NHL Rumor Mill – September 4, 2021

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Are the Senators getting closer to sign Brady Tkachuk? Are they still in the market for a forward? What’s the latest on the Oilers’ contract talks with Kailer Yamamoto? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion confirmed contract discussions with Brady Tkachuk’s agent are continuing and progress was being made. That news comes following yesterday’s announcement of Drake Batherson’s new six-year contract.

Ottawa Senators winger Brady Tkachuk (NHL Images).

The expectation is they’ll get a deal in place to allow Tkachuk to attend training camp later this month. Garrioch believes the Senators want to get the 21-year-old winger signed to a long-term contract and award him the captaincy at the end of camp.

Garrioch suggests Andrei Svechnikov is a strong comparable. The young Carolina Hurricanes winger recently signed an eight-year deal worth an annual average value of $7.75 million. He also dismissed the notion of a club attempting to sign Tkachuk to an offer sheet as the Senators would simply match it.

TSN: Shawn Simpson reports via Twitter a source tells him the Tkachuk camp is getting frustrated. The winger is staying positive but can’t understand why it’s taking so long to get a deal in place. “I asked what had been offered, and it was termed that they have not received a legitimate offer from the Sens,” said Simpson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like each side has a different spin on this situation. You’ve got Dorion saying everything’s going well and what appears to be a source from Tkachuk’s side claiming otherwise.

Plenty of time remains for them to hammer out a deal before training camp. I agree with Garrioch that the Senators would match any offer for Tkachuk. They’ve got over $24 million in projected cap space.

Garrioch also reports the Senators are still trying to acquire another forward. Dorion has held talks with several teams about acquiring a high-end winger. Failing that, they’ll look to within the organization to address that issue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Internet speculation linked the Senators to San Jose Sharks winger Tomas Hertl last month. Garrioch claimed back then that there was nothing to that chatter. Maybe Dorion’s changed his mind. He has a trade history with Sharks GM Doug Wilson. Hertl, however, has a three-team trade list and the Senators might not be on it.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wondered how much Oilers winger Kailer Yamamoto will receive after the Philadelphia Flyers signed Joel Farabee to a six-year, $30 million contract. The pair have almost identical stats, with the 21-year-old Farabee tallying 59 points in 107 NHL games while the 22-year-old Yamamoto has 52 points in 105 contests.

Matheson reports the Oilers and the Yamamoto camp are still grinding away toward a bridge deal. It’ll likely be a one- or two-year contract with an annual average value in the $2 to $2.5 million range.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Matheson points out, the Oilers don’t have the cap space to sign Yamamoto to anything comparable to Farabee’s deal even if they wanted to. With Yamamoto coming off his entry-level contract his only leverage is to stage a holdout but I doubt he’s going to go that far. He’ll take the bridge deal and look toward a more lucrative contract down the road.


  1. I really believe both the Senators and Tkachuk’s “camp” are playing the media like a fiddle, and that a deal has been concluded and will be announced just before – or at the opening – of training camp, as part of a ticket drive (IF they get word from the Ontario government that “crowds” at Toronto and Ottawa home games will be allowed to exceed 1,000). But the way this 4th Covid wave is unfolding both here and in the U.S., I suggest no one hold their breath on that.

    As to a possible acquisition of a F through trade, that will take shape as and when those 15 teams either with no cap space or less than $2 mil bite the bullet and move the necessary commodities in order to sign their NHL-level RFAs, or a UFA they wish to keep – or sign.

    But for Dorion there’s no real panic. No reasonable fan expects them to suddenly jump up into the top contender class this coming season. They do, however, expect them to be much better, and I think they will continue to develop towards becoming a team that isn’t an automatic 2 points on any night.

    Yes, if the right player becomes available, and at a cost he’s willing to accept, I’m sure Dorion will pounce. But if not, there are options within his deep pool of talent.

    One thing he will NOT be doing if taking on someone else’s albatross as a condition of acquiring a player he’d like.

    • I would expect nothing less than a negotiation with a Tkachuk to be drug out to the limit.
      Kieth did it when he played, Mathew did it and now it’s Brady’s turn. The Tkachuks are all very good hockey players but they are also a pain when it comes to contract negotiation.

      Good luck Ottawa, I doubt very much Brady will sign a long term contract for 7.5. I suspect they will settle on a bridge contract, banking on the cap going up in 3 years when they can get a kings ransome.

      • I’m betting he does sign long-term and at something around the same as Chabot’s $8 mil per – perhaps $8.2 – and that both will be named as alternating captains, with the other wearing an A on nights when they’re not the C.

      • Hey George,
        I hope your right, that would be a very good deal for Ottawa if they can sign him for 8×8.

        That might even make easier for the Flames to sign Matthew next year at a reasonable cap hit.

