Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup (Part Two) – March 20, 2022

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Check out the latest on the Avalanche, Hurricanes, Islanders, Coyotes and Rangers in Part Two of the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers wonders what Plan B will be for the Colorado Avalanche after failing to acquire Claude Giroux yesterday. He suggested the Anaheim Ducks’ Rickard Rakell, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Max Domi and the Ottawa Senators’ Nick Paul as potential rental options.

THE ATHLETIC: Peter Baugh suggested the Winnipeg Jets’ Andrew Copp, Arizona Coyotes Phil Kessel and Montreal Canadiens’ Artturi Lehkonen among his list of possible Avalanche trade targets.

Anaheim Ducks winger Rickard Rakell (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic could stand pat after acquiring Josh Manson and Nico Sturm last week. However, I don’t think he’s done scouring the market. One of those aforementioned forwards could end up with the Avs by tomorrow’s 3 PM ET deadline.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander mused over whether Carolina Hurricanes GM Don Waddell will be active in the trade market before tomorrow’s deadline, especially when Eastern rivals such as the Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Panthers and New York Rangers have already made moves to bolster their rosters. He wondered if they might be interested in a forward like the Ducks’ Rickard Rakell, the Chicago Blackhawks’ Dominik Kubalik or the Winnipeg Jets’ Andrew Copp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes GM Don Waddell has a recent history of making moves at the trade deadline. In 2020, he acquired center Vincent Trocheck and defenseman Brady Skjei. I wouldn’t rule out Waddell swinging a deal before tomorrow’s deadline.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz cites sources suggesting there’s a good possibility the New York Islanders won’t move pending unrestricted free agents such as Zdeno Chara, Zach Parise, Andy Greene and Cal Clutterbuck. Recent speculation also suggests Isles goalie Semyon Varlamov and defenseman Scott Mayfield could stay put.

One source didn’t rule out Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello attempting to acquire Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun either at the deadline or during the offseason. Doing so could mean shipping out a forward such as Andrew Beauvillier or Josh Bailey in a separate deal and using the savings to improve the blue line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lamoriello is the most secretive GM in the NHL. He’s been known to cancel potential deals that get leaked to the media. He could stand pat, make a minor move or surprise us all with a blockbuster. Your guess is as good as mine.

GOPHNX.COM: Craig Morgan noted recent reports suggesting the Arizona Coyotes could move pending UFA goalie Karel Vejmelka. However, he feels the Coyotes could get him under contract.

The Coyotes still seek a king’s ransom for Jakob Chychrun but there are limited resources and few playoff hopefuls willing to make that move. The Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins were considered among the suitors but the latter is out now that they’ve acquired Hampus Lindholm. With Chychrun signed beyond this season, the Coyotes can revisit this in the offseason.

The Coyotes haven’t found any takers for winger Phil Kessel, who sought a trade to a contender earlier in the season. Morgan also doubts the Coyotes will part with forward Christian Fischer. He wondered if there might be any interest in sidelined pending free agents Johan Larsson and Jay Beagle. Both players are set to return to full practice on Monday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’d expect a Chychrun deal to go down in the offseason when teams have more resources and cap space they’re willing to invest in a major move. Kessel could draw some interest provided the Coyotes retain half of his $6.8 million cap hit.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks doesn’t see the Rangers trading goaltender Alexandar Georgiev at the trade deadline unless they bring in a suitable backup to replace him. He suggested the Detroit Red Wings’ Thomas Greiss as an option.


  1. Leafs played a playoff style game last night vs the Preds and wilted as per usual like the wall flowers they are.

    How can a team with the Richard, Hart and Selke Trophy winner, the Calder Trophy favorite, the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr and an All Star Vezina candidate look so bad?

    Tampa – improved
    Florida- improved
    Boston – improved
    Leafs- standing pat

    I wonder if MLSE told Shanascam and Dubious they are not allowed to trade the Leafs first round pick?

    I do hope Kase is ok, concussions are serious business. My boy missed almost a year of school due to a severe concussion so I legit hope Kase recover fully and quickly.

    • Echo that sentiment on Kase. And Bowen Byram. Those damned things can constantly come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

    • Selke winner.???? Stop using the bong. Lmao

    • Don’t echo that sentiment. Matthews and Bunting are great players. And yes, the team should have better results.

