NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – October 30, 2021

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Jets GM Cheveldayoff won’t be disciplined by the league regarding the Blackhawks scandal, NHLPA director Fehr faces criticism related to the scandal, the Leafs sign Rielly to a contract extension, and much more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: The league announced yesterday it will not impose discipline on Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff regarding improper decisions made by the Chicago Blackhawks organization regarding sexual assault allegations against former video coach Bradley Aldrich in 2010. Cheveldayoff was the Blackhawks assistant GM during that time. The decision came following Cheveldayoff’s meeting on Friday with league commissioner Gary Bettman in New York. 

Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff (NHL.com).

Bettman released a statement pointing out Cheveldayoff was not a member of the Blackhawks senior management in 2010 and thus couldn’t assign responsibility upon him for the club’s handling of the matter. The commissioner indicated Cheveldayoff’s degree of involvement was limited to one meeting and found he was “extremely forthcoming and credible in our discussion.”

The statement went on to note Cheveldayoff’s role within the organization at the time left him without authority to make appropriate organizational decisions on the matter. “In short, Cheveldayoff was not a participant in either the formulation or execution of the club’s response”.

TSN: Cheveldayoff released a statement following the meeting through the Jets’ website. He expressed his support and empathy for Kyle Beach (the victim of Aldrich’s alleged assaults) and praised his courage. He also thanked the league for allowing him the opportunity to meet with Bettman and provide his side of the story.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cheveldayoff may have been cleared by the league but he still faces scrutiny from Winnipeg pundits and fans. Sportsnet’s Ken Wiebe and the Winnipeg Sun’s Scott Stinson believe the Jets GM owes Beach an apology, something that was absent from his statement. The Sun’s Scott Billeck and Mike McIntyre of the Winnipeg Free Press believe Cheveldayoff owes an explanation to fans and media.

TSN: NHLPA director Donald Fehr is facing criticism after Kyle Beach revealed a lack of support from the association when he and his agent, Ross Gurney, informed them of the details of his alleged assault by Aldrich.

Gurney said he spoke to Fehr directly in 2011 about his concerns regarding Aldrich, who was working with USA Hockey at that time. “My purpose in calling the PA was to get a warning to USA Hockey,” he said. “That is what I was directed to do by Kyle”. He said Fehr told him he knew people at USA Hockey and the PA would look into the matter and offer support.

Beach was referred to Dr. Brian Shaw, a psychologist and program director within the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program. He said Shaw told him the PA would handle it but never heard from them again.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reports Fehr is facing waning support among PA staff and is under fire externally following the results from the independent investigation and Beach’s interview on Wednesday. Seravalli pointed out the player-led Executive Board has the authority to oust Fehr as PA director. He said it’s unclear if the 32 members will move to conduct an inquiry or pressure Fehr into resigning.

ESPN.COM: The Chicago Blackhawks sent a request to the Hockey Hall of Fame to have Aldrich’s name removed from the Stanley Cup. The Hall issued a statement saying HHOF chairman Lanny McDonald, league commissioner Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly are on board with the request. Discussions are underway with the Stanley Cup trustees to make this happen.


NHL.COM: The Florida Panthers extended their season-opening win streak to eight games with a 3-2 overtime victory over the Detroit Red Wings. Aleksander Barkov scored twice, including the game-winner. The Panthers had a 2-0 lead but the Wings rallied on goals by Sam Gagner and Pius Suter.

The Carolina Hurricanes set a franchise record with a season-opening seventh straight win by dropping the Chicago Blackhawks 6-3. Tony DeAngelo had a goal and two assists for the Hurricanes. Blackhawks forward Tyler Johnson left the game after being crosschecked by Hurricanes center Vincent Trocheck.

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin tallied his 739th career goal to lead his club over the Arizona Coyotes 2-0. Ilya Samsonov made 16 saves for the shutout while John Carlson scored the game-winning goal. Ovechkin extended his points streak to eight games as his club remains unbeaten (5-0-3) in regulation. He’s now just two goals behind Brett Hull for fourth place on the all-time goal leader list.

