NHL Rumor Mill – November 24, 2021

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The Sharks are reportedly willing to retain salary to move Evander Kane, Golden Knights forward Mattias Janmark could become a trade candidate plus the latest Coyotes speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman the San Jose Sharks could be willing to retain part of Evander Kane’s salary to facilitate a trade.

San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane (NHL Images).

Appearing on the Jeff Marek Show on Tuesday, Friedman said the Sharks have let it be known they’re willing to retain some salary if a deal for Kane could be worked out. “I don’t know who’s going to trade for him right now,” he said. “I just don’t know where that is at this particular point in time or even if that’s realistic.”

Peng pointed out Kane has four years and $28 million remaining on his contract. He’s currently serving a 21-game suspension for unspecified COVID-19 protocol violations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane has a well-documented recent history of financial and domestic problems this year as well as clashing with several teammates. The Sharks tried shopping him during the offseason but found no takers.

Kane was the Sharks leading scorer last season. Nevertheless, his personal baggage and reportedly toxic dressing-room presence make him pretty much untradeable even if the Sharks were willing to retain up to half of his $7 million annual average value.

VEGAS HOCKEY NOW: Owen Krepps recently mused over Mattias Janmark’s future with the Vegas Golden Knights. Signed to a one-year, $2-million contract by Vegas, he’s had a slow start to the season in part because of injury.

Krepps speculated Janmark could become a trade candidate later in the season even if his play improves. The Golden Knights are projected to be over the salary cap by $7 million when Jack Eichel returns from neck surgery later this season. They could be willing to part with Janmark to clear some cap room before Eichel joins the lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Janmark isn’t in any danger of moving at this point in the season but his status could be worth monitoring following the February Olympic break. That’s when Eichel could be ready to make his Vegas debut.

Janmark could surface in the rumor mill leading up to the March 21 trade deadline. His affordable cap hit, versatility and postseason experience would make him enticing for playoff contenders.

GOPHNX.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Morgan was asked if the Arizona Coyotes were looking into acquiring Los Angeles Kings center Gabriel Vilardi or New York Rangers winger Vitali Kravtsov. He said he hasn’t heard of any interest in either player on the Coyotes’ part, adding a source in Los Angeles said Vilardi’s trade value is too low right now.

Asked to rank the Coyotes trade deadline assets, Morgan listed Shayne Gostisbehere, Johan Larsson, Phil Kessel and Lawson Crouse as having the most value. Regarding Gostisbehere, Morgan believes he could be attractive to other clubs if he continues producing at his current pace.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Coyotes will be sellers at the trade deadline as general manager Bill Armstrong looks to stock up further on draft picks and prospects for his rebuilding club. Kessel, Larsson and Crouse are unrestricted free agents while Gostisbehere has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $4.5 million.

Kessel’s playoff experience will draw interest from playoff clubs seeking to bolster their scoring punch up front. Gostisbehere, meanwhile, is the Coyotes’ leading scorer with 14 points in 19 games. That extra year on his contract could make him enticing for clubs seeking a puck-moving blueliner they can retain beyond this season.


  1. Aside from all his other warts, and GM that bites on Evander Kane is simply paving the way for his own ultimate canning.

    And you would think that, even IF someone showed interest, right at the top of any conditions applied in a deal – and there would need to be several – would be ABSOLUTE proof of Covid vaccination – two shots.

    • Benning in Van has nothing to lose , he’s already on the hot seat. Although it might be tough to clear cap to add him even @ 50% retained

      • No way San Jose. That’s a hard pass.

  2. I’m going to go all out here and pitch the following:

    Toronto trades Alex Kerfoot and his 3.5 million salary to San Jose for Evender Kane (half salary retained) and 2nd round draft 2022.

    It’s a full salary wash. San Jose gets rid of their problem And Toronto upgrades their offense and toughness for four more years at the same cap hit.


    • The Leafs would only be asking for off-ice trouble adding Kane to Bieber and Matthews.

      • Because Matthews paid a fine a few years ago? What other off–ice issues is Toronto facing? That guy can post that same trade scenario every day, it isn’t going to happen.

  3. Heh. That would mark the beginning of the end for Dubas and Shanahan!

    • Frank i would think San Jose would jump on that.

      Personally not that kerfoot is an over payment; i don’t believe the leafs would have to give up that much.

      Kane is a premiere lw, who is fast and physical, his talents would be a welcoming addition; everything else is a gamble.

      With 50% and knocking a season off his contract certainly makes the risk a little more enticing to buy him out if necessary.

    • Any team that trades for Kane there gm should be fired immediately

      Possibly the worst trade in Sabres history when they acquired him and Bojo

      Having Kane with all the kids sent Sabres organization back years plus all the assets used to acquire him and Bojo

  4. LVK trade Dadonov or Kane 50% retained.

    LVK get grit to replace Reaves and Tuch who can put the puck in the net.

