NHL Rumor Mill – February 15, 2022

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Claude Giroux to the Avalanche? What goaltending options are available to the Capitals? Do the Penguins need to shop for a backup? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux (NHL Images).

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW’S Adrian Dater yesterday tweeted he was told Claude Giroux has informed Philadelphia Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher he wants to go to the Colorado Avalanche. Failing that, the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues would be acceptable alternatives.

THE DENVER POST: Sean Keeler believes Avalanche GM Joe Sakic must make a trade to improve his club’s chances of winning the Stanley Cup this year. He considers Giroux the best choice but also suggested Dallas Stars forward Joe Pavelski as an option if they can’t land the Flyers captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avalanche have less than $1.7 million in projected trade deadline cap space. Pulling this off will require the Flyers to retain a healthy chunk of the remainder of Giroux’s $8.25 million cap hit. That could mean involving a third team to broker the deal and spread the cap hit around.

The same goes for Pavelski ($7 million cap hit) though he might not be as costly to acquire as Giroux, provided the Stars are willing to deal with a division rival. They’re still very much on the hunt for a wild-card berth in the Western Conference and could be reluctant to part with him.


THE ATHLETIC: A reader asked Tarik El-Bashir what the Washington Capitals will do to address their inconsistent goaltending which has contributed to their recent slide in the Eastern Conference standings. He wondered if they’re in the market for a rental such as the Chicago Blackhawks’ Marc-Andre Fleury or target a veteran starter under contract beyond this season such as the Los Angeles Kings’ Jonathan Quick or the New York Islanders’ Semyon Varlamov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli last week reported the Capitals made a “full-court press” for Fleury but it doesn’t appear that’s going to happen, prompting observers to speculate the 2021 Vezina Trophy winner nixed a trade to Washington. The Kings are in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race so I don’t see them parting with Quick, whose performance has improved this season.

Varlamov, however, could be available if the Islanders fail to gain ground in the Eastern Conference standings, provided he’ll waive his 16-team no-trade clause to return to the team where he began his NHL career. The Capitals, however, only have just over $1.9 million in deadline cap space. They might have to move some salary to accommodate the remainder of Varlamov’s $5 million cap hit for this season or convince Isles GM Lou Lamoriello to retain some salary in the deal.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski recently reported the improved performance of Casey DeSmith over his last two games could lessen the need for the Penguins to pursue a reliable backup if he can maintain that level of play. It would also free up assets for GM Ron Hextall to pursue a middle-six winger or a defensive blueliner.


  1. If Bruins called the Jets and asked what it would cost to get Copp & Dillon into a Bruins uniform what are the Jets going to say ?

    • DeBust + a 1st, salary retained on Copp

    • If Copp is available the Rangers will be calling and can top the Bruins offers.
      I think this is going to be the issue in general for the Bruins with their current lack of assets.

      Someone has to really want Debrusk for the Bruins to make out in a trade

      • The Rangers don’t need another left winger. No matter how good he is

      • @dov
        Copp was drafted as a center and plays C/LW as needed

      • List of potential Bruin moves at forward. Miller, Garland,Hertl,Pavelski,Statsny,Copp, Domi, Radulov, Kubilak
        Namestikov and some lesser types

      • Boston been trying to move Debrusk since last year, its going to be a salary Dump or let him walk…!

    • Jets are going to make a run for the wild card spot. they ain’t selling no body.

  2. Really Hoping Valamov lands with the Caps sooner than later. He’s really dragging down my hockey pool and I wouldn’t have guessed the NYI were going to be this piss poor nevermind Varlamov (when he has had the chance) but maybe a change of scenery gets him back into the winning collum. *Fingers crossed

  3. Proud of you maf!

    While it’s not as one sided as the hall situation… giroux has limited his trade value. So a second rounder and a bottom six forward? Slightly better if at Louis or minny really want him and there can be some competition?