      Reilly is not the second coming of Bobby Orr. Not sure if you mean the injured goalie that fell apart for several weeks or the one that won two games last week but neither are in consideration for the Vezina.

      • Hi Jesse

        I think (I’m hoping) Ron was being facetious re “ the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr and an All Star Vezina candidate”

        Extremely high chance Leafs at end of year have the RR winner… not guaranteed…. But odds extremely high

        Calder…. Fair chance with Bunting…. But Wings will have a great argument against that with a spectacular year coming from their young D-man

        I’d be lying if I thought AM will win Selke…. Bruins fans on here already thinking…”are you serious Leaf’s fans… Mathew’s over Bergeron”??

        AM as Hart winner… certainly a chance…. But the wording is “most valuable to HIS team”…..Leafs loaded in offence…. Flames have every right to argue that Markstrom more valuable to Flames than AM to Leafs

        Don’t count out Hoobie; Shesterkin value to Rangers…..

        AM is in a tough battle for Hart

      • All references should be properly accredited to LeafsNets contributor Luke Fox.

        Per Luke (across various articles):

        Richard, Hart and Selke – Matthews
        Vezina- Jack Campbell
        Calder- Bunting
        2nd Coming of Bobby Orr- Morgan Reilly

        Again, Luke Foxes words, not mine.

      • Speaking of Orr. Happy birthday # 4

      • MrBruin4

        Had not realized it was his B-day today

        HBD to the best hockey player ….EVER….. yes I say that he (IMHO) should rank ahead of Gretzky

    • Good morning

      I concur with the Kase situation…

      Ive enjoyed his love of the game ..his spirit and he is a really good team guy !!

      Before last night I would have been ok ..with the Leafs signing him to a bridge deal BUT ….a guy who plays on the 3rd and 4th line has to be a guy who wants to muck it up and can not be afraid to take teh body ….and at this point I cannt see him being an impact player as a finesse plyer on a 3rd line who wont use his body as the games get tougher a playoff series and or push….

      He will need to be upgraded IMO in the off season and you will have to walk away ..unfortunately …if Dubas has any common sense left ..

      Need to beef up the 3rd line with younger bigger more talented players …the Simmonds, Kase and Cliffords of the world are passe….unfortunately …just not get getting it done on any level…

    • BRUINS


      How in the world are the Bruins going to fit the NEW Lindholm contract in next year with the current D CORE roster and also having to resign Bergeron …or finding a new Center to replace him if he retires…it looks like someone will have to go in that core to free up at least $5 million and still need a top line center ????

      • Na. Debrusk will be gone 37 will make around same$ on 1 yr deal 8.5 mil in space add 4 from debrusk
        12 .5. 6.5 to 37 leave 6 mil to a fill roster out. Easy

      • @ MR BRUIN

        MAcvoy is going to be making 9 million next year dude ….thats without signing Bergeron or any other top Center if need be …even if you take Debrusk off books ..your still over the cap with new Lindholm Macavoy and Bergeron signing

      • Kal
        All my info is from cap friendly. And includes all next year’s salary includes mcavoy and lindholms new deals

      • I salary cap is not a problem- give longer term contracts and you get less AAV. Bergeron might be done after this year, obviously the Bruins are not concerned to do this deal. Tampa Bay is always up against the salary cap but always manages to maneuver to pick up helpful players near the trade deadline.

      • Tampa bay is always against the cap, With Pointe, Stamkos, Hedman, Vasilsky, Cirelli, Kucherov. Mcdonagh, Sergachev etc.

        Montreal is also against the cap (actually over).

        Not sure I’d compare any team to Tampa. Never mind a team possibly without a #1 or #2 center.

    • Saros was the difference.


      What a steal Hagg is for a depth D man with awesome size and hits everything …just crazy good this team is going to be going into the playoffs …crazy size and skill 4 lines deep ..and in goal …

      • Yeah I wanted Hagg in Pittsburgh…Hopefully Hextall and grandpa Burke wake up and make some tweaks and smart adds…

    • Doesn’t matter who improved in the East.

