Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 4, 2021

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Some recent Seth Jones speculation plus updates on the Islanders, Rangers and Red Wings in Sunday’s roundup of NHL rumors.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline recently reported Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen has heard from “just about every GM in the league” regarding Seth Jones. The Chicago Blackhawks, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings and Philadelphia Flyers are believed the front-runners to land the prized defenseman.

Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones (NHL Images).

Portzline brought up the Erik Karlsson trade in 2018 as a possible comparable. While Jones is a better all-around defenseman, Karlsson had a more impressive career at that point with two Norris Trophies on his resume. He anticipates the Jackets will get a smaller return for Jones than what the Senators got for Karlsson.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now cited a league source claiming the Toronto Maple Leafs were among the clubs interested in Jones from the beginning. He also believes Detroit Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could be up to something.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Jones could also be interested in going to a team where he can play a leadership role. He could get that opportunity on teams like the Blackhawks, Kings and Flyers where there could be a turnover in veteran leadership in the next couple of years as contracts expire.

The Leafs could’ve kicked tires on Jones. I doubt they have sufficient cap room to sign him to a long-term contract extension or sufficient resources to outbid the clubs listed by Portzline.

With plenty of cap space and depth in draft picks and prospects, the Red Wings have the assets to make a competitive bid for Jones. However, they could also be on the blueliner’s 10-team no-trade list. The Wings could certainly use someone like Jones but he might not be keen to join a team still in the midst of a rebuild.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks recently proposed the Islanders need to land a reliable scoring winger for Mathew Barzal’s line. He believes they need someone “more dynamic and reliable than (Jordan) Eberle,” who has two years remaining on his contract worth an annual average value of $5 million. They could leave him exposed in the upcoming expansion draft but there’s no certainty the Seattle Kraken will take him.

He also wondered if they might move defenseman Nick Leddy. That would free up $5.5 million of cap space to find an upper-echelon talent to skate alongside Barzal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Islanders need more scoring punch up front. They were 21st overall during the regular season. Eberle had four goals and 11 points in 19 playoff games this year but at 31 he doesn’t have many productive years left. As Brooks pointed out, they must improve the quality of talent on Barzal’s right side.

The Islanders could also try to move Eberle and/or Leddy simply to free up cap room to re-sign restricted free agents Ilya Sorokin, Adam Pelech and Anthony Beauvillier. Perhaps they cut a deal with the Kraken to take one or the other. Maybe they get shopped to other clubs this summer.

Brooks doesn’t think the Rangers have room on their roster to add an unrestricted free agent such as Montreal’s Phillip Danault or Tampa Bay’s Blake Coleman or Barclay Goodrow. He also doesn’t see them pursuing Toronto’s Zach Hyman because of their depth on left wing. To address the club’s deficiencies, he feels GM Chris Drury can’t add players without subtracting in two-for-one or three-for-one deals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s why the Rangers are being linked to Buffalo’s Jack Eichel and Calgary’s Matthew Tkachuk in the rumor mill. They have the depth in young assets to bundle into solid trade offers for an established young center or power forward. We’ll find out over the coming weeks if Drury will make that kind of move.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Kevin Allen speculates the Red Wings could use their plentiful cap space this summer to acquire good contracts or players that have to be moved by cap-strapped teams. He thinks Yzerman will call the St. Louis Blues about Vince Dunn. The Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes and Minnesota Wild could also shop a defenseman to cut costs or because they can’t protect them in the expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yzerman also has 11 picks in the 2021 draft, including two in the first round, three in the second and two in each of the following three rounds. He could draw upon them as bait for clubs looking to moving a blueliner leading up to the draft weekend (July 23-24).


  1. Happy 4th of July!! Have a great day!!!

  2. To all of our US friends here… Happy 245th BDay…. you don’t look a day over 230!!

    5 more years and you’re a quarter of a Millennium

    Happy Independence Day (the first true Brexit)

    Pengy & Fam

  3. Still patiently waiting here for the Jones for Zucker and Ruhweedel trade to happen…. 🧐🤓😎😜🤪


  4. For Stevie Y and his space…. what is his ask to take on these tough contracts

    Bolts… TJ… 3 left at $5M Cap …. 20 team trade list… are Wings 1 of the 20?