    • Hi Chrisms

      Agree bidding pool on Giroux is only 3 teams…, but with his talent; veteran experience; a Centre; 61% on the dot; 82 G pace of 28-40-68 (on a weak team)…. A first (or equivalent) should be in the package

      He is a difference maker

      As I posted here…. Wild absolutely should be all in …. They will be “right out” 22/23–24/25 due to massive Dead Cap hits

  4. Philly should have no problem retaining salary on Giroux. His actual salary was 4m this season after bonus paid out. It’s less now as season progresses and moving him saves them money. Devils got a 1st and a top prospect from Tampa a couple years ago for Coleman. Minnesota has a bigger need than Av’s, so could be a bit of a bidding war there.

    • Coleman didn’t have the ability to cherry pick his team. Definitely hurts trade value of Claude.

      • Especially his destination is AVS. Will be similar to what bruins gave up for Hall last year as player is in charge

      • Coleman also wasn’t a rental.

      • Maybe slightly better cause there are three teams involved. Since no first for Colorado maybe a second and better throw in player?

      • Maybe slightly better due to more teams. New hook or conpher and a second?

    • Hi Slick


      At TDL…. after escrow, Giroux still owed ~ $820 K – $840K in gross Sal

      Flyers retain 50%, middle team 25% (50% of 50%)…. Wild or Blues or Avs get CG at annual Cap hit of $2.07 M…. And he has to replace (at worst) a league min player ($0.75 M)…. So actual annual space needed only ~ $1.3 M…. All three teams can handle this with minimal or no roster pain

      Middle team retaining by “paying” out ~ $205 – $210 K (so buying a pick or equivalent prospect for just over $200 K)

      4 most recent NHL middle team holds (cash outlay) and return….

      Janmark (by Sharks) ~ $155 K cash outlay…. rec’d 2022 5th (Knight’s)

      Foligno (by Sharks) ~ $375 K cash outlay … rec’d Leafs 4th (121st – Cordwell)

      Savard (by Wings) ~ $275 K cash outlay …. rec’d Lightning’s 4th (128th— Demek)

      Lehner (by Leafs) ~ $380 K cash outlay …. Rec’d a 5th from Knight’s (153rd …Puutio)

      With the above…. $205 – $210 K should be a late 4th or early 5th

      To me… a 1st (or equivalent ) to Flyers; and a late 4th (or early 5th) or equivalent to middle team is pretty fair to acquire CG

      Blues and Wild have the picks; “Or equivalent” would need to come from Avs

      WILD absolutely should be “all in” this year…. Next 3 years dead cap ~$13 M; ~$14 M; ~$14 M…. Where they will basically find it impossible to win a cup and have higher probability of missing the playoffs

      WILD more desperate because of that… could outbid Avs and Blues

      • The blues have absolutely no interest in CG. Schenn is currently playing on the wing. This conversation is silly he would be the blues 4th line center.

    • I don’t understand why COL wouldn’t be pursuing a D man who can defend and is physical vs more offence. Or MAF.
      They score enough, 2nd most in the league at over 4/gm. Middle of the pack in GA/gm.

      Unless they plan on keeping Giroux past this season and replace Kadri with him on 2nd line next year. Kadri might be pricing himself out of COL with the season he is having.

      Seems to me keeping it out of their net should be the focus for this team short term.

  5. 7The idea of Giroux to the Blues has my attention–count me in on the bidding as well!!

    On a side note, I never thought I would say it after the Cup run, but I officially place Binnington on the market—best offer.

    • There’s no way the Avalanche are trading Newhook, you can count on that!!!. This kid is coming into his own and no way Colorado will throw that talent away no matter how good Giroux is. So, could be Jost/ or Compher both of whom I would hate to see go, they do a lot for the team despite not always being on the scoresheet. Whatever the case, someone will have to go for Giroux probably one of those guys a good prospect and a second? GO AVS!!!!!!!!

  6. So is that Claude” prediction for Lord Stanley ? Col Min STL
    A third team would have to be included to work

    What a pick up for the Flames in Toffoli
    Should be a perfect fit with players and coaches and all aspects of the game. Also a Stanley cup winner.

