NHL Rumor Mill – November 22, 2021

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What will the Sharks do with Evander Kane? What are some possible trade destinations for Canadiens defenseman Ben Chiarot? Should the Rangers shop Alexandar Georgiev? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz wondered what the San Jose Sharks will do with Evander Kane when the 30-year-old winger’s 21-game suspension ends in about a week. General manager Doug Wilson has kept his plans for Kane under wraps. It would take some time for the winger to return to game shape as it appears he didn’t spend much time on the ice during his suspension.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

Kane was the Sharks leading scorer last season. However, his troublesome personality upset several of his teammates. Bringing him back into the lineup could disrupt team chemistry.

It’s unknown if Kane wants to return to the Sharks. Given his off-ice issues, trying to trade him if he wants out could prove almost impossible. The Sharks could buy him out but that would leave considerable dead cap space on their books for the next six seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It will be interesting to see how Wilson handles this situation. He attempted to trade Kane in the offseason but couldn’t find any takers. Factor in his contract with its $7 million annual average value over the next three years and it’s doubtful Wilson will have better luck moving him during the season.

A contract buyout would have to wait until the offseason. Cap Friendly indicates that will cause some salary-cap headaches over the next six years but it would clear a big chunk of his current cap hit from their books while ridding themselves of a divisive player from their dressing room. However, that doesn’t address the immediate issue of what to do with him once his suspension is over.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Mitch Gallo listed the New York Islanders, Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche as potential trade destinations for Ben Chiarot. The 30-year-old Montreal Canadiens defenseman has become a recent subject of trade speculation by several pundits. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman believes Chiarot could fetch a first-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a comeback for the ages, the Canadiens will be sellers leading up to the March 21 trade deadline. Pending unrestricted free agents like Chiarot could be dangled in the trade market but I don’t see that happening this early in the season despite the Habs’ current woes. They’ll likely wait until after the February Olympic break to move him in order to maximize the potential return.

The Islanders could use Chiarot right now but I’ll be surprised if general manager Lou Lamoriello parts with a first-rounder to get him. The Avalanche got off to a stumbling start but seem to have righted their ship and don’t appear in any hurry to swing a deal. The Oilers and Leafs are playing well so they’ll likely wait until the second half of the season to consider any significant moves.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers have a backup goaltending problem after watching Alexandar Georgiev give up four goals on 18 shots in yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres before being relieved by starter Igor Shesterkin. The Rangers would win the game 5-4.

Brooks observed something seems wrong with Georgiev’s performance this season. He indicated the 25-year-old netminder has been unhappy as a backup and has wanted out for a while even if he hasn’t formally requested a trade. He claimed the Rangers made Georgiev available this summer but couldn’t get a nibble.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Brooks pointed out, Georgiev’s poor play this season will further diminish his trade value. The Rangers need a more reliable backup for Shesterkin to avoid overworking their starter. If Georgiev wants out he’ll have to perform better in order to entice a rival club into acquiring him.


  1. I sure think that the Blues could be added to the list of “trade destinations” for Ben Chiarot–don’t know about a 1st rounder however!?!

    How about Tarasenko and prospect/pick for Chiarot and Armia–could make the dollars work.

    • The Habs have a nice pipeline of young D but none are ready to step in as top 4, they look good but the NHL is a new level.

      There is no first round D that will jump ahead of them so trading Chiarot would be a mistake.

      The entire Habs D-corp is having trouble with the new system they are trying to employ and btw Weber couldn’t play in it either with his lack of footspeed and slow turning.

  2. I read that Brooks article. If true that they tried to trade him in off season and couldn’t, there’s no way anyone is trading for him now. In 6 games he’s got an GAA over 4. Coming off a mediocre year, He’s definitely not attracting any interest. I wouldn’t be surprised if NY puts him on waivers and he ends up in AHL to at least get some work and try to salvage career. Maybe someone picks him up. Huska has had a great start in AHL and deserves a call up. They also have akinkaid who can’t fare any worse than Gorgiev

    • He’d probably be plucked. Hell the pens might look at him as a trial over desmith

      • Idk Chrisms He’s oooked awful at times. Maybe someone thinks he can do better with a fresh start? He’s also got a cap hit of 2.425 mil

      • Woof. Never mind

      • Hi Slick and Chrisms

        Georgiev vs DeSmith….