    Pens… Zucker… 2 @ $5.5 M (10 team NTC)

    Isle’s Leddy… 1 @ $5.5 M (but $7 M owed)

    Caps… Kuz… 4 more at $7.8 M (15 team NTC)

    Flyers…JVR.. 2 @ $7M

    Oil… Neil.. 2 @ $5.75M

    Flames…Lucic (8 teams he CAN be traded to…. unlikely Wings on it) 2 @ $5.25M

    Wild … ZP…. 4 @ $7.5 M…. note full NMC… he’d have to waive. Note cash only 6,2,1,1 for final 4 years

    Blues… Vlad… 2@$7.5 but actually $9.5 M owed this year; and has full NMC

    Avs.. EJ… 2 @ $6M…. lists 19 teams he can be traded to

    Arz…. PK…. 1 @ $6.8 M…. but after SB paid, only due $850 K by receiving team… 8 team trade list

    • Pengy

      Judging what Dubas had to pay to CAR for taking Marleau and his $6M salary for one year I’d say it starts with a 1st round pick for all of these proposals.

      I know you’re a Pens/Leafs fan…what do you see PIT doing this off-season?

      • Pens don’t have a first and won’t trade away future firsts so Hextall’s hands are tied this off season … Rutherford left the Pens in cap hell but the trade off was two Cups … Pens will tweak the roster a little bit but this won’t be the summer for a retool, that will be after LeTurnover and Malkin’s contracts expire. Brian Burke will insist on bringing in some truculence and the Pens will get a little bigger and tougher to play against but it probably won’t be enough. 2022-23 will be the big makeover.

      • Hi Daryl

        Re “ I know you’re a Pens/Leafs fan…what do you see PIT doing this off-season?”… if I was a pessimist… my answer would be…. “imploding”

        What I’d do is likely different from what Hextall will/can do (I think Burkie has tremendous pull)

        My hopes…. via trade or Krakken… Zucker, Ruhweedel gone., and move one of the extra LHDs…. that clears $10 M +

        I’d like to see Ceci back if reasonable contract can be done

        I’d also like to see the two youngsters up (Poulin and Legare)

        Too much negative on Jarry…. I’d keep him but he does need an effective 1A/1B partner

        There had been talk re moving Guentzel for size… that’s a risky move…. so if done …. nothing less than a large winger who has consistently produced at a 25 G (per 82 G) clip…. Pens would be giving up a 40 g producer…. who firs the mood for that trade?

        My “miracle” trade, pie n the sky trades and moves…

        Guentzel, Marino, Ruhweedel for Comtois, Manson, DesLauriers

        Zucker /DeSmith for MAF

        Rusty and Lafferty for Vlad ($2M retained)

        Krakken likely takes Blueger

        DesLauriers & Zohorna



        The loss of production by Guentzel and Rusty is compensated by big increase in size and I think Vlad will have a comeback playing with Gino; Comtois and McC will do well with Sid; and Pens would have 3 scoring lines and a good checking/energy line

        D improves

        G improves

        Fits in Cap

        I said it was “pie in the sky”….. but that is what I would do

        At the absolute minimum…. the exodus of Zucker and Ruhweedel is mandatory

      • So it’s imperative that the pens 7th d man goes?

        And poor desmith. A really good back up. But because Jarry crapped the bed he gets shunted aside for a 1b. He should be the 1b.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Sorry if I inferred Jarry 1A over MAF

        To me 60/40 starts …. MAF/TJ

        Jarry got dumped on for two bad goals in the playoffs…. 2 that were all on him…..but media made it look like Pens lost the series because of him…. definitely not the case…


        he played fantastic game 2

        2 games lost in OT

        Game 1 …. 2 GAs with multiple bounces and full screen…. no chance at stopping; AND Pens hit 4 posts late in game and OT…. just one of those multiple bounce/full screen shots don’t go in and/or just 1 of Pens post and outs go post and in…. Pens would be up 3-0 in series…. Pens would then highly likely win the series…. and therefore no talk of “Jarry’s fault”

        Re Ruhweedel…. I know you and I see him differently…. but there is no way he is 7th best D on Pens. I can’t see him as 7th best D on any NHL team not named Krakken (and they have a barren roster right now)….

