NHL Rumor Mill – July 15, 2021

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The Lightning face some tough decisions this summer, the latest Vladimir Tarasenko speculation and updates on the Flames, Islanders and Flyers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith reports the Tampa Bay Lightning could face some tough decisions this summer to become salary-cap compliant for next season. They’re sitting above the $81.5 million cap by $3.5 million.

The Lightning has several players (Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat, Yanni Gourde) with market value. Sources say all of them will receive interest so moving one of them wouldn’t be a salary dump.

General manager Julien BriseBois said he’s had discussions with the Seattle Kraken about a side deal. He doesn’t intend to ask any of his players with no-movement clauses to waive them for the upcoming expansion draft.

BriseBois has no plans to buy out anyone. That includes Tyler Johnson, who won’t be easy to move with three years left on his contract and an annual average value of $5 million. He also admitted it’s possible forwards Blake Coleman and Barclay Goodrow depart via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning has 17 players under contract for next season. They could be looking at trying to clear over $10 million to leave enough wiggle room under the cap to fill out the rest of their lineup and still leave room for other moves if necessary during next season.

They’ll have to shed even more if they want to keep Coleman, Goodrow and fellow UFA David Savard. That doesn’t seem likely. Rumor has it the Bruins will push hard to sign Goodrow when the free-agent market opens.

Could the Tampa Bay Lightning ask Steven Stamkos to waive his NMC to accept a trade? (NHL Images)

Smith’s colleague Pierre LeBrun wondered if BriseBois might approach captain Steven Stamkos about waiving his no-movement clause for a trade. There was talk last fall Stamkos’ camp was approached but the answer was no. LeBrun thinks there could be another conversation about it but I don’t think Stamkos wants to consider it. He took less than market value to stay with the Lightning and could be determined to stay put for the duration.

BriseBois could attempt to find more cap flexibility by acquiring a player or two on permanent long-term injury reserve. That’s what he did last December by shipping Braydon Coburn and Cedric Paquette to the Ottawa Senators for the contracts of Marian Gaborik and Anders Nilsson.


THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford reports the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, Vegas Golden Knights, Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals and Florida Panthers are believed on the list of trade destinations Vladimir Tarasenko provided to the St. Louis Blues.

The Lightning are believed to be Tarasenko’s top preference but they’re already well over the salary cap for next season. The Rangers are an option but GM Chris Drury might want to move Chris Kreider in the deal. That could prove difficult, in part because of the winger’s no-movement clause.

Rutherford thinks the Islanders could also be a possible landing spot. However, they might not be willing to part with defenseman Noah Dobson. The Bruins could be unwilling to give up a first-round pick while the Flyers might not give up prospect Morgan Frost. There’s also speculation about a one-for-one swap with the Capitals for Evgeny Kuznetsov but he’s had off-ice issues and carries a $7.8 million cap hit for four more seasons.

It’s believed the Blues have an interest in Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk. However, the Flames aren’t on Tarasenko’s list. The Flames aren’t looking to move Tkachuk this summer but Rutherford speculates they might be forced to next summer if he doesn’t want to sign a long-term deal with the Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of interesting stuff here. The Rangers’ focus could be more on Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel. The Islanders have limited cap space and are trying to free up room to re-sign restricted free agents Anthony Beauvillier, Adam Pelech and Ilya Sorokin. Not saying they couldn’t use a scorer like Tarasenko but they’ll have to make room by perhaps moving out a forward such as Jordan Eberle.

The Golden Knights are more interested in shoring up their depth at center. The Bruins’ focus is on improving the left side of their blueline and re-signing Taylor Hall and perhaps Tuukka Rask and David Krejci. The Flyers are focused on adding a top-pairing right-side defenseman such as Columbus’ Seth Jones or Carolina’s Dougie Hamilton.

It’ll take quite a display of salary-cap gymnastics by the Lightning to squeeze Tarasenko into their limited payroll for next season. Kuznetsov’s personal baggage and cap hit screams “buyer, beware!” The Panthers could use a reliable right-side scorer but GM Bill Zito might prefer the Blues retain some salary in a Tarasenko deal.

I’m not suggesting Tarasenko won’t be traded. However, his injury history and $7.5 million AAV for the next two seasons make it tough to find a suitable deal.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis reports Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving quashed a recent rumor suggesting winger Matthew Tkachuk wanted out of Calgary. “There’s nothing to it,” said Treliving. He’s also touched base with other clubs to gauge interest in several of his players coming off disappointing seasons.