        It really comes down to the confidence/expectations/prognostications HexBurkie has on Georgiev’s and DeSmith’s performances for the balance of the year

        Their save percentage right now is basically identical

        The flip ; after escrow; for the balance of the year is only about $620-$640 k cash….. Cap Space difference for balance of year certainly not an issue

        I’m not sure that Drury and HexBurkie would agree that a change of scenery would improve both goalies (win win) or even more importantly IF the two Metro rivals would make any trade…. But the least concern in that flip is the $620 K to $640 K extra in cash outlay for Pens…. They have saved that already and more in not paying Gino’s Sal to date

        Longshot that they (Drury/HexBurkie) would deal…. But that trade is not an outlandish flip to consider

        Odds are very slim… but at least the deal should not be nixed outright without at least some consideration

        Better move I think…. Is for Pens to sign Duby…. $750 K – $1M (pro-rated of course)

    • Didnt read this article but have read a few these last few years and Brooks and others thought Georgiev would fetch a first. He probably thought this as well. Sorry to break the news but he isnt that good and right now they should be happy to get anything

  3. Once Smith gets back could there be a Koskinen to the Rangers deal to be made?

    • No thanks KevJam, he hasn’t done anything to suggest he is any better than Koskinen.
      Miko ain’t all that either, but neither is Georgiev.

      On the bright side of Smith’s injury, Skinner is getting some reps and been solid. I am sure there will be some ups and downs with the kid, but so far so good. At least Koskinen gets a break, as he has shown when he plays a bunch in a row, his play suffers.

      I also think the Nurse injury is a blessing in disguise as it has forced them to focus their play away from the puck as team. And it’s only for a 2/3 weeks.

      • I wasn’t thinking that Georgiev would come back to the Oilers. Skinner has looked really good these last two games. Even in the two losses Skinner looked good. He just has the one fumble with the puck in the Buffalo game. IMO he has passed Koskinen as the number 2 goalie on the team. Right now if Skinner does falter, Koskinen is there to back him up. When Smith gets back he would be a great guy for Skinner to learn from. It would be a move just to clear up a little cap space to get a good available d-man at the TDL.

      • Thanks KevJam, misunderstood your post.
        If Skinner continues to be consistently good it does give them that option.

  4. This is Hertl’s year to sign a big contract. He’s 28 and in demand. It will be hard for the Sharks to entice him due to cap restraints and asking him to endure years of rebuilding. If Kane is allowed to return I think that will be the death blow to any negotiations.

    • Hud, if I’m not mistaken, Hertl has already expressed interest/willingness to take somewhat of a “hometown discount” to remain with the Sharks, and he has said he wants to stay. The Sharks don’t need to entice him, they just need to fit him.

      • However, maybe he would agree to a scenario where the Sharks trade him at the deadline (if they are not in playoff contention) with a handshake agreement to sign him again in the summer.

      • Who wouldn’t want to live in San Jose?

  5. Kane. To bruins for debrusk with 1/2 Kanes salary retained
    If any locker room and tame him it would be bruins leadership group

    • If buff / wheeler and Thornton/ marleau/ pavekski couldn’t do not sure Boston could either

      • You very well could be correct. I still think it worth a gamble as 30 goal scorers are hard to find And at 3.5 mil. If it does not work you can find a taker at that price point Bruins just not good enough to be a true contender I unless they do something else

      • Maybe the habs then? After all, they consider themselves as an organization that has the ability to reform players and profess to having a real commitment to doing so and they could certainly use the scoring.

    • Kind of with Chrisms on Kane. He is 30 and been in the league for a decade not some 20 yr old kid.

      He has also had plenty of chances to change. He keeps showing us who he is, perhaps we should believe him.

      • He definitely has a bad attitude. That is why he is where he is. But cannot deny his talents either. At 3.5. For 2more years I would risk it. No risk. No reward

      • Can’t deny the talent of Kane, nor how hard he plays, my concern is that it is for 3 years MrB4.
        What Pengy suggests below is worth pondering though. A 1 yr prove it deal where you waive him if it doesn’t pan out.
        Wouldn’t be for this year though.