  7. If Don Sweeney wants to take a run at the cup this season. He will have to empty the cupboards and give away some future.

    He needs a 2nd line Center and a LD

    please don’t say Matt Grzelcyk, as he and Mike Reilly cough up the puck during the playoffs last season. Constantly looking over their shoulder for the next hit to come.

    5 of Boston top 6 forwards are over 30, with the exception of Pastrnak.

    In order to get a number 1c and a top pairing LD then you have to pay. The Bruins have a few nice pieces that are attractive to other teams but it’s not enough.

    This means adding a 1st, a second, third or combination of both over one or two drafts.

    Then i ask if they get all the items does it make them a Stanley Cup contender?

    NO in my opinion as i’m not sold on the goaltending; However if one of the two were to get hot, then yes.

    last thing to remember is after the 22-23 season Boston only has 3 forwards under contract Marchand, Pastrnak and Coyle, all under $6m per and that is the season the cap should be going up and the Bruins will have lots of available cap space to use to bring in talent. Provided Sweeney doesn’t use it up by then.

    • Well said Caper.
      I agree that even if they add what you suggest they still don’t have the fire power and depth to compete with the big boys in FLA or VEG/COL. Even the Leafs, as they look good IMO.

      But wouldn’t be the first time a hot tender carries a team in the playoffs.

      So I think Sweeney gives his vets another shot, they’ve earned it, and it will cost big time if they find guys that are even available. Maybe even next year as well.

      After that? Dunno, but might be 5 years of suck to follow, so enjoy the battle while we can.

      • Ray, i think your correct; but i do think Sweeny gives it a go. Next season will be to late imo. I hope Bergeron retires and enjoys life, this latest head injury may give him food for thought.

        Bergeron lost a step this season and if he signs another contract, just puts on the pause the inevitable.

      • I concur 100%. Soon will be a rough 3 years as Bruin fan

      • Caper, don’t you mean Marchand, Coyle and Hall? According to CapFriendly Pastrnak is a UFA after next season and I think his new cap hit is going to be decidedly higher than $6,666.667 – wherever he signs.

      • George O no I posted what I posted and totally read it wrong.

        Correct Pastrnak will be a ufa after next season.

        If Boston don’t resign him before talking next year. Could bring some solid assets in return.

        I suspect he’ll be resigned for around $7.5 @ 5yrs

      • Bruins have enough to win now key being Swayman he needs to be a star. Boston has the experience it takes to win they have two very solid lines and 4 great D men. Their are a bunch of teams that can make a run like how Montreal did last year and how the Blues won their cup few years back – think they were in last place in January. If I’m Boston I don’t trade my first unless it’s for a player you will have for a few years not a rental.

      • Caper, that’d be less than a million per increase for Pastrnak over 5 years! For a guy who’s virtually been a point per game player over his career so far and always in the 85-90 point range?

        Hell, unless you’re saying he loves Boston so much he’d leave millions on the table, he and his agent would be nuts to settle for that. With that offer he’s sure to test the UFA market.

  8. Glad the Flower not going to Caps

    If not on Pens of Leafs…. Go West young man

    Re Pens and back up need…. Agree if DeSmith and/Or Domingue perform well up to TDL…. No need to upgrade

    Pens need to get each of DeSmith and Domingue to start 3 games or more before TDL ; OR if one starts and does well …. Have that one do 6-7 games before TDL

    Pens DO need to upgrade 3RD for sure; and could add UFA Fwd depth (Staal or any KHLers whose team is out of playoffs; can be had for zero assets)

    Giroux on Avs is going to sting big for all other Western conference premiere teams

    Wild SHOULD be “all-in” this year…. Will not be able to compete in 22/23 through 24/25 with ~ $13 M next year followed by two years of ~ $14 M in dead cap

