NHL Rumor Mill – February 22, 2022

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The latest on Conor Garland and Cal Clutterbuck plus my analysis of Daily Faceoff’s updated trade targets list in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NESN.COM: Mike Cole suggests the Boston Bruins should consider acquiring local boy Conor Garland from the Vancouver Canucks. The Bruins attempted to land the energetic 25-year-old winger from the Arizona Coyotes before they shipped him last summer to the Canucks, who inked the two-way forward to a five-year extension worth an annual average value of just under $5 million.

Vancouver Canucks winger Conor Garland (NHL Images).

Cole feels Garland could improve the Bruins’ five-on-five scoring (23rd overall) and points out some pundits believe the winger could garner lots of interest in the trade market. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman mentioned the New York Rangers, Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils in a report three weeks ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As always with the Bruins, it comes down to whether they have sufficient assets to outbid other clubs for Garland if he’s available before the March 21 trade deadline. The Flames’ acquisition last week of Tyler Toffoli takes them out of the market. However, the Rangers and Devils have plenty of cap space and depth in promising young players and prospects to make competitive offers. The Bruins could offer up Jake DeBrusk but I don’t think the Canucks would be interested having shown none thus far since his trade request in late November.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner noted Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic took in Sunday’s game between the Islanders and Montreal Canadiens. A league source believes he was scouting Isles forward Cal Clutterbuck.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes Clutterbuck would be a good addition to the Rangers’ bottom-six forwards. However, he doubts Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello would make a deal with his club’s long-time rival, pointing out he never made a trade with the Blueshirts during his 28 years as GM of the Devils nor has he made one with them since joining the Isles four years ago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clutterbuck has value among playoff contenders seeking a gritty checking-line forward. It remains to be seen if he ends up with the Avalanche given their supposed interest in Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux. I agree with Brooks that Lamoriello shipping Clutterbuck to the Rangers is probably fantasy.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli added Buffalo Sabres winger Victor Olofsson, Dallas Stars goaltender Braden Holtby, Ottawa Senators goalie Anton Forsberg and Chicago Blackhawks center Ryan Carpenter to his trade targets list.

Olofsson, 26, debuts at No. 12. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer, which could prompt the Sabres to move him. Holtby (No. 15) is an unrestricted free agent this summer carrying an affordable $2 million cap hit. With Jake Oettinger getting more starts, Seravalli suggests the Stars could shop Holtby and recalled Anton Khudobin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Olofsson’s production has declined since his 20-goal, 42-point debut in 52 games in 2019-20. It wouldn’t be surprising if the rebuilding Sabres shipped him to a playoff contender willing to gamble on him regaining his form with a deeper roster.

The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun believes Stars general manager Jim Nill could wait until the final couple of games leading up to the March 21 trade deadline to decide if he’s a buyer or seller. I believe he’ll be the latter if the Stars fall out of contention by then, which could see them peddle their pending UFAs like Holtby, John Klingberg and perhaps Joe Pavelski.

Seravalli speculates the Senators could shop Forsberg (No. 17 on the list) if they feel comfortable with Matt Murray as their starter going forward. The 29-year-old Forsberg is slated to become a UFA this summer. Carpenter (No. 20) is a 31-year-old hardworking defensive forward who’s also UFA-eligible this summer. Seravalli wonders if he might be a fit with the New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch speculates teams could inquire about Forsberg. He mentioned the Edmonton Oilers’ well-documented goaltending issues but suggests they might want a netminder with more of a pedigree.

As for Carpenter and the Rangers, their need seems to be for a scoring right winger. Still, they have considerable cap space if they wish to make a depth addition to their checking lines.


  1. Larry Brooks. Smh. It’s as if we’re still in last offseason when all he talked about was fixed ng bottom 6 and drooled over “the identity line”. Rangers went out and got a bunch of bottom 6 guys. Now they can’t score. Injuries have pushed players into top 6. Isles are terrible and Brooks still thinks we should add their over the hill 4th liners.

    • Clutterbuck might be a good pick up for a playoff run but $3.5M is a lot of cap space for a 4th line player. I would think if NYI retains half Clutterbuck would garner interest

  2. I’m sitting here trying to decipher who is the bigger idiot, Larry Brooks or Lou Lamoriello?

    Doesn’t NY have enough issues with scoring on the bottom 6 already? How does Clutterbuck help that? Answer? He doesn’t!

