NHL Rumor Mill – January 17, 2022

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Are the Bruins any closer to honoring Jake DeBrusk’s trade request? Are they among the club interested in Stars defenseman John Klingberg? Will the Predators be buyers at the trade deadline? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently reported Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy doesn’t know if Jake DeBrusk has changed his mind and rescinded the trade request he made back on Nov. 29. Cassidy pointed out his performance has improved in recent weeks. The 25-year-old winger hasn’t commented to the media about his request.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont believes the Bruins’ hot start to the New Year leaves the club with little urgency to honor DeBrusk’s trade request. He feels the winger’s inability to battle for the puck is hurting his efforts to become an effective top-six NHL forward.

Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins general manager Don Sweeney wasn’t in a big hurry to move DeBrusk as he reportedly wanted a player of equal value in return. There are probably several NHL clubs willing to gamble on a change of scenery transforming him into a reliable scorer but only if Sweeney lowers his asking price. Maybe that interest will pick up as we get closer to the March 21 trade deadline.

Murphy also reported a source claims the Bruins are among a number of clubs inquiring into the trade status of John Klingberg. The 29-year-old defenseman is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July and has expressed frustration over his stalled contract talks with the Dallas Stars. The source said the Stars’ asking price was, “Big. At least three components. High-end stuff”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins already have Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo as their top-two right-side defensemen. They need depth on the left side which explains why they were among the teams linked to Arizona Coyotes blueliner Jakob Chychrun. Acquiring Klingberg doesn’t address that issue unless the plan is to shift McAvoy or Carlo to the left side.


THE ATHLETIC: The Nashville Predators’ surprising performance this season has them jockeying for first overall in the Western Conference. It prompted a reader to ask Adam Vingan if he believed GM David Poile will be a buyer at this year’s trade deadline.

Vingan noted the Predators appear ahead of schedule with their rebuild and are swimming in salary-cap space. Nevertheless, he’d be wary of going all-in at the trade deadline and risk undoing the progress they’ve made this season. He also doesn’t see Poile shopping pending UFA winger Filip Forsberg if the Predators remain at or near the top of their division by the deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Poile might not go “all-in” but I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least make inquiries to bring in some some-term depth at a reasonable price. I agree with Vingan that the Preds GM won’t trade Forsberg even at the risk of losing him to free agency for nothing this summer. He’ll become an “own-rental” for the playoffs.


  1. Stillers got stomped last night and Malkin was invisible. Time to give him the boot.

    • Chrisms…Bng here! It is clear the Penguins arent trading Malkin. The best case scenario he plays out the season and we don’t resign him and use that $9.5 on Tomas hertl or Johnny Gaudreau in the off season..

      Malkin is still a really good player but whenever he comes back team structure, team defense, and the culture we have built. He had 5 turnovers vs Anaheim along with 3 points. We gave up 6 goals to the kings [ I was at the game] we sucked defensively the first two periods vs the Sharks penguins goalie louie domingue stole that game.

      It is like grou d hog day malkin misses his usual 20 -25 games comesback team structure goes to s**t. HE has already got kapanen benched is carter next?

      Would you resign Malkin at his current contracr?

      • Current contract no. For a couple mil less absolutely. He’s already implied he’d take less money. And kap has been awful all year. It’s ridiculous to say him being benched has anything to do with Malkin. And I’ll cut the man some slack after coming back from such extensive time off. If the defensive structure crumbles that’s on the whole team not one man. I think the only valid argument you had was his injury history. That likely doesn’t get better as he ages.

    • I wish Malkin could throw the ball further…. And he’s got to avoid all those sacks

      E-Rod and Sid struggled as Linebackers

      Loved Pettersson subbing in at FullBack

  2. What is the consensus on DeBrusk’s trade value?
    He’s a young player scoring at .52ppg throughout his career. He’s currently making $3.65M and his contract is up after this year. He’s a RFA with arbitration rights. His QO is $4.015M. That’s a hefty salary for a guy that hasn’t done much in the last 3 seasons (136GP-30pts-.22ppg)

    • Bout a 3 or 4 round pick.

    • Boston gm holding on to Debrusk for best possible deal so he doesn t look so bad at where they drafted him.Better to package him and maybe 58 with his improved play.No real value if 74 is traded alone w/out some type of sweetner.

  3. if Dallas is selling and Sweeney is talking with Nill abount Kilngberg he should add Pavelski to the conversation. If the B’s could add those 2 pieces they could make a serious run this year.

    • Only problem with that is they don’t have the pieces to offer on trade.

      Klingberg is going to require two really good pieces likely including a 1st round pick. I’d say Pavelski would garner the same.

      BOS hasn’t got the horses for that trade race. Maybe one of those guys but not both. They also don’t have the cap space to add $11M in salary

  4. Debrusk will probably get moved. Closer to the deadline. Probably as part of a pkg to get either a 2nd line ctr or a top 4 left d. I have no doubt Sweeney has checked in on Klingberg. But will not add him as not really needed at this time especially at the suggested cost

    • To get a 2nd line C and/or a top 4 LD it’s going to cost more than DeBrusk. What’s more pressing, forward or defence?

