That would honourable way to go. Somehow I doubt the kid will take that route.

    • Why do we victimized him he’s got one strike against him now so let it play out
      I’m sure if it repeats its self he will be gone not only from the Habs but from the NHL
      And I’ll put this forward is this any worse then the Blackhawks attempted coverup
      Or shed a tear for Tiger Woods behavior

      • Mathew imho saying yeah well what about?? is grade school stuff. The habs said eff you women and that hockey is the end all be all. Poor move by habs and this type of behaviour towards women has put me off most sports recently. It would be true leadership if the NHL commented on this as it reflects very poorly on the organization.

      • No – they (Montreal) – did – NOT, Perchy. Climb down off your sanctimonious holier-than-thou I’ve-never-done-anything-I-regret-in-my-life high horse and listen to yourself. Are you prepared to ban the kid for life for making a mistake – and a bad one – at age 17, with absolutely no chance of atonement and open regret?

        If so, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be part of your society. Jaysus!

      • George the
        hyperbole,rhetoric and
        over simplification in your post is laughable. I in no way said the kids life should be ruined but that the Habs showed no morale compass and respect for the victim. Pretty simple stuff if you are not simple. Try another approach next time and climb down from the lofty perch in your brain. You appear to be just another blowhard that cannot seperate your ideals regarding sports from what is truly important, things like respect, moral strength and perspective. If someone does not support your assertions, they are wrong and you will put on the tough guy facade and tell them how it is. I know your type, I deal with them often and they get it right back loves ya and Have a great day ranting!

      • No Perchy – you said in bold print “The habs said eff you women and that hockey is the end all be all. ” That is what is “laughable.”

        You may interpret it that way – I chose to interpret their decision as giving a kid a second chance to show he’s truly sorry and to demonstrate that over the next year. He doesn’t have to sign with them – and they don’t have to offer a contract if they don’t like they see.

      • They should NOT have given him this chance. A few interviews of anyone who knows him will tell you this is how this kid has been all throughout high school. I understand that some ‘supporters’ are trying to put a positive spin on it because they don’t know him or all the facts but damn right any remotely respectable and responsible NHL team would have known this and stayed far, far away.

      • I think George is unable to understand what you’re trying to say Perchy. It was pretty straightforward and not wrong.
        A very good reply to him too. Spot on.

  3. Zito should have likely won GM of the year a couple of weeks ago… Lou winning was strange…. But Zito is bucking for the prize next year… Reinhardt for Levi and a 1st in ‘22…. ABSOLUTE steal…. Are MacCrimmon and Jarmo K in tears this morning ?

    Wow… good on ya Zito…. Young , speedy C/W, rightie , who was on pace for 38 G’s (82 game ace) on a brutal team…. For Levi and a first in ‘22…. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    • There will be a veteran F (probably a C) included with the 22 1st and D. Levi.

  4. As usual Sweeney’s the jilted Bridesmaid when it comes to closing a deal on almost anything. Didn’t Get Garland or OEL Could have should have would have always the same with this guy. I’m hoping this is his last year

    • Rick, I waited until way after 8 to see what you were professing to know about getting our guy.
      Needless to say it wasn’t Don I was disappointed in, it was you. Don did his job and locked up Hall for 4 more years, and then he won the draft just like he did when Pasta fell to him a few years ago.
      But you. You talk like you have insider knowledge, and when the impossible isn’t achieved, you proceed to blame Sweeney for you’re wrong predictions.
      I’m very disappointed in you today, Rick. You’re word is trash.

      • SOP I’m only relaying what I heard from some of Boston’s Major media outlets. The reason I didn’t place a name on it is simple there are some on here who would be all over it like flies to molasses. The selection will remain anonymous for reasons I have already given I don’t care who dislikes me on the site. If you chose to do so that’s your privilege. You seem like a pretty nice guy, but I will report what I hear.