    Lou’s refusal to even consider a trade with NY over those 28 years shows what a dinosaur he truly is! NY through most of those years were giving away some pretty good players, picks etc. Lou in the meantime drove NJ straight into the ground. Which took years (and counting) to recover from!

    Now, he is doing the exact same thing to NYI’s.

    As a Ranger fan, thank you, LOOOOOOoUUUUUU!

    Keep up the amazing work! I hear Patrick Elias may be available? Go get ‘em Lou!!!!!

    • I suppose it’s hard to deny the evidence of the NJ slide under Lamoriello, but criticism of his management does have to be tempered a bit by the fact his name is on 3 Stanley Cups in the modern era – which is 2 more than the Rangers.

      • Mark Messiers is on 6 cups. But I certainly wouldn’t bring him in as a 1st line center today.

        The game has long passed Mr. Mgoo. It happens to the best of them.

        Lou’s career went downhill in the cap era. The man does not know how to navigate in the cap world. Zero clue.

        I hope Lou continues his downward spiraling career as long as possible! I hope he gets a crack to run 3-7 more eastern conference teams into the ground.

        In the words of “uncle Eddie”

        “We can all sit around talking about how good you used to have it Clark”

        All of Lou’s success was in a time that wouldn’t translate in todays game.

        May he live another 100 years, and continue his gm career living off accolades from 2 decades (and counting) ago!

        May he live forever! Just never in ANY type of management position for NY.


        Here’s to what used to be!

      • And side note: in that same span the NY Rangers have as many cups (1) as every Canadian team combined. Going back to Montreal in 93.

        I don’t think it makes Neil Smith a better GM than every GM that passed through the 7 Canadian teams. Over the last 25-30 years.

      • George, I dare say your tempered a bit might have been tempered a bit.

        Lou’s tenure in NJ was outstanding and HOF worthy. Yes they struggled after a decade plus of chasing a cup, just like Holland did in DET. Just like ANA now is/did, CHI is, LA is/did. Just like the B’s will when their core gets too old to go for it.

        You pick late, give up young assets to go for it, your team eventually gets old, your good players get too expensive to add depth because they are, you know, good and there is a salary cap. So you start over when you start too lose and it becomes blatantly obvious, and only then. It also takes a lot longer to do that than fans are willing to accept. 5 years is the minimum. Just the way it is.

        Captain, I agree with most of your posts, but Lou hasn’t been passed by, unless you consider back to back ECF passed by when the entire point of being an NHL team is trying to win. The NYI had the toughest start to this season that almost any team has been asked to do.

      • Lou added a few pieces and added Trotz. Arguably one of the best coaches in the game. No brainer on Trotz.

        He took a team that Snow built, added Trotz and a few pieces Pageau, Chara, Parise, Palmeri, Greene, Schneider (do a lot of those name look familiar?) a bunch of anchors that now have them sitting nearly at the bottom of the east. Just a few points ahead of his old team. Anyone else see a pattern here?

        Congratulations Lou, I guess?

      • Don’t get the point Captain.
        The Isles hired Lou in June of 2018, I believe they missed the playoffs the prior 2 seasons, made it the next with a first RD win, then 2 ECF finals.

        So he shouldn’t have hired Trotz? How come another team didn’t? So if Lou is responsible for this season why isn’t Trotz? He should have traded everyone Snow brought in because he didn’t draft them?

        He played the cards he had, did great, critique all you want, but his results speak for themselves. Lou is a hall of famer and can still do it, although one has to think he packs it is soon, getting up there.

      • Lou hired Trotz fresh off a Stanley cup run with Washington. By no brainer I mean “good move”. It seems Trotz had his mind set prior to Lou even coming on board. Not sure why you leave a Stanley cup winner . But whatever.

        As far a Trotz not getting blame, you may want to take a look into islander blogs. Nothing but blame. Trotz is working with some leftover NJ players, plus Martin and Pageau Chara etc. You can’t make a cake out of mud! Trotz has dealt with Lou’s shortcomings.

        Lou inherited Barzal, Bailey, Lee, Pulock, Pelech, Eberle , (who he lost for zero) Sorokin, essentially the core and reason for the Isles success.

        Lost Tavares, although he tried to sign him.

        Does this team look like it will be better next year?

