NHL Rumor Mill – December 1, 2021

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Plenty of possible trade partners for Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk plus some speculation on Carey Price in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports Jake DeBrusk is generating plenty of interest since his trade request from the Boston Bruins over the weekend hit the news. He said as many as 12 teams, maybe more, have been in touch with the Bruins regarding the 25-year-old winger. The Bruins won’t move him right away with Brad Marchand serving a three-game suspension and their AHL affiliate in Providence dealing with a COVID issue.

Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk (NHL Images).

Dreger listed the New York Rangers, Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens, Calgary Flames, Arizona Coyotes and St. Louis Blues among those he believes could be among the suitors. He cited DeBrusk’s potential as a 20-goal scorer and his 16 career postseason goals as stats that would matter to interested parties.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Nick Goss included the Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers and Ottawa Senators among this list of five potential trade destinations for DeBrusk.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cited a source saying the Seattle Kraken are among the clubs linked to DeBrusk, with defenseman Vince Dunn or forward Mason Appleton as possible trade bait. The Kraken are said to be shopping Appleton, who has just three points in 11 games this season.

Murphy’s source also didn’t consider the Rangers and Bruins a good fit for a DeBrusk deal as both clubs seek a middle-six forward. It would also have to be a player-for-player swap with even money going both ways.

SPORTSNET 590‘s Nick Kypreos included the Carolina Hurricanes among his list of possible suitors.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarlane pointed out the Flames would have to find the right fit for DeBrusk on their roster. They would also have to shed salary to fit the winger’s $3.65 million cap hit within their limited payroll.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Many of these clubs, like the Flames, Canadiens, Canucks, Oilers, Blackhawks, Hurricanes, and Blues, lack sufficient salary-cap space to acquire DeBrusk unless it’s a dollar-in, dollar-out type deal.

The Rangers have the cap space but, as Murphy’s source observed, they and the Bruins seek the same type of return. The Bruins could also use a left-side defenseman but the Blueshirts might not be keen to part with one.

Speaking of cap space, the Coyotes, Kraken and Senators can certainly afford DeBrusk and could have suitable assets to tempt the Bruins. Whether they’ll meet the asking price if it’s a middle-six forward or something else remains to be seen.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun wondered about Carey Price’s future with the Montreal Canadiens following their recent front-office shakeup. He wondered where the 34-year-old future Hall of Fame goaltender would fit into a rebuilding plan if that’s what new executive VP of hockey operations Jeff Gorton has in mind.

Price is still working toward returning to the Canadiens lineup following offseason knee surgery and a month in the NHL’s player assistance program. He also has a full no-movement clause in his contract.

At some point, either later in the season or during next summer, LeBrun speculates Price and Gorton will have to discuss the goalie’s future. He also said there are some playoff contenders who are intrigued by Price’s situation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price isn’t going anywhere for the time being. Moving him won’t be easy if he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild in Montreal. His $10.5 million annual cap hit through 2025-26 is as big a sticking point as his no-movement clause.

The Canadiens would have to absorb up to half of that cap hit to make a deal work, and then it might have to take a three-way deal with a third club absorbing half of the other $5 million to pull it off.


  1. IF (and it’s a BIG IF) Carey is healthy, mentally and physically, there will be teams interested in his services. Price would still like to add Stanley Cup Champion to his resume.

  2. Hi Lyle

    I love the 3 way deals with mid team taking chunks for assets….

    But re

    “ The Canadiens would have to absorb up to half of that cap hit to make a deal work, and then it might have to take a three-way deal with a third club absorbing half of the other $5 million to pull it off.”:

    Price after this year is owed over $31M…. so 1/2 of 1/2 means s team eating over $7.5 M

    Canes paid $3.8 M for a 1st (Marleau deal); what would a team want for twice that?