  5. We are now living in a world where people have blurred the lines of decency, privacy, and right and wrong. I might be a little long in the tooth but in the old days in the locker room you’d have immature young lads bragging about “conquests” with many of these stories exaggerated and untrue. This impacted the reputations of who they were “bragging about” to make themselves look good. No one forgets that stupid behaviour. And in many cases most of us regret what we’ve done as kids but remorse doesn’t just “happen” instantly.

    The league should disqualify that pick and not allow him to be drafted this year until he is able to rebuild trust.

    Having said that, what was once verbal bragging now has become actual photos. Way more impactful but with today’s technology, immaturity no and poor judgment, that can become a dangerous thing.

    • I offer my sincere congratulations to all the players taken in this round except for the Montreal Canadiens’ selection with the 31st overall pick.

      It must be nice being the two of you living a mistake free perfect life … never having done anything regretful due to immaturity. What makes either of you the judge, jury & exceutioner in this case?

      • You are exactly the type that would condone this behavior ed.

        What a huge loser

      • Mistake free life. The kid broke the law and admitted it. He took unsolicited pictures of a woman and distributed them without her consent. I mused the other day of someone being totally moronic and taking this kid in thr late rounds. Never did I think someone would be so dumb to take him in the first round.

        He is also nearly 20, he isn’t really a kid and he knows the difference between right and wrong. He just didn’t care. And yes, most of us have probably lived a life where we didn’t do something so stupid. The Canadians deserve every bit of bad press they get and this guy deserves to eat it all as well.

      • You may sometimes be surly and stubborn, Ed, but I admire you for always being sincere and direct to the point.

        When the judge and jury are all male, as is likely most of the audience on this hockey blog, it can be expected that a young man will be judged more quickly and more harshly than a young woman would be.

        A few years ago, a girl took a selfie of her and a sleeping Jaromir Jagr together in bed, with the intention of extorting Jagr. When Jagr refused to acquiesce, she circulated the picture over the internet. Jagr was in his forties at the time; the girl was eighteen.

        Logan Mailloux was born on April 15, 2003. We may like to think differently, but girls his age are capable of the same misdeeds as boys. Would the audience on this blog be a bit more considerate and forgiving of a female hockey player his age who had done the same thing as this 18-year-old boy?

      • Not the point, Ed. Vailloux expressly withdrew his name from the draft. If he changed his mind, were all the other teams notified? Or was it strictly a phone call to Montreal to make the pick?
        Set aside the reason the kid asked to have his name withdrawn, did the league make sure all the teams knew he was suddenly available?
        What’s the league’s role in all this?

      • I have no problem being the judge, jury and executioner on this specific case. I have first hand knowledge of who and what this kid has always been like and he has always been an egotistical bully, predator and all around d-bag.

        Any NHL team doing due diligence would know this.

      • Flying V–Are we talking about Tom Wilson?

      • @Francis S, I’m talking about Logan Mailloux.

  6. Look for the Flyers to deal with Chuck’s friends in Minnesota for cap relief. I’m hearing Voracek and 2 picks to Minn. for D-Man Hunt and the much needed Cap relief needed for Hart (6×6) and Sanheim (4×4.25) and back up goalie. Reimer???
    the cap relief of Voracek is roughly 7 mil added to their existing 10.. I’m hearing they want to bring back Bellmare to sure up that 4th line while frost and Allison get much needed On The Job Training. One thing is for sure tho….Chuck still has one more move to do

    • JJB,

      Mailloux was 17 when it happened – a minor.

      The woman was 18 – an adult.

      I don’t approve of his actions, at all, she was the victim here.
      But get your facts straight at least.

      • This is not accurate for Sweden. Cheers.

  7. Two controversial things happen with the last two picks of the first round.

    Montreal selecting Mailloux

    Definitely controversial and as I posted last week a team would select him and use Mailloux letter withdrawing himself from the draft as a sign of maturity .

    I also found the Chicago Blackhawks selection announcement curious, with all the legal stuff around the Blackhawks management, they decide to have several ladies on stage to help announce their selection.

