NHL Rumor Mill – August 20, 2021

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Could the Blues have an interest in an Islanders defenseman? Could the Devils use another forward? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford reports New York Islanders defenseman Scott Mayfield has surfaced as a possible trade target for the St. Louis Blues. A St. Louis native, the 28-year-old Mayfield could be a fit on the right side of the Blues’ third defense pairing.

New York Islanders defenseman Scott Mayfield (NHL Images).

Rutherford noted the Islanders were among the teams tied to the Vladimir Tarasenko trade rumors. He wondered if a potential swap for the left wing might bring Mayfield home.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible but I don’t think the Isles intend to trade another defenseman. NHL.com’s Brian Compton believes they still need to replace Nick Leddy after trading him last month to the Detroit Red Wings in a cost-cutting move.

Compton also acknowledged the Isles could use another scorer, which would explain why they’ve been linked to Tarasenko. Mayfield on his own won’t get it done but he could be part of a package offer including a quality draft pick and/or prospect. However, I don’t see them moving him before addressing Leddy’s absence.

NHL.COM: Mike G. Morreale believes the New Jersey Devils still need forward depth. They recently signed Tomas Tatar. Promising Alexander Holtz could bolster their production but he’ll need time to adjust to the NHL pace. He feels they’ll need another veteran forward to provide support for Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speaking of Tarasenko, would Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald consider taking him on? The 29-year-old winger is signed through 2022-23 and is said to be willing to waive his no-trade clause to go just about anywhere. He could provide a big boost to their production if he’s fully recovered from his shoulder surgeries.

Cap Friendly indicates the club has over $12 million in cap space, more than enough room to absorb the winger’s $7.5 million annual cap. They’ve also got plenty of promising young assets within their system to draw upon for trade bait.


  1. I think mayfield is an overpayment for terisenko.

    • The Isles are not trading Mayfield. They need to add a D-man, not subtract. Part of the reason they traded Leddy was because they chose to protect Mayfield rather than Leddy in the expansion draft. Mayfield is far from flashy, but he’s a steady and reliable D-man who plays a large role in Trotz’s defensive scheme.

      • Add to that the fact that he’s signed for 2 more seasons at a very “team friendly” deal w/ an AAV around $1.5M & he plays approx. 20 mins a game, including the PK

    • I agree … Mayfield is hard to play against, I don’t see him going anywhere …

      of course other arm chair GM’s who contribute regularly to this site might feel differently .. try and digest some of their proposals … like trading a top six winger for a washed up backup goalie who the team could have signed as a UFA …

  2. Isles need D plus Mayfields contract is ridiculously team friendly. A pipe dream by Rutherford.

  3. Mayfield is going no where. He’s a better D man than Tarasenko is FW.
    i love a good stay at home D man rather than someone that is counted on for offense. Yes, Devils could use a good 3rd line fw that’s good on draws, PK. May have to trade to get one.

  4. No doubt Devils need more scoring punch. They have some interesting prospects, but they need time in the AHL to develop. Fitz has the cap space, its just about identifying the right fit/cost.

    • There’s no way Lou wouldn’t swap 1 for 1 IF shoulder is 100%. Mayfield is 1 of 4 RD listed on roster. He’s on a team friendly deal because he’s getting paid pretty much what he’s worth. Problem with trade is the over 6m in cap hit difference between 2 salaries. Isles still have other players to sign.

  5. On a side note and relevant to yesterday’s convos, Lundqvist announced retirement this morning

  6. Lou and Trotz should call Chara

    • No thanx, could drive a post into the ice & still get more defensive stopping power!

      • Despite the fact that Big Z can barely move, I love how any one promoting him says he’s got a long reach. So let’s add a stick to that post driven into the ice and spin it like the players on the old table hockey games. Love Chara, was a great captain in Boston. But his time has passed.

      • as a 7th D-man at league minimum is better than no ice playing time for a younger guy that could be on their farm team getting ice time.

        Z for this role makes sense. He is serviceable.

    • The King? King of what?

      King of the regular season.

      Never was a player more over hyped that Henrik.

      If the “King” played in Winnipeg, would anyone have noticed him?

      He’s the Don Sutton of the NHL.
      A compiler, who never could win the big game.

      • big game as in gold for sweden not considered big anymore?

      • I hate Crosby. No it’s not. The average NHL fan watches the Olympics and one week later forgets all about it.

        It’s an all star exhibition. That’s all.

        The CUP is the ultimate prize and the only thing that NHL players are about.

        The Olympics are fun but 3/4’s of the NHL is home watching the games on TV.
        It’s not a true test.

      • It’s a good thing these so-called ‘big games’ occur in a vacuum. Scoring dries up? No matter, it’s up to the tender to post all the shutouts. D play collapses? No matter, the tender needs to stand on his head. “Can’t win the big game’ is simplistic and silly while ignoring the team concept and the randomness of hockey.

  7. Mayfield for Tarasenko is not enough. This is true. The Blues would need to add a pick or player to the deal for the Isles to give up a young, talented D man signed to an inexpensive deal for a potentially still injured, expensive player.

    • The Isles are not trading Mayfield for anyone this year.

      Get a grip.

      • Why is this awaiting moderation???

      • Because you didn’t put your full screenname of nevinsrip.

  8. Sorry Lyle. I am a dummy!!!!

    • No worries, nevinsrip. Mistakes happen. Cheers!