        They are (without looking) one of the older teams in the NHL. What has Lou done other than help that along?

        Dinosaur. Period. The game has grossly passed him by.

        If the Islanders continue this slide next year, are we still praising Lou for 2003? Or are we going to maybe see that he is clearly a shell of what a lot of people think he is?

      • Sorry Captain, the inherited argument means nothing to me, ya of course?
        Eberle was expansion draft. Eberle has skill but is a 1 dimensional player. Know him well in EDM.
        Toews (who they really miss) move was to avoid losing another guy for nothing in expansion and got 2 2nds.

        Is what it is, I will reserve judgement on next year until we see what next year is. Don’t like the Palmeri signing either. Greene, Parise, Chara and the rest was trying to fill holes in the roster to stay competitive for cheap. Who do you suggest he should have signed instead? Nobody? Let the AHL guys play instead?

        Played the cards he was dealt, we’ll see what he does this off season and TDL with all the cap space he has.

      • 🍿

        So far I’m giving the edge to ray here

      • You may want to look into some of these contracts that Lou signed. Players well into their 30’s that aren’t anywhere near meeting expectations with term to take them into their mid 30s.

        Palmeri, Pageau, Cizikas, etc.

        Then amazing moves like Chara and Greene on the short term.

        Fill holes? They may as well have filled these roles with AHL’ers. At least it cost less and won’t be impossible or improbable to move them. What was the worst that could happen? They’d sit even lower than they do today? That actually sounds like a win to me.


        You can give whoever you wish the edge. Lou has certainly given the edge to most of the eastern conference. The islanders slide speaks for itself. If people want to ignore it for the love of Lou, more power to em.

        And ultimately I agree with you Ray. Let’s see what next year brings. But I have to think this rotting core isn’t getting better with age, and unless Lou is truly the genius you and other thinks he is, he ain’t getting out of this trap he set NY up for with these awful signings. Or his flat out inability to move some of these pieces while he had a chance 3-4 years ago.

      • Captain Obvious – when you say ” in that same span the NY Rangers have as many cups (1) as every Canadian team combined. Going back to Montreal in 93 ….” my initial reaction is “So what?” What does “every Canadian team” have to do with it?”

        There are 7 of those – could also say, going back to 93, that the Rangers have 1 more cup than 10 other U.S.-based teams: Florida, Minnesota, Vegas, Nashville, Colorado, San Jose, NYI, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Arizona.

        None of which has anything to do with Lamoriello.

      • Not saying he’s a genius Captain, but also think guys like Pageau really helped this team last couple years, and is only 29. Greene, Chara signed for close to Min$, Plameri a mistake so far, we agree.

        All I’m really saying is you can’t create good NHL players who are available on reasonable contracts just because you want them to be. The guys available are the guys available as UFA’s or trade candidates and they cost what they cost or you don’t get them.

        Kind of like some of my fellow B’s fans on here saying Sweeney needs to get a 2C! Get moving Sweeney! Holland needs a starting goaltender from Oiler fans!

        Ok which 2C? Which starting tender? Those guys aren’t sitting out there waiting for a GM to call. There will be a few guys at the TDL on crappy teams, usually older, GM’s will make an offer for them, we’ll see who gets them for what.

        Lou took over a team that wanted to compete and they have. Well done. Tough year this year, let’s see how they do moving forward. My guess is he will try to add and compete again.

      • George, and none of Lou’s past accolades have anything to do with what he’s done in the last 20 plus years. And what does it have to do with NY Rangers? Zero, as much as it does every Canadian team. So my initial reaction was “so what” as well. And it still is?

        Does his 1995 glory have anything to do with todays islander team? Or what he did to NJ?

        Maybe he can bring back the old left wing lock , sign Brodeur as his starting goalie, bring back Stevens and Neidermeyer?

        What spell does Lou have you guys under? Is he like a Canadian cult leader or something? Jeeez. You’d think I slapped someone’s mom by the way this guy gets defended?

        Lou is not above criticism. If you believe somehow he’s not, I guess Lou is somehow above the same criticism every other gm os open to?

        Side note, Colorado has 2 cups in that same span. Time to re-up that list. It’s grossly outdated. Much like Lou.

        96 and 2001. I’d think you’d remember the last one, he beat the smartest GM that ever lived! LOU!

