NHL Rumor Mill – November 4, 2021

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With the Jack Eichel trade watch finally over, here’s the latest on the Maple Leafs in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox cites Nick Kypreos reporting Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas is now focused on signing Jack Campbell to a new contract after getting Morgan Rielly signed to a long-term extension. Asked about Kypreos’ report, Campbell neither confirmed nor denied it but indicated he’d love to stay in Toronto.

Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell (NHL Images).

Fox pointed out Campbell’s made $4.2 million in career earnings so he’ll be seeking a significant pay raise on his next contract. With just $7.2 million in cap space for 2022-23, the Leafs could try to keep the cap hit on his next deal as low as possible. He speculates Campbell’s agent could use the three-year, $15 million deal signed by Calvin Petersen with the Los Angeles Kings as a comparable.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs also have 15 players under contract for ’22-’23. Whatever it costs to re-sign or replace Campbell, they’ll have to get creative to free up sufficient cap room. Perhaps it’ll be a cost-cutting trade or maybe they acquire the contract of a player permanently on long-term injury reserve.

THE JEFF MAREK SHOW: Elliotte Friedman reported the Leafs are shopping a right-side defenseman. He speculated it could be Travis Dermott, who is listed as day-to-day with a foot injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dermott has slipped down the Leafs’ depth chart under head coach Sheldon Keefe. The 24-year-old might benefit from a change of scenery. He carries an annual average value of $1.5 million through 2022-23.


  1. The Leaf S have 3.95 million in dermott,ENGVALL and KESSEL that can cover Campbell to 5.0 million.

    • Kessel is in the last year of his contract. That will not help Campbell’s contract next year and beyond.

  2. SOMETHING has got to give with Toronto.

    This team has been so poorly constructed from the outset of the Shanaplan. I still shake my head at ditching Lou and Hunter. The Tavares signing blows my mind as it wasn’t needed.

    That being said/ranted….

    Marner is locked in. Tavares is locked in. They just locked Reilly up. And now Campbell. Not a bad core.

    They can build a ridiculous core though by trading Matthews (won’t be staying long term and could bring in WHATEVER you want/need) and Nylander (possibly best value).

    And ditch that Dumbass GM.

    • Good idea. Take the guy who should have been named captain and trade him. What team would want to hold onto a generational goal scoring talent?

      • Please Randino….explain to me how you expect to win a cup with the current line-up?

      • Never claimed the Leaf could win with their current lineup. Though winning with what they have isn’t impossible. My point though, mathews is the last player the Maple Leafs should trade. Tavares, marner, or Nylander should be considered long before Mathews

    • Careful, Artsy19 – unless you’re a charter member of the “Leafs Can Do No Wrong Club” you’re apt to be branded a “hater” for looking at it pragmatically.

      • Thank you George for proving us right…like you needed to say that.

        I’ll dissect what was said…for the. 4th or 5th year, “SOMETHING has got to give” argument and as we’ve seen before, they find a way so I’m not worried.
        Trade and signings, first JT still a ppg player and if not (for long) he’s not a liability at all and has preformed accordingly to his pay.
        Again with the fantasy of trading away a generational goal scorer because some idiots think he’ll long to play in the hockey hotbed known as Arizona….and trade a consistent 60pt layer making less than $7m.
        Yeah I’ll say all that is idiotic no only pining for a guy if he was such a good GM why has no one hired hunter? The might Lou did more damage than good and on the island that team was not build or even tweaked by Lou other than signing old men’s to play there for more than they are worth.

        I’m sure some here only like to create an echo chamber to rinse and repeat illogical crap regarding the Leafs and other teams once and a while too.

      • Tavares for Skinner should save TML $2m cap space to sign Soup to netmind again. lol

      • Tavares has a NMC. Do you really think he would accept a trade to Buffalo?

      • Kevjam

        Despite how bad NY income tax is….still lower than Toronto overall tax.

        All is jest though.

        To answer your question of course he would not waive to go to BUFF.

      • Come back and repeat that justification, Ron, when they actually win a playoff round. Until then, racking up points and getting everyone excited by the “powerhouse” over an 82-game stretch means zero until they show they can carry the team the same way in the playoffs.

        4th … 5th year of BS justification will only mean something when that happens. Unless, of course, you’re one of those happy with the status quo.

        You rake Pengy over the coals for much the same observations that I’ve posted – so far you’ve laid off Old Blue Dog – yet I would wager they’ve forgotten more about what constitutes a winner than you’ll ever accumulate.

      • Not sure there are any leafs fans alive who remember any winning George.

      • George, you opening comment is just as antagonizing as anything else said. You seek out confrontation.

        Anyway, with that out of the way. I have maintained for a while that the Leafs are not breaking up the big 4 or now big five until they know what Matthews is doing in 2024.