        He is not even in the same galaxy as Tanger and Dumo

        Far far far behind Ceci , Marino, and Matheson

        Still well behind Pettersson

        Definitely not as good as P-O J, Riikola, or Friedman

        That alone makes Ruhweedel at best ; Pens 10th on D-man depth chart

        I have limited viewing on Lee, Maniscalco and Reilly ; and I have only watched Almari play twice ; but I could make the argument that CR is not as good as at least 2 of those…. making CR at best Pen’s 10th best D and possibly as low as 12th-14th

        I cede that I am jaded re CR’s performance ; but there is nothing backing that he is anything better than 10th on Pens D depth chart

        CR is not JJ….no one is…. but he is certainly in no way 7th on Pens (or IMVHO, on any team)

  5. Have read in a couple of spots the Oilers are interested in DeBrusk he has ties there and their looking for a 2nd/3rd line winger … with that what could he bring back from the Oilers

    • Kassian and a pick or prospect.

      • Bruins definitely don’t want a 30 yr old 2 goal scorer making 3.2 mil, actually I don’t think anyone does!

    • Pool Party! Bear!not kassian

  6. I think the Leafs do have the assets CLB is looking for they just don’t want to part with them.

    Jones hasn’t had the same results the last few years as he did earlier in his career. Is it just an aberration? Any team that trades for him would want to be certain. His future salary demands would be a key factor in trading for him as well.

    I’m hoping that if the Leafs can’t re-sign Hyman that they go after Coleman from TB.

    • Daryl, I realize there is an internet narrative that Jones is in decline but that isn’t really accurate. This past season he had stretches where he wasn’t playing to his normal level, but overall he remains an elite top pair RD who plays in all situations and all the hardest minutes. Whatever team acquires him is getting a rare, impact player in his prime. It will be intriguing to see where he goes though I am becoming increasingly convinced that CHI will be the destination.

      • Deacon

        Is Jones’ value based on his reputation or his play? I’ll give you some examples.

        Seth Jones
        580GP 286 pts -25

        Morgan Reilly
        572 GP 305pts -29

        Dougie Hamilton
        607GP 341pts +72

        Matt Dumba
        462GP 195pts +28

        If I’m a GM I’m targeting Hamilton before Jones.
        I’m also calling MIN to see the ask for Dumba…they may lose him for nothing in the expansion draft?

        Agreed that he’s an interesting acquisition but at what cost?

      • Hi Daryl

        I would also target Hamilton over Jones but not necessarily on performance… but… Hamilton is UFA (no assets given up) and acquiring team determines contract; Jones will cost assets and next contract is uncertain at this point

        I do like Jones; but would try for Hamilton first

        All else equal I’d want Jones over Reilly or Dumba

  7. Not sure why Rangers are linked to Tkachuk. For same reason they probably wouldn’t pursue Hyman, they’re loaded at LW. Panarin and Kreider both have full nmc’s. Lafreniere not going anywhere. I think the Eichel thing gets played out before any other trades.

  8. Islanders Fans,
    Is there any chance Michael Dal Colle ever becomes anything more than a depth guy who gets plugged into the fourth line when injuries hit or has that ship sailed?

    • That ship like the Titanic is sunk. The guy does nothing a waste of roster space he should be on waivers. If they want Barzal to be better get uncle Leo on the 4th line or gone completely. Casey probably will be gone they can’t afford him. As for Kane he is a guy the Isles could use I would make that deal for Leddy but Kane comes with baggage a real head case. Can not see Lou wanting that type of player. I think Leddy will go to Detroit for picks. Happy 4th to all .

  9. I wonder if the Isles would consider taking Kane off the Sharks hands. Perhaps the Sharks could dump a ad contract on them as well and pick up Leddy in return. Kind of a big deal, but they have to get rid of some folks, and the Isles might really benefit from Kane’s scoring touch.

    A fellow can dream….hahaha

    • Hi Rock

      No challenge re Kane’s on ice abilities, but he does come with baggage…. and don’t forget… new arena right next to race track … easy wagers for a guy who has been reported to have a gambling problem. Just sayin’

      • No one had a gambling problem like Pete Rose … but at NO time in his career did he ever put out less than 100% – all the time, regardless of the score – right up to the end of a long career. Nor do I believe for one second that he bet against his own team when managing. So the holier-than-thou authorities deny him entry into the Hall of Fame, along with Shoeless Joe Jackson who hit the cover off the ball in that “Black Sox” series. And yet the Hall of Fame is full of flaming racists.