Contract extension talks have begun between Treliving and the agent for Johnny Gaudreau. The winger’s limited no-trade clause kicks in on July 28, prompting some to suggest he’d have to be moved before then if a new deal cannot be reached.

Team captain Mark Giordano appears a prime candidate to be snapped up by the Seattle Kraken in next week’s expansion draft. The Flames could leave him unprotected. Discussions between Giordano and Treliving on the subject are continuing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Giordano, 37, has a year remaining on his contract. He could be exposed if Treliving opts to protect just three defensemen as expected. Perhaps Treliving is working on a side deal with the Kraken to have them pass over Giordano for someone else on the Flames’ unprotected list.

DAILY FACEOFF: Cam Lewis cited The Athletic’s Arthur Staple recently reporting two league sources said the New York Islanders are shopping Nick Leddy. They’re hoping to get something for the 30-year-old defenseman rather than lose him in next week’s expansion draft to the Kraken for nothing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leddy still has some value as a second-pairing defenseman. His cap hit ($5.5 million), however, could make it difficult to find a suitable trade partner.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher is willing to trade his first-round pick (13th overall) in this year’s draft if it’ll fetch a player who can help the club over the long term.


  1. A lot of interesting stuff there in today’s article. But I want to rant about Weber. Its like the NHL players, GMs and owners all think that old age does not occur and with it wear and tear. Somehow these front loaded mega contracts still get done, and surprise once the actual salary slips to a meaningless number injury kicks in (remember $68 million in signing bonuses paid long ago). I am not saying he is not injured. He was healthy enough for SC playoffs, so there is some disconnect there. But that is to be expected that wear and tear adds up over the years. But these free passes are a joke and an obvious cap circumvention. Its unfair to all the rest of the league that plays by the rules and lives with the outcome (see Minn). TB pulled a fast one this year as well, Chicago has had their fair share. the league somehow finds a way to turn away and not address what is blatantly cheating. Bettman is a joke, for other reasons as well. I agree its within the rules – but remember the league has punished teams for not being in the “spirit” of the rules either.

    • Redmonsters, I agree with a lot of what you say. There’s a reason that contracts like Weber’s and Hossa’s were disallowed by the 2013 CBA. But I don’t see any suspicion in Weber’s situation. His actual salary for the coming season is $6m. – a fairly large amount and certainly not a number to simply walk away from. The following season is $3m. – again, a figure that would provide incentive to play. It’s the final 3 years of the contract at $1m. per that were put in for cap reasons, which is why I believe that, even healthy, Weber would only play another two seasons. That is quite different than Hossa, who had 4 years left at only $1m. per when he suddenly decided that his skin condition was too painful to play through.

      • Hello Hoard, agreed, I am not picking on Weber, and understand he is injured. My rant was a more generalized, that teams are abusing the rules and the NHL just nods and for the most part does nothing. It will continue and make a mockery of the salary cap. All sides know the loopholes and as such some take advantage. All I am saying is close the loopholes.

      • Hey Red, I think teams have to push the limits. Sure it seems some teams has push that boundary a bit too far for our comfort, however either one team is going to push it too far and force change or everyone’s gonna push in that same direction eventually making the league take action. This Bettman cap is systemically flawed in so many ways.

      • Redmonster, really the biggest problem is whether both sides can handle the flat cap for the next 2-3 years. Owners must be getting tired of these buyouts & the flat cap is squeezing the middle of the players union. Add in this LTIR loop hole & maybe there is a solution between Owners & NHLPA. The problem is the guaranteed contracts & buyout cap penalties. Reduce the actual buyout costs so that the guaranteed money isnt so ridiculous to the owners & puts a little more emphasis on the players to perform up to their contract level, in return, the players get the removal of cap penalties so that buyouts dont impact the cap for teams. How many teams have anchor unmoveable contracts? I may be way off here but realy something needs to be done to tweak the whole Cap/LTIR system currently in place.

    • Totally agree. You shouldn’t be able to “trade” for a player still on the books from another team that can no longer play because of injury. This is not in the “spirit” of the the CBA. Why wasn’t this addressed in discussions the last go round?