      • Ray,

        I guess we’ll chalk it up to we’ll see. But if we are having this same exact conversation next year, I think it’s seriously time to start looking at Lou with a different set of eyes.

        My guess? I don’t believe this islander team is constructed to do better next year than they are today. Because like you just said, where does he get these missing pieces? How does he move some of these aging players / contracts while bettering the team? My guess is he won’t. I’d say in the short term NYI’s could hope for a playoff bubble team at best next year.

        I really believe him not signing and or re-signing some of these contracts put them in a better place long term.

        I guess we’ll see.

      • The captain obvious, trots didn’t want to leave Washington, they just didn’t make an offer that was in the range of other Stanley Cup winning coaches and he chose to sign somewhere he was wanted

      • LOL. That was supposed to be Columbus – not Colorado. How to ruin the dramatic effect of a 10-team non-winner list.

    • Trying to digest these foolish takes:

      I’m sitting here trying to decipher who is the bigger idiot, Larry Brooks or Lou Lamoriello?

      Lou in the meantime drove NJ straight into the ground.

      All of Lou’s success was in a time that wouldn’t translate in todays game.

      I hope Lou continues his downward spiraling career as long as possible! I hope he gets a crack to run 3-7 more eastern conference teams into the ground.

      And side note: in that same span the NY Rangers have as many cups (1) as every Canadian team combined. Going back to Montreal in 93.

      He took a team that Snow built

      As a Ranger fan, thank you, LOOOOOOoUUUUUU!

      I think the only thing that is blatantly Obvious is that the so called Captain is a biased, angry, jealous fan of just one particular team. Well at least the real Captain came down from Canada to bring you your one cup. As George mentioned, two more and you might catch Lou

      • Yeah, I’m jealous that the islanders are near the bottom of the standings, while the rangers are among the top.

        (And I’ve continuously stated I believe NYR’s have played above their game this year.

        But what do facts have to do with anything?

        While Lou pushed NJ into the ground, and is well on his way to do the same exact thing to the islanders, the Rangers also went to 3 ecf’s and a Stanley cup final.

        But you wouldn’t see me congregating Sather for his near misses.

        Your comment is beyond ridiculous! I’m so jealous of the islanders 8th from bottom and Rangers 6th from top? Makes perfect sense! Lmao

        Seriously, get a clue. Swing and a miss buddy!

        I have been as or more critical of Sather / Gorton moves than I have Lou’s over the years.

        This “hater, troll” bs is beyond ridiculous. There is such a thing as non biased criticism. Where the islanders stand today, it’s “obvious “ why Lou is open to criticism. Unless you’re a completely blind Lou or Islander fan?

        Seriously, get a grip!

      • None of your posts about Lou reflect non-biased criticism. I can actually see the veins in your face pulsating through your writing.

      • As usual, you’re wrong. All I see is ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ “s for Lou.

        Lou has been about as successful over the last 20 years as Buffalo.

        I’m more in awe of the blind love for Lou than I am jealous of his near misses.

      • I’m sorry but the term “hater” certainly does apply here. And while your anti Lou, anti Devils and anti Islanders are expected from a “hater” Ranger fan , you’ve also included all 7 Canadian teams and the 3-7 more Eastern Conference teams you want Lou to run into the ground. You are an equal opportunity hater. Your bias leads you to remind us that your team went to 3 ecfs and a cup final. Should we remind you that Lous teams have gone to 5 ecfs 5 finals and won 3 cups in that same time period? But like you’ve stated, What do facts have to do with anything? Also your jealousy does not stem from the Islanders, it seems to stem from any team or manager that is better than the Rangers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Bruins, Capitals, Penguins and Flyers. I will say though that your posts today, while not based on anything more than your biased opinions have been quite entertaining.

      • slight typo, that was actually 10 ecfs. Have a great evening 🙂

      • Actually I was heavy advocating for the Islanders to stay put when there was talk of them being relocated.

        I actually praised the hiring of Trotz when they pulled that trigger.

        Didn’t say anything about the Canadian teams other than they have not won a cup when Lou’s success was being compared to The rangers success.

        Sorry Bretszky. Another swing, another miss.

        What am I jealous of exactly? NJs success 20+ years ago? Remind me where they are today?

        The islanders success 40 years ago? Actually again, huge fan of what NYIs accomplished in the early 80s. Nothing like that type of success since then. 4 in a row? Probably impossible today.