      This year’s Final will once again be an all American 🇺🇸 one. East… flip a coin! West… Colorado. Would love to see MacKinnon Crosby Tim Hortons Final! Zamboni sales would go through the roof! Tampa winning three in a row would be interesting too as only the Habs 56-60; 76-79, The Leafs 47-49, 62-64 and the Islanders from 80-83 have ever won three in a row! We will have to wait at least another year to see the Flames, Oilers, or Leafs end the Canadian 🇨🇦 drought. Leafs path is just too arduous at this point. Flames with best chance this year.

      • Improvement in the East does not matter because it’s Colorado’s year IMO

    • Florida is going for it Chiarot, Giroux, and Hagg wow. They expect to get Ekblad back too..

      Favs in the east now…

    • Ahhhh, excellent reference then Mr. Jull. Props!

  2. Kase he as skills to be very good. But his injury history is problematic. I was pumped when the Bruins grabbed him. But he never got out of the IR for us. He was doing better with leafs. Hopefully he is ok.

  3. Re “ Kurz cites sources suggesting there’s a good possibility the New York Islanders won’t move pending unrestricted free agents such as Zdeno Chara, Zach Parise, Andy Greene and Cal Clutterbuck. ”….. GMLL …. do you think you are re-signing all of those UFAs? Any of them?? If not re-signing all…. Why not at least see what you might get for them… Isles are not making playoffs this year…. get something to use in future

    Cats… Zito is ALL IN….. almost…. One vulnerable area IMO…if Bobo goes down , I don’t have full confidence that their powerful offence can DEFINITELY over-come the potential of Knight’s sometimes shakiness …. and that leaves door open to losing a series

    Can Cats win a series with Knight… not out of the question…. But certainly risky

    It’s a low probability thing (Bobo down, then having to play Knight every game) …. But if you are ALL – IN….. why not call Dorian…..

    Knight, Dennisenko, Rubtsov; Accairi (re space)…. for…

    Forsberg & Paul

    That move is ALL IN ALL IN…. Just throwing it out there

    This of course is if Paul not signed by Dorian in next 28 hours

    Goeorge O had concerns re moving Forsberg even if they weren’t going to (or had fair doubts of) re-signing him…. As Gustafson needs more time in AHL and Murray still out…. Knight in , replacing Forsberg, allays that concern

    • “ Cats… Zito is ALL IN….. almost…. One vulnerable area IMO…if Bobo goes down , I don’t have full confidence that their powerful offence can DEFINITELY over-come the potential of Knight’s sometimes shakiness …. and that leaves door open to losing a series”

      Couldn’t we say this about nearly every single team in the playoffs? Jarry, Sheterkin, Vasilesky, etc.?

      It’s almost like wishful thinking that Bobrovsky goes down. Trying to find that crack in their team?

      Is Knight any less capable than Desmith, Georgiev or Elliot?

      It’s pretty “obvious “ that any team losing their starter is in a worse place.

      I’d prefer to have a loaded team like Florida if you do. A healthy Panthers team without Bobrovsky is still probably one of, if not the most dangerous team in the east.

      • @ Captain obvious ….

        Halak ……out of Vancouver may be the best option at the lowest price …for a seasoned veteran for the CATS

        He can be had for a mid to low pick or take a flyer on a washed up prospect …in the system to see if you can re hab a career to have a warm body next year …

      • Hi CO

        Yes …. We finally agree…. Cracks and vulnerability in playoffs

        Re “ Couldn’t we say this about nearly every single team in the playoffs? Jarry, Sheterkin, Vasilesky, etc.?”… I’m sure you meant vulnerability in losing starter and not the ALL-IN scenario

        Only one team so far has truly gone ALL-IN…. as they should…. First in ATL…. fair chance at finishing 1st in East; could (they certainly have a chance) win Prez Tropht… coupled with next year being burdened with $6.6 M in dead cap space ….. 21-22 is the time for Cats

        They are loaded

        As you have pointed out…and where we finally agree…. Losing your starter…. Shesterkin, Jarry, Vazy… makes it tough …. Big time tough… to win a series

        Re Knight over DeSmith, Gorgiev or Elliot…. Yes to over the first 2 IMO; I have more confidence (that’s just me) in Elliott over Knight THIS year (not long term)

        The point is… Cats, as at now; are the only team (again… so far)…. That has completely indicated ALL-In… and with exposure of $6.6 M in dead cap next year… not getting to at least ECF…. could be viewed by Cats’ fans as unacceptable

        Cats with Bobo out ….

