Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 23, 2022

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Check out the latest on Jakob Chychrun, Jake DeBrusk and Evander Kane plus an update on the Oilers’ search for a goaltender in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek reports the Arizona Coyotes have received an offer of a young player, a prospect and a first-round pick for defenseman Jakob Chychrun. The package is said to be two former first-rounders plus a first-round pick. The Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins, Florida Panthers, New York Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets are said to be among the suitors.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

Marek believes the Panthers are the team to watch in this bidding for Chychrun. He also said the Rangers offered up a package that included winger Vitali Kravtsov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong could use that offer as leverage in hope of getting a better deal from one of the other clubs with an interest in Chychrun. With the 23-year-old blueliner under contract for three more seasons, Armstrong isn’t under pressure to move him before the March 21 trade deadline. He can wait until the offseason if he doesn’t get an offer to his liking.

I can see the Panthers being very interested in Chychrun. His youth and contract would make him a perfect fit on their blueline and in their long-term plans. Marek last week speculated the asking price could be goalie Spencer Knight, center Anton Lundell and a first-round pick. Some observers misconstrued his comments to mean that’s what the Coyotes have asked for but there’s no indication that’s the case. Nevertheless, the Panthers could be forced to give up quite a bit to pry Chychrun away from the Coyotes.

The Rangers are well-stocked with promising young players and can afford to part with a first-round pick. It makes sense for GM Chris Drury to include the unhappy Kravtsov given the winger’s preference for a trade led to his playing in Russia this season.

It would be interesting to know who is the other player in the Rangers’ offer. Alexis Lafreniere, Kaapo Kakko, Braden Schneider and K’Andre Miller are former first-rounders but I don’t think Drury is willing to part with any of them. Perhaps he would offer up Filip Chytil or Nils Lundkvist, though I can’t see the Coyotes agreeing to that.

Jeff Marek reports the Rangers have also inquired about Jake DeBrusk. The Boston Bruins winger requested a trade in late November.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney reportedly seeks a forward or defenseman of comparable value. I don’t think he’d be interested in Kravtsov and I doubt Drury offers up any of those young forwards I mentioned earlier except for maybe Chytil. It’ll be interesting to see if a deal can be made there.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports there still isn’t clarity if the NHL will add any penalty to Evander Kane over his alleged breaking of AHL COVID protocols during his tenure with the San Jose Sharks farm team. The Washington Capitals are believed to have considered whether to sign Kane, though there’s no indication any offer has been made to the embattled winger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kane has also been linked to the Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers. There was a rumor the Oilers already had him under contract and are awaiting the result of the league’s investigation before announcing it. That decision could come sometime next week.


Friedman also said the Edmonton Oilers checked into the cost of acquiring a goaltender. Money will have to go out to make the dollars fit for the cap-strapped Oilers. He believes if the Oilers could’ve done something where they gave up a late-round pick they would’ve done it. However, they’re not keen to part with their first, second, or third-rounder in this year’s draft.

Rory Boylen recently published a list of possible goalie targets for the Oilers. They include the Chicago Blackhawks Marc-Andre Fleury, the Dallas Stars’ Braden Holtby or Anton Khudobin, the Seattle Kraken’s Chris Driedger, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Joonas Korpisalo, and the New York Islanders’ Semyon Varlamov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers traded their third-rounder to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Duncan Keith trade. Cap Friendly indicates that pick would become a second-rounder if the Oilers reach the Stanley Cup Final and Keith is a top-four among the Oilers in ice time during the first three rounds of the playoffs. Those scenarios seem unlikely given the Oilers’ current position in the standings and their roster weaknesses.

As for Boylen’s list, Fleury and Varlamov’s respective cap hits and no-trade clauses make them unlikely to land in Edmonton by the trade deadline. The Stars prefer moving Khudobin over Holtby but the extra year and $3.33 million on the 35-year-old’s contract isn’t something the Oilers seem willing to take on.

Driedger and Korpisalo are younger with affordable cap hits but I don’t think they’re going to move the needle very much for the Oilers. Desperate times, however, call for desperate measures. The question is whether the Oilers can work out a suitable trade that fits within their tight cap payroll.


  1. I’ve also heard the bruins might be considering trading Swayman along with various other pieces for Chychrun I would not include Swayman under any circumstances, he’s the future of this franchise. There are other pieces. This may be Rask’s last year, and Ullmark as as good as he’s been playing I don’t feel he is as good as Swayman now and Swayman will get better. One other thing, This Steen kid is a Diamond in the rough, he will go into the dirty areas, is as strong as pit bull, and has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I’d Sit out Nosek, Foligno or Huala before I’d ever sit out Steen again the bruins need more guys like this.

    • No, there are no other Bruin pieces .. typical Bruin fan over-valuing his own players …

      I still don’t see why Armstrong would want to move him …

      • How about if Carlo is part of the package

        How about if Carlo is part of the package?