The Vegas Golden Knights blew a 4-1 lead but went on to defeat the Anaheim Ducks 5-4 on a shootout goal by Evgenii Dadonov. Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf collected an assist to tie Teemu Selanne as the franchise’s leading scorer with 988 points. The Ducks also placed winger Rickard Rakell on injured reserve with a shoulder injury suffered during Thursday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres.

A 31-save shutout by Igor Shesterkin carried the New York Rangers over the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-0. Chris Kreider scored two power-play goals while Artemi Panarin and Adam Fox each had three assists.

The Ottawa Senators snapped a three-game losing skid by dropping the Dallas Stars 4-1. Josh Norris tallied twice, Brady Tkachuk netted his first goal of the season and Filip Gustavsson kicked out 38 shots for the win.


TSN: The Toronto Maple Leafs signed defenseman Morgan Rielly to an eight-year, $60 million contract. The annual average value is $7.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The good news is the Leafs have their best defenseman under a new long-term deal at a cap hit lower than what he would’ve received on the open market next summer. Given the big contracts signed this summer by other notable blueliners, speculation suggested it would cost the Leafs around $8.5 million to keep him in the fold. Rielly left some money on the table to stay in Toronto.

The bad news is Cap Friendly shows the Leafs have over $53.63 million invested in just six players (Rielly, Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Marner, William Nylander and Jake Muzzin) for 2022-23. With $75.3 million committed to 15 players next season, Leafs management faces another summer of salary-cap gymnastics to remain cap compliant.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: New Jersey Devils center Jack Hughes will be sidelined for five weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

TWINCITIES.COM: Minnesota Wild placed forward Jordan Greenway on IR with a lower-body injury.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Steve Carlson, who played one of the Hanson Brothers in the movie “Slap Shot”, has been diagnosed with a form of cancer known as Stage IV metastatic squamous cell carcinoma. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help him with living costs while he undergoes radiation therapy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Carlson. Follow this link if you’d like to contribute to this fundraiser.


  1. Re the Leafs news above …. here you go, Ron, perfect spot for another condescending sarcastic “oh nooooo” – but don’t offer up any thoughts or opinions on how they will handle the cap situation – just your usual flippant retort without any substance.

    • @George, It seems that every year there’s a few teams that are in cap hell. Usually contenders as talent costs. There are brilliant people making really big salaries who’s only job is figuring out the cap. You said the same thing with Tampa this year yet, they are camp compliant now. Vegas always seems to get big players and stay camp compliant. Remember everyone saying there’s no way they can sign Pietrangelo yet it wasn’t an issue at all. Now I personally can’t stand Reilly as a player but they have 1.2 million coming off from the Kessel contract and cap goes up a million and that makes up the 2 million extra Reilly makes. Mikeyev makes 1.6 and he’s a UFA and no they don’t have to replace him. He’s injured and not playing now so no problems there l. Engvall also makes over a million and he’s easily replaceable for less. Makes up the difference Campbell will want as I’m guessing if you pay him just a little above Merazek he signs. So that really only leaves Sandin. Everyone else is signed or can be replaced with similar player for same money. Leafs won’t have an issue icing the same team as this year next year. We can all have opinions as to what that means but lets wait till there first round exit, I mean playoff run to decide that. They like every other team will figure out the cap and it won’t even be that hard. They have a plan whether us fans like it or not. What I’m trying to say with this long winded response George is that the cap is a none issue regardless of what us fans think. They will and probably already have a way of managing it and yes, they will be able to make moves like all these teams do every trade deadline to try and improve there teams.

      • Fair enough What The Heck … and I agree 100% – my targeting Ron is simply because, while he feels free to offer suggestions and opinions about other teams, his only reaction to anyone offering up thoughts and opinions about the Leafs is to “sneer” – just looking at the numbers, all I ever said was that something has to give because, when you do the math – and unless the cap rises by $8 mil – there’s no way they can fit in 8 players – especially Campbell – with what they’ll have to spend IF – as Daly suggests – the cap only rises by $1 mil.

