NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 27, 2022

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The Oilers eliminate the Flames, the Hurricanes push the Rangers to the brink of elimination, updates on the Avalanche and Blues and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: The Edmonton Oilers are heading to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 16 years. Connor McDavid’s overtime goal gave the Oilers a 5-4 victory over the Calgary Flames in Game 5 to take their best-of-seven second-round series four games to one.

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid (NHL Images).

Edmonton overcame a 2-0 deficit and held a 3-2 lead before Calgary battled back to regain the lead 4-3. Oilers defenseman Evan Bouchard tied the game 4-4 late in the second period. Flames forward Blake Coleman appeared to score the go-ahead goal late in the third but it was overruled on a controversial video review claiming he kicked the puck into the net.

Leon Drasaitl collected four assists while Zach Hyman had a goal and two assists for the Oilers. Coleman had two assists, Mikael Backlund had a goal and an assist and Johnny Gaudreau scored for the Flames.

The Oilers await the winner of the Colorado Avalanche-St. Louis Blues series. Game 6 of that series is tonight with the Avalanche up three games to two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t have a dog in this fight but that didn’t look like a kicking motion on Coleman’s part. His skate made contact with the pick but there was incidental contact by an Oilers defenseman as Coleman was heading toward the net. Just my two cents. The league’s video review folks believed differently.

While that disallowed goal cost the Flames this game, their sloppy defensive play and uncharacteristic shaky goaltending from Jacob Markstrom throughout this series led to their postseason demise. They struggled to contain Edmonton’s offense, especially McDavid and Draisaitl. Had they won this game, I doubt they would’ve gone on to take the series.

The Carolina Hurricanes have the New York Rangers on the brink of elimination following a 3-1 victory in Game 5 of their second-round series. Teuvo Teravainen snapped a 1-1 tie in the second period while Andrei Svechnikov’s third-period goal put the game out of reach. The Hurricanes can advance to the Eastern Conference Finals with a win in Game 6 on Saturday in New York.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hurricanes have yet to win a road game in this postseason but they’ve been dominating on home ice. They outshot the Rangers 34-17, controlled this game at even strength, scored on the power play and shorthanded, and apart from Mika Zibanejad’s goal overwhelmed the Rangers’ top line. If they can carry over that effort into Game 6, they’ll have a date with the Tampa Bay Lightning starting next week.


THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche hope to avoid a Game 7 when they face off against the St. Louis Blues in Game 6 of their second-round series tonight. Head coach Jared Bednar believes his club will put their blown lead in Game 5 behind them and play with confidence in tonight’s contest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avalanche dominated the first 40 minutes of Game 5 but took their foot off the gas and tried to protect their lead in the third period. That enabled the Blues to rally back twice, setting the stage for their dramatic overtime victory.

TSN: Don’t expect St. Louis Blues defenseman Torey Krug to return to action in tonight’s game. He’s been sidelined by a lower-body injury since Game 3 of their first-round series with the Minnesota Wild. Blues coach Craig Berube indicated Krug would also be out for Game 7 if this series goes that far.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin has changed agents, hiring Pat Brisson to negotiate his next contract. Larkin is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in 2023. The Wings can sign him to a contract extension on July 13.

SPORTSNET: Los Angeles Kings defenseman Sean Durzi underwent successful shoulder surgery. He’s expected to be ready for the start of the 2022-23 season.

The Geneve-Servette Hockey Club signed former NHL defenseman Sami Vatanen to a two-year contract and former NHL forward Valtteri Filppula to a one-year contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In other words, don’t expect either guy to be signing with NHL teams this summer as free agents.


  1. Another exciting game in the battle of Alberta

    Very tough call re called-back goal. I’m not sure that I would have called it back as “distinct kicking motion”

    A huge “kick” (sorry had to)to the Flames’ Gnads ……That “goal” may have locked up the game and sent the series North for game 6…..or who knows, Oil tie it seconds later (cite 2nd period) to send it to OT

    That said…Oil deserved to win the series IMHO

    I guess it is fitting that the world’s best player, having a “down” (mediocre for most players) game… scores the series winning goal

    Let’s not forget superstar Drai…. With record 5 straight playoff games with 3 or more points; he’s now tied with McD for playoff point lead; has 17 points in last 5 games; last 4 games he’s +10; 6 of last 9 games with at least 3 points…. That is spectacular hockey

    I’m sure Oil want a Blues victory tonight…. If only to force game 7 and wear out their eventual WCF opponents

    Iowa Prince…. You will have the full support of Northern Alberta tonight

    • Let’s get it done! GO AVS!!!!!!!