    No argument re a trade having Habs retain 1/2…. Price on his game at $5.2 M per in Cap hit is well spent

    I think reasonably the most a middle team might want to pick up is maybe a couple of $M cash …. about 6% or so on Cap…. So best a final team can likely get Price for IMHO is a Cap hit in the 40%-45% range…. $4.2 M to $4.8 M Cap range

    • Will toss out a “way out” one at TDL that might work for 3 teams…. The scenario would have to be Price playing fantastic but Habs out of playoffs for sure and definitely doing rebuild as at TDL….,

      Habs retain 50% on Price and Chairot

      Krakken retain 10% on Price; 25% on Chairot…. Cash cost to Krakken about $3.4 M

      To Krakken: Yamamoto; Ryan (BTW; both from Spokane)

      To Habs : Koskinen, Lavois; 2 firsts (lottery protected from Ed)

      To Oil: Price @ 40% Cap hit; Chairot @ 25% Cap hit…. Net ANNUAL Cap savings of $1.84 M; plus Habs’ 2nd (‘23) and Habs 3rd (‘22)

      • Hey Pengy – if you speak French why don’t you throw your hat in the Habs “GM” search!

    • Pengy, it’s calculated by the annual average value, not the actual salary or the actual remaining salary. Price is earning $10.5 million AAV. The Canadiens can absorb up to 50 percent of that ($5.25 million) to trade him to one team. If that team decides to flip him to a third club while absorbing half of that $5.25 million, the third team only picks up $2.625 million.

  3. I do not believe any GM would trade for Price at his current cap hit. Healthy or not

  4. Brock Boeser for Debrusk Add a sweetner if necessary

    • I would do that deal getter done……..if not enough toss in Wagner and or Moore too lol

  5. Price with another 4 years left…tough one. Rather try MAF if I was a GM

    Ranger front still makes sense for Reilly Smith to come over. Rangers have the cap space for him. He can slot in 2RW or 1RW depending on chemistry. Vegas needs salary dump soon. Most potential playoff teams cannot fit his salary in

  6. Once again, like Kane rumors, Rangers have zero need for another left wing! Rangers do have an abundance of left Dmen, but DeBrusk would be a very expensive 4th liner in Ny

    • Same for the Flames Slick. The Flames could use a right shot right winger. They currently have left wingers playing right wing now, so DeBrusk makes absolutely no sense.

  7. The more interest, more options and maybe able to push for a better asset.

    Mason Appleton 10 months older and career high 13 goals is not getting you Debrusk.

    Maybe a swap for Lauzon, who was a healthy scratch last two games, not enough.

    Off to San Jose for Kane with50% held. that’s one for me.

    • Pending Kane convincing HexBurkie that he has changed; I up bid you with…,

      Sharks retain only 22%; but also give up a 3rd; for Zucker

    • Caper a pass on Appleton is the right call I also agree to Give Kane a shot and 1/2 retained

    • Debrusk won’t get Boston much right now either. He isn’t known for having a strong 200′ game, and now can’t score. That isn’t enough to get you a bonafide top six forward or center, or a top 4 d’man.

      • He will get more than a Appleton. Not get top 6 return unless bruins add more which they would probably do if the player is what they need

  8. A swap of Zacha for Debrusk?
    Devils are deep down the middle all of a sudden

    • That is a hockey trade. Which I would do if the other more hi profile options do not materialize

  9. Lundqvist stayed on in NY during rebuild before finally having last year of deal bought out. Had a cap hit 2m less than Price. Price, like Lundkvist, has full nmc. What team would Price be interested in joining that is willing to take on a huge cap hit on a guy coming out of a substance abuse stint?

  10. $10m+ x 4 more yrs for Price…that would be nice to see if that trade will happen. Regular season Price isn’t worth half that and since he hasn’t yet won anything post season, I find it hard to see where the value is….Maybe some other than MB sees it.

    As for teams taking on dead cap space, I think it was azwings comment showed some rational in his thoughts regarding what a team like the yotes can do with just $1.75m – give two ELC players ice time to evaluate them or bring in support. So it seems like losing valuable cap space for some picks which are basically mystery boxes is better than having space and the ability to evaluate what you do have.

  11. The question is, how many 1st is Montreal willing to give up to someone to take that HORRIBLE Price contract. It’d not even front loaded enough to make it worth a cap bottom feeder to take. Actual salary is about 75% of the cap hit. That’s a lot of $.

    At least he has all of those Stanley Cups and Vezina Trophies on his resume. What? Oh, no Cups and 1 Vezina… 7 years ago?