        Different league, different players, different rules.

        Saying I hope Lou sticks around and ruins 3-7 more teams is “obvious “ jest! Take a Xanax Francis! It was a joke and “obviously “ highly unlikely that ever happens. The guy is 80!

        “ Also your jealousy does not stem from the Islanders, it seems to stem from any team or manager that is better than the Rangers. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Bruins, Capitals, Penguins and Flyers. ”

        Outside of Pittsburgh, what is there to be jealous about? Have you looked at the standings lately?

        Pittsburgh, very solid, still stronger than I thought they’d be considering they’ve pushed all in for more than a decade now with 3 cups to show for it.

        Bruins won a cup, Washington won a cup. Philly? Huh?

        Thought Philly was on the right track, but too many picks didn’t pan out.

        Since the early 2000”s Lou has the same exact prize that NY does, Nothing! Zero, zilch, nada!

        Maybe I should have used Sathers success in Edmonton to brag about what he accomplished 20-30 years ago that had nothing to do with the rangers? Hey, he hasn’t done squat for NY, but I get to claim all his success from a different team? Lmao.

        Ridiculous Bretzsky, absolutely trying to make something of nothing.

        The standing sat I’m right. Your comments prove your bias! Happy 25th or 28th place finish (depending if your a devils or islander fan I suppose).


        Side note, how many times have I criticized the Rangers, Gorton, Sather , and even Drury in the last 6 months , RIGHT HERE!!!!!! Probably 1000 x’s more than every team , GM in the league combined.

        I must also be a self loathing Ranger hater!

        Get a clue! “Hater” you’re beyond ridiculous. Starting with that name!

      • I don’t know about the Xanax bretzky but from the posts today the cap might be able to score you some if that New Jersey biker crank.

    • The AHL players is a fair argument Captain, just not sure how the Islander faithful and ownership would have reacted to that with a new rink and all. And no he isn’t above criticism, it’s what we do on here after all.

      I think it was the who is the bigger idiot Brooks or Lou that I thought was a bit over the top.

      His best trade chip is Valamov IMO. EDM or COL might give up a decent piece, plus he can use his cap space to extract more by eating some salary. Unless he doesn’t think that Sorokin is the guy as a starter. Or some decent guys as UFA’s as there are some good players this year if they don’t re up with current teams.

      • I’d agree that Valomov is a good piece, but he’s carrying a 5 million cap hit into next year and goaltenders don’t usually get good returns.

        I’d be shocked if they can move him to a contender without retaining salary or taking back some money in a deal.

        If they can’t move Valamov, they have 11 forwards next year tying up 45 million. 3 defensemen tying up 13 million and 2 goalies tying up 9..

        That leaves them 15.5 to sign or re-sign 7 players. Pretty decent amount of space to work with, but I struggle to see how they could sign a big ticket name and fill out that roster.

        Also, not sure what will be available.

        Another concern would be all of these (or will be) over 30 players with pretty hefty cap hits and term.

        Lee will turn 32, 4 years 7 per on a down year.

        Nelson will be 31, 3 years 6 per.

        Pageau will be 30 , 4 years 5 per.

        Cizikas 30 , 5 years at 2.5

        Palmeri, will be 32, 3 years , 5 per.

        Bailey + 30

        Martin + 30

        And a bunch more pushing late 20s early 30s.

        Going to be tough to navigate around this problem. Could all of this be overcome? Maybe. But I wouldn’t go laying down more than $5.00 on that bet.

      • I think he moves Varlamov for extra space and asset(s) and I would go D shopping if I am Lou. They need one more guy for the top 4 and some depth. Dobson will get a deserved raise. They need a puck mover and help on the PP.

        Lindholm is the big fish I would try to reel in as he can do lots of things well, but if I had to bet ANA works to keep him there and he will get paid. A guy like PK might want to stick around the area and he can still play, just overpaid. Trade Varlamov for Barrie if you want a PP guy and puck mover, warts and all, he does that well and bet EDM would be all over that in off season.

      • Honestly don’t hate your suggestions on adding to that back end. But I’m not sure I like PK, who will be 33 or Lindholm will be 29.

        I think the Isles need to see where they’re going next year. If they have the same type of year they’re having this year, it may be time to seriously tear it down around Barzal, Sorokin, Walstrom etc.