        With that said, given what Eichel got, I am salivating at the thought of what Matthews would fetch.
        Maybe last month something like this may have been possible:
        To VGK: Matthews, reilly
        To Tor: Krebs, Tuch, 2 1sts, a second, stephenson, cormier/Hague, Theodore

  3. Ron Moore,
    Considering the talent of offence on TML it surely is worth looking into what trading Matthews could return.

    Tavares has NMC, Nylander has a good contract, Marner’s contract may be questionable, I think he’s a thoroughbred.

    Matthews big contract and big talent should/could bring a return of the type of players that put them over the top.

    If a damaged Eichel brought Tuch, Krebs and a 1st rounder, what would a feeding frenzy for a healthy generational goal scorer bring?

    • Yes!!! Thank you Habfan30!

    • The Leafs needs to talk to Matthews, does he want to stay beyond his contract?
      If yes the smart move is to trade Marner, the best move is to trade Nylander as marners contract is just to high. The money saved is spent on the middle 6 for a more balanced lineup. Finally, signing JT was a colossal miss step. They didn’t need him and he made the M and M contracts to high

    • You want to trade Toronto best player and do what?

      your hoping the sum of the goods is better then Matthews.

      By removing Matthews you have severely weaken the leafs; no the leafs won’t be moving Matthews.

      I agree Matthews would bring the best return; maybe, Edmonton should move McDavid to better round out their team.

    • Dumb GMs trade their best player. Plain and simple. Players like Matthew’s are exactly what good GMs are out there looking to buy.

      • Randino, I think that suggestion comes from the knowledge that they have to do something to break up that core 4 – which jumps to core 5 next season with Rielly’s new deal (and a great deal it was). He’s not about to be dealt, Marner has to show more playoff leadership before someone sinks $10 mil + on him, Tavares would be next to impossible to more what with his cap hit and NM clauses, and Nylander would be a mistake in light of the fact he brings the most to the table commensurate with what he costs off the cap.

        So people naturally look at Matthews since his movement would free up enough to round out the roster to 23 and snipers of his ability would draw a huge, balanced return.

        How else do they round out the roster? With more ELC call-ups from the Marlies? They aren’t exactly a juggernaut in the AHL.

  4. Can Leafs make the Cap work next year…. Of course… it’s a rule that they must be cap compliant…. So they will

    Can they win the cup this year or next with the current roster or equivalent cap trade of a player(s)…. I personally don’t think it is possible

    With that logic (that current team or equivalent in cap trade roster can’t win cup in next two years….. a notion shared by many here ; but I do cede that a few else on here think they can)…. Improvement is needed….

    Assuming top 4 stay; plus Reilly , Muzzin , Brodie, Mrazak stay, and Campbell gets signed for 3 @ $5M…. That leaves basically (with assumption of increased Cap projected) about $15M for…

    2 more top 6
    Full 3rd line
    Full 4th line
    2 depth wingers
    2nd pairing RD
    Both 3rd pairing D
    7th D

    14 players…. Averaging just about $300 K EACH over league min

    That assumes viable (and at least equitable replacements at the above average OR re-ups) of Kerfoot ; Kampf , Kase, Ritchie, Engvall, Holl, Dermott…. All who are earning between $1.25 M – $3.5 M

    So… can they make the Cap work…. Yes and they will

    Can they make the Cap work, AND improve the necessary amount to even get to the SCF let alone win???? I am all ears as to how that can be achieved

    I hope and pray for that miracle, but am skeptical

    Again, to me, the solution is at least 1 of the top 4 must be moved…. And it won’t be JT as he has all the power in that (Full NMC)

    Fingers, toes, eyes crossed

    Or maybe hope for 13 more players like Spezz, signing well below what they bring to the table

    • So what you’re saying Pengy is this year is really important and they need to go for it!
      Agree they need to move a significant contract after this season, assuming no major injury that allows them to carry them all.
      If you actually believe Matthews is leaving after his deal with only 2 left after this one, he is the one I move as you get the most back. If you think you can sign him to an extension, no way you trade your best player. We simply don’t know the answer to that and I doubt Dubas does yet.

      Having said that I doubt Dubas will trade their best player, by a lot IMO. He will get destroyed.

      Tavares full no move, unless he thinks they can’t win in TO, he ain’t going anywhere. He took less to go there.

      If Nylander was promised he wouldn’t be traded, and Dubas honors it, he ain’t going anywhere. Plus his contract is good value. I like Nylander, plus I think he can play C. Good player, good contract IMO.

      Marner is an excellent offensive player, better offensively than Nylander, especially on the PP. Who IMO is overpaid, by a 1 or 2. If you don’t eat $1.5 to $2M, you will get a smaller return. Depends what the Leafs need more.