        No one can say that Kane doesn’t give the same 100% all the time.

      • @Pengy..
        I think Management will let Le Turnover and the Russian play out their last year. I think Hextall and Burke are stuck with one more year of both # 58 & #71..

        After next season you offer them both team friendly contracts to finish as a Penguin. Take less or move on which I believe Malkin will move on to the KHL or Florida where he lives full time.

        I think Letang will take a pay cut to stay he is more one of the guys…Malkin is a moody loner.

        No way can management off them the same or more. Malkin’s value ala (blue book) next ear is $ 5 million for a 36 year old injury prone aging center…

        Let Malkin walk after next year if he doesnt except a team discount use that $9.5 elsewhere.

  10. Happy Holiday weekend Lyle and all!
    New buzz is CHI is acquiring Caleb Jones if the Keith trade to EDM gets completed. Does that make Seth Jones more willing to consider signing long-term in CHI? I’ll play a little fantasy arm chair GM here assuming the “tear it down” rebuild and exceptionally active month of trades that Portzline has reported and/or suggested is coming for CBJ is accurate. Caveat: a lot “ifs” included
    CHI: Jones (willing to extend LT)
    CBJ: Reichel; Beaudin; 2021 1st

    If the whispers of Laine being available are true
    LA: Laine (RFA willing to sign LT w/ LA)
    CBJ: Turcotte (no Byfield of course); Bjornfot; 2021 1st

    BUF: Merzlikins, Foudy, and 1st (24th)
    CBJ: Reinhart

    CBJ have Turcotte, Reinhart to rebuild C; Reichel as the projected future top line W; 2 promising young D and 4 1st rd picks including #s 5, 8, 11 where they select:
    #5: D Clarke or Hughes
    #8 C McTavish
    #11C/RW Lucius or D Edvisson if he falls this far
    #31 D Beherns or Morrow (or possible trade to a team wanting to move a roster player for 1st due to expansion draft)

    I normally don’t even attempt these exercises and it was simply for fun not reality-based. Thanks for indulging in my wishful thinking 🙂

    • Deacon,

      A lot of movement there, but I enjoyed reading your proposals. They seem to be realistic. I would tweak it a bit.
      I don’t think Laine will get you 3 pieces, probably take Bjornfot out, and your trade for Reinhart I would think if Foudy is in the deal the pick would be a second verses a first.

      • FlamesFan thanks…good points. The 3 pieces may be too rich on the Laine trade particularly if Turcotte is the centerpiece. Also the 3 pieces in the BUF may be a bit rich see my rationale in my response to Chism below.

    • Jones trade fair

      Laine trade bit to much from la

      Buff makes out like a bandit there

      Since it is unknown (and in Jones case more likely) whether they will sign extension what would your proposals be without extension?

      • Thanks Chism..but it really is me just doing the true fantasy arm chair GM. Good call on the BUF trade. I estimated that value based on G often don’t have the trade value we would hope for (despite Elvis being a steal if CBJ are actually willing to move him) and that a legit source reported BUF asked for a top 10 pick and another 1st edition quality prospect for Reinhart hence the recalibration to a late 1st and Foudy…hope that emakes ense…it ould be too much but I suspect Buf will be able extract great value for Reinhart

      • Chrisms…Have to give that some thought but Portzline and Pronman did an Athletic article where they developed trade packages under that scenario using the SJ-OTT Karlsson trade as the basis for # of assets and value. Frankly none were particularly compelling but for example the LA trade involved Kempe, Akil Thomas, Bjronfot, and a ’22 1st; CHI: Kurashev, Beudin, Reichle and ’22 1st.
        This may be more accurate for a ‘rental” trade package. Nonetheless, given his track record on difficult trades I am optimistic Jarmo will achieve at least a top prospect, a solid prospect (and/or solid serviceable young roster player) and a 1st…but we’ll see how things shake out.

      • Karlson got a 1st top prospect and some decent but replaceable nhl depth players. Still… hard not to see it as a win for ott.

  11. Yzerman sure is sitting on a Pot Of Gold. Right now he’s committed to just 10 players with $48,150,277 in cap space to sign 13.

