NHL Rumor Mill – July 24, 2021

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In today’s NHL rumor mill, a look at some of the notable names still in the rumor mill heading into the second day of the NHL draft.

DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli provided an updated list of trade targets following yesterday’s busy trade market leading up to the first round of the 2021 NHL Draft.

Jack Eichel remains atop the list. The Buffalo Sabres set a “fantastical” asking price seeking multiple draft picks and prospects.

Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The chances of an Eichel trade this summer took a hit following the completion of the first round of this year’s draft. Unless the Sabres seek first-round picks in the 2022 draft, they’ll have to lower their asking price or put more emphasis on younger players and prospects.

St. Louis Blues general manager Doug Armstrong envisioned the possibility of winger Vladimir Tarasenko returning with the club next season. His shoulder is now 100 percent healthy following his third surgery to address the injury. Despite his no-trade clause, Seravalli said he’s willing to play almost anywhere.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The concern with Tarasenko could be more his $7.5 million cap hit than his shoulder. There are reportedly some teams willing to take it on provided the Blues accept a comparable contract or a return that doesn’t address their roster needs.

The Colorado Avalanche, Seattle Kraken and Toronto Maple Leafs have expressed an interest in Arizona Coyotes goaltender Darcy Kuemper. He’s a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility and doesn’t intend to re-sign. The asking price is a first-round pick but that could be lowered considering the Carolina Hurricanes got Jonathan Bernier and a third-round from the Detroit Red Wings for Alex Nedeljkovic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Avalanche land Kuemper it probably means Philipp Grubauer is hitting the open market. I can see him being shopped before the trade deadline if a suitable deal can’t be found this summer.

The Anaheim Ducks are listening to offers for Josh Manson, who’s a year away from UFA eligibility. They seek a first-round pick as part of the return. Moving him would leave a big gap on their blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get the feeling the Ducks are lukewarm toward moving Manson. Sure, they’ll do it if they get a great offer but otherwise, I think they’re fine bringing him back next season and maybe re-signing him if he’s willing to stay.

Wingers Reilly Smith and Jonathan Marchessault could be available as the Vegas Golden Knights attempt to balance their forward lines. Smith can become a UFA next summer while Marchessault has three years left on his deal with an annual average value of $5 million. They could also listen on physical winger Ryan Reaves.

The Philadelphia Flyers are still trying to move Jakub Voracek or James van Riemsdyk. There could be teams interested in Voracek if the Flyers retain $2 million or so of his $8.25 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Voracek has three years left on his contract. No surprise teams want the Flyers to pick up part of that hefty cap hit. Based on previous reports, they seem keener to move Voracek than van Riemsdyk.


  1. There were some surprise picks yesterday. Ottawa at 10; Devils at 29; etc. But does anyone know what the Canadians were doing???? Is this similar to Arizona last year where they will have to void the pick?

    • This is just more proof that MTL is the worst org in the league and an org with absolutely zero class.

      • Other than that episode – what, exactly, are you basing that on (aside from sheer jealousty) and, since you have such a definite opinion of them, would you care to fill us in on your team of choice so some of us can compare “episodes.”

      • Please stop attacking new people that have different opinions and ideas than you. You’re often quick to point it out but now you’re doing it.

      • Did someone not named Jorgen type that comment? Does he need sheltering?

        George can look after himself but comments here invite responses. Especially when they are ridiculous. On top of it, what George asked for is substantiation. Fair and reasonable to me.

        By the way, Ron, you called some of us here a-holes in a previous post because we had a different opinion from yours. How two faced of you then, to tell anyone to stop attacking people.

      • You guys should calm down and hold your horses. Granted, the kid acted stupoidly, but he now seems to talk with regrets, and some wisdom. You stone throwers judge him, I won’t. And, the ”worst organisation” just made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

      • Ahh, LJ, he’s got a bug up his ass that activates whenever he sees me comment. That fact that I irritate him so much simply makes me want to tweak his nose at every opportunity. Poisson.

        Clearly he somehow thinks that a comment like “proof that MTL is the worst org in the league and an org with absolutely zero class …: should just be allowed to stand alone without any challenge. Asinine to the nth degree and the fact Jorgen Andersson hasn’t bothered to substantiate that idiotic opinion says it all.

      • You all know what the Blackhawks organization is going through right now, right?

  2. It seems that, every year there’s a pick that has many scratching their head and this year was no exception with Ottawa taking Tyler Boucher at # 10.

    Obviously, the scouting staff – and ultimately Dorion – saw something in this kid that prompted them to to “off the board.”

