NHL Rumor Mill – October 16, 2021

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Check out the latest on Johnny Gaudreau and Claude Giroux plus Brian Burke addresses the Penguins’ offseason goalie trade speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun recently reported on the lack of a contract extension thus far for Calgary Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau. He said it wasn’t for lack of trying as both sides talked numerous times during the offseason.

Calgary Flames left wing Johnny Gaudreau (NHL Images).

Gaudreau has publicly stated he wants to sign past this season with the Flames. LeBrun still believes that’s the case and hasn’t found any evidence to suggest the Gaudreau camp has cut contract talks. He felt the two sides will continue discussions but will keep them out of the public eye.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We can expect Gaudreau’s name to surface in trade rumors if he’s still unsigned when the calendar flips to January 2022. We’ll likely hear a lot more about him as the March 21 trade deadline approaches of the Flames are out of playoff contention.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Owen Krepps recently reported Penguins president of hockey operations Brian Burke addressed offseason rumors that his club was shopping for another starting goalie. He said it would be false to say they never looked at another netminder but it wasn’t a priority and not something they went looking for. Burke also shot down offseason rumors linking the Penguins to Marc-Andre Fleury after he was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Burke believes Penguins starter Tristan Jarry will have a big bounce-back season after his disappointing performance in last spring’s playoffs. If he doesn’t, however, the Penguins could start seriously seeking help between the pipes before the trade deadline.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: By willingly, Morganti is referring to Giroux waiving his no-movement clause to accept a trade to Ottawa. That’s assuming he’s willing to go and the Senators want him. He’s not going anywhere as long as the Flyers are a playoff contender.


  1. Hey Burkie, you want Murray back?

    I wish. If there was some way to get him out of here I’d be quite happy seeing them go with a Forsberg-Gustavsson duo.

    • umm … no thanks .. when this league figures out your flaws you are done …

    • I had the exact same thought last night, but with EDM as the destination & Kassian coming back.
      OTT would have to eat 50% of salary, but its still just a dream.

    • FLEURY

      I will bet a dollar to a doughnut ..that Burke and Bowman have a deal in place for Fleury at the deadline …and the season in Chicago is just to absorb most the contract because Pens could not …Fleury will finish the season in PITT ..Burke convinced him to stay in the NHL and not to retire for ths eact scenario…will bet me wife on it !!

      This is a total Burke play !!

      Fleury to Pitt in March and Chicago retains a good sum of money to fit it in..draft picks other way

      • Fun to think about but not likely. Maf would be taking a big risk that Jarry don’t tear it up making it unnecessary to trade for a goalie.

      • @Chrisms

        ..1000% it will happen..its been tat way all along !
        No way Pitt can go into the playoffs with what happened last year with those goalies …and how MAF played last year 1000% it will happen !


      • I’m gonna have to see pictures of your wife before I take that bet.

  2. I have never seen a Starting goalie out of the lineup that often at a still relatively young age. Maybe he is a hypochondriac .

    • Heh. I’m wondering if his “flu-like” problem is an allergy issue. I know I feel like dog-crap every year around this time when we get a repeated combination of falling leaves and rain, resulting in leaf-mold.

      And in Ottawa there are ten times as many trees of all types as there are people and it seems t be raining every second day.

      I even resorted to “Alexa, rake up the leaves” – no luck!

  3. Brian Burke and Hextall had a horrible off season. They dropped the ball getting some players o help the team.
    McGinn nothing so far
    Boyle ok
    Heinen sold start

    There are just so many players we could have traded for and bargains out there we completely passed on…uugghhh

    While 3 of 4 points on a tough Florida road trip to start was terrific the real team showed up the last 15 minuyes of the Florida game where we blew a 2 goal lead with 10 minutes left.

    Tonight again No Crosby, No Malkin, No Rust, No Matheson we will see. The us against the world mentality worked in Tampa and we got a point in Florida let’s see we have the next 8 games at home with a depleted line up.

    Oh yeah how is Jack bleeping Johnson in the Avalanche line up????

  4. The first place Buffalo Sabres! How long will that last?