    • Redmonsters where I agree changes should be in the offing where it comes to the salary cap in the post season, you and others have got to stop blaming the league when they could not make arbitrary decisions on this matter. The NHL PA has a significant say in that and nobody voted to change that in the last three opportunities they had. How many times do we have to hash and rehash this? It’s about that old saying that when you’re pointing your finger at somebody you’ve got three pointing back at yourself

      • ShaneinTpa, I would agree that the PA bears responsibility as well, its a money grab for all. I however think the three fingers back at me is way off target. At the end of the day fix it (whoever is responsible, and it certainly is not me or the fans) and do it quickly. Or else just don’t have a cap limit.

      • I as well have had enough of rehashing this topic.
        To make this discussion worth while, suggest what you would change to make it fair.
        Noting that the league and PA have kyboshed the idea of the cap being enforced in the playoffs, with only TB in favor back in 2015. I dare say karma.

        They didn’t cheat unless of course you think Kucherov faked the surgery and everybody involved is in on it.

      • It isn’t the rehashing but the misrepresentation of the topic that bothers me.

        Not wanting to change the rules in the past is irrelevant.

        The legality of what was done is irrelevant.

        The fact that others have done it is irrelevant.

        The fact that Tampa is the team that benefited is irrelevant.

        What is relevant is that an existing loophole that is nod nod wink wink accepted as a bit of stretching was used to a point never imagined.

        It’s why I suggested a minimum number of games played to maintain cap compliance.

        A cap overage of 6% to allow for minor adjustments come playoff time and the “cheating” the teams see as acceptable.

        I don’t buy the inability to gauge the cap in the playoffs since they aren’t paid to play.
        It’s simple math that the league can figure.

        It’s like speeding, 105/110/115 on the highway is illegal but accepted, rarely ticketed and possible to win if you go to court.

        140/160/180 on the highway is illegal and not accepted, it will be ticketed.

        That is the case, at what point is it considered to be stretching the loophole past acceptability?

        If its legal to ice a team that is 20% over the limit, isn’t it justifiable to close or at least tighten the loophole that makes it possible?

        There will always be people and teams that stretch the boundaries of what is legal and they “get away” with it till they don’t. Avery in front of Brodeur was legal….till it wasn’t.

      • How is the topic being misrepresented HF30?
        Not being difficult, just don’t know what you mean.
        Disagree with the non nod wink wink. What was the nod wink thing Kucherov?

        If there is evidence that he didn’t need surgery and had it anyway, faked it, had it later on purpose, then OK.

        Other than that?

        Is there another example in the cap era where this happened. High end/high paid player, out for year when a team is already having a cap problem, comes back and plays great in the playoffs?

        I am sure there is, just can’t think of it. If not it happened once and we are managing to the exception, which is never a good idea.

        Kevin R’s idea about buyout costs is interesting though. I would only suggest that you don’t implement it for a while as the teams that have taken their medicine to move bad contracts, or have managed the cap well, have a chance to benefit from that first while knowing it is coming down the road.

      • Ray Bark,

        The misrepresentation is that is framing it as a TBL issue and right or wrong on their part.

        The issue is the existing loophole in the rules regarding the salary cap and should something be done about it or not.

        My Avery example in more detail.

        It isn’t illegal to take away the goalies eyes.
        Parking bigger players including tall D in the crease has been a strategy used for a long time.
        It’s frequently said that if the goalie can see it they can stop it

        When Avery stood in front of Brodeur and “took away his eyes” it wasn’t illegal. Waving his stick in front of him wasn’t illegal. Avery facing Brodeur and following his eyes to see where he needed to move and block his vision by waving his stick was totally legal.

        “That’s not something that anyone writing the rule book has anticipated, and I don’t think that we view that as part of our game, with that being said, Sean Avery didn’t do anything to break any rules.

        “With every rule that is written, or how we try to change the game, somebody gets creative. Sean has gone beyond being a little bit creative on this one.”

        resulting in :

        “An unsportsmanlike conduct minor penalty (Rule 75) will be interpreted and applied, effective immediately, to a situation when an offensive player positions himself facing the opposition goaltender and engages in actions such as waving his arms or stick in front of the goaltender’s face, for the purpose of improperly interfering with and/or distracting the goaltender as opposed to positioning himself to try to make a play.”

        With regard to the salary cap loophole it wasn’t foreseen to be exaggerated to such a degree.