    Which only made me think of the previous pick (mtl) and who their GM is and what organization he was with prior.

  8. Pro athletes who refuse to be vaccinated is a moral and ethical issue, which few if any suffer any consequences. There is no daily outrage and attempts to banish them.

    Teens have always told their friends about dates, sex, “conquests” and when I say teens, it’s both boys and girls.

    The means of communication are different but the gist is the same. Today they present a living timeline of photos and clips of everything online for everybody to see.

    He let his teammates in on his consensual sex, she may have told her friends about sex with the foreign hockey player.

    Immature kid is an oxymoron, should he have “asked”…..should every person who told others about sex they had have asked? Sure, but do they? no.

    He told his friends, she told the world.
    It’s a sign of the times that everything is an extreme, every perceived wrongdoing gets the death penalty.

    I’d rather hear about where the kid stands on real ability (crickets)

    • “He told his friends,
      she told the world”

      You’re not really blaming the victim here are you, habsfan30?

      • 2422,


      • Ok. Just checking.

      • No it’s a perfect case of what I call willfully ignorant. It’s when we know someone or thing is not right, but try to justify how it ought to be received than acknowledge the fact that it’s is just plain wrong.

        I’m so sure if it was the Leafs that’ selected him the same people defending him wouldn’t be singing the same tune. Aka internet tears.

      • And YOU would be defending his right to rehabilitate himself from making an egregious error at age 17. But of course you’ll never admit that.

      • What else is that voice telling you? Or should I just keep it about me so you won’t feel attacked again?
        You’ve repeatedly shown what you know and in many occasions you couldn’t of been more wrong…. this above statement you made, prime example.

  9. A predictable range of replies here, save for Lyle’s unusual over the top comment to fuel the usual internet mob, always on standby with torches and nooses. Yup, the kid made a stupid and mean spirited mistake, and not a trivial one to be shrugged off. He must be held accountable.

    But then there is that too quickly stepped over point that he has been held accountable. At what point is the baying and the lust for punishment satisfied, emotionally incontinent posters (that’s you FD) satsified?

    An organization stained by this decision? How about some context: Zachary L’Heureux, suspended 4 times, once for apparently spitting on an opponent, and another time for flipping the bird while being interviewed on camera. The result: we can work on the kid’s character, he’s a future star.

    Nope, not the same magnitude of offense, but just an example of the ugliness of the internet mob. If the kid makes another such mistake then he deserves to get swept out of the league. But he hasn’t quite yet, so maybe take down the nooses for now.

    • LJ…you just don’t get it.
      would you be cool if there was a photo of your daughter with a &!ck in her mouth circulating on the Internet? Smarten up

  10. YES the REAL victim is Mailloux, the aggressor, guilty party. How about you types get off your high horses and realize a crime is a crime, especially when there’s isn’t a doubt that he did this.
    I’m left to guess you’re aholes in life to not see how doing something like this is really bad. Glad I don’t know you.

    There is no debate this 20yr old is trash. Maybe he’ll grow up and be a better man but nothing he’s done indicates anything like that will happen. Trash should stick together and defend him.

    • Ron Moore

      He was 17, a minor, at the time.

      The only reason you even know his name is because he, himself, gave permission for it to be used.
      He could have hidden.

      He is also ranked #23 of N.A. skaters by the NHL.

      So I guess all this depends on your viewpoint on him as a person going forward.

      It seemed at first (yesterday) to me that there would be a lot less furore would he be picked in the 2nd / 3rd Round.
      That’s what I actually thought would happen.

      But when I think about it, it would be two-faced on my part to now criticize a 1st Round pick as it then becomes a critique of methodology.

      As for you and your baying “outrage”, I can only imagine your comments had he, for eg, been selected by Toronto (or is it Boston?).
      Smarmy little homer.