    • Bruins have played poor over the past 6 games
      they need a d/man that can move the puck up to the forwards, and this is not happening
      The Defence has Zero Points in there past 6 games by a d/man, in the playoffs t hey will need that fixed 100%, they need a RD that can play the PP and move the puck

      in the last 6 games, they only managed to beat 2 of the Worst teams in the NHL by 2 &1 goal’s… this Bruins Team is Not a Contender…🙈

      6-1 LOSS to the Stars
      3-2 win over Seattle the worst team in the west
      4-2 LOSS to the Penguins
      6-0 LOSS to the Hurricanes
      2-0 win over Senators,2nd worst in the East
      tonight the NYR….❗️
      lets see 🤔

      • Boston Lost Again last night 2-1 and
        points from a D/man AGAIN…….⁉️

  9. I didn’t get a chance to comment on the Toffoli trade, and yesterday most seemed to think it was a fair trade.

    I think it was theft, on the part of the Flames. The Habs give up a proven scorer for a late first round pick, someone clinging to an NHL career, and a guy who isn’t in the league and who has been traded twice now.

    This looks a lot like the trade Gorton made when he gave away McDonagh and Miller, and got table scraps back. The new era in Montreal starts with a wheeze.

    • Can’t disagree with a word you said LJ but Toffoli would be wasted in a rebuild in Montreal. By trading away good players for essentially nothing back to go on the current roster gives them better odds at landing either Shane Wright and/or Connor Bedard. I know this is a crap shoot but as a Hab fan I am okay taking the risk for the next 3-4 years with the hope of greener pastures after that. The idea of a retool and trying to fight a wild card spot every year with no realistic chance of winning the cup to me is futile.

    • You have to take into consideration this is a buyers market. The Canadians got a surprisingly good return.

    • Hey LJ, I don’t think the Habs or the Flames think of Heineman as a throw in.
      B prospect, yes, but a B prospect has value and this one has some upside. Sounds like an NHL player to me. Described in what I have read as serious wheels, high energy, fearless as a 20 yr old against full grown men, has some skill that may develop. Not small either and should fill out.

      Hab fans may end up appreciating this guy in a few years. I think he may have been traded twice because teams have asked for him twice.

      • I appreciate your comment and optimism, Ray. Perhaps I have succumbed to a season of hell, but it is hard for me to get excited about trading Toffoli for a guy still playing in the Swedish league and who is therefore just another prospect.

        My view before Toffoli was traded was that it made little sense to me to trade a proven, consistent scorer on a bargain contract for futures.

      • That’s fair LJ, may have gotten more in the off season too.
        Perhaps Gorton is freeing up some space to increase the return on some other moves if he has to take salary back.
        Just spit balling.

        Gorton doesn’t have a perfect record, like all other GM’s, but I like what he has done in his career as a whole. Partial to his work in BOS one off season as the interim GM. Should have just given him the job vs Chiarelli.

  10. Montreal acquiring Hammond got me thinking. If the Oilers offer Koskinen to Montreal, what else do the Oilers need to add for Chiarot? With the Oilers retaining $1million of Koskinen’s cap hit to make that work for Montreal.
    Koskinen has shown that he is a decent NHL goalie, who can only play three or four games in a row. Then he needs a couple of games rest.

    • I am still dubious about chariot getting a first. Toffili trade further makes me feel that way as he had term and got the later first. But if the habs take the kostkinan salary dump I’d think they could get the oil 1st for chariot.

      • I think a 1st round pick for Chariot, who is a UFA at the end of the season, is too expensive. Adding Koskinen really isn’t a salary dump as Montreal wouldn’t be taking on any more salary and Montreal is also needing an NHL caliber goalie for the rest of the season.

      • Eh. Why? They is no doubt they are only competing for the lotto. An improvement in net is harmful to them

      • It removes a d-man from the Canadians roster and they receive another peace to help their rebuild. No matter what right now, the Canadians are in the draft lottery.

