NHL Rumor Mill – August 12, 2021

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The latest on Evander Kane and Kirill Kaprizov in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz reports Evander Kane was a problem for the San Jose Sharks during last season. Sources indicate several players spoke to general manager Doug Wilson about the winger throughout 2020-21, telling him they didn’t want to be part of the Sharks going forward if Kane was still on the team.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

Kane is currently undergoing bankruptcy proceedings and is also under league investigation over allegations by his estranged wife that he bet on NHL games. However, the players’ displeasure had to do with his disrespect for team rules. One source claimed Kane nearly came to blows with assistant coach Rocky Thompson during an argument over where he’d play on the power play.

Kurz indicates Kane had to answer to respected veterans on previous Sharks teams like Joe Pavelski and Joe Thornton. That’s no longer the case with those players gone. During a season-ending media interview, head coach Bob Boughner seemed to express regret over not holding all his players to the same standard during the club’s failed effort to secure a playoff spot.

Wilson attempted to trade Kane earlier this summer. However, he couldn’t find any takers for a winger with an expensive contract and a long history of being disruptive in the dressing room.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sharks also cannot buy out Kane because this summer’s second and last buyout window is closed. Kurz suggests they could void his contract if it is proven he bet on NHL games. Otherwise, they’re stuck with the winger unless they can find someone willing to take him off their hands in a trade.

FULL PRESS HOCKEY’s Aivis Kalnins isn’t buying the possibility of Minnesota Wild winger Kirill Kaprizov signing a one-year deal with KHL club CSKA Moscow.

He agrees with Bally Sports Midwest’s Andy Strickland’s view that the threatened signing is nothing but a bluff. Strickland pointed out CSKA Moscow can’t afford an eight-figure contract for Kaprizov. Most of their budget for the coming season is already spent plus there’s a salary cap of around $12 million USD.

I have no clue why people are buying it and why people are reporting KHL as a possible challenger for Kaprizov,” Kalnins tweeted. In another tweet, he said he’s heard the 24-year-old winger “still intends and wants to remain with Minnesota.” A source told him the KHL offer had been on the table for “a long while” and it’s merely being considered an “emergency offer.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kaprizov’s camp may have overplayed their hand. They hope to get a short-term contract (three years or less) from the Wild taking the winger up to age 27, when he’ll be eligible for unrestricted free agent status. The Wild, of course, prefer a long-term deal and were reportedly offering seven and eight-year deals worth $9 million annually.

It’s now said the Wild are willing to consider mid-range offers of five and six years. I can see a compromise where the two sides agree on a four-year deal for between $8 million and $9 million annually.

That’s still a lot of money for a player with just 55 games of NHL experience. but Kaprizov is the most talented offensive player to join the Wild’s ranks in years. As last season’s Calder Trophy winner, he’s poised for what should be a successful NHL career. The Wild will do what they can to ensure most of that is spent in Minnesota.


  1. I don’t understand the constant messing around that general managers do with these players. If Kaprizov wants only a 3 year deal then it’s for less money as you are not buying UFA years. If he wants more money and is willing to sign a longer deal than you find your comparables and make him a fair offer. If he doesn’t want to sign a fair contract then trade him. He should be worth a decent return. If it’s me I offer 7 million if he wants just the 3 years bringing him to UFA and I increase the offer by 500 thousand per year for every year of UFA. So 4 years would be 7.5 per. 5 years would be 8 per ect…. Looks like he’s going to be a great front line player but he’s not generational.

    • Agree WTH. I say WTF with this $10 M (of the just over $12 M total team Cap) offer from the KHL

      Bogus claim and negotiation positioning is all it is

      Where (what) is Billy G’s blink point?

      • @Pengy..I’m sorry this guy is good, electric, but has had one good year. He wants $ 10 million a season.
        If you have that offer in Russia bye bye…. It is leverage or Guerin can move hi for a good return to make the team better.

        He isn’t worth more than $ 6 / $ 7 million tops until he shows consistency…

        Did you hear Hextall the other day oh I’m going to have to be creative…no s**t what the F***k you waiting for season is almost here..

      • Hi BnG

        Re Hextal and “ oh I’m going to have to be creative”…. I’d at least like to here that he’s active

        He should be making 31 calls and asking re ANY interest in Zucker; and if the aren’t; Pettersson

        His first call should be to Army to find out what extra it will take to flip Vlad for Zucker

        As is , Pens are heading towards a battle for 5th or 6th in the Metro

    • To: “What the heck” – If you had Conner McDavid, would you want to do everything possible to keep him as long as possible?

      Question: If it was only as simple as adding some more money for term, why would any player need negotiations?

      Would you trade McDavid if he didn’t choose one of the options you laid out for him? (If you did, you would probably have just signed your termination papers.)

      • Nasdaq like I said on my last post. Kaprizov looks like a great front line player but he’s no generational. You should be able to make out what that means as opposed to your McDavid comment although you didn’t get it the first time.

      • They did trade Gretzky….so

        We will see ! I think McDavid may get frustrated with the lack of playoff success in Edmonton.