    • Just what I expected from you Moore – self-proclaimed judge, jury and executioner. Make a mistake – ANY mistake of that sort – and you’re screwed for life. There, that’ll show ’em that, in MY society, there is NO room for rehabilitation. Put him in jail and throw away the key. Yeah.

      I, for one, am glad I don’t know YOU.

    • Typical of you isn’t it? You skirt the issues hide behind your false platitudes and thinly veiled personal attacks.

  11. The kid was 17 a minor, not 20.
    The kid didn’t put out a photo of consensual sex with an 18 y/o on the internet.
    The kid shared a photo with his friends in private team group.

    If you as a teen didn’t tell friends about consensual sex you either have memory loss or are a liar.

    Pretending that this was a major crime is just being sanctimonious .

    • Habsfan30 I have to disagree with you here.

      Yes it was consensual; but not taking pictures of a unwilling person.

      He shared pictures he taken of her without her knowledge and without her consent.

      That is wrong on so many different levels.

      Don’t understand why you why try to defend them actions.

      It was wrong and illegal this is why he got charged.

      If your asking me if he should pay for it by not be allowed to play in the NHL

      My answer would be no. He was 17 and knew better and hopefully this was a wake up call.

      He needs to do more then send a letter to show remorse and that he wants to change.

      He was going to get drafted and I’m ok with that.

      Now it’s up to him and he was recieve alot of unwanted press and questions, the onus is on him to show he understands.

      • Caper, since you agree that it was ok for him to be drafted, you also have to understand that he’s not apt to see NHL action for at least 2 years. If, during that span, he has not shown that he’s learned a basic life lesson and the Habs are not happy with his general behavior, they’ll cut him loose real fast. From this point on it’s entirely up to him as to how his future unfolds.

        But like anyone making a mistake he deserves a chance to show beyond doubt that he’s learned a lesson.

      • Caper,

        It was wrong and it was illegal. he shared photos with his friends.

        I defend those actions for the same reason I’d defend a shoplifter being publicly pilloried as an armed robber.

        “He needs to do more then send a letter to show remorse and that he wants to change.”

        Like what?
        It was determined that he should pay a fine and he did.
        He should apologize, and he did.

        He should be treated as a rapist?

        He should be treated as a sexual abuser?

        He should be treated as a sex offender?

        For chrissake The woman said Mailloux offered a text-message apology that was “no longer than three sentences. All I have wanted is to get justice for the actions he has taken against me,”

        He was charged, sentenced, fined and apologized. What more do you want? A pound of flesh?

      • Caper: a balanced and sensible post.

      • If anyone truly believed this was not going to surface at some point In his career…you’re dreaming.
        Imo, he was advised to do so.

    • Nah George…doesn’t matter who he plays/played for…Habs, Leafs, Cowboys, Man UTD…at this moment in time, until further notice…the guy is a POS. The fact a team picked him, mind you In the first round aswell…is classless, inconsiderate and shameful.

  12. No one has answered my question here.
    Vailloux was picked at the end of the first round.
    Did the teams who made their picks earlier in the draft know that he was suddenly available? Did the league know? What was the league’s role in this?

    • BCLeafFan,

      Mailloux didn’t “suddenly” become available.

      Mailloux, an 18-year-old defenceman from Belle River, Ont., released a statement on Tuesday morning:

      The league, however, responded that Mailloux is still NHL draft-eligible regardless of his statement. “There is no opting in or opting out – if he meets the standards in the CBA, he is eligible for selection,” an NHL source explained to TSN on Tuesday. “That could only be changed by agreement with NHLPA. Not something we have discussed.“

  13. To all the Mailloux apologists out there would you be so forgiving if it was your daughter’s pictures being passed around?

    • Read any and all of my previous posts. I would NEVER let this kid around my daughters. It is not just this case. This kid has been a arrogant d-bag all through high school and he is definitely not in the least bit remorseful for anything he does so I would never believe he has suddenly changed.

      • Of course the very act of trying to keep him away from your daughters would just make them want to hang around with him more.