        Yes, I though the same about Tampa’s situation – nor was I alone – and ultimately they did become cap compliant by roster moves. I just never figure Gourde would be part of the solution … but others did.

        Anyway, here I thought this exchange of views and solutions is one of the basic tenets of this site, which is to bandy about ideas as to who should be moved and for what? Lord know, it’s been done to death with Eichel.

        Why are the Leafs exempt?

    • Hi, George, I read a couple of columns yesterday about the Reilly extension. One view was that the Leafs would deal with the cap hit internally by using their young defence men as regulars and letting one of the top four go – Holl seems to be the favourite for that move.
      My view is that trading one of the core four forwards becomes a probable option and, despite his excellent play, Nylander is the most likely to go. Hope I’m wrong.
      The Marlies have several forward prospects that could move up next year but a legit NHL winger could be part of the return for Nylander.
      As for Reilly himself, wouldn’t it be great for a change to have a first round pick play well and stay with that team for his entire career?

      • Now that’s the kind of thing I’m talking about up above BCLeafFan .. . you may be right that Nylander might be the one to go … but only because he’d be the easiest for most other teams to absorb in terms of the cap. And that would be shame because he’s likely the best value of that core 4 in relation to what he costs for what he contributes for any team adding $$$ to their cap. And what they’d have to give up to get him can’t be $$$ going the other way but rather top prospects or picks or a combination thereof.

        Having said all that, as habfan30 says below, what would Matthews bring back since, in his case, a return could include a well-established player (a D?) with term costing around $5 mil per along with a 1st round pick and a very good prospect.

        Lots of possible options – but as WhatTheHeck says, in the end what the hell do we know? We can only toss out ideas for discussion/debate.

    • Yes the sarcastic “ohhhh nooooo”. That comment was for both you and others that “can’t see how” – here we go again, and don’t add anything new that you haven’t already said over and over again, plus I personally don’t like your tone nor the matter in which you approach the subject. To me, you seem quite disingenuous in you’re comments and you have no real interest in unbiased discussions regarding a team that your all sour on. I have found it to be a waste of time conversing with someone who for the past three years being saying stuff that has been as wrong as wrong can be and who quite honestly, come on here to talk about a team he clearly dislikes and insults its fans like it’s ok to, isn’t something I care to do. I don’t care who you cheer for but i would hope everyone here knows all of our teams are full of flaws and it’s a challenge that 31of the 32 teams get wrong every year. And maybe, fans are enthralled with other aspects and drama surrounding the teams they follow…known as the process, not just the results. Does every fan what their team to be successful? Sure but you put off a sense you hope the Leafs remain unsuccessful and like to let their fans know it. You’ve been posting here for years and only when you mentioned family in Toronto who are fans that you actually became a bit unbiased. Go look back at your own comments and see for yourself.

      I know I’ve been a dick, but that’s what happens when you keep poking a bear.

      • A bear? More like a ruffled koala.

        And again, you impart things to me which I have NEVER said – about the Leafs or any other team. Why do I feel free to comment on the Leafs? Because they seem to be part of the subject matter in one thread or another a lot more than any other team.

        Last playoffs I was actually pulling for them to go deep – but when they came up short – again – this time while up 3 to 1 against a team that barely made the playoffs and with game 5 at home, and the questions began popping up in here. I felt free to comment.

        So did many more – including some who are obviously long-time fans of the team – but for some reason it was only when I commented that you felt the need to sneer and criticize.

        As for “saying stuff that’s as wrong as wrong can be ….” that can be said about almost every one of us. We impart opinions. Period. Sometimes they’re right – often they’re wrong. So what? You must have some idea as to what roster moves MIGHT be made to deal with the issue – such as those posted by BcLeafFan.

        Once more – all I did what was point to the 15-player cap commitment and the amount left to sign 8 and wondered what moves they’d need to make to right the ship. Pengy said much the same. So has Old Blue Dog frequently. Yet, no acid responses from you where they’re concerned. Ostensibly because they’re acknowledged Leaf fans and seemingly, where you’re concerned, only Leaf fans, are entitled to offer views and comments when they’re part of the subject.