      • Tampa isn’t the only team that benefited. Hello there Montreal Tartar and Drouin! Hello NY Islanders!

      • Captain Obvious,

        What does “Tartar” have to do with it?

      • Agree 100% HF30 that this is not a TB issue.
        I don’t think it is a nod and wink though, I think people understand exactly what is going on and nobody is hiding anything.

        I also think this is the intent of the rule, not unintended consequences like the Avery example (never did like that guy). It is to help teams that have key injuries stay competitive and not have their season trashed because of it. That’s what TB did.

        All above board, and the league and PA want to keep it this way. The league has Doctors too.

        What’s the solution that could actually happen. I sure as heck haven’t come up with one yet.

      • Ray Bark,
        I have suggested someways to close or tighten the loophole, I won’t repeat them, you probably read them but haven’t commented.

        Helping teams that have key injuries stay competitive and not have their season trashed because of it is what LTIR addresses.

        The cap issue is different, it applies in the regular season and not the playoffs and is taken advantage of. The nod nod wink wink is accepting a certain amount of overage by teams as they have stayed in an acceptable range, X%.

        The intent was to be able to replace theoretically $5 million of injured player with $5 million of healthy player and that balance goes on all year to remain cap compliant.

        The intent wasn’t to ice both the LTIR player and their replacement in the playoffs.

        Simply put, the doctor approval to return shouldn’t impact the cap compliance, and it wouldn’t if they Avert ruled the loophole.

      • I respect that you would have the cap apply to the playoffs, fair enough. I even suggested that as the only other option the other day.
        And yes that would mean that TB could not have played Kucherov in the playoffs, or become cap compliant prior, say TDL, to move guys to make room. I can live with that, and so could the teams if that was the rule.

        We discussed this the other day, Lyle even opined, stating how the rest of the league and PA shut down TB when they proposed it.

        Which means they want it this way. If an 82 game season, Kucherov would have been back with a couple months left and TB would have had a problem. So kind of a special situation this year.

        I think all we disagree on is that you think it is a loop hole, and I think it is a feature and what they want it to be, so they ain’t gonna change it as they have had multiple chances to.

        Same hash and rehash, kind of shaneintpa’s point.

      • Ray Bark,

        “And yes that would mean that TB could not have played Kucherov in the playoffs, or become cap compliant prior, say TDL, to move guys to make room.”

        No, it just means that they can’t ice Kucherov and his replacements at the same time in the playoffs, just like they couldn’t in the regular season.

        It means teams need to consider the cap at trade deadline in preparation for the playoffs.

        LTIR and salary cap is intended to try and make you whole not to get a leg up.

        Did any other player do the Avery stunt?
        Nope, but the league recognized the exaggeration.

        I’m suggesting the same thing here, I don’t think any GM thought a team would be 20% over the cap in the playoffs, yet here it is.

    • What did Chicago do to avoid cap? You mean when a Blackhawks player was blatantly cheap shotted and went on IR (do you require an X-ray?) then spent numerous very high draft picks to obtain two players, while good didn’t have much success post-Blackhawks. The Blackhawks were still fighting for playoff position and only made the playoffs by 7 points. Hardly a lock. Not to mention the team really wanted the money that comes from game 5 at home. The players aren’t cheap, someone actually pays them the money.

      Or are you referring to Hossa retiring which has done the team zero good? Blackhawks have been invisible since Marion Hossa retired with a skin condition which similarly affected a Minnesota North Stars player.

  2. Rumor has it the Bruins will push hard to sign Goodrow when the free-agent market opens.

    What is, Sweeney will overpay for his services

    • Yeah, he is not the scorer they need, he is more grit and jam … exactly what the Penguins need.

      I agree about not be allowed to trade for players who are on the LTIR, another flaw in the system like permitting teams to go over the cap once the playoffs start.

      One guy I would not trade if I were Brisebois and that is Gourde. Stamkos is hamstringing that franchise, don’t get me wrong, he was a great scorer but his body is shot, much like Weber’s. Stamkos has become a fragile china doll who can’t stay in the lineup for any extended period.

      • Maybe since there is a loophole in the current CBA, when overpaid and/or a bit long in the tooth player can still be able to help their team by being on LTIR and use that cap space for players or picks.
        What GM wouldn’t want that?

      • Shanein Tpa, i know this answer may sound rude, but not intended.

        More then anyone else.