      What other assets does BOS have to offer? 1st round pick? Keep in mind BOS pick will likely be a mid round pick 18-25.

      What does DeBrusk + 1st round pick get?

      Pickings are slim at C for non-playoff teams. Not sure there is an upgrade on what BOS already has?

  5. Just like Lyle stated, the Bruins need LD, not RD.
    Wonder if Kuhlman gets picked off waivers?

  6. Depending on price, Tampa would be a good fit for Klingberg, so would Kane.

  7. Connor McDavid is trending for all the wrong reason on social media.

    No he isn’t being traded and yes he is the best player in the NHL.

    For S&G what would a potential return for McDavid look like.

    No to Klingberg in Boston as Lyle points out not what they need.

    Winning solves everything Bruins in no rush to move Debrusk who is playing his best hockey in a long time.

    • the s&g for a #97 deal…. what teams have those pieces…. NJ? Ottawa? NYR?

      Sending Leon to MSG- are the Oilers better if they acquire Laf, KA Miller, Georgiev and one more piece?

      • ds, you have to figure Ottawa could be in the trade mix at the trade deadline as they have a pending log-jam at C and D

        Right now, Norris, Stutzle, Gambrell and Tierney are holding down the fort there but with Pinto and White both due back in March there will be at least 2 that could move.

        On D, the right-shooting ones are Zub, Josh Brown, Zaitsev, Bernard-Docker and Thompson, while the left-shooting ones are Chabot, Brannstrom, Mete, Holden, Heatherington and, once his college season ends, top pick Jake Sanderson.

        Added to the mix are veteran LD Del Zotto and highly-regarded RD Maxence Guenette who’s getting top marks in Belleville.

    • For NYR to acquire McD he comes with a couple other pieces. It starts with Fox &/or Shester and Zibby for sure plus a couple young forwards and d an. And a couple picks.

      • Sorry, if I was NYR i would wait to see where You end up after the playoffs, so You know where You stand.

  8. I’ve been having problems posting lately Lyle. Is it me? Or are others not seeing posts show up for sure significant periods of time. And not just my posts. Any posts. It would be an odd day to have zero posts by ten am

    • Try clearing your browser cache, Chrisms. I’m having no problem seeing your posts and those of everyone else on all four of my browsers.

      • Ok. They all popped up now though I didn’t do anything. Were there really no posts in rumors before ten am? If their were my phones got issues.

      • Tried clearing cashe. Still noticing this delay in posts. Anyone else having issues and know how to resolve them?

      • Clearing the cache worked the first time, but since having the same delays.
        Tried again, didn’t do anything to improve so maybe the first time was a coincidence.

        And ya, takes a long time to update on my end.

      • Chrisms, I made maybe three posts today over both threads and it took over an hour each to appear – at least to me. This one I’m sending at 7:05 pm EST.

      • Ty fellas! Really didn’t want to think my phone was crappin out.

    • Me too posting

      • Yours didn’t post because of profanity. It’s been amended and republished.

  9. I would prefer Chychrun, but Klingberg is a big improvement over what we Have now exception Charlie. Knowing Sweeney’s moves though we’ll probably end up with someone like Brad Marsh.

  10. Jake needs to grow up play hard and not scared hit someone and if he plays like that he would be top six. His father knows and needs to have a heart to heart Jake needs to win some battles and drive to the net like Brad.

    • Agree obe. If he could just use his speed and take it to the net when he is on the outside rush. He will get a lot more chances and draw ton of penalties. For some unknown reason he just does not do it nearly enough. It is his best asset and not being used

    • “Jake, why can’t you be more like Brad Marchand?” “No, not the licking and other odd behaviors.” “Stick to the hockey stuff.”

  11. They should sign Forsberg before it’s too late, he’s worth the money and you got the space and the team is doing well.

  12. To Bruins fans…. This is not a joke Question. BTW….

    Is there any appetite from fans for a call to GMLL re acquiring big Z?

    Also …. Any rumblings at all in Bruins social media re calls to:

    Ronny F re Giordano ? Would have to be at 50% retained

    To Stevie Y (re Staal)?

    • Geo is the only real option. Staal has NMC, and probably is not worth trading for IMHO

    • WAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttt!?!?
      You can’t be serious?! Chara couldn’t beat Ruth Westheimer in her walker, let alone contribute to the bruins blueline. if Sweeney ever did something like that his job would be gone before Z even made it off plane to Boston.Have you been sampling the betel nuts again?

  13. Chrisms…agreed kapanen has had a bad year but playing with a free lancer like malkin.

    I think if malkin takes a joe Pavelski deal 3 years $21 million. Take or bye bye

    Carter is gone and rust will be gone in the off season that is oner$ 9 million we could sign a Johnny Gaudreau or Tomas Hertl..

    Im ok with Resigning kris letang he has played much better 4 yeats $25 million