        Have I ever referred to them as “the Laffs” or “he gang that can’t shoot straight” to quote some of the more idiotic posts? Never. Nor will I. But I damned well will free to offer my opinions if and when they are part of the daily subject in either thread.

        if that continues to be a butt getting under your saddle … well so be it. The world is indeed a magical place full of people waiting to be offended by something.

    • What stepping on the one trick pony of the two Rons, George? Ron Jull and Ron Moore are here not to talk hockey, but to trash talk. It is what they do George; actually it is the only thing they can do.

  2. I think the Leafs will trade Marner by the 2022 draft

  3. If and its a big if, teams are considering Buffalo’s ask for a damaged Eichel, what would they give up for Matthews???

    As said the other day, there’s a world of possibilities.

    • And move Nylander to C HF30?

      • Improving the TML isn’t my bailiwick but wasn’t Nylander developed as a centre?

        just spitballing.

        Chychrun, Hayton, 2 1st rounders
        Drysdale, Manson, Zegras, Steel
        Chytil, Goodrow, Miller, 1st rounder
        Byfield, Turcotte,Vilardi, 1st rounder

      • Yes he was.
        2 and 4 seem like too much for 2 3/4 + years of Matthews.
        3 not a high end guy in there, so not enough.
        #1 seems just right, plus from there so maybe he stays after this deal.

      • I’m not sure a team moves a 1st that could be the number 1 with wright out there. The lucky team could have a mathews caliber star on an elc and in team control. So unless it was say top 3 protected?

      • Like I said, just spit balling, the 4 suggestions I made aren’t unique or exhaustive in any way,

        Considering that we’re talking Matthews, I don’t see any reason for TML doing a top 3 protect,

        You want the top goal scorer in the league who’s just 24 y/o, you have to pay for him and it better be a boatload more than what pundits are reporting or Eichel.

      • I hear that. But since mathews can walk in less than three, if I’m a rebuilding team I don’t send a decent chance at the number 1 overall for him.

  4. Anyone in Blackhawks management in 2010 and Donald Fehr should be fired immediately.

    • You got it. No hesitation whatsoever.

  5. If the bruins lose to Florida again tonight sell the farm get ready to bring out the 7 irons and head for the links. It’s over.

    • Aww come on Rick … it’s a long season and still plenty of time to pinpoint the flaws and make whatever moves necessary/possible to turn things around. The year the Blues won the cup they were dead last overall at the turn of the New Year!

  6. Oooh the blackhawks petitioned to have his name removed years later, while they were fine with giving him a letter of reference, severance pay, his day with the cup as well as his name knowing that he was a sexual predator. Good thing their conscience came back years later when they got exposed

  7. Johathan Toews should be stripped of his captaincy for his comments of support for Bowman; not understanding how it helps by Bowman losing his job.

    Native America should request Chicago to remove the Chief crest as they have stained it.

    Charlie McAvoy is not worth $9.5m this year; but, he doesn’t have to be.

    Every time I get into a discussion about McAvoy new contract being to much, I get a rebuttal of “Toronto has 3 players over $10m” So?

    I’ll add McAvoy is more valuable then JT and Marner; however, he is not in the same class as AM.

    Toronto signed Reilly for less then he could’ve got on the open market. Give credit where credit is due; well done.

    Montreal posters on here didn’t want to give up Kotkaniemi or Suzuki for PLD, I wonder if their views have changed.

    Boston defense doesn’t have a number 1 or 2 LD.

    • Mac is not worth 9.5 . When he got that, first of all I questioned why? I get all the b’s games yes he a very good defenseman but There are at least five d that are better than Charlie. If Charlie got 7.5 I could see why? He’s a good rusher who should shoot more often. Defensively sometimes there are times I’m thinking how did he do that and other times I think why did he do that. A lot of the Boston media are treating him like the next one. He has a lot to prove and thus far he hasn’t proved to me he’s worth that kind of dough.

    • I agree with all of your musings, Caper.

  8. It’s bad enough the brutal cover-up from 2010 but now in the new world of the woke the NHL is still not only fast asleep but pretty much dead comatose.