    In terms of RFAs, he has to deal with 10, 5 of whom have arbitration rights. They are – showing their exopiring cap hits – Fs Tyler Bertuzzi ($3.5 mil), Adam Erne ($997,500), Jakub Vrana ($3,350,000), Evgeny Svechnikov ($874,125), Michael Rasmussen ($894,166), Mathias Bromé ($925,000) and Ds Christian Djoos ($1,000,000), Filip Hronek ($714,166), Dennis Cholowski ($894,166), Gustav Lindstrom ($775,833).

    Collectively, they cost $13,924,967 off the cap. Assuming all are re-upped that figures to be closer to $20 mil, leaving around $28 mil to sign 3.

    I doubt any of his UFAs will be returned (Bobby Ryan, Sam Gagner, Valterri Filppula, Luke Glendening, Darren Helm, March Staal, Alex Biega) so he’s in a great spot to take advantage of GMs absolutely needing to clear cap space – and in his case he will only want quality cap space – go after someone like Seth Jones (he has the picks and some decent roster bodies/prospects to make that move), or bring in a good UFA.

    I’d like to hear from RW fans as to how they see it all playing out.

    • My guess is if Stevie Y is willing to take on salry from other teams, he will be targeting high round picks in the ’22, ’23 & ’24 draft years to spread out that kind of draft capital.

    • George….on the RFA’s, Brome and Djoos have signed contracts for next season in Europe, so count them out. And one of Cholowski, Lindstrom, or Svechnikov may wind up in Seattle. Of the UFA’s, I think there is a pretty good chance that Glendening is resigned, and, unless we can get a younger goalie via trade or free agency, Bernier may return as well. Yzerman has stated that he will attempt to upgrade the roster, so the other UFA’s may not come back. I doubt any of the Grade A UFA’s sign here, so I look for the Wings to look at tier two type UFA’s as targets, and maybe a surprise trade for either a younger player (any position), or an expensive veteran that comes with sweeteners attached. The other UFA’s could be Plan B signings.

      • Thanks Iago. I hadn’t realized that Bromé and Djoos had signed in Europe.

    • George, from chats Yzerman has had with media I am going to guess he is going to be looking to leverage that cap for contracts that come with picks or younger players that they cannot afford that fit into the Wings age group. Glendening and Bernier would be the only 2 I would want signed again from the UFA pool. Yzerman keeps his cards close to the vest so your guess is as good as ours as to what he is thinking. Left D, 2nd Line Center maybe a younger goalie would be what we are looking for this summer

      • Given where they’re starting from, that makes sense AzWingsfan. I think the Wings could be THE most interesting team to watch in both drafts and once UFA starts.

      • AZ….I agree. You hit the nail on the head with your assessment of what we need. Spot on !

  12. Jones is the prize of this off season. He can and does log a lot of TOI. He played 60+ minutes in a playoff game couple of years back. In the Noris conversation if he produced a little more offence.

    • Hi SS

      I am with you in that Jones might (using “might” as the trade is not 100% guaranteed) be a great add this summer

      However, he will cost assets

      Hamilton, if acquired, costs just $’s…. for that reason, I’d put him as a bigger prize

      If they were both UFAs…. Jones more durable; tougher; and better defensively IMHO; Hamilton has the better offensive side… so it depends on what an individual team is looking for…. a defensive D-man or an offensive D-Man

  13. Trouba was 25 when Rangers acquired him. He’s pretty much NY top pair shutdown guy. 1st PK unit. 2nd PP. Rangers gave up Pionk and the 20th pick in the 1st round of that years draft. Without bickering about who is/isn’t better (career numbers are in line) I’d say trade value and contract might be best comparison. Jones being older and flat cap might bring salary down, as I don’t think Trouba would get same deal now.

  14. I find all the speculation about Seattle interesting. To me the best strategy is to pick guys like Kessell, Johanson, Pk, Duscene, that teams want to get rid of. Even trade for them by selecting a player from another team to get them. Them trade them with a reduced salary to get picks and prospects. At the trade deadline Kessell and PK would get a 1st or 2nd? Johanson or Duschene at 4 or 5 million is a good deal for a team looking to build their top six. At a minimum these guys would bring four second picks and maybe four decent prospects. Only Johanson and Dischene would be on the cap past this year. Tampa has Johnson, Philly has Van Reims, SJ has a couple Dmen, and so on. In two years most of these type of guys would be gone and the Kracken have a great batch of prospects at 20 years old. This is without mentioning Keith. Give this a thought.