    However you look at it, chances are that pick – whoever it was – wasn’t going to see regular NHL action for at least 2 years and probably 3. By then it could be one of those picks that will be prompting comments like “well, that turned out to be a waste” (especially if someone taken later has turned into a major presence on the ice) – OR – “they must have seen something in him that caused them to jump on him early.” We’ll simply have to wait and see.

    Ottawa fans puzzled by it this morning can take some comfort by this analysis posted by TheBleacherReport: “He’s a full 200-plus pounds already and is overwhelming shift-to-shift. He hits hard, and he’s not hitting just to finish checks. The opposing player near the puck hears the footsteps coming, and Boucher will force changes in possession either through direct contact or the impending threat he poses. He plants himself in the slot and is incredibly difficult to remove. When he gets the puck on the perimeter, he shrugs off bodies and continues the cycle. 

    Boucher isn’t going to be a prominent figure up the lineup, but he has the potential to become the type of bottom-six checking winger with supplemental offense that every team strives to add. That’s a lovely player to have, but Boucher should have gone toward the end of the first round at the earliest.”

    We’ll eventually see who’s right.

    • We also have to keep in mind it’s being reported he was high on the lists and a potential first round target for New York, Columbus, & Winnipeg. All who drafted basically right after Ottawa.

      He is a power forward, who skates well, has NHL size, excels on the PK, and can score goals, is relentless every shift. These types of, old school players are rare and NHL teams place a higher premium on them than the analysts do. My guess is he was probably considered a first rounder internally by quite a few teams.

      He also fits our organizational needs. Scoring depth on the right, without sacrificing the two way play. In no order, Batherson, Brown, Sokolov, & Boucher provide a nice look for the right wing now.

      Boucher ceiling may only be a second line winger. But he could also become a very good scoring 3rd line winger who sees special teams time. He is also much closer to NHL ready than many in his class, because he CAN play that checking role and on the PK with no pressure to contribute offense immediately, but develop it overtime. I’d even be bold enough to predict Boucher is in the lineup alongside Grieg in 2022/2023.

      I doubt Boucher will ever become a steal. But I don’t think we will be complaining about the pick in a few years time. He has 20g potential (key word potential), can skate above an NHL average level, hits hard, never gives up, plays in all situations. He’ll become a fan fav in Ottawa and make us a miserable team to play against.

      • Agree JJB. Another comment I saw on another analysis site said he compares to Tom Wilson. I’ll take that type any day … without, I hope, Wilson’s Conan The Barbarian suspendable brain-farts.

        They have enough top prospects in Top 6 roles who are going to cost them the bigger bucks down the line. Doesn’t hurt to have a few solid bottom 6 Fs who will command a bit less.

    • Sens pick of Boucher was spot on. I could care less where his ranking was.

  3. Hmm, top pair shut down RD on the block? Plus the fact Ottawa is already being linked to Adam Henrique? Ottawa & Anaheim could be a one stop shop to address what Ottawa is asking for. Now, I don’t really want Henrique, but I like Manson!

    To Ottawa: Adam Henrique, Josh Manson, Anaheim 3rd 2022

    To Anaheim: Chris Teirney, Nikita Zaitzev, Logan Brown, Tyler Klevin, Ottawa 1st 2022

    The Ducks get more assets and cap space to use and players that can fill gaps on their lines still. Ottawa gets a 2nd line center and a top pairing D for Chabot.

    • The kid is a monster lol Pierre McGuire making his mark early ?

      • That thought crossed my mind too Swany. I wouldn’t doubt that, if asked, he’d have given his opinion on the kid’s abilities. Maybe his manner rubs a lot of people the wrong way – but there is NO doubting his knowledge of all aspects of hockey.

      • I agree George . Pierre knows hockey and players better than any of us on here . I just wonder if he wanted to push to go off the board a little bit to see how much pull he has . Who knows he may not have wanted the kid was just crossed my mind when I seen the pick

      • Yes his manner does rub people the wrong way maybe because he too thinks something as dumb as this: “but there is NO doubting his knowledge of all aspects of hockey.”
        LMAO all aspects, all!

      • Says the bitter little twerp wearing his Leafs jammies with the blue and white fuzzy pom-poms.

  4. Anyone else notice the weakass move by the Devils last night?

    Drafted Luke Hughes and instead of like evrey other team that put a “1” or a “21” on the jersey the Devils decided to give Luke Hughes #86, his brothers number. Too cheap to give the kid something of his own?

    Looked cheap, looked weak. Kid gets drafted in the first round and he had to put on his brothers jersey?


    • With all their “insiders” you’d think Sportsnet would be the first to have any “breaking news” before any other outlet. Yet last night at 9:30 pst TSN and evekn HockeyBuzz were annnouncing the Sabres had traded Rienhart to Florida. Beaten to the punch by HockeyBuzz for crying out loud… and crickets from Sportsnet.