      • LET’S GO GAME 7!!!! lol

    • Directing the puck with a skate that moves to do it is still a “kick”, even though it is not “distinct”. Thus, the NHL allows “subtle” kicking motion. Kinda like Edzo’s “subtle interference”.

      • Hi JZ

        unfortunately the definition still leads to subjectivity in the decision process

        I empathize with Flames fans

        What hurts more for them…. had he not touched the puck at all; it looked like it was going in anyway

        Again, to me, goal or no goal— Oil deserved to win the series based on how they played and how Flames played in the 5 games.

        I have more than an inkling that if the goal was allowed; AND Oil then didn’t score to tie it again (like 2nd period)— that Oil would have won game 6 infront of the home crowd.

        In the past now— Oil awaits Blues or Avs

  2. McJesus. Keeps upping his game. He will need that to continue next round aswell

    • Hi MB4

      that certainly holds true for games up to last night

      Last night, McD, setting aside his series winning goal, was a “mortal”

      Still shifty, energetic, 200′ game; just not the game performance as he had in all previous playoff games this season

      I’m also extremely impressed with Drai!!

      • Pengy

        Still by a large margin best in world if others were playing like he is everyone would say all world just ge does it regularly

      • No challenges on that statement MB4


  3. Calgary is a good regular season team, just like the leafs.

    • Except that Matthews showed up this year in the playoffs. The Flames core players still haven’t figured out how to play in the playoffs yet.

      • True FD and KevJam

        However, I am sure the Flames fans will chide that they got to round 2; Leafs out in round 1— again …. just me weeping…. again

        Dubas— make your moves—June ’23 and ’24 are the opportunities

      • Other than that one goal in game 7 of the Dallas series, what did Gaudreau do? Dallas wasn’t a strong offensive team, so there wasn’t much that the Flames needed to do defensively. Gaudreau, Tkachuk, and Lindholm were together all season long and statistically, were the best line in the regular season. In the first round, they were on the ice for more even-strength goals against than for. It was the Backlund line that won them the first round. The Backlund line was their best line against the Oilers.

    • FD so you’re one of the ones that thinks basing a teams on the results after playing 7 games or less is a better indicator of a teams make up….why use the 82 games when all you need is less than seven to gauge a team’s true measure.

      In that case you should change your comment from the Leafs who finally showed up to take the champs to 7 whereas the panthers got swept otherwise you’ll end up sounding like a moron….oh, too late.

  4. That goal by the Flames should have been counted. I think if it was, Calgary would have won the game but still lost the series. Also usually whenever names pop up for the top four or five players of all time I just kind of brush it off with a grain of salt. But Connor Mcdavid Is just that special type of player you may see something like every
    30 or 40 years aka Orr Wayne and Mario. The great one’s step up their game in the post season. Connor
    I don’t care what anyone says is taking that team on his back what an incredible talent. Other than the bruins I love watching this guy play…please don’t sign Sweeney and fire Neely.

    • You forgot Sid. But. Finally we agree on something 🤔

    • RWM

      Agree with everything you said in full ; with the exception of

      “please don’t sign Sweeney and fire Neely”

      Not commenting that they should or should not be with the org next year; just emphasizing that everything above that , I am 100% in agreement.

      MB4 also right— lest we not forget Sid

  5. Maybe its conditioning; older players hanging on as the next generation enters, or maybe its a wider field of youth hockey world-wide, but the league seems to be getting deeper. More good teams, and several ‘generational’ talents. It’s been fun to watch.
    The depth has reduce the fears I had over the bracket format; four good teams were eliminated in the 2-3 matchups but I don’t think the field remaining is obviously diminished.

  6. My apologies for the delay in the comments appearing this morning. We have hopefully addressed the issue and they should be appearing now. I appreciate your patience!

    • Lyle-we all appreciate the work you do for us with this site!

      • ditto to the nth degree

        Love this site and all of your hard work Lyle

  7. Echos of the past – Calgary hade a controversial disallowed goal in Game 6, 2004, also an overtime loss!

  8. my wish list roster for the Bruins ….would be fun to watch

    #1 line…

    P Bergeron
    B Marchand
    J DeBrusk

    #2 line…

    D Krejci
    T Hall
    D Pasta

    #3 line

    M Foligno
    P Maroon
    M Martin

    #4 line

    M Lucic
    N Deslauries
    Ross The Boss


    L Schenn
    R Gudas

    • I agree with you Joe on quite a few your comments but Foligno has to be shown the door he can’t score , not that great of a hitter anymore, (doesn’t do enough of it) not the fighter he used to be. Always seems to be out of position. You being a bruin fan I can understand your wish of having Bergy and Krecji back in the lineup but I hope I’m wrong I think he retires and getting Krecji back will take an awful lot of salesmen ship chatter and Sweeney doesn’t have it. They have to secure a star centre #1 priority. Their farm system is one of the worst in the league. Thanks to Sweeney.