      • If Sweeney was smart enough not to give Rask a no trade clause I would move him to Edmonton as fast as I can. Swayman is the future and I will be really choked if he is traded. They already gave away a number1 in Vlad for nothing

    • Nosek has been playing well and so has. Haula. Foligno not so much. Steen has been good and will not be returning to Ahl he will be battling with. Blidth and lazar. For games

  2. Panthers have no cap space to fit Chychrun, nor do they have a 1st round pick next year. (Ari has 3 1st’s already so maybe Floridas 2023 pick) And with Barkov extension kicking in next year, they’d be over the cap with only 16 players under contract.
    Arizona just played Rangers last night, and has been in area having played Isles and Devils too. Could be something brewing there. Chychrun would be an upgrade over Miller, so I can see maybe he’s included. Agree they probably wouldn’t want Lundkvist since they drafted a similar player, but I can see Kravtsov being in a deal. He can take Kessel top 6 spot. NYR are loaded at LW, now and in future. No need for DeBrusk unless they take back Nemeth!

  3. Panthers are cup contenders ; and have $6.6 M in dead Cap next year… that has to be taken into account with any acquisition

    This year is a true opportunity for them

    Chychryn (sp?) with his talent, youth and affordable contract certainly is a catch….. but will cost a bundle

    To me… a much cheaper AND better option (could be argued by some as not as good a player [as Chychryn] but value in trade much better) is Soucy

    He won’t cost 3 assets; is a substantially smaller cap hit; has far better stats; is bigger. Yes 3 1/2 years older; and only 1 year left (after this) vs 3 …. But the Cap savings (when Panthers are sitting at $6.6 M dead cap next year; is important.

    Production/play-wise…. Soucy stats much better this year on an equally bad team

    Both players certainly strengthen an already strong team; but a 1st and a prospect vs a 1st and two prospects (both expected to be at 1st round pick levels…. basically then 3 firsts) is better; and cheaper Cap-wise; and even if Soucy somehow miraculously gets double his current on extension (for 23/24) that’s only $1M more in 23/24 and 24/25 (than Chychryn) !

    • Pengy: CapFriemdly shows 2.2m of cap space for Fla. Iwjat salary is going other way? Fitting Chychrun after this season would also be a problem. Year after they need to give Huberdeau a big raise.

      • Hi Slick

        Panthers have more than enough space to take on Soucy and can even get Chykrun (I don’t think they should go that route) without sending any roster player over

        The low Cap space is artificially incorrect…. Total Cap hit showing (including dead cap for Luongo, Yandle , Darling) is 82.5 ….. so raw… over by $1.0M….. however closer examination…. That is counting 28 non dead cap hits…. 15 Fwds, 6 D; 2 G…. and…..2 “non roster” (Forsling and Johanson); and 1 IR… Jueolvi ; and 2 LTIR (Nutivaara, Accairi)…. so 28 Cap hits instead of 23…. and the most you can have in actual Cap hits is 23…..If you remove the lowest 5 cap hits (and it won’t be the lowest…. But if you do)to get to 23…. That’s a worst case scenario of $3 M in “actual” space.

        Since Soucy has to be part of the23…. One more out (even take another lowest Cap hit); then bring him in….. Soucy makes $2M more than League min ….

        So absolute worst case …. Moving only prospects and/or pics to acquire Soucy….. Panthers still $1M minimum in “effective Cap space)…. and that is ALL 5 (out of 28) removed AND whatever playerSoucy replaces …. All at only League min …. and it won’t be…. So effectiveCap space will be> $1M

        Chychrun (again, an option they should not choose IMHO) makes $3.85 M more than League min…. So absolute worst case (the 5 of 28artificially on list ; AND whoever Chychrun actuall replaces…. ALL at league min (which is impossible)….. then $850 K over

        So…. If they absolutely MUST get Chychrun…. Accairi; plus the other assets already agreed upon

        Yotes don’t have to actually pay anything to Accairiwhile he’s on LTIR

        Again, best move IMHO…. Soucy

  4. The Oilers might look at the cost of Allen and Chiarot to help their G and D situation.

    • Oil already stated they are not trading their 1st rd pick so what would habs get in that trade scenario besides swapping of goalies

      • That and the fact that Allen is out for 8 weeks.

  5. Sounds to me like Debrusk Senshyn and a first both we’re first round picks.

    • It would probably be. Vak. Not senshyn. But wouldn’t be enough to get him

    • Debrusk was a 1st Rd pick,

      …so was Daigle

      • And Yakopov

  6. I thought i read Allen is out 8 weeks .
    Driedger has potential be the answer for Edmonton. Was pretty good in Florida and has got off to a rough start in Seattle (injuries/new team) . Worth a shot.

    I would want Tippet from Florida in any deal

  7. I am sure if the Panthers offered Knight, Lundell and a first that deal would be done!

    Knight and Lundell seems like it would be slanted in Arizona’s favour. Adding a first would make Armstrong GM of the year.