        Having said that, it won’t be easy to move some of the contracts I mentioned above. It would be a very tall order to move them out in a short period of time.

        Side note / disclaimer:

        (Not aimed at you Ray)

        I’ve also mentioned there would be Rangers that would be tough to move in the past.

        Lundqvist, Trouba, Panarin, Staal, Nemeth, Tinordi, and others I can’t think of at the moment.

        By no means do my comments, opinions or random thoughts make me a hater, jealous or any more or less critical than I’d be about the team I cheer for.

        They do not reflect the same thoughts, opinions or random thoughts of others including Lyles. Although they may be conflicting with others, they are just opinions.

        If you can’t handle the random thoughts opinions or comments, please refrain from calling me a hater, biased or bring out the shortcomings of the team I cheer for. After all, they’re just opinions. We’re all entitled to them.

        If you need a safe place to hide, or a sympathetic ear to listen. Please call someone who will agree with everything you say. A wife, Mom, Grandmother, sister are usually a good place to start. This will turn around your day! Please feel to bring up what a hater , bully I am, and you’ll definitely get the sympathy you so rightfully deserve and are entitled to.

        Thank you for playing.

        Captain Obvious

      • Ahhhhh chrism,

        What is a post without your stamp of approval?

        Me thinks you try too hard on a daily basis. And fail even harder!

        How about you just don’t get involved in a conversation you don’t like?

        I like that idea.

        And stop with your bs insults. Really, grow up. You seem extremely lonely!

        Crank? Lmao. Maybe you should take it down a notch there killer!

        Really, a post can live on without your dumb input. We”ll all survive!

      • I have thoroughly enjoyed todays thread cap. You are in rare form. Keep it up!

    • Your post isn’t even close to accurate. More hysterical NY fan nonsense. Lou turned NJ into a multiple Cup Champion from what Gretzky once described as a “Mickey Mouse” organization.

      When he went to the Island, he took a team from the bottom of the league to the Conference Finals two years in a row.

      Stomp your feet and whine that Lou won’t trade with your team, but I respect it. Lou is regarded as the Dean of NHL GM’s, and you’ve disregarded a lot of facts to try to make a point.

  3. Would a DeBrusk bring back a Josh Manson

    • No, but a Debrusk, Clifton offer might.

    • Not if I am Pat Verbeek.

    • Not by himself. I think that trade would be done already if Anaheim would do that straight up.

    • @Joe and @Barry

      No offer of DeBrusk + is bringing Manson over from ANA.

      DeBrusk is an overpriced 3rd line LW that has turned into a 1st round bust. If he had any trade value he’d already be gone. As I’ve said many times…the best thing BOS can get for him is cap space.

      What GM in their right mind is going to qualify him next year at $4.05M for 30 points?

  4. Clutterbuck is about two million a year overpaid but he and Mayfield would look good in Penguin jerseys.

  5. I read just the other day Manson Wants to stay with Ducks

  6. Conor Garland is not what Boston needs. They need a second line C and and top pairing LD and maybe a an RW with size.

    I like how every player Boston is interested in is immediately followed by “they can be out bid by other teams.”

    Yes they can but first off the other team must want the player and be willing to give up the assets to acquire the player. Said team may not view the player as value as the other.

    One advantage Boston has at present over every other playoff team except for LA and Nash is their 1st round pick.

    Boston holding down the final WC spot in the East could dangle their 1st round pick, which at present has more value then every other playoff team but 2.

    Not hoping that’s the case unless it’s a player with term on their contract; do not use it on a UFA.

    • Also hearing it is a buyers market, so far at least, except for tenders due to lack of supply.

      We’ll see as we get closer when teams begin to take the best they can get vs losing a guy for nothing.

    • I agree with you caper. Not what they need, but depending on the ask I think for the next few year might fit in nicely in the top 6. Maybe he slides in opposite to machand.

      You would think to make $$$ work that debrusk would have to be part of any trade in that regard.