    Retiring a Canadian it is.

    • Time will tell, Jim but if the Leafs could get rid of Phaneuf and Clarkson, then I am confident that the Habs can trade Price IF he is healthy. Some team looking for an upgrade in net, come playoff time, will come callin’

    • If they held a significant chunk of salary then it’s the habs getting a first.

  12. to BOS: Gallagher
    to MTL: Debrusk & Moore

    Gallagher is a win now player and gritty and pesty like Marchand. Good for BOS

    MTL gets long term cap relief and can try out DeBrusk for a bit perhaps flip at deadline also.

    Moore can be flipped to contender at the deadline if need be,

    to ARZ: Price (if we wants)
    to MTL: ???

    ARZ will need to remain above the cap floor next year and this is the fastest way to do it for them.

    Price will also get paid in a warm and income tax reasonable state.

  13. Funny how folks outside of Montreal repeatedly claim that the:
    – Habs didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs the last couple of years.
    – Habs only got as far as they did because off their goalie.
    – Price isn’t much of a goalie anymore.

    Until Price gets between the pipes and shows what he can do, there’s no way to judge or access his abilities.

    Fact is the Habs rode Price to the SCF a few months ago,

    • Covid got the Habs in the playoffs the last 2 years. Price had nothing to do with it. Sure he did well in the playoffs but without covid rules the Habs don’t see the playoffs. I just don’t get how Habs fans are blind to that. Montreal has needed a complete rebuild for more than 5 years now. Sure hope there new GM thinks lime Bergevin.

  14. IMO any team that takes on Kane must be desperate and crazy. Winnipeg, Buffalo and San Jose, the guy can’t stay out of some type of trouble. Talent aside he has assaulted women, can’t fit in as a team mate, controversy always follows him no matter where he goes. He’s 30yo not a teenager and still can’t stay out of trouble. If there aren’t enough red flags with this guy to stay as far away from him as possible than a GM deserves what he gets in acquiring him.

    On the good side his soon to be ex is hot

    • Kane “allegedly” assaults women, allegedly evades taxes and allegedly is a bad team mate.

      So far we know he has a gambling problem. And doesn’t believe in vaccines.

      The Sens re-made Anthony Duclair.
      Matt Murray for Kane and a 3rd rounder.

  15. DeBrusk and Moore for Colin White.

    White is from Boston..but makes more for longer. Sens eat some dead money from boston in Moore.
    Same age, same draft year same underachievement in the eyes of most of the fanbase.

  16. If Mtl are rebuildning and Price comes back and plays well. How about Price to Avs for Girard and a first and Mtl keep 50% cap.

    Avs get great goalie, not sold on Kuemper
    Price gets to play for a contender
    Mtl gets a young cost controlled D and a first for a goalie they dont need at the same cost

    • Wow! Need to send Kuemper the other way.
      Kuemper and Girard for Price ($2M retained) and 2 3rds (Ducks, Canes) and a 4th
      This is IF Price returns to play and does well. Obviously at least a month away.

  17. Rangers should send the rights to Vitali Kravtsov to the Bruins for Debrusk. Kravtsov is killing it in the KHL again and wants out of NY. Debrusk wants out of beantown and would fit in as the middle 6 forward the Rangers need.

    • Kravtsov stays in Russia till their season ends.

    • Rangers do not need another LW. Kravstov will play for the Rangers once he realizes that this is his only chance to play in the NHL unless the Rangers get offered an upcoming top 6 RW. I am sure (hoping?) he is spending his down time regretting the decision he made because if had accepted the assignment to Hartford he would be playing on a line with Panarin & Strome, which is not a bad place to be.

  18. Kane and a 3rd to Blues for Tarasenko.

    • NO Slick NO

      Vladdy to Boston for DeBrusk and Zboril—2 million retained


      Vladdy to Rangers for Nemeth and Kravtsov—2 million retained

      • i think I could live with Tarasenko to the Rangers for Kravstov and Nemeth. It would a trade for “win now” mode.

  19. Murray for price with Montreal retaining $3M in salary. Of course I doubt price Waives he no clause