    If that deal gets done, I would say that would start Arizona on a path to becoming a very good team.
    It is not often you can acquire a #1 goalie, top line center for a defensman .
    Add the additional 1st round pick and Arizona will own the 2022 draft with 4 first and 5 second round picks in a year where the draft could be quite strong.


    • Panthers do not have a 1st rd pick. It was given to sabres. In rienhart trade

      • Mrbruin4

        Yes, I should have looked at that, 1st would have to be 2023
        Still an incredible haul if it happens.

  8. Why has PK Subban not hit the trade rumour list

    His contract is up at the end of the year, should be a fairly low cost signing..

    PK enjoys the limelight, and a I believe would be a nice fit for a playoff run

    • My guess is his salary is too high. Even with 50% retained by devils. Would need another team to retain another 50% Then he is inline as a rental. I do not think devils would get much of a return. Mid rd pick or prospect. Wouldn’t mind him replacing Clifton on bruins 3rd pair

    • I think his $9 million cap hit, even half retained is the reason why. Subban has been playing pretty decently this year, and is always an outstanding team/community player. At that cap he he is not worth much so Devs might as well hang onto him. Of course if some team to pay up, sure he’s gone.

      • His cap hit at 41 games will be 4.5, not 9. And significantly less than that at the deadline.

        50% retained shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Locker room

  9. I’d peg NYR’s wants in order as Chychrun & Miller. Don’t see SH moving Hertl as he will get resigned imo.

    • Some speculation Canucks would want Braden Schneider as the starting piece in return for JT Miller. Maybe Schneider and a 1st. Miller is playing great this year. Has the stats and all the intangibles you could hope for.

      • If only NY had a guy like Miller! Oh wait!

        Gorton got absolutely hosed on that deal.

      • Rangers put Tinordi on waivers. There you go Bruin fans. The answer to your prayers!

  10. If the Rangers were to pick up Chychrun and not move a significant contract, they’d have around 76 million committed to 16-17 players and buyouts. No 2nd line center under contract, no back up goaltender under contract. And still a logjam of young d prospects.

    If Arizona wants Kravstov, + one of Miller , Kakko, Laffrienere AND an additional 1st Armstrong is drunk.

    But as I mention above, how does NY navigate around the cap issue and 2nd line center problem? Easy answer? They don’t.

    Can’t see any of this happening. If it does, Drury is drunk!

  11. Ran this by in the summer a Bruins Oilers trade …. DeBrusk & Carlo for The Nurse if willing could add Ullmark to expand trade

  12. Just came across a rumor about of all teams the Caps want to bring in E Kane …..right they need the toughness …

  13. Pengy….watching this push the Penguins are so clise to being elite.

    We are good but there are some questions on defense and can Jarry cotinue his strong play in goal..and we need a back up.

    We need two defensemen to add grit, toughness and depth..

    Robert Hagg Lhd for third oair and a Nick leddy to play with Marino and move Petersson….

    What else we give up thats up to Hextall/Burke

    We won in 16 and 17 because yes we had dumoulin letang but we had ian cole ron hai sey trevor daley..we need to add defensive

    • Hi BNG

      Penguins just must not even consider Leddy….. he’s been a complete defensive nightmare this year…. Think of Ruhweedel… just slower, bigger, and waaay more expensive (cash and Cap…. EVEN if 50% is retained)

      I like Hagg… but he is a lefty that ONLY plays LD

      There is no way they can keep playing Jarry 95% of starts…. And the answer is certainly not DeSmith

      Pens need to ( as soon as he is back from IR) get Domingue in at least a half dozen games B4 TDL…. if he fairs anywhere near how he played last week….. then he just might do…. If not…. Trade for a goalie

      Re D….. Pens downfall is certainly at 3RD…. but more specifically… the problem is with Sully…. He seems to absolutely refuse to sit CR

      He should be trying Friedman and/or Riikola at 3RD for 6-8 games straight…. They will for sure play better than Ruhweedel so there is no gamble…. AND Pens will find out if they MUST make a trade for 3RD

      Schenn would be an absolute ideal add for 3RD…. Won’t cost much in trade…. Is only $100 K more on Cap than CR; waaaaaaaay bigger; waaaaay stronger; much much better offensively; waaaaay better defensively

      Pettersson should NOT be moved in season. Moving him in season and Pens lose that trade for sure

      He’s improved tremendously over last year and has been very steady

      He and Marino complement each other very well…. Unfortunately Matheson has played so very well of late; he has earned more minutes and slotting to 2LD

      It is totally unfair to Pettersson as he has done nothing that warrants a demotion

      Again…. If the investigation comes back unfounded re Kane…. Pens should sign him…. Very low risk move

      Upgrade 3RD (if after 6-8 games Friedman orRiikola doesn’t show as well as say Schenn)

      Upgrade back-up (only if try Domingue 6-8 games and he does not fair better than say 905 save percentage)

  14. Vitali Kravtsov = The most over rated player not currently in the NHL