        V Bruins, and if the young Bruin netminder can play as he has shown… Panthers could lose that series even with their potent offence

        V Caps… yep… Panthers win

        V Leafs… yes likely (sadly to me) Cats win

        V Bolts (that’s Vazy in Bobo out) … just can’t see it happening

        V Canes with Bobo out… I’d be lying if I’d say I’d favour Cats in that one

        V Rangers…. Knight v Shesterkin….. Shesterkin… I’m scared of him…. And Rangers still have space and assets to make a move(s)

        V Pens… Bobo out…. Yes , sadly, likely Cats still win

        Seeing as their *Panther’s and Zito) minimal goal should be ECF; and would mean for sure having to beat Bolts…. Why not , if they are (they are !!) ALL IN —- ALL IN…. shore up that only true vulnerability they may have

        Even getting by Bolts…. Penultimate goal is to get to SCF…. and high odds then that Cats need to beat Canes or Blueshirts…. without Bobo???

        I’ve no idea if Zito is considering any move on this…. I’m extremely impressed by Cats; Bobo healthy and I have to believe Cats are in SCF…. and as at now; I think they matchup very very well v Avs (not completely counting out Flames, but think it’s Avs)…. But if he (Zito) has any doubts…. why not make the call to Dorian

        For sure this year Forsberg > Knight

        Paul ver Accairi…without a doubt

        If Sens can’t; won’t ; whatever… be re-upping BOTH Paul and Forsberg…. Dorian needs to get something for them…. Knight in for Forsberg allays the concerns of too much Gustavvson NHL exposure this year, hampering his development

      • Hi CO

        forgot to add re “ the most dangerous team in the east.”…. To me it’s the Blueshirts… with Shesterkin, IMHO…. He could single-handedly steal a series…. AND… Rangers have space and assets and have not really made a big trade move yet… I don’t consider Vatrano a “big” move

    • Pengy, so the Senators should trade a quality back-up goalie and a solid versatile bottom 6 F for a back-up who tends to be “shaky” + two Russian prospects at a time when the whole question of Russian players is up in the air, and a journeyman C.

      No – thank – you. Forsberg isn’t going anywhere and he’ll be the back-up going forward for a starter to be obtained in the off-season (no reason to push for a higher finish at this stage of a lost season). As for Paul, you can expect to see him somewhere in the Western Conference by tomorrow.

      Gustavsson has been given every opportunity to shake himself out of his funk but to no avail. He’ll be sent back to Belleville and replaced by 6’8″ 200lb Mads Sogaard who’s having a decent season behind a weak squad – 2.96gaa 0.903 save %.

      You can keep Spencer Knight and the two Russian prospects regardless of where they were picked.

      • Hi GOERGE

        Who do think is available that the Sens are going to get to be the #1 Goalie ???

        I dont see much out there in the way of BIG names ..and teh Murry situation has been really poor….Iam of the mindset you will have Forsberg and a mid level Goalie be a TANDEM next year ….I dont see anything of Quality out there ..MAYBE Korpiasalo at best !!

        Who are you coveting ?

      • Hi George

        As I said… hinges on if Sens are able to re-sign Paul and if not… going to move him

        If he is “on the market” … why wouldn’t Dorian listen to a Zito offer

        Re Knight in Forsberg out…. Forsberg is UFA… certainly need his ilk in (as the “starter “ [LOL] Murray , is out again)… but is Dorian going to be able to outbid other teams for Forsberg next year …. I have doubts

        So… if not signing (or unable to) Paul; and highly unlikely to outbid for Forsberg next year; AND as you posted before the only reason to keep Forsberg for balance of year if knowing unlikely to re-sig, is to ensure Gustavvson doesn’t get Uber exposed at NHL level this year… then Knight (shaky or not)…. at 925 K this year and next…. Allays those concerns

        Certainly not saying Zito calls and/or if he does; makes that offer.., just saying that the offer by Zito to shore up the outside risk they have is worth the call; and on the counter side…. Worth it for Dorian to at least consider

        The flip side…. Both Forsberg and Paul stay; not traded; not able to or not interested in re-signing …. Sens have nothing to show for next year; AND still end season where they are likely to end … so same draft pick (lottery??) for ‘22…. Vs for next year…. inexpensive back-up still RFA; AND 2 prospects

        Something surely better than nothing

      • Kal El, not coveting anyone in particular. That’s why people like Dorion get the big bucks. There will always be some goalie somewhere available for the right price. As for Murray, I seem to be the only one saying he should be bought out … and I doubt the Senators management is monitoring my posts (unlike Ed The Cynic) – LOL)

        Unfortunately, Murray will likely be right back in the equation again next training camp while about a half-dozen sets of fingers are crossed.

