NHL Rumor Mill – March 27, 2022

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In the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup, a look at Filip Forsberg’s contract negotiations plus the latest on Jakob Chychrun’s future with the Coyotes.


THE TENNESSEAN: Gentry Estes believes Nashville Predators general manager David Poile must sign Filip Forsberg to a contract extension after deciding not to trade the 27-year-old winger. Losing Forsberg to free agency this summer for nothing would be “an unacceptable failure” even though it will be expensive to keep him.

THE ATHLETIC: Adam Vingan believes just because Forsberg isn’t under contract yet doesn’t mean he’s leaving Nashville this summer. He also cited Poile saying the club will do all it can to re-sign the winger and believes the Forsberg camp feels the same way. Nevertheless, he agrees the pressure is firmly on the Predators GM to get a deal done.

Nashville Predators winger Filip Forsberg (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize these reports aren’t rumors about the specifics of Forsberg’s negotiations with the Predators or which clubs could be suitors if he tests the market on July 13. Nevertheless, he could become a key player to watch in the rumor mill following this season.

Forsberg’s future will become the subject of increasing speculation if he’s still unsigned when the calendar flips to July. He’s enjoying a career-best performance in a contract year, pushing his value higher than what Poile could prefer to pay.


GOPHNX.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Morgan was asked about whether the Arizona Coyotes will trade Jakob Chychrun during the offseason. He has the sense that the 23-year-old defenseman would’ve welcomed a trade and was disappointed when it didn’t happen by last Monday’s deadline.

Morgan said this goes back to last summer when the New York Islanders inquired about Chychrun and were told he wasn’t available. That got back to the blueliner’s camp. He believed Chychrun became unhappy over his role under head coach Andre Tourigny and warmed to the thought of being moved to a team where he’d have a more immediate chance of winning.

Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong still intends to entertain offers for Chychrun at this summer’s draft. However, the asking price will remain high.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reports vary over what Armstrong seeks for Chychrun. There’s been talk of three or four assets. The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch recently reported it was three first-rounders and a top prospect. Chychrun’s youth, talent and affordable contract will ensure he remains an enticing offseason trade target.

A number of teams were linked to Chychrun before the trade deadline. They included the Anaheim, Ducks, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers. St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them revisit their supposed interest in him when the offseason rolls around.


  1. Is 8 million for Forsberg reasonable?
    He is a very good player but I don’t see him as a 9 or 10 million dollar player.

    The Flames have to sign Johnny this off season so I am hoping Forsberg signs in the area of 8m. If he signs for more that drives Johnny’s price up.

    I envisioned Johnny signing for 9.5m and Tkachuk signing for 9m. If those prices go up it will make things difficult for the flames next year.

    • Forsberg will surely sign for more than $8 million, or he should fire his agent. And Flames are screwed….

    • Johnny Tavares makes 11.5 million, so 8-9 million for Forsberg seems reasonable.

      • From gods mouth to your ears Ron. Dream on for any thoughts of under $9m. Man crush or some unhealthy fixation on JT? Get over it.

      • 9 million for Forsberg is a much better investment than 11.5 million on PJ Wearin’ Johnny Hometown Tavares.

  2. 3 first rounders and a top prospect is a severe over payment for Chychrun.
    A first and a top prospect would more reasonable.
    The key word is TOP prospect not just a prospect.
    Let’s be honest Chychrun is no Bobby Orr so to get 3 firsts and a top prospect for an above average defenseman is crazy.

    • Agree with everything said here.

    • Flamefan. Agree. Can’t see that happening. Always thought he could end up in Florida, but they’ve traded away their 1st’s for near future and don’t have much cap space either. Rangers have the assets,(not 3-1st’s and prospect)but not much wiggle room next year cap wise. Would depend on how they view Jones’ future and if they can trade Nemeth. Also what they do with pending free agents. Left D really not too need, but he would fit in nice with young core if Jones isn’t seen as a regular.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Flamefan. Any GM who forks over 3 1st round picks and a top prospect for Chychrun is an idiot and should be fired.

      The other day DarkG mused about whether the Senators would offer their 1st round pick and a prospect for Chychrun and I stated that would be a real gamble since Ottawa is in the range to win the lottery (and likely won’t go any higher in the overall standings as they are now – 5th last) and Wright, a top C, is just too good a prospect to chance giving him away.

      But if, say, they don’t win the lottery and wind up with a pick anywhere from 3 to 5, then I’d love to see Dorion offer that along with one of their 2 3rd round picks (their own or Boston’s), and Arizona’s choice of Bernard-Docker or Thompson or Kleven

      • Hey George picks are the promise of potential. Chychrun is that potential realized and cost controlled below value.
        That’s not common. He’s young, still improving and in a few years one of the leagues best. Considering how lucky you would have to be to draft and develop one it’s really not a lot plus what we hear or what’s been asked is all BS. That’s why when a trade happens it’s either, all it took was that or holy cow someone call the cops there been a robbery with the occasional meh good hokey deal here and there.