    Sharks out from the contract and get a player who can put the puck in the net

    • The habs should trade for him. They need the scoring and they are self professed problem player reformers.

    • Kane in Vegas??? What trouble could he possibly get into in that town? 🙂

    • If there’s any team that has shown a willingness to gamble its VGK, and Kane does fill two needs, grit and scoring.

      Can they handle him? At 50% retained its a manageable gamble and at least they know the problem walking in.

      It’s a big dump for Sharks but if he’s as big a problem for the team as the media claims, cut your losses.

      • They could pay him in Casino chips

    • That one falls within the old adage “be careful what you wish for … you may just get it”

      I could care less how many goals he can potentially score. If he does what he’s done at all his stops – screw up the dressing room – even 50 goals would not be enough

    • The GM who trades or him makes a business decision, like VGK trading for damaged goods that others didn’t want to touch.

      There is a long list of “damaged” and “untouchable” players that have gone on to have successful careers and I won’t list their names only because I don’t want to argue about each.

      That’s what business is all about, calculating the risk v reward and there is rarely one right response, as I remind my executives, there are people making good money collecting and selling manure, while others pay to have it removed.

      • Please do not confuse physically damaged with ethically damaged.

      • Amen. HUGE difference. And I don’t need to remind MY “executives.”

  5. Frank how about all NHL teams hold back salary for Toronto to win a stanley cup give them thr brst time best plays !!!

    Toronto had a chance to trade Nylander for 2 defensemen that could have made thos team better. then they signed Tavares for crazy dollars. they screwed themselves with salary cap issues. if you want to play for your home take a discount

    Now trading for Kane is just a stupid idea this kid cant straight himself out he keeps messing up
    Best bet is San Jose buys him ouy or something this guy wont change hes had so many chances and cant
    I am not a Toronto fan but leafs dont need this terriblr player do you want your star players to leave becaise of him?

    • Nylander has one of the best contracts in the league, so they didn’t trade him. Some players didn’t take a discount, Reilly left around $2-$2.5M on the table likely with his contract, which was definitely a discount. Leafs are fine.

  6. I love all the trade Kane items here. Keep going! Maybe Wilson will find one that works, although I fear George is right. I’m wondering why, with all of his baggage during his time with the Sharks alone, Kane’s contract can be torn up for detrimental conduct reasons. I’m just glad Wilson is trying to get rid of him instead of screwing up team chemistry.

    • He can try Rock, kind of with George on this one too, might be a tough sell.
      Noticed he has a M-NTC, has to submit a list of 3 teams he can be traded too. Wonder if he is firm in that?
      Can you send a guy to the minors if he has a NTC? And if you do, not sure you want him playing with the young guys either. Saves some cap space.

      He will take up a roster spot if not.

      Never say never, but Kane may be out of strikes.

      • Yeah, you can send a player to the AHL who has an NTC. An NMC prevents a player from being assigned to the AHL unless the player agrees to it.

    • Rock, I can’t disagree from the perspective of Wilson. He’s at least opening the door a crack.

      My comment re the Covid vaccine relates back to the fact he got caught with fake proof, meaning he had no intention of ever getting the jabs for some personal reason. Unless his obvious reluctance to get the vaccines is set aside, what use would he be to ANY team if he continues to refuse – especially one in Canada?

      His 21-game suspension for that infraction ends on November 30 but what is telling in his “apology” is that, among his promises to put himself on the right track, he makes no mention whatsoever about getting the vaccinations.

      “I would like to apologize to my teammates, the San Jose Sharks organization, and all Sharks fans for violating the NHL COVID protocols. I made a mistake, one I sincerely regret and take responsibility for. During my suspension, I will continue to participate in counseling to help me make better decisions in the future. When my suspension is over, I plan to return to the ice with great effort, determination, and love for the game of hockey.”

      • IMO it doesn’t matter what Mr. Kane says anymore. He lied about his vaccination, so he is now a proven liar, about something important.

        The benefit of the doubt no longer applies, we have no idea if he means what he says.

  7. How does buying out a player with retained salary work?
    If Willson retains 50% of Kane’s cap hit and the team that is trading for Kane buys him out at the next buyout period, does that affect the Sharks retained cap hit? How does this affect the amount of the buyout?

    • The teams spit the buyout in the same ratio as the salary retention, so according to Cap Friendly, that would be splitting $3.67M, $2.67M, $4.67M, $1.67M, $1.67 and $1.67M over the next 6 years.

      • I wonder if that would be an option for teams like Detroit, Buffalo, or Ottawa. But then there is Kane’s only 3 team trade list. Would he agree to be traded to one of those teams knowing that he will be bought out?