        Pengy, nothing is better than something if that something comes from a divisional or conference rival and all it is are some second-grade prospects – of which they have enough of their own – in goal and at the other positions.

      • Hi George

        We agree to disagree on this

        Something (if it is low cost and won’t cripple the team performance… think toxic player or nice guy… brutal player) is always better than nothing

        Knight is “shaky” (well more precisely, “ inconsistent”) this year…. But has (by many prognosticating media) a bright future…. And only at $175 K over League min

        I’d take Knight over DeSmith in a heartbeat

        Knight over Mrazek, Hutton, Hutch, Woll …. In a heartbeat

        You’ll have to ask Rangers fans re Knight over Georgiev… I know where I would stand

        From the negative posts abound (from Bruins fans here) … I’d think they’d very likely take Knight over Ulmark

        I believe Caps would fall over themselves to get Knight… Caps need help in net

        Lehner injury??? Knight in????


        Something (Knight) is definitely better than nothing

      • HI GEORGE

        Darcy Keumper is a UFA ….Avs may not resign him….

        Holtby would be available as well…

        You may also be able to get Samsonov out of


        …maybe for Brannstrum and Gustavson ???

        Capitals have 3 D men as UFAs …could use a youth

      • Don’t want to give up on Brannstrom – but Mete has asked to be dealt – Washington can have him

      • Hi George

        was under the impression Brannstrum was on trade block this year …he would have to be part of a deal for Samsonov ..metes is not going to move the needle on that deal !

        Holtby next year would be good ???

  4. I think the avs still have to load up on some added grit so Kadri doesn’t think he has to do it all then get ejected for 30 plus games. I think Josh Anderson would be a great fit there and maybe even Risto from Philly who as mentioned (may be out of favour with the fans for their recent signing right here on Spectors) and I could agree with that because Philly won’t see playoff hockey where Risto may become of great value even though he himself hasn’t played a playoff game.

    Guess I’m just saying that you need distraction players like that especially when you end up meeting/meating Calgary.

    as a matter of fact I’d rather risto and anderson head to the leafs somehow someway. Nylander for Anderson, add a pick for Anderson so the habs couldn’t refuse..say a 2022 2nd for Anderson and their 2022 3rd,..Holl,Duszak and 2023 2nd, 2024 4th for Risto

    • It’s seems as though Anderson plays a good game every couple of weeks.

  5. Florida/Buffalo do a trade.

    Haige to Florida for a 5th

    • TSN showing a 6th??

      • @Pengy wanted Hagg in Florida and for a 6th..
        Hextall hello??

  6. George hate to be a wise guy but since the east is loading up with big gritty players I can totally see Paul staying in the east. I know you keep saying the west but if it’s going to be an eye for an eye in the east odds are more grittier players are being called to the east right now.

    Rangers have the money and that’s my bet where he lands.
    Can also see the rangers going harder for Miller and trying to pluck him too.

    pssst Buff- Chara -we need you on toronto 😉

    • Heh – with the way these things go – usually in complete opposite to what we envisage – you could be right. We’ll find out soon enough DJ.

  7. Zito strikes again… Hagg for a 6th!!!!

    I know I said Pens should not give futures for a UFA… but a 6th??? Very low probability of becoming an NHLer and even if so… 3-5 years down the road

    Pens 6th will almost definitely be lower than Panther’s 6th…. So that would have been a better offer *Pens 6th vs Cats 6th)

    Holy Zito Batman

    Yes I know Pens trading with Flyers is a low probability…. But no other playoff team willing to pony up their 6th??

    • Brain fart… Sabres not Flyers

      • @ Pengy sorry meant wanted Hagg in Pittsburgh and for only a 6th..