  15. I too like playing Armchair GM,

    Jones is said to be interested in playing for Dallas so here is what I would propose to Dallas if I were Columbus.

    From Columbus: Seth Jones, Max Domi, Tampa’s ’21 1st rder & Tampa’s ’22 3rd rder.

    From Dallas: Miro Heiskanen, Roope Hintz , Mavrik Bourque, Dallas’s ’21 1st rder & Dallas’s ’22 2nd rder.

    • Thanks Uwe….CBJ take that and run…thanks for kick starting the rebuild so well!

      • Deacon,

        Seth Jones is the grand prize, probably become the Stars next captain when Benn is done in Dallas.

        Jones at 6’4″ 210 lbs, 27 years & Lindell at 6’3″ 215 lbs, 28 years becomes a #1 pairing few could match in the league.

        Lindell being a big, smart defensive minded D-man would give Jones more opportunity to jump into rushes & be more aggressive in the offensive zone.

        Jones new contract would kick in the 22-23 season as Palevski’s comes off the cap.

        They even may be able to resign Oleksiak to pair with Klingberg as a strong second pairing.

        Tampa & Montreal are proving that a big, solid D is a key component in pushing through the playoffs.

        With Seguin back & healthy the loss of Hintz would be minimal.

    • Trade 1. 3 way. Caleb Jones and Neal to Dallas. Klingberg to Chicago. Keith to Edmonton.
      Trade 2. Hintz, Comeau and 1st rounder to Columbus for Seth Jones

      • Columbus also gets a 2nd rounder in ‘22 that becomes a 1st if Dallas makes playoffs and Jones signs extension

      • You can’t tie a conditional pick to a UFA to be resigns.

        You can only tied it to team results,

    • No way Dallas trades Heiskanen … untouchable by far, especially for a lesser defenceman and Max Domi … I like Hintz more than Domi one vs. one also, so it is doubly bad.

      • I’m not sure if I am over valuing Seth Jones or if others are undervaluing him???

      • Uwey, I just believe Heiskanen is already THAT good, and will only continue to get better.

  16. IMO this will be the final year upcoming , as per the present Leaf management team..
    Upper mgmt won’t confess to their core group, as being an error , instead will only tweak the lineup once again …
    Board of directors will intervene after the 2021-22 season

    • Leafs will make it to 2nd round and season will be deemed a great step towards success. Nobody gets fired.

    • Who cares Ken….leafs are cursed.

      I have checked out and whoever hasn’t…needs thier head examined.

  17. More Armchair GM,

    To Detroit: Duncan Keith & Chicago’s ’22 2nd rder

    To Chicago: The rights to Calvin Pickett & the rights to Marc Staal

    To Detroit: Caleb Jones, James Neal, Edmonton’s ’22 1st rder & ’23 2nd rder

    To Edmonton: Duncan Keith at 50% salary, Tampa’s ’21 4th rder & Vegas ’22 4th rder

    To Detroit: Vega’s ’22 3rd rder

    To Chicago: Caleb Jones


    Chicago adds Caleb Jones & approx. $4.65 mill in cap space

    Edmonton adds Duncan Keith, a 4th rder in the ’21 draft, a 4th rder in the ’22 draft & approx. $3.85 mill in cap space.

    Detroit adds James Neal, a 1st, a 2nd & a 3rd rder in the ’22 draft. A 2nd rder in the ’23 draft & adds approx. $8.52 mill in salary to their cap hit for the ’21/22 season.

    • Sorry to pick on you Uwe lol, but I just cannot see the Oilers wanting to trade any of their upcoming first round picks in exchange for a rental veteran defenceman on his last legs and a couple of fourth rounders… where is the sense in that? And they lose Caleb Jones too?? All for 3.85m in cap space?!?!?!

      • I love this proposal for Detroit, but that is quite a haul for taking Neal and half of Keith’s salary.

  18. Kucherov wow… He is better than Mc David, McKinnon and Matthews and he never gets mentioned with them????