        The article did say it would take between 4 and 4.1 so i guess start there.

    • Caper what would you consider an overpayment? I see somebody giving him $3 million-$4 million but that would depend on term. I personally think Boston needs secondary scoring and defensive depth more than they need Barclay Goodrow

    • Heard today BOS getting close on Hall.
      If so, what does that mean for DeBrusk?
      He would be pushed to 3rd line.
      Might be a starting piece for a physical LD who can skate?
      Not many in the UFA market.
      Martinez and Suter.

      Likely needs to be a trade.

    • Just hope he has his priorities in order because this has the makings of a signing and trading frenzy

      • Sweeney

  3. I agree with the captain. When the bruins lost Miller they lost one of most feared guys in the league,. You don’t have to beat up everyone to be tough, one of the players I’ve always thought typifies toughness, is Cal Clutterbuck a little long in the tooth, but he hits everyone in sight. His hits hurt to if he gets a clean bead on you you are either going down or out. He’ll go into the dirt areas can score. When I saw Cal almost take on the entire Tampa Bay Club in front of the net, I laughed out loud but what a gamer that’s what bruins need.

    • BOS can use a Landeskog and a Hyman. They have the room. Trade Debrusk to Avs for pick and sign Landy then sign Hyman

      • Hey George, you go to for info seems to be the “Sun” papers both in Toronto and Ottawa. I was wondering why? Easy to read and follow or more along the lines of being agreeable. Asking simply out of professional curiosity.

      • For all their other “warts” the Sun chain is usually right on top of breaking hockey news.

        Question for you Ron: since it appears Dubas has given teams permission to dicker for the UFA rights of Hyman, do you think the lack of such permission in the case of Anderssen means they are looking to bring him back?

      • No not a fan of the sun papers but have heard and agree it’s an easy read as in “conversational” I guess as a way I’ll describe it. More opinion than I’d prefer, a bit too leading maybe. Just my thoughts/opinion. Very inconsistent with the writers too. Some unfortunately not. Page 3 sums it up. Hahaha

  4. Ok Bruin fans. Florida buying out Yandle. Any interest in Boston on a cheap 1 year deal?

    • No Slick62 here is my desired two dman for Boston

      Ryan Suter
      David Savard

      • I agree Caper, once this expanmsion draft takes place, the bruins will have ample oppertunity to fix the LD side.

        Would you do a Grez for Nate Schmit swap?

      • Ya Caper, the B’s and a dozen other teams.
        Good year to be a UFA D man. More demand than supply for the good ones. Oleksiak? Will want longer term than the B’s likely want though.
        B’s still have a good team and both are US born so as good a chance as any, just gonna cost some $$. Likely more than they should.

        Still surprised Minny bought out Suter. Don’t get it, unless more to the story.

    • Yandle’s toast time to move on, might as well insert Chara back in the lineup.

  5. If Rangers trade anyone for Tarasenko, it’ll be Buchnevich or Strome. Kreider not going anywhere. I don’t know why his name gets tossed in there. Can’t just assume Lafreniere becomes star n Zo season and when fans clamor for toughness, do you really want to dealthe biggest and fastest guy on team who is always near the top of team for hits?

  6. The GM’s of the hockey world need to thank the expansion for making this year even remotely workable. Imagine the pure Malthusian situation if there were not, essentially, 81,000,000 of leagues wide cap relief for the players assn because of the new jobs added with the Kraken. With a level cap,
    contracts plus earned raises plus “required” sigings of valuable RFAs would have put the league probably 150,000,000 or more over the the cap collectively, with very limited ways to reduce outbound money as salaries are guaranteed. The epiphany we’ve though many GM’s might have about long term deals and NMC’s would surely happen in a few markets. The CBA assumed that the cap would go up every year, making space for movement and negotiation, thus created no tools for adjustment if it did not go up. The Lightning anticipated their issues; cup winners have them always, double cup winners moreso, they’ve had the benefit of very team friendly deals from Stamkos, Hedman, and a couple of others and it’s still painful. Imagine if there were no “Kraken relief” for any team; the K are likely to absorb 50-60 MM of net payroll. The NHL needs to look at the NBA and MLB to see how easy it is to tank ratings (and revenues). I see little possibilty the players will give up anything on their side; the gains are hard won and the hired help was abused as a group for many years. The onus is on the GM’s to do better. I believe the biggest gain may be in the AHL . With the need for lower cost help, same teams will put more of a premium on development, and be willing to pay a good fraction of an AHL team to be ready to step in as money for even a minimum FA may be tight. An upside here is that I’d guess a half dozen or more good young players can make a decent career out of AHL hockey, getting that cup of coffee once in a while and being able to fill in with mistake free placeholding. Sure beats bagging groceries or flipping burgers. That two way deal is a good one if the big club makes sure you half a half a dozen games up, even if it’s bench-warming. And some of the players will blossom with an extra year or two of development….win-win. I don’t know if the cap can go up next year; as there is likely to be a Covid hangover on revenues, and some deferred costs that have to be made up. As painful as this all is (and I’m in the Tampa Bay Area) I prefer it to a team with a payroll of 40,000,000 competing with a team with a payroll of 200,000,000 and pretending its fun being the underdog.