  7. Rangers have tried Kreider on RW. Currently Goodrow and Laf are playing there. Forget adding Garland with that cap hit. JT Miller would also be a mistake imo. Adding another guy who will be asked to play out of position just as a back up plan for 1 extra year at 2C? This is from Arthur Staple this morning in Atlantic

    Sources indicate that Kessel, still plugging away in Arizona, has been available for weeks for nothing more than a mid-round pick, with the Coyotes willing to eat half of his $6.8 million cap hit. He has 33 points in 50 games, and his status as a less-than-enthusiastic team player is pretty overrated.“
    33 points on horrible team. More than Garland. More than Kakko and Laf combined. No waiting till deadline to see if team becomes sellers. If this ask is for real, then Drury needs to pull trigger. Also reports that Yotes could take salary? NY maybe gets out of Nemeth contract. Need that extra cap space next year for whoever is 2C.
    To Arizona: Kravtsov and Nemeth
    To NYR: Kessel and 1 of their 5 2nd round picks b

    • I’d do the Kessel for mid round pick, but they have a chance to solve 2 other problems. I don’t see Gallant wanting Kravtsov back this year. Could cause more problems than it solves. No matter what they were saying when trying to trade him. Gallant had issues with Shipachyov back in Vegas days. And that guy is actually leading scorer in KHL. Add Kessel and when Kakko is back you get Laf and Goodrow back in bottom 6. Adding Kessel now also gives you time to see how it all works out before panic trading at deadline.

  8. Not getting into the thick of it but Dobson & Wahlstrom are pretty good young players and Sorokin is a true number one.
    Who starts a season with 13 on the road and the fact they had 10 games in hand at one point is crazy, “not saying just saying “

    • They were pretty good picks.

      However Sorokin was drafted in 2014 by Snow. One of the highest ranked goalie prospects out there.

      The Dobson pick was acquired by NY from Calgary in the trade that sent Hamonic.the other way, by Snow.

      Walstrom was a solid pick that fell in the draft. Was shocked NYR’s passed to go get Kravstov.

      Walstrom is still a work in progress. As are many 1st rounders from the last few years.

      • After those initial 13 games, the islanders dropped 7 in a row.

        Playing devils advocate a little. Had they won every single one of those 13, (highly unlikely, but they actually won 5 of the 13) it would have added 16 total points.

        Good enough for 59 total points. 3 points behind The Bruins with 5 games in hand.

        They’re 10-10-4 at home and 8-10-3 on the road. I don’t see a big gap there.

  9. Since Dorion isn’t going to get very much for back-up goalie Anton Forsberg at the trade deadline (4th. 5th round pick?), he’s far better off just hanging onto him and negotiating a decent hike with at least 3 years term as he’s not going to find a better back-up anywhere else.

    Gustavsson is still in a funk at both the NHL and AHL levels and who knows, he may never get his game together where his performances are consistent, while Forsberg is very consistent and gives them a chance to win almost every outing.

    • Agreed.
      They’ve discussed it extensively on the radio this morning and their arguments are sound. The most compelling thing being that Matt Murray needs to be pushed. We had a stretch in ottawa of maybe 5-10 games where Zaitsev played with confidence but jeeze that’s a god awful contract the Leafs managed to unload on the Sens. He just panics….

      • Dark G, even at $4.5 mil for 2 more years after this Zaitsev is still better than two thirds of the current Leafs blue-line corps! Considering their early season woes, and the amount of ice-time he logs, a -1 is pretty damned good,

  10. Done with the Bruins needing a #2 center the cost would be to high …. Let’s go after 2 Dmen with size and can actually play D and a winger who can at least keep the opposition from thinking about taking runs at the Bruins Star players ….

    • Braun, Haag, or Mayfield and yer old pal Richie fit that bill and will be inexpensive to acquire.

      • Not a bad thought with the D but don’t want Ritchie ….. maybe a ND of the Ducks never backs down

  11. Lets obsess about the Bruins

    • And, if not them, then the Penguins.

  12. Vince Mercogliano is the guy to quote or derive commentary from in New York…Brooksie is just struggling to remain relevant…even the NY Post knows this…Mollie Walker is a better source for all things Rangers…Mercogliano and Walker…put Brooks and his bottom 6 ideas and speculation on the 4th line or send him to Hartford.

    • We’ll trade you Bruce Garrioch for Brooksy straight up. And if you don’t like it, why don’t you get the f**k outta here? LOL….ok I will…….Ok good..

      best press\coach exchange ever

      • There’s no shortage of clowns for the clown bus of hockey coverage…the extent to which their speculation is arrived at from staring at holograms is startling…I’ll trade Brooks out for future considerations that you can forget about providing.