  3. Gotta love the HNIC broadcasts. An hour of Leaf ballwashing followed by a humiliating defeat and a half hour of post game excuse making.

    The Panthers must be quaking in their boots having to face the (per LeafsNet) “heavyweight” Maple Leafs tonight.

    To be fair, who wouldnt be?

    Richard and Selke winner, the Calder winner, an All Star and Vezina worthy goalie and the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr (per Luke Fox at LeafsNet).

    The Kitty Cats must be terrified.

    How long does the game go before Mrazek gets pulled? Asking for a friend.

    • If you need any more hype, there’s a whole nation wanting to tell you how much better the Leafs are than your sad team that no one cares about.

      • 1974 and 75 are a lot closer to recent history than 1967.

        74-Cup Win
        75- Cup Win
        76- Reggie Leach 5 goal playoff game vs Boston
        76- Reggie Leach playoff record 19 goals, tied by Jarri Kurri
        76- Beat Russian Red Army Team ( only NHL team to beat them, the infamous theyre going home game)
        1980- 35 game unbeaten streak

        You can add in 4 Hart Tophies, 4 Vezinas and 3 Conn Smythe Trophies as well if one is so inclined.

        My team may currently suck (they do) but they are certainly more relevant and far more successful than the Leafs since 1967.

        Leafs-0 Finals
        1976- Sittler 10 point night (NHL record)
        1976- Sittler 5 goals in playoff game vs Flyers
        Auston Matthews 4 goals in first NHL game, only surpassed by ….wait for it…. the Flyers Al Hills 5 point night in his first NHL game.

        As always, I thoroughly enjoy your well thought out in depth and incredibly well versed verbiage.

        Enjoy your Sunday.


      • For me this is like watching two …. Um…. Little people argue over who is taller.

      • Thank you Ron, I will now. Didn’t know/care that you’re a flyers fan. It all makes sense now why you’re the way you are after all it is quite understandable when the best thing you can say about you team is your mascot. Seriously hit that outta the park.

    • LMAO

  4. The reason for the huge ask is because they have no reason to trade him.
    He’s young on an affordable contract and they have a ridiculous amount of draft picks including 7 in the first 2 rounds this year.

    Anybody can be traded for a high enough price.

    • Then he remains a Coyote … much to his disappointment I guess. Because NO ONE is forking over 3 1sts for him never mind 3 1sts AND a top prospect.

      • Mind you, looking back at his draft year when he went 16th overall (Arizona’s second 1st round pick after taking Keller earlier), these teams picking in the Top 15 would probably love a do-over

        Edm – Jesse Puljujarvi RW – 4th
        Van – Olli Juolevi D – 5th
        Buf – Alex Nylander LW – 8th
        Col – Tyson Jost C – 10th
        Ott – Logan Brown C – 11th
        NJ – Michael McLeod C – 12th
        Min – Luke Kunin C – 15th

        I doubt Arizona would take any of them now in a deal for Chychrun – unless they were accompanied by at least 2 1sts

      • Exactly to my point. Those mystery boxes didn’t turn out as good even though they had better odds to be a more meaningful asset for your team.

    • Habfan. Other reasons to trade him might include his injury history and his actual contract. 1st 2 years of his deal paid him a total of 5.9 mil. Last 2 years will be 12.4 mil.(and has a 10 team ntc kicking in) For a team that probably won’t be competing for awhile and won’t be bringing in much revenue, trading an unhappy camper might be a good move.

      • Great point, especially on the contract. I’m guessing it sounds like your typical scorpion type contract that has a stinger attached to the back half.

        That sort of makes reason to why they might unload him. Also it does seem like he wants out by stating disappointment that he wasn’t traded, probably before Mathews signs there too.

    • yeah calm down ron, the Flyer’s are their own worst enemy and they can thank all those Flyer cronies for not winning again. Then just when Hextall was trying to kick everyone out of the room and manage the club the right way, they showed him the door? Probably a needed housecleaning in Philadelphia would be the right recipe to get back on track. I admired the Flyers back in the day but wasn’t a flyer fan but they have no patience when it comes to rebuilding/ or staying out the penalty box or goaltenders. The goaltending graveyard. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Is it not surprising more athletes don’t want to be traded so they have a chance to win?

  6. My LMAO was directed at Ron Jull’s comment

    Panther ‘s must be quacking in their boots

    Leafs vezina candidate walking his cat and celebrating the cats birthday …

    As per Pengy ‘s – 1 flew over the cuckoo’s nest…

    • Any cat I’ve ever come into contact with, if you put a leash on them and tried taking them for a “walk” it would wind up more like taking them for a drag

      • Campbell’s cat is well loved by his coach ..,
        Campbell should bring his adored furry friend with him to Leaf games for morale support !