  8. I wonder if he’s been convicted of anything and if that might mean trading him to a Canadian team is unfeasible. There are laws preventing convicted felons from crossing the borders. (never mind his vaccine status)

    I’m all about more chances. Maybe he gets it right. I didn’t mind that Leaf proposal actually. He plays the way many Leaf wingers don’t. And he’d be highly motivated.

    • Evander Kane is Canadian. He won’t have an issue going to Canada. The issue would be coming back into the US.

    • Hi Dark G

      I believe Kane has no criminal convictions …..five years ago he had a charge against him in Buffalo but the DA later dropped all charges

      The Covid violation I believe is not criminal (any lawyers out there do I have that right?)

      Civil ….gambling; palimony and alimony ….I don’t believe would preclude him from being traded a Canadian team (lawyers out there do I have that correct?)

      Barring the above… the biggie (His off ice interactions and persona) may very well deter any Canadian team trading for him but it certainly is not 100% prohibitive

      If he does end up being bought out I would think that there will be 31 teams jumping at offering him a 1 @ $1M “prove it” contract

      If he fails he’s waved and told to sit at home $…..1 million is basically nothing for that risk

      The upside is tremendous IF (big IF) he does curb all of his off ice antics and produces at the level he can…. $1M is an absolute steal… easily then re-upped for 2 @ $5M (at least)…. Under that scenario (he lost $5M gross in the buyout) Kane gains big (lost $5M replaced by $11 M …$1M, $5M, $5M)

      Time will tell

      I’d certainly love a “spruced up” ; proven “well behaved future” Kane on the Leafs or Pens

      His agent (who loses as well if he is bought out)…. Should be diligently working on the off ice future of Kane

      • If anyone thought for a fleeting second that Kane was truly capable of becoming “spruced up” with a “well behaved future” – and continue to produce, why would the Sharks deal him, let alone buy him out?

      • Pens, Pengy. You’re welcome.

      • Hi BC Leafs fan

        Thanks re ‘Nucks

        Was hoping for OT in T.O.

        I should have sent thanks out earlier on ‘Nucks

        I’m hoping I’m able to thank a lot more on here with Pens victories to come 🤞

  9. Kane had talent galore but even bigger issues outside of on the ice. Of course the sharks will have to retain salary. To move him. Even with 50% retained will not be easy to move. He could involve a 3rd team to retain some cap for a mid rd pick to do a deal. Still better then a buyout Time will tell.

    • You think a team will only want a mid round pick to retain 4 years of a players salary. They were traded that fir only a few months of a players salary at the trade deadline. Try a top prospect and a 1st and even then it would depend on how much they have to retain. Cap space is the NHL hottest commodity.

      • mid rd pick being anything from 2 – 5 depending on amount retained I never implied they are eating millions per yr just a portion maybe 750k maybe 1.5 based on compensation of the picks value

  10. Re E Kane and Friedman:

    “ the San Jose Sharks could be willing to retain part of Evander Kane’s salary to facilitate a trade.”

    Replace “could” with “must” and “part” with “at least 30%”

    I posted the other day that Wilson could increase his chances of trading him by allowing other GMs to talk with Kane

    Kane then has a golden opportunity to try and convince some teams that he would be worth taking on (that is if he CAN [tbd] prove that he has turned the corner and his past troubles are in fact, in the past)

    Kane as at now can only be traded to 3 teams…. With a candid convo with several GMs… he could waive his clause to allow a trade to a team that has “comfort” in acquiring him

    There is no ifs ands or buts…his on-ice performance/production is worth trading for… the other only thing blocking a trade (and it’s s biggie) now is his personal/off ice attitude now and historically

    Kane is on the hook to prove that he has turned a corner….. statements posted are just that…. But PERHAPS (total guess here) he can show other GMs that he HAS diligently been going to counselling ; CAN prove/show he is truly contrite for his actions; CAN show/prove he has a specific plan in place for his future “out of office” behaviour; and CONVINCE those GMs that his future off ice persona is bright

    Barring that…. Buyout (2/3rd’s remaining Sal paid over 6 years)…. Rob above pointed out the Cap hits

    If there is a fair likelihood of a buyout w/o a trade …. BTW To me that likelihood is high…. Then Wilson allowing other GMs to talk to Kane can only help the Sharks

    If at all possible (???) he (Wilson) should try and do that without the media privy to it

    IF Kane does convince a GM or 2…. AND Sharks retain 50% (note: Big time beneficial in Cap and Cash over buyout option) then return should be fair

    I don’t think Leafs would do this

    Three (for ships ‘n giggles) trades (IF …. big IF Kane can prove that his past IS in fact in the past) ….

    EK (50% retained) to Knights for
    Dando; Janmark; Cotter; 1st ‘23

    EK (50% retained) to Panthers for
    Horny, Vitrano, Hepo, 1st ‘23;

    Highly doubtful on this one… but this again is for shops ‘n giggles….