  14. He was not trying to ‘fit in.’ You can read some of my previous comments.

    Yes people make mistakes and sometimes the mistakes are a crime and they should pay for their crime.

    He might have paid for his crime but he is far from remorseful.

    He hasn’t actually gotten help.

    He hasn’t gone to counselling and he certainly has not changed.

    Bravo, Lyle, for speaking out so strongly.

  15. JJb,

    They count years differently is Sweden do they?

    I was 100% accurate.

    Furthermore he was charged as a minor and fined as a minor.
    And as a minor his name was withheld until he gave permission for it to be released.

    Maybe you should revise your definition of “accurate”?

    Or maybe you don’t care, anything to be on the pc side, right?



  16. Would you like your teen daughter fu**ing a teen athlete?

    Would you be alright if he bragged to his teammates about fu**ing your daughter.

    Would you be alright if the teen athlete was a female athlete fu**ing your teen daughter and telling her teammates about it?

    Nothing illegal about it, so nothing to forgive is there?

    It’s a cruddy thing to but has been done for ages and today they use phones for everything, photos of supper, clothes, sex you name it they take a pic and share it.

    • Habs fan, just wondering if your opinion of Mitch Miller being drafted by Arizona last year was the same as the Canadiens drafting Mailloux. Miller was accused of bullying a Black classmate with developmental disabilities. At least the Coyotes renounced their pick. You seem to be pretty self righteous when it comes to anything unless it is the Habs. Montreal drafts this guy, me thinks if it were a different team you would be talking differently.

      • Sparky,
        How about you tell all the ways these are two very different situations?

        When you get to the end methinks you’ll have your answer.

    • Funny how with men, the girl is always a sweet, innocent darling…until divorce court teaches them otherwise.

      • Francis I don’t think the girl is sweet and innocent. These photos with another showing her face and name in a small town could ruin her prospects by making her wear the scarlet letter. I doubt she expected this to happen when she hooked up with this young man.

  17. According to the Montreal Gazette, Logan Mailloux took pictures of this woman during oral sex without her knowledge and posted the pictures on Instagram. He then linked a picture of her face with her name for all to see. This is abuse whether you think so or not. Mitchell was abusive but in a different way. Both of these young men showed a lack of maturity and consideration of their victims. My point is you have called for major sanctions for nhl players doing much less and as I stated I bet if a different team picked this kid you would be talking differently.

  18. Good day,
    I briefly played junior hockey 20 plus years ago in the WHL. I was appalled by the behaviors that my teammates (a number went on to long NHL careers) were allowed, one story in particular was far worse than what just came to life with this draft pick. The owner of that team is an NHL GM/director currently btw. Through personal experience I have come to shake my head at media personalities that promote “good Canadian boys”, “great character” etc. as many if not most/all hockey media members KNOW what has been going on for decades.
    I also had conversations over the years that were off the record with hockey reporters. After a few beers they have no problem telling stories of players that are now hall of famers or big name players….publicly hitting their wives etc.
    Finally, I did work for a luxury hotel chain in Canada, one in particular had a contract with EVERY NHL team. The behaviors of the “boys” was insane. Hookers, late nights before game days, extreme drinking etc. Housekeepers hated the hockey team stays!
    With that being said I have had great experiences with complete gentlemen and have a couple former NHL players as friends to this day. My point is that the junior/pro system can be very abusive to the players and terrible behaviors are condoned. Let’s look at owners and corporations and media should be ashamed of themselves for attacking a minor when many of these people in sports media know damn well what really goes on!! We can never fix problems if we are not honest, truthful and hit the issues at the root cause….the adults need to become accountable for their example and actually be the adults in the room for once.
    I know this is a hard and sensitive topic but everything that I wrote is first hand experience and there is a lot more that I could disclose on another day. I hope that I did not offend or upset anyone as that was not my intention. I am also by no means justifying this teenager’s actions, I hope that the abuse of women and players is stopped immediately!