NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 1, 2021

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Evander Kane to be investigated that he bet on games, why Jack Eichel wants a disc replacement, plus a roundup of Saturday’s notable free-agent signings in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: The NHL intends to launch an investigation into an allegation claiming San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane gambled on NHL games. The Sharks also released a statement indicating its support for a full and transparent investigation.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

The allegation was raised on an unverified Instagram account attributed to Kane’s wife, Anna, claiming the winger abandoned her and their two children to go on a European vacation while their home was being repossessed. She then accused Kane of betting on his own games.

Kane, 29, was sued by a Las Vegas casino in 2019 over $500K in unpaid gambling debts but the suit was dropped the following year. In January, he filed for bankruptcy claiming nearly $27 million in debts, including $1.5 million in gambling losses. He’s also facing six active lawsuits from lenders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane’s bankruptcy and previous gambling issues are well-documented but his wife’s allegations raise that issue to an entirely different level. Sharks management stood by him during his bankruptcy. He recently claimed in an interview that fatherhood had changed and matured him. His wife’s comments, however, paint a very different picture.

Kane’s personal issues didn’t affect his on-ice performance as he led the Sharks in scoring this season with 49 points in 56 games. However, reports emerged indicating significant friction between the winger and his teammates this season, with several expressing frustration to management in their season-ending exit interviews.

Kane has four years remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $7 million. The outcome of this investigation, however, could determine whether he’ll get the opportunity to complete that contract.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman interviewed Colorado neurosurgeon Dr. Chad Prusmack, who provided Jack Eichel with a recommendation to correct a herniated disc in his neck with artificial disc replacement surgery. Prusmack explained the procedure, the risk and recovery and why it would be more beneficial than neck fusion surgery.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Eichel and Sabres’ management are in disagreement over whether he can undergo this procedure. Under the CBA, the Sabres have the final say but that’s become an area of contention between the two sides, prompting considerable speculation over his future.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers signed winger Warren Foegele to a three-year contract worth $2.75 million per season. Foegele was acquired last week from the Carolina Hurricanes

THE DETROIT NEWS: The Red Wings re-signed winger Tyler Bertuzzi to a two-year contract worth $9.5 million. Bertuzzi has resumed off-ice training following back surgery in April and is expected to be ready for training camp next month.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs signed Nick Ritchie to a two-year contract worth $2.5 million per season.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Canadiens signed winger Artturi Lehkonen to a one-year, $2.3 million contract.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars signed forward Joel Kiviranta to a two-year, $2.1 million contract.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The Carolina Hurricanes signed Derek Stepan to a one-year, $1.35 million contract.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets signed forward Riley Nash to a one-year deal worth $750K.


  1. That loveable scamp Kane is at it again. What a card. You just never know what kind of crazy hijinks he’s gonna get into next. I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

  2. Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman interviewed Colorado neurosurgeon Dr. Chad Prusmack and describe the procedure and why he feels it should be done, he has a stake in the process.

    There is a whole other set of opinions by the team’s doctors who have a stake in the player’s performance.

    The opinion this interview brings unwittingly is the fact that Eichel needs risky surgery since his body hasn’t responded to non surgical methods

    What clarity, not that we as fans are owed any, does this report bring other than Eichel is damaged goods who may or may not return to form?????

    • habfan. Maybe you should listen to the interview. Doctor has no stake in it except treating patient. He’s worked as a team doctor for Denver Broncos and has worked with many athletes. Not just this “new” procedure, that’s actually been performed since 2000

  3. I’m willing to bet that Anna is a bit feisty.

    • Are you seriously victim shaming her? What possible relevance does that have? Kane has ignored his responsibility to his kids and you expect her to just sit back and take it? You should be ashamed of yourself and Lyle, you should delete his comment.

      • Listen to Mr. All High and Mighty here … who died and made you God of public opinion?

      • Um…. Wut?