      I trade Marner. To who and for what? No idea. They will lose the individual trade, but might be a better team for it.

      • Ray Bark,

        Tavares continues to be a ppg player and he’s only 31 y/o, plenty of good years left in him.

        Matthews and Marner have similar contracts, 11.6 v 10.9 , with Marner’s being 1 year longer.

        Which player would attract more buyers?
        Which player would attract better offers?

        IMHO Matthews brings back much more and still leaves a solid core 3.

        Worth spitballing no?

      • Agree on Tavares. Although his skating has never been his strength and he has to work really hard to get it where it is today, so if he loses a step, it may hurt him more than some others.
        Agree Matthews gets you more than Marner.
        In a perfect world you keep both current C’s as long as you can. 2 years after this one, which is when a big decision is due, isn’t very long.
        Nylander can likely play C judging from his younger days and his game, but he will never be Matthews. He is the game changer on the team. IMO you really, really, want to keep that guy.

        Depends on the return. Can you get a, say Manson type guy and a top 6 winger who plays a style like a Hyman with less experience and team control for Marner? If so, I would trade him.

        Key is will Matthews stay? If he doesn’t commit you kind of have your answer don’t you?

      • For example

        Michael Rasmussen-C/LW
        Alex Nedeljkovic-G
        Moritz Seider-RD
        Lucas Raymond-LW

        Auston Matthews
        Petr Mrazek

        Detroit gets the best player in the trade, generational goal scorer and have the cap space to do it.

        TML get the goalie they need, 3 prospects that step right in and 9 million cap saving.

      • Wow, blockbuster.
        Need a minute to ponder that one.

        Enough to make me think I don’t know which team says no?

        Which means it is likely fair, but that is a lot to give up by DET for 2 years of Matthews, and they still won’t be ready to win.

        Both Raymond and Seider are looking very good so far.

        Need to be sure you can resign Matthews before they would do it.

      • Habfan30….I’m with you on most of what you say, but that trade is ridiculous! Matthews is worth alot, but not THAT much!

      • Ray Bark,
        I think the 2 years of Matthews is over hyped, UFA doesn’t mean leaving and once you’re earning so much money for so many years, do you really want to leave?
        Detroit with Yzerman is promising, 9 picks in a deep draft and Matthews would be surrounded with talent, Dylan Larkin might cry with joy.

        The best goal scorer in the league isn’t worth 2 rookies and a prospect???
        What would you propose from the Wings instead.

        You guys know I have no skin in the game and don’t favour either team.
        I just see that while TML bashing is popular, there really are options to flip the team.

        Anaheim is potential target as well.

        +1(Deslauriers? Comptois?)


  5. Interesting if you compare what Vegas gave up for Pacioretty and Eichel

    Pacioretty to Vegas – Suzuki, Tatar and a second round pick to Montreal

    Eichel and a 3rd to Vegas – Krebs, Tuch, a 1st and a 2nd to Buffalo

    I would say Montreal did very well in comparison

    The injury truely devalued Eichels value or they severely over paid for Pacioretty

    • Woops meant to post this on the Jack Eichel colume

    • Wait till you recall what they gave up for Tatar

  6. does anyone think the TML are winning a Cup in the next 1-3 years? out of GTO?

    You give me one LEaf forward for the next 2 years of playoff runs and I take JT. AM wrist is a crapshoot now and MM is mia. JT in 3 years no thanks

  7. I’m not Canadian so I don’t have a built in love/hate relationship with the Leafs.
    They did my Isles a BIG favor by taking Tavares off our hands.
    At the time I was pissed off at the Leafs. But over time, I saw just how well it unfolded.
    The Isles are better off without JT.

    Are the Leafs?

    Or did the buy a shiny new car, for top dollar,with a 12 year old motor in it?
    Not for me to judge.

    JT is an excellent player, who is missing that killer instinct. He just does not have it.

    But looking in from the outside I see that the Leafs are a soulless team without the urgency to win.
    People with full bellies don’t work hard.
    Matthews and Marner are GREAT players. Only a fool would deny that.
    But they are spoiled rich kids who have never struggled or sacrificed in their lives.

    And that’s exactly the message and vibe that I get from Toronto.
    Your opinion might be different.
    And you are welcomed to it.

  8. Note to Chrism, our first-born son came along in the same year as the Leafs’ last Cup. He just turned 54 so, yes, I remember 1967 and we have an annual reminder of our heroes’ futility since then.
    I still think this current edition of the Leafs is a good one that will get over the hump in the playoffs and go deep this year, goaltending and minimal injuries provided.
    One last aside – hurray for the Eichel trade, life can return to normal and the usual posters can get back to “firing Dumbass.”

    • Ah but so you really remember? Or is it getting kinda fuzzy…