        We need to wake old man Hextall and grandpa Burke..
        Penguins playing well just need some minor tweaks and adds

      • At this point… yes…. Minor tweaks

        6th I certainly would have been OK with

        Pens can n no way now try to get in to thrse UFA bidding wars

        Term in… ok for prospect/picks out

        Was hoping for the Bertuzzi rumour (Stevie Y possibly moving him) was true

        Looks like not happening

  8. Ekblad placed on ltir. I’ll guess he stays there for remainder of regular season. Panthers aren’t done adding

    • Wow

      Knew he’d be IR… LTIR surprised me…. that move (LTIR) for sure (by CBA) is the greater of 24 days/10 games

      …. 24 days retro to injury) puts them in around 11/4 or so…. That’s at best…. 18 days and 10 games remaining …. Keeping him out those 10 games…. Gives Zito $7.5 M (annual Cap) in space…. Are we going to see “MAF to Cats” posts and/or media “ponderings”

      • @ PENGY ……hey there …lots going on today !!

        Panthers and Bolts really upped the anti big time ….

        LOVE the Gio deal !!!

        Love Mrazek on waivers !!

        Need to move on from Holl and Muzzin ….

        I really would love to see …..JT MILLER in Leafs jersey ASAP….

        Id move …Nylander in that deal 10000%

        HAGG…. was a steal for 6th rounder !!!

      • Hi Kal El

        Concur re Haag

        Can’t see WW moved by TDL

        Sorry…. Totally disagree re Gio…. Per TSN and SN….. “several picks”

        Gio in may (MAY) make Leafs better than Bruins

        But…. they still have to go through the State of Florida…. Maybe through both franchises…. I just can’t see them doing that; and have doubts about even winning one round…. If true…. This move is fruitless…. Assets w/o a positive outcome

        Even with Gio added….
        Panthers far far better on the back end; Leafs have Leagues top Goal-Scorer…. Cars far better overall offence

        Bolts better still on the back end; Overall offence a tad better than Leafs IMHO; loaded with deep run playoff experience

      • Hi Kal El

        Concur re Haag

        Can’t see WW moved by TDL

        Sorry…. Totally disagree re Gio…. Per TSN and SN….. “several picks”

        Gio in may (MAY) make Leafs better than Bruins

        But…. they still have to go through the State of Florida…. Maybe through both franchises…. I just can’t see them doing that; and have doubts about even winning one round…. If true…. This move is fruitless…. Assets w/o a positive outcome

        Even with Gio added….
        Panthers far far better on the back end; Leafs have Leagues top Goal-Scorer…. Cars far better overall offence

        Bolts better still on the back end; Overall offence a tad better than Leafs IMHO; loaded with deep run playoff experience

      • @ Pengy…..Heard Penguins were interested in Max Domi do you know anything?
        Black N gold

      • I had not heard that

        Unless it is JZ for Domi, Pens should not be moving on him

        Domi is 9-23-32 in 53 GP….. he’s not a needle mover ; He’s UFA…. so no futures should be given up

        JZ for Domi is fairly equal in Cap…. Jackets get one more year out of a top 6 fwd that could/will benefit from a change of scenery

        I think it’s a stretch of this happening

        Worth it if Pens had to throw in even a 3rd…. Yes giving up futures…. But rids JZ off roster for next year

  9. Boston should still try to get Chychrun. That would really make a splash. Move Debrusk and one of the LD plus Lohrei. 2023 first. I wouldn’t give up on that.

  10. Mrazek on waivers. In coming trade? Reimer perhaps?

    • So too have Kyle Clifford, Derrick Pouliot, Christian Jaros, Riley Nash, Kyle Turris, Brad Richardson – be surprised if any are taken.

  11. @SOP

    No , they signed Harri Sateri ???
    Leave it to Dubas
    Leafs will be an early exit
    Might be a total embarrassment lining up against 1 of the Florida teams
    Re tool in the off season , hopefully under new mgmt

    Pengy’s take …

    Same old , same old , another tear down …
    I just don’t know who is available to take the GM post..
    Shanahan will stick around , he is signed on for 5 more years

  12. A couple weeks back I said Giordano to Leafs would be nice!!!

    • If its for a 1st…im gonna drive down there and beat the $#/÷ outta dubas myself.


        on waivers in Nashville….