      So much for all the “insiders” Sportsnet is wasting money on.

      Youve got to be beyond incompetent to get scooped by cut and paste HockeyBuzz.

      Sportsnet – asleep at the wheel. Brutal, just brutal.

      • Ron, it was actually Elliot Friedmam from Sportsnet that broke the story.
        Elliott has been tweeting about it.
        Because the deal has not been completed (don’t know why it is taking so long, maybe Lyle has more info) Sportsnet has not put it on the website

      • According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the Sabres and Panthers are still haggling over the details. The trade call is supposedly going to be made at some point today. So, we wait…

      • A HockeyBuzz reader! Wow never would of guessed.

      • Please stop attacking long-time people that use different sources than you. Shoe fit?

      • IMO Sportsnet is the National Enquirer of the sports world. They just make stuff up and get lucky once in a while. LOL
        Elliot Friedman is decent, but he is no Darren Dreger, Frank Seravalli, or Bobby Mac.

  5. Bruins ended up with a nice draft pick Lysell surprised he lasted that long was thinking Boucher was going to be their pick it’s how much I know

  6. Avalanche sign Cale Makar for 6 years and 54 million, 9 million avg cap hit.

    Over to you Jim Benning cause everybody knows Quinn Hughes agent will be using Makar as a comparable.

    Oh, and dont forget Jimmy. You still have to sign Dickenson, Garland and Pettersson.

    Going to be a lot of fun watching Bungling Jimmy try and find the dollars for that.

    Dickenson – 2.5 to 3 million
    Garland – 4 to 5 million
    Hughes – 7 to 8 million
    Pettersson – 7 to 8 million

    From my best guess (which may be way off) its going to cost Vancouver between 20.5 and 24 million to sign just those 4 players.

    Per cap friendly the Canucks have 18.7 million in cap space left. Buying out Virtanen and or Holtby may free up some money but then they will need to be replaced.

    Adding an 8.25 (less 12%) cant check defenceman might not have been the brightest move, some might even say it was Dim, as in Dim Jim.

    Bungling Jimmy strikes again.

  7. Flyers trade Jakob Vorachek (8.25 million) to Columbus for Cam Atkinson (5.8 million)

    May be more details to come….

    • Looks like Columbus is starting to take on players that in no way shape or form could ever be considered “Tortortella-types.”

      • George,

        Im inclined to agree. Odd move for the Jacketsa change in philosophy in Columbus apparently.

    • This was a odd trade and with in the same division. I have always like the tenacity of Atkinson and Vorachek is skilled.

      Philly is dumping everyone..LOL

      • Well, what they had as a collection wasn’t working very well – all things considered. Can’t hurt to try a new combination of talent.

  8. Think its time I take a little break from commenting here. While I certainly enjoy the back and forth banter some others provide (Pengy, George etc) in good spirit and with valid points on why my view may or may not be correct I certainly do not appreciate unwarranted personal attacks.

    This is supposed to be a board for everyone to comment on the transactions of the day. To debate ones point of view with others.

    Sadly it is becoming or has become a venue for venom.

    Cheers to those who comment in good spirit and offer up their thoughts and opinions without malice, this board is better because of you.

    This world has enough division and anger without requiring more.

    Enjoy the free agent frenzy (if there is one) and the rest of the summer.

    • Take care of yourself out there on the Left Coast Ron. Hope they get those bloody fires under control. And I fully understand your decision.

  9. Take care Ron agree with to division in world and tired of cancel culture Montreal picks a kid who made a huge mistake and is paying dearly for it and should but does that mean he should not be given a second chance? Tiger made a few mistakes himself and golf fans adore him he sure hasn’t been canceled.

  10. I only comment once in a while, but I read every day, usually after work around 7 or 8 pm when any comments I make won’t be read 😀 .. so I avoid it unless I’m off work and get on early enough.

    Sad to see Ron branch off for the reasons he is, hope to see him back soon.

    Worst I feel I’ve done was a good natured ribbing of Pengy about Ruhwedel trade proposals 🙂 … all in good fun!

    This forum has been an incredible addition to my days, I love reading the ideas, the back and forths, the armchair GM trade proposals, revelations about certain players’ abilities from people who are local to their team and watch them regularly.

    I’ll always keep coming here to read, and comment when I can. Let’s just all remember that while we’re on here, we’re not drunken fans who beat each other up because we’re wearing the other team’s jersey. 99% of the time we are perfectly respectful of each other and genuinely enjoy the discussion. The appearance of regulars every day is great too.

    Let’s keep that ethos going forward and keep this forum what it is at its heart: a wonderful way for hockey fans of all different stripes to talk about the game we love and have fun together doing it!!


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