    • What happens if after you negotiate with the player and find he won’t sign for what you state here and then you go and attempt to trade him but teams do not offer an equivalent player in return. Do you simply go for picks and lesser players. Reducing the quality of your roster for more futures making it harder to attract free agents and starting a cycle of continual rebuild?

      • You do the best you can Jeff. You don’t sign a player for something you are not comfortable with, and that you know will hurt your team in the short and long term If you get such a bad offer for a young first line star like you suggest then play hard ball and hold out. It’s up to the player to decide if he wants to play or not. He’s and RFA so as long as the offer is fair then to bad I know I personally would not handcuff my entire team because 1 player wants to be paid way more than he’s worth. It’s just bad business. There are some managers who run there hockey teams like that though and guess how it’s working out for them.

    • Wait, I thought KHL had bonus clauses that are not affected by the cap? In that case, they could’ve offered $8M in bonus and rest in Cap. Sounds like a credible threat in my eyes.

  2. Who wants to be on the other side of evander kane’s betting? He makes $7mil AAV and may have a betting problem.

    Then again, could collecting be an even bigger problem if he’s filing for bankruptcy?

  3. Byfuglien with the Jets tuned Kane in. Took his tracksuit and threw it in the showers. He was to wear dress clothes and repeatedly no regard. My money is on Rocky Thompson in a scrap with those two.
    I am sure if Kane is bankrupt he wants/needs his contract. Hold that over his head with suspension
    Wild Bill does not deserve that money for 56 games. Very good for what little I have seen. He is also an older rookie as a 97 born. Needs a bridge deal or a big mistake. I think Billy G is smarter than that

    • My money is on Kane …

      • I would love to read about Rocky Thompson / evander kane bout because kane is already over the line and he would have played his last game as a Shark.

      • Kane’s money is on Thompson.

      • Hahahaha!

    • Saw Rocky fight no less than 20 times. My money is on him.

    • They should higher big buff for player development. Haha

  4. ““I have no clue why people are buying it and why people are reporting KHL as a possible challenger for Kaprizov,”
    “the KHL offer had been on the table for “a long while” and it’s merely being considered an “emergency offer.””

    So, you don’t understand why people think there’s an offer and then IMMEDIATELY AFTER you confirm that there’s an offer?

  5. You reap what you sow.
    Grooming players to be NHLers from an early age, hyping them up and making a big deal of the draft creates a sense of entitlement.
    The young players reaching the NHL seem to feel they have paid their dues. I’m don’t blame them when they have been part of a hype machine for years before getting to the league.

  6. Reality check

    Tyler Toffoli 28 G $4.25 million

    Kaprizov 27G $7-9$ million????

    A rookie year isn’t a career, no bargaining power, insane negotiating bluff in public trying to create a false value.

    • Tylor Toffoli was a great signing who meshed really well in Montreal. I think we can both agree that it was a bargain contract for him last year. It was a career year for him though so we’ll see what happens this year. Kaprizov’s first year would basically be Toffoli’s 2nd best year so I don’t think they’re really comparable. Time will tell I guess.

      • WTH,
        The age and experience aren’t the same but the production is and Toffoli had a couple, this guy has had One.

        Mike Hoffman is a steady 30 goal guy and Habs signed him for $4.5 million

        Why is this guy a $7-$9 million guy again?

        TML made the mistake of overpaying Tavares and that had a ripple effect on the contracts that followed.

        Price got a big contract and the fan base didn’t like it but the players don’t mind, he’s acknowledged as being the team’s backbone.

        The Captain, a 10 year vet just signed a 7 yr $7.575 million contract every other key player makes less than $6 million.

        Kaprizov is what? A rookie worth blowing the team’s salary structure?

    • It is too bad Benning really screwed that one up.

  7. Kane to BUF

    Skinner to SJ

    win win

  8. Kane has to go one way or the other and voiding his contract will be possible if the betting is true. Wonder how much effort the league has put in trying to counsel hi over he years as this is not new stuff for him. Can he be sent down? Can he just not be played, i.e. benched?
    As for KK in Minny-offer him a bridge deal at 7 or 8> One year does not make a career and it might be that his sophomore year is less glitzy because teams will focus on him more and the Wild have to play all over rather than an easier schedule in 20/21 I think Guerin can play hardball.

  9. I propose

    To ANA: JVR
    To PHI: Henrique

    then Philly signs Vatanen

    Philly centers become Couturier, Hayes and Henrique @3C

    Allows Giroux to stay ion wing and give Philly a verteran center for the 3rd line with some offense.

    Gives them few dollars to sign Vatanen to add veteran depth to the rebuilt core.

    ANA gets more cap for 2yrs but off the hook in year 3 AND allows more CENTER ice time for their young guns. JVR can slot next to Getzlaf and Max Jones.

  10. If San Jose wants to give Kane away. Here are three NHL that need scoring, have cap space, and a built on Kane attitude adjustment if he steps out of line. (Not that they should trade for him at all).

    Anaheim – Nicolas Deslaurious

    Calgary – Milan Lucic

    Ottawa – Brady Tkachuk

    Basically, if Kane is going to go anywhere it needs to be to a team where if he steps out of line, he’ll get smacked back into place and just not do it again. So for fun, I found 3 teams that could use use scoring power in the top 6 and had a player who is a proven commodity in punched a fellow out.