        1000% worth the risk for $2.5 million

  13. What’s everyone’s else’s take on Myers

  14. Gio for “several” picks

    What character will Dubas play (at the Mervish theatre) in “One Flew Over the Kuckoo’s Nest”?


    I just can’t see him as McMurphy

    • @ PENGY

      really disagree here …GIO is the perfect fit here at this moment in time..

      I think he gets re signed as well…so that will help you swallow this down better ..but Leafs really needed this BIG TIME terrible on D …..

      Gio will really round out top 4 with Brodie…

      Picks are at least 3 to 5 years away right now !!

      • @Pengy
        I agree , not McMurohy, but you are definitely on the right track …
        Add Ron Moore to the list of characters

      • Hi Kal El

        Gio is perfect fit next year…. He will likely sign with Leafs and perhaps (read likely) @ “ home-town” discount

        That said…. He won’t get Leaf’s to the ECF let alone SCF this year. Still with his add…. And even more…. Likely to lose to Bolts first round….

        Making his (Gio’s) add now, unnecessary … and forced assets (that could have been used in strategic off-season moves) to unendingly be shed

        I just don’t like this move as at now

      • Not “ unendingly”….sb “not needing to be”…. Auto-correct as frustrating as Dubas

  15. @Pengy
    You wrote this article awhile ago
    You were bang on at the time

    Perhaps, MSLE is over seeing any management moves at present , subject to their approval ..
    Likely wrong on this assumption , Dubas has had his run , unsuccessful , I would imagine their minds are made up, Dubas stay in Toronto is short lived

  16. Leafs…. 2 2nds and a 3rd, and had to also take on mini player Blackwell …. To get Gio for 1 year at $3.8 M Cap hit

    If Krakken end up moving Soucy for a 1st and 2nd … which is fairly close to 2nd, 2nd, 3rd…. AND Leaf’s then could have had Soucy for this year AND next AND even with 50% retained (now Gio at $3.8 M) at $700 K Cap hit cheaper….. 💩💩💩💩

    Soucy may not have the Gio maturity and level of performance this year…. But having Soucy for next year, bigger, younger, cheaper… worth 1st and 2nd over 2nd, 2nd, 3rd (and having to take on the small guy) for 5 weeks and 1 series with Gio

    • @ PENGY

      Sorry to hear your are disappointed in the GIO deal I really think this adds..a more steady professional core to the bck end and hope he signs for next year as well….gives leafs

      Rielly – Lybushkyn
      Brodie – Giordano
      Sandin – Muzzin
      Lilijergen – Holl…. ( TBA )

      Leafs got the 3rd round pick back for Dermott……

      so in essence two 2nd rounders for Gio and Blackwell,,,

      Iam really fine with that …and not done yet top 6 ….D core they have had in 10 years !!!

      • Yup. I think the Leafs did real well with this move. Gio is just what they need.

      • Hi Kal El sorry if I’m coming across as inferring that I do not want to see Gio on the team

        it’s just I don’t want to see Gio on the team right now for those assets given up

        and at that cost he could easily have been signed this summer no assets given up (and even potentially at a cheaper cap hit)

        2 2nds AND Dermott for Gio (*And Leafs had to take on Blackwell) only to end up the same (out in first round….. sorry, I’m having trouble fathoming any move that gets Leafs past both FLA based clubs; and still very high probability that they lose to Bolts first round)… all those assets just for Leafs to end up where they are going to anyway

        Instead…. They could save Dermott and picks; save having to take on Blackwell ; AND sign Gio for 3 @ $3M this summer; and get… what you suggested

        Rielly – Lybushkyn

        Brodie – Giordano
Sandin – Muzzin

        Lilijergen – Holl…. ( TBA )

        Instead…. It’s Gio in for Muzzin (unless another big Cap move… he can’t come off LTIR before EOS) for 20 games; then likely at most…. 7 more games in the playoffs

        If they waited until summer…. Dermott , 2 2nds and WW…., could have been turned in to a top pairing RHD ANDgood back up…. and likely for less Cap than WW/Dermott combined

  17. Giordano – slow, slow, slow.

    Good add Dubious, lmfao.