    EK (50% retained) to Pens for
    Zucker, O’Connor; Laffy; 1st ‘23;

    • Inquiring GM: “Would you be a good fit in our locker room?”

      Kane: “You bet I would!”

      • Nice one TFV 😂👍

  11. Maybe, the Rangers should look into acquiring Kane.

    Sammy Blais, who had been playing on the Rangers’ top line with Mika Zibanejad and Chris Kreider, is out for the season. The Rangers have Ryan Reaves to act as their locker-room Dustin Byfuglien and keep Kane in order, and the Rangers have more than $9 million in cap space with which to accommodate Kane at 50% retained. Kane’s talent might put the Rangers among the Cup contenders, and his presence, along with that of Reaves, would ensure that the Ranger’s young stars are well protected, and that Tom Wilson would never dare touch Panarin’s hair again.

    • Not to mention the fact that no other team buys out contracts line the Rangers so if Kane doesn’t work out no problem.

    • Hi Francis

      Agree…. A “behaved” Kane addition to Rangers certainly makes that team (already very good) a strong cup contender

      Wilson first needs to allow Drury some “one on one” time with Kane …. To get s comfort level on his “turnaround future behaviour”

      If Drury is convinced…. Trade is a good idea

      If so …. What does Drury offer for Kane (@50%)?

      • An offer of Andrew Cuomo in return would check all the boxes.

      • Hi Francis

        Nice 👍 😂

        Setting aside the future Governor of Cal campaign …. LOL

        What would the offer from Drury be for Kane (50% retained)?

    • Rinse repeat. Rangers do not need another LW. And does anyone think a team that exiled DeAngelo is going to bring in Kane?

      • Excellent point Slick

        Again , odds of taking on Kane by any club; without strong sense that his off ice crap is behind him….. nigh zero

        It comes down to Kane being able to convince a GM , that he is “reborn”… is that possible? AND more importantly, can hr actually convince someone of that

        As I said earlier… if he’s bought out…. 31 teams will easily offer him a 1 @ $1M…. Low risk potential massive reward

        Time will tell

    • Maybe play Kane and Reaves on the same line?
      It’d be something to see, linemates fighting during a game.

  12. I would retain salary to trade Evander Kane to the KHL! This is an unfortunate set of circumstances to say the least. He has the talent to be a top NHL player; however, he just cannot get out of his own way! All jokes aside, see the first sentence, it might be worth it to the Sharks to actually buy him out! $28, 000, 000 X 60%= $16,800,000/ 8 years= $2,100,000 per with the salary cap slowly going up year over year and nobody willing to take him…. scary but might be the last option. Please correct me if my calculations are wrong!

    • Hi Steven

      Kane still gets his SB when bought out

      Cash savings amount to a total of only $5M

      He can’t be bought out until next summer

      Buyout gets Cap hits of

      $3.7, M $2.7M ; $4.7 M…. Followed by 3 years @$1.7

      So Cap Savings of (after replacing with a league mi. Player in roster)…. 2.6, 3.6 , 1.6… then increases (so negative) to $2.4 M for 3 years

      Retain 50%…. Savings of $9.5 M….. Dead Cap hits of $3.5 M for 3 years , then off the books

  13. Kane to Bruins for DeBrusk. He’s everything the B’s wanted DeBrusk to be.

    • Including infusing a dressing room with rot? Winnipeg. Buffalo. San Jose.

    • With you 100% George. No thanks.
      Everybody deserves a 2nd chance, but this would be the 4th. Catch on yet?

      The max I pay is what I can bury without impacting my cap space, and only if you’re desperate.
      Just not worth the risk for multiple years, and again, he is a proven liar, what he says in an interview or to a GM is meaningless. Liar’s lie, it’s what they do.

      Never underestimate a GM or team to think they can change someone, but I think he gets bought out at the end of the year and not traded.

      And for those that think putting it on other players to “control” another player, that is a terrible idea IMO. Who the frick wants to deal with that? Great way to destroy a good culture. Don’t sign guys who need a babysitter, it’s the last thing they need to deal with. Winning in the NHL is hard enough.

  14. Outside the box….swing a deal , involving Trump and Putin , trade Kane to a KHL team in the remotest Siberia for some used tractor parts and a gallon of cold borscht .
    Then start a betting line to see how long he lasts .

  15. Who is Arizona gonna field on their team next year? They have 3 players under contract lol

  16. I can see Kane going to Carolina for a bag of peanuts and half salary retained

  17. If I was Pierre Dorion, I’d do Matt Murray for Kane and a 4th. Extra pick for the extra year of potentially paying Kane if he can’t turn things around.

    Duclair came to Ottawa, found himself, found his game. It’s a boring quiet little city – very little chance for extra curricular behavior.

    If it worked out, it could be Dorion’s second proudest day and the rebuild could be over again.