    • Reality is there nothing wrong with the cap system; i don’t buy into we need to get more today because we got less yesterday.

      The cap could go up and the elite will get more, the plumber will still be the plumbers.

      GM are smart they study the cba and exploit loopholes, happens every year and every new cba.

      There is a fair abundance of great deals out there, it’s a matter of recognizing the talent and signing them up long term on valued deals. Sometimes you get burnt.

      NHL careers are short and injuries happen, players will decide for themselves weather to take the long term at less dollars for security or bet on themselves to take short term for better dollars and greener grass down the road.

      • Cape or even the teams that do it the right way either get burnt or will. Tampa Bay got really lucky with the coach a rough situation and the , But that too is coming home to roost. Ultimately they’re going to be penalized for doing it the right way drafting in developing players rather than trying to take a flyer on a free agent who really pays off.

        Do your earlier point nothing rude about what you said about Goodrow. Realistically he was amongst my favorite players in the finals. That said with the salary cap not increasing where do teams find $4 million for a third line player amongst other needs most of them have?This is especially a good question considering he’s going to want term with that amount. I just don’t see it

  7. The NHL should looking at cap rules that are equal. Tax rates should be factored in. The LTIR needs to be clarified. It might be as simple as applying the season cap to the playoffs. I am a a Leaf fan and I also wonder why the teams that contribute the most revenue do not get credit for that?

    Rather than a hard cap the league should look at baseball. If you spend 100 million in salary then you also add 19 million to a pool to be divided by the other teams. Then add one free buy out every year and a position of one player that does not count to the cap.

    • Other than equalizing the international currency issue, I think its best to leave it alone. Tax adjustments, then cost of living adjustments, then quality of life adjustments…? The Higher tax jurisdictions would argue they have a better quality of services — and one might suggest some are bigger markets where ancillary revenue opportunities such as endorsements are larger.
      I would like a sentimental exception (don’t know how it might work) to allow a player with a long career in one market to finish out in that sweater.

      But we can’t lose site of the fact that the main purpose of the salary cap is to keep hockey viable in all 32 NHL markets. It is almost succeeding. Does this mean there are places where the teams are (or should be rolling in excess cash?) Yes, the demand curve of hockey in the Toronto market is a bit different than, say, Arizona and the Gross and net revenues of the two teams will reflect this.
      But absent a very aggressive revenue sharing plan with about the liklihood of a flying turtle, a cap and system allowing the survival of the weaker markets (and preservation of 23 NHL player jobs per market so the players are all in) is our future; nibbling at the edges with equalization formulas and bitching about taxes probably won’t change the fact that it’s a system that places a premium on management, coaching, and player development. It’s fun that there’s more than one way to solve the management problems, but there are also obviously myriad ways to screw up ….and I think every reader here could split the teams into which are which.

    • Hi Tugboat, the reason that teams that contribute the most revenue don’t get “credit” for that is the they already get all the revenue they generate other than national TV deal shares.
      The other is that no other team can start a team in Toronto. At least not yet.
      If this was a fair competitive market, there would already be another team in the GTA.

  8. Hey, Richard, a Malthusian trip back in time to first year Economics at college. Felt young again for a minute. Thanks.

  9. BriseBois: “Kucherov played in the finals with a broken rib. It appears to be a very significant injury, one that will likely keep him out of action until next April.”

    • And the referees n the Lightning/Islander Series continued to soldier on in spite of obvious cognitive difficulties. I guess life is hard for everybody in the NHL


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