      • what is a “pain” when a player attempts to obtain the best offer he can for is services? Should he just roll over because media figures (who clearly don’t have a dog in the fight) are impatient for material? And why aren’t owners “pains” in negotiations? If you had any knowledge of the pre NFLPA, and the “take it or leave it” of ownership tactics, you would shut up. Look at the Habs and Leafs (and the rest) of the 40s through 70s, and how the greatest players in NFL history were nickel and dimed . Punch Imlach et al.

    • @ Pengy & George O… From yesterday what if it is Brian Rust and Marcus Petersson and a 3rd round pick to San Jose. for Tomas Hertl..

      Salaries are close —
      $7.6 million to San Jose

      $ 5.6 million to Pittsburgh

      San Jose has $3.7 million in cap space to absorb..

      Pittsburgh gets the center/winger they need with grit nd coal scoring ability.

      San Jose gets a first line right winger with 30 goal potentyial, a defenseman that can play second or third pairing (And San Jose defense sucks) and a third round pick.

      Hertl is heavily rumored to be on the block and Rust is a pending UFA as well.

      Next year Carter will be off the books $5.27 you can start Hertl with Carters salary and add….he will want $ 7 million.

      I honestly believe one of Malkin or Letang will be gone next year…….hopefully Malkin…

      • Hi BnG

        I had read your Rusty/Hertl post later yesterday and responded….

        Cut/pasted here:

        “ Hi BNG

        I like both Hertl and Rusty
        Getting Hertl (Centre who can play wing) 👍👍👍

        The issue is that Pens are then still left with with the problem child … Zucker

        Well two problem children(Ruhweedel)…. but he’s at league min and I hope and pray that Sully sends him down to WBS…. He shouldn’t play with the big club; and having 750 k on the Cap in the press box for 82 games id a waste

        Not a chance it happens but….

        Rusty, Zucker, DeSmith for
        Hertl and Hill

        Pens net ~ $2.5 M in space

        Then sign a reasonable UFA winger …. Anisimov if he’ll sign for $1.8 M or less; OR Chaisson if he signs for $1M or less;

        and sign Vats ($1M)

        Hertl 2C until Gino returns;

        when Gino returns….

        Sid /Guentzel/Hertl

        Gino/Kappy; and one of
        Anisimov OR Chaisson OR McGinn

        Carter/Poulin; and one of Anisimov OR Chaisson OR McGinn


        13th/14th; Rodrigues/Zoho



        Vats/*Pettersson or PO-J

        7th/8th *Pettersson or PO-J and Freidman


        That team competes and definitely makes playoffs and has a shot at winning Metro

        *Pettersson could be traded for space and a pick OR for a 3rd line winger”

    • The reply makes sense. The article reads like the “media REALLY IS being played….” it is as if there is nothing else to write about BUT a contract not yet completed before a season has not yet been started, before unknowns such as Covid and another new player are still unknowns. I believe most fans see everything as normal. Meanwhile the media feels bereft of something! Pity….

  2. The Blues have a “high end winger” (Vladdy T)that is available for Ottawa—-it’s as simple as brown and white (Logan and Colin that is:)

    See what I did there!?!

    • LOL. The interesting thing there, IowaPrince, is that, back in 2010 at the draft Ottawa switched spots with St. Louis in order to select D David Rundblad, who wound up playing all of 24 games for them and just 113 in his NHL career, Meanwhile, Tarasenko went on to contribute mightily for the Blues and their first ever cup.

      With just two years to go before UFA status, and with Ottawa still having a ton of cap space even after Tkachuk signs, and IF Tarasenko would accept a trade to Ottawa, I would like to see that deal go down. And keep my fingers crossed that his shoulder situation isn’t chronic.

  3. To all Sens posters here

    Recent reports re Tkachuk extension keep mentioning about him as next Captain

    Is that a “done” deal… in yhr spring the media had talked about it being s toss up between Chabot and Tkachuk

    Is this a “negotiation” tactic or have Sens fully decided in favour of Tkachuk

    I also posted yesterday about some posts and media mentions i’ve seen where they ralk about the Tkachuk Bros eventually being in the same team

    I think it is a long shot in the short term (highly highly unlikely this year) but if there as a move (again highly unlikely) if a Tkachuk it would be East to West not West to East; and Monahan + going East

    Knowing that the odds are extremely slim; setting that aside

    What would have to be added to Monahan to make the deal work?

    Dube and Panther’s 2nd?

    Just wondering on your thoughts

    • Pengy, that’s an interesting rumour. I am pretty sure Matthew would love to play with his brother.
      When the Flames play the Sens Matthew gets a big chuckle watching Brady stir things up. It’s almost like Matthew cheers for Brady against his own team mates.