      • After some thought Ed I apologize. It’s easy to OVERREACT sometimes. We should never be OVERLY JUDGMENTAL about things.

    • Kane the degenerate at it again. If true, that takes his scumbaggery to a whole nutha level !

    • I’m willing to bet Kane is a complete loser and a player Doug Wilson (and MANY Shark players) wishes he would have never handed a SEVEN YEAR CONTRACT AT SEVEN MILLION PER YEAR.

      Some players are just bad news, no matter how many points are shown on a score sheet. WHY would ANY team want a player like this in the locker room??

      • Montreal will take him. 😉

    • Chrisms, thank you. I was a bit surprised by your comment. You are one of several posters here that I enjoy reading comments from. As for Ed V, if “Mr All High and Mighty” is the best you’ve got, I’m not sure you are allowed to hang here with these guys.

  4. If it turns out that the allegations by Kane’s wife are true, then I hope the Sharks are able to successfully terminate his contract. Enough already.

    • Then the Canadiens will sign him …

      • Enough with this ridiculous sarcasm already! Evander Kane has, for a number of years, made Logan Mailloux look like a choirboy in comparison. The Sharks gave him a long term, big money contract well aware of the multiple allegations and lawsuits surrounding him and well aware that he had a criminal conviction. And they’ve stood by him through all of that. Yet, they haven’t received even 10% of the flak the Habs have taken in the last week (and I’m not pointing this out to justify the Habs actions). As I detailed in a post a few days ago, this incident serves to underline the league’s blatant hypocrisy.

      • @Ed VanImpe,
        But they would only do that to help Kane out through this current troublesome time in his life in order to get him the help he needs and to become a better person in the future, right? Not because it benefits the team but because it is the right thing to do. Besides, if they don’t somebody else will…

      • Howard, they are both a-holes.
        Can we agree on that?

        The difference is one is a teenager and one isn’t. Plenty of teenagers are A-holes until their frontal lobe develops in their 20’s. As that is the part that performs judgement and impulse control. We will see if he quits doing stupid sh*t, hope so for his sake.

        Mailoux was always going to get another opportunity, as he should. Already is. Kane may be out of them.

        Why are you angry with the league? I haven’t heard Bettman or Daily say anything about either situation.
        If you are angry with the Sharks, say that.

        If you are angry that the best players in pro sports get plenty of 2nd chances, ya they do.

        So do lots of people.

        Or are you just angry that the Habs got criticized?

    • Ya Rock, if being the key word.
      If he bet on Sharks games, he may never play in the NHL again, and yes they will be able to terminate.
      Leaving your family high and dry, while the lowest of the low, likely isn’t.

      • Ray Bark,

        Just to be accurate here, it is not the “frontal lobe” that is still completing development during the early 20’s, it is the pre-frontal cortex.

        But yes, this is a primary center for judgement and decision making in all humans.

        (and why marijuana use (can damage) can be a little risky during this age range.)

        But you make is a very good point.

        imo people should keep this ongoing and very normal development process in mind when making broad aspersions on any teen-anger’s overall character based on their sometimes surprisingly stupid behaviour.


  5. Even if they can’t terminate his contract they can presumably send him down to the minors unless they can trade him although I don’t see Vegas going anywhere near him.

  6. Divorce is messy; people are quick to judge and believe with blindness simply because they don’t like the individual.

    Kane has said he never bet on the NHL.

    Anna said he did.

    Nhl will investigate and hopefully able to come to a resolution.

    It’s always the Kids that get hurt. Hope their child is doing well.

    • True that Caper

  7. Yet Bettman & the league allow the Chicago Blackhawks to do their own investigation on allegations of one of their own coaches raping young players???

    Like Kane & Mailloux , this coach already has been found guilty & been charged of wrong doings.

    Yet no outcry like there has been about the two players!!!!

    That my friends, is truly shameful.

    Just wondering, why are a male victims allegations so less meaningful, than that of a female victims claim??