    • MrB4,

      I’ve got a 30 goal scorer available—Vladdy.

      Let’s talk DeBrusk AND Zboril


      • Would gladly take the. Tank. But cap would have to be slashed to fit in the budget. Is all. 😎

  6. I think the Islanders could smarten Kane up too, but I don’t know if you want him in New York. Even in sleepy Long Island, you’re still awfully close to temptation.
    I think you ship him to Arizona. Take back Phil and any other contracts the Coyotes want to get rid of, throw a couple mid round picks in and call it a day.

  7. Re E Kane

    Hard to see him dressing for Sharks (@NHL level ) again

    Can’t see trade before TDL

    Possible outcomes;

    A)Buyout saves $5M cash…. Cap hits for next 6 years of $3.7, $2.7; $4.7 …. Followed by 3 years @$1.7

    B) Trade and retain 50%….. save $9.5 M in cash…. Cap Hits of $3.5 M * 3 years….IF they find a taker…. at least they’ll get something …. Even a late rounder in ‘23 is better than nothing

    Trade option (over buyout ) better $Gross wise for Kane (unless he is fully confident he can sign somewhere for 3 @ $1.7 M of more) …. So he should (??) open up the # of teams he’d be willing to go to

    With 31 teams…. There just might be 1 or two willing to gamble on him at $3.5 M cap hit

    C) Kane could push his stance…. Refuse to open options (outside of his current list of 3 teams) …. Wait for the eventual buyout; bet on himself (sorry had to)…. Take a 1 @$1M contract (note: many teams likely to take that small financial gamble as he can always be waived and off the Cap) prove he’s no longer a distraction (assuming he can) and play to his potential…. Then sign a 2 @ $4M or more …. Making hm financially better overall, than current contract

    D) Sharks tell him to sit at home for the rest of the contract…. Nope

    E) Sharks send him down; to continue to earn the big $’d and potentially disrupt the farm team…Nope

    • Thank you for small mercies … that being you didn’t include a scenario whereby he ends up in Ottawa! 🙂

      • LOL

        no…Sens need to build around their youth

        Another option is for Wilson to allow teams to actually talk with Kane (this would definitely have to be on the QT ….. no media knowledge of it happening)…. Let Kane try and convince those other GM’s that he is on a new track.

        Not sure he could convince anybody…. But it at least opens the door for Kane to prove to someone that he is worth being on a team this year

        The trade would still have to be at 50% …. But with an ability to at least discuss (other GMs) with Kane….at least the number of potential suitors has a chance (a chance I emphasize) to increase from what it is right now….. mmmmmm let’s call that number …… mmmmm zero right now

        The downside for Wilson on letting him meet with theses GMs ….. none are convinced…. No one trades for him ….. they buy him out next summer…. Which is one of their options right now

        To me, worth the risk that someone takes a chance…. Offload his contract at 50%…. Get a late rounder…. Move on

        I am very confident that if he is bought out…. many teams will risk a 1 @ $1M on him…. As I said…. Their gamble is just cash….. complete failure…. Waive send him down or have him sit at home….. the upside is a potential top line 30G scorer redeeming himself…. For a paltry $1M

        This will be very interesting to see what transpires

    • If they can’t find a buyer for. Kane he will probably get paid rest of yr to sit home. Nice job if you can get it

  8. Bruins aren’t going to make the playoffs with Coyle as their #2 center or anyone else on this roster they have not named PB….. the #1 line has to do all the goal scoring ….. bringing in all these depth players along with resigning Smith was a waste of $$$$$ .

    • Hey Joe couldn’t agree with you more Foligno one of most fragile bodies in the Nhl he can no longer score Forbort’s scoring okay, but he’s not as good defensively as advertised, Huala and Nosek busts and yes even the player I thought would be our next goalie Ullmark can’t stop pucks. Hall has been about as effective as a minnow in bowl full of piranhas. Sweeney’s free agent report card -F. Please fire this guy.

  9. Bruins will be 1 and done in playoffs. Unless they add something of substance. Tuuka will help some. But need a difference maker. Still probably won’t be enough to get to finals Giving up a 1st for rental is stupid for them as well