      As intriguing as it may sound to unite the brothers I have my doubts at this stage because both teams would want more than the other team would be willing to give up
      Your proposal of Monahan, Dube and a second sounds very good from Calgary’s standpoint, not sure the Sens fans would be to happy but I will wait for their comments.

      • Heh. If, as you say, the Tkachuks can be pains in the butt when it comes to contract negotiations, can you imagine any GM deliberately wanting to deal with TWO of them? Would make dealing with the Sedins look like a walk in the park.

      • You got that right George. It would be a real struggle and in the end the team would end up over paying.

      • Hi FlameFan & George

        Yep… negotiations would be hard; but worth it I believe

        I think Treliving might do it; not so sure re Dorion (and Melnyk providing sideline commentary)

        Flames get the two headed Tkachuk; Sens solidify down the centre for next 1/2 decade; and gain a speedy forward; and a pick; still keep loads of Cap space

        Again; huge long-shot but IF ever happens ; bros in Alta more likely than bros in Ont

        What about my question re pre-concluded Captaincy in the Capital? Is Chabot for sure out the running?

      • See my post above

    • @ Pengy…..Are you as frustrated as I am with Hextall? He has added nothing but older, bigger, slower free agents.

      The Penguins are not the broad street bullies…

      McGinn is solid
      Heinen crap shoot at best
      Boyle why (5 years ago maybe)
      Bartkowski why 33 played in the minors last year
      Dominque good god why useless

      I get size, physicality, and grit wins in the playoffs..no doubt. The Penguins are a great regular season team (1st place last year). You can add size at the deadline when needed. The regular season is faster, more wide open ,and favors the Penguins so why would you add so much slow garbage.

      Brian Boyle 36, over Ryan Donato 25 hello…

      • To be fair, you stated just yesterday that Donato was a sound defensive forward. This isn’t even remotely true. The kid is a one dimensional player who could definitely be counted upon to score up to 20+ goals in an 82 game schedule. As for pitching in on the backend? Not gonna happen.
        Hextall will be quite content letting all contracts expire, and building his team through the draft. That could go either way. If he trades his aging stars for top picks and the owners have patience, he’ll do well.
        If he let’s contracts expire whilst trying to make the playoffs and remain competitive, not so much.
        It mostly depends on the patience level of ownership and trading savy.
        I liked his body of work in Philly. Ownership did not.

      • Hi BnG

        I think I’m equally frustrated as ALL Pens fans with HexBurkie

        That two headed monster ….

        Made Pens the hardest hit team in the expansion (2 Pens gone)

        Lost a young C/W on a 28/29 goal (82 game) pace at a paltry $2.9 M Cap, just to protect a 4th liner

        Made the team have less grit than last year

        Made the team older

        Knew Gino out 1/6th but f year… have done nothing to address (worse than nothing as they let McC go and he can/did and does play C)

        Still allow Zucker to be on team and reportedly have not called teams asking what a trade might look like

        Signed Domingue with Duby still out there??????

        They have NOT done a good job

        Re ….thinking about a team built for the playoffs…. as is, Pens are in low probability mode of actually making the playoffs

        Two real choices that are the only options that SHOULD be considered….

        1) start rebuild NOW; OR

        2) make a trade that gives Pens a chance to make the playoffs….. just a couple of trades that may make this viable….

        Ducks/Pens…. Key player flips are Henrique/Zucker with Sundries to balance

        Blues/Pens—- Vlad/Zucker (both 50% retained) flipped; with say depth/bottom 6 NHLer and prospect going to Blues

        BlackHawks/Pens—— Zucker (25 % retained); Laffy; O’Connor for Strome

        Sharks/Pens——Zucker, DeSmith plus whatever it takes to get Hertl & Hill

        None of the above will happen without HexBurkie making a call…. Which the seem to gave issues figuring out how to do (they could get an admin assistant to actually make the call and then hand them the phone

      • I’m not at all frustrated pengy.

        Btw bartowski was just a way to find injury depth while bringing a hometown kid home. It was a nice gesture

  4. Sens have tons of cap space to sign Tkachuk so that wouldn’t be a reason for him to want. a bridge deal.

    An $8 million contract for example would leave them just $4 million above the Cap floor.

    • Habfan, the bridge deal wouldn’t come from the team, it would be coming from Tkachuks camp. They know they could probably negotiate a bridge deal in the 21 million 3 year range.

  5. Dvorak is a good pickup. Basically for Kotkaniemi and a second. A little surprised it happened that quick . Canes get a good young player. Looks like a win for everyone but Arizona.

    • Dvorak is essential a blend of KK and Danault (a youthful vet, a 2C, decent defense and FO%) – but for 4.5 million instead of 11.6.

  6. Idle speculation:

    Assuming Shea Weber is done, what would he be worth to the Predators in trade for his LTIR – as opposed to allowing/convincing him to retire with the cap penalty that would then accrue to Nashville?

    Too convoluted?