      • LOL Chrisms – you mean like GM Eddie Johnston did to make sure his Penguins finished dead last when that automatically gave them the # 1 pick – which turned out to be Mario Lemieux – including storming into the dressing room after the 1st period in a game to scream about his team being up 3-1. He was the main reason the NHL eventually changed everything to a lottery



      • To be fair, however, I have to mention that the Senators apparently admitted to tanking in 1993 – they later denied it – to get Daigle – but unfortunately that didn’t work out quite as well as the Lemieux tank-job – however it was the final straw for the NHL and directly led to the lottery system

      • Great man Johnston. One of the proudest moments in Pittsburgh penguins history.

      • Yeah … I can still see him at that draft, Penguins jersey in his hand, practically begging Lemieux to come down and to acknowledge the pick and put on the jersey. At the time Mario looked less than thrilled.

      • Mario is so awesome that mcdavid tried to do an impression of Mario when his name was called.

    • This is where Detroit could step in and offer Greiss(1/2 salary) for Kostinen and a 2nd. Koskinen could be re-signed as a back-up, if he works out, at a salary of $2.5M or less. Or go back to Greiss if available. This also frees up $3M in cap for the Oil.

      Note: Greiss may have similar #,s as Mikko, but cap space is freed up for another move, and doing something may be a lift to the team.

      • I have been campaigning for the Oilers to acquire Greiss for the last couple of months. With 9 fewer games played, Greiss has a worse save percentage and GAA than Koskinen, but Greiss has a better HDSV%. Not to mention the LDSV%.

    • Kevjam, with Price’s future very much in question and an of late often injured Allen the Habs need more than a decent goalie.

      Habman67, you are correct, the first overall is a crap shoot, as Habs will have – at best – an 80% chance of not winning it.

      I am not one who wishes to see several more years of crap hockey from the Habs, which is what we will get if they keep giving away players worth watching now for hopes and prayers in the future.

      • LJ,
        The B prospect was wanted by teams who traded for him, so until we see him here in the NHL one has to rely on scouting.

        You didn’t say it but an implication that either Pelletier or Zary should have been the prospect in the trade.

        I’d have liked that too but, tbh would you trade Guhle or Caufield in a package for Toffoli?

        Montreal 5th round picks, Joshua Roy and Jakub Dobes are killing it in the Q and NCAA.

        This trade is part of a puzzle of upcoming deals.

  11. Landeskog should have gotten a tripping penalty on his EN goal on Sunday, but it begs the question why Dallas had an empty net, down 3-0.

    It feels like Rick Bowness’s job is on the line. I can’t imagine them trading Pavelski unless they fall out of contention. They’re not going to catch the Avs, Wild, or Blues, but the Preds are cooling off.

  12. Stars in the race for a wild card. Should have a better record if Seguin decides to step up

    Toffoli return was a 43 overall pick in Heineman who was on team Sweden WJ and is 6’1”. This year’s Flames pick is looking like it will land in the 19-20 spot
    Wasn’t Ryder a free agent that cost them nothing ? Not all bad if you are rebuilding

  13. Hearing Lehner is hurt, Vegas in scramble mode to get a goalie. They checked on Fleury and Georgiev so far!
    MAF goes back to Vegas and Lehner dealt this summer???? WOW
    MAF still has his castle in Vegas. He definitely wants to return to it!

    • Koskinen for Martinez!

      Just kidding

    • Vegas Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon poured cold water on the spicy rumor that his team is interested in reuniting with Marc-Andre Fleury.

      “There is absolutely no credence to that rumor at all,” McCrimmon told David Schoen of the Las Vegas Review Journal on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t normally speak (officially) on such things, but there will be so much racket about this, it’s important to let people know that’s not going to happen.”

      Debunked???? LOL


  14. The Washington Capitals Goaltending inconcistanceys
    What goaltender will they trade?
    Vanecek & Samsonov are both similar in age 25 & 26 and style and both are RFA this year ❗️
    one will go that 100% before the playoffs

    Roumors the Edmonton Oilers are intrested in getting one of there goaltender… maybe a trade partner there for a 2nd round pick or a d/prospect to free up cash⁉️