    • The Bruins would have the oldest and slowest roster in the league and they’re opponents would have more PP’s than the Bruins would have SOG with that lineup…It’s time for a rebuild, maybe a year late.

      • But But …. Nobody would mess with their STAR players

  9. I agree with Rick wow I must be under the weather but I believe Oilers would have won series anyway but that was definitely a good goal. You can’t kick a puck when your blade never leaves the ice and your being pushed into the goalie and your on one leg. Horrible call definitely a black eye looks a lot like favoritism. I never watched a lot of series but did watch last night very disappointed in Johnny hockey he plays scared and with little passion the OT winner was definitely on him. If I’m Calgary I let him walk.

    • I wouldn’t have overturned the call on the ice either Obe. Whichever way it was called.

      He definitely was focused on the puck and tried to put it in with his skate, but the way I understand the rule you can direct it in with your skate.

      From the angle behind the net it looks like he pushed his leg forward at the puck, and is also able to pull it back and avoid the post after he put it in. So not totally out of control, but a distinct kicking motion? Not IMO.

      You could ask 10 people and get 5 different takes, the same is likely true if you asked 10 NHL referees.

      Tough call.

      • I’m okay with it. LOL
        I understand why Flames fans are very upset about it. Coleman’s leg made a very subtle forward motion, which is what you do when kicking, however, it was a very subtle motion. No one is mentioning the fact that if Coleman didn’t touch the puck, it was still going to end up in the net. So Coleman really has no one else to blame but himself.
        IF that goal did count, it’s no guarantee that the Flames still would have won that game. The Oilers would have been pressing hard time to tie the game up, and with the way the Flames were playing defence and their goaltending the whole series there is a good chance that the Oilers still tie the game up. See the winning goal in game 4.
        At least this didn’t happen in game 7. See the Oilers vs. Ducks series in 2017 for what I mean.

    • A quote from Colin Campbell about the disallowed goal.
      “It’s as difficult a call as we’ve had the last few years. We felt there was a distinct kicking motion & he propelled the puck deliberately in.
      There’s no such thing as, ‘the blade has to be on the ice.’ You can kick a puck w/o taking your foot off the ice”

      • KevJam, if this play knocks your team out, what would you say then?

        Obviously It is better for the league revenues and growing the game if the McDavid, the face of the NHL advances.

        The refs steered the direction of this series more than once, giving the Oilers multiple power plays in a row (while not calling similar infractions on the Oilers) then, “evening out” the calls late in the game once the result was assured.

        The Oilers won with the powerplay, subpar goaltending from Markstrom and some truly incredible efforts of McDavid, Draisaitl, & a few others.

        I am not saying the Flames would have won, but a level playing field would have made it a lot more interesting. Like Sutter said, when is the last time that many minor penalties were called in the playoffs in the first two games.

        I would have liked to see this series decided by the teams on the ice, not by horrible officiating.

      • Spot on, Sparky.

      • Oh, I would be upset no doubt.
        What would actually be better for the league and revenues would be to have the most playoff games played, which would have been a game 6 and 7 of the BOA, not have it end in 5 games. This one goal didn’t determine the series, with the way the Flames were playing it very well likely didn’t determine the game. The Flames gave up two earlier leads in the game, plus multiple leads in the series.
        As for the reffing, in game 3, did you not see all the Flames slashing at Draisaitl’s ankles with no penalties called? Dude! there were multiple infractions not called both ways! The refs had zero to do with the outcome of this series.
        The last time that many minor penalties were called in the first two games? Probably the last BOA. That’s what happens when you get two rival teams playing in a playoff series.
        There is one main reason why the Oilers won this series. THEIR BEST PLAYERS WERE THEIR BEST PLAYERS.
        Here’s the proof that it wasn’t just McDavid, but the team as a whole.
        Hyman had at least 1 goal in each of the 5 games and had 8 points in 5 games.
        Draisaitl at least 3 points in each of the 5 games.
        Kane 6 points in 5 games.
        Nuge 6 points in 5 games.
        Smith outperformed Markstrom in the 4 wins.
        Maybe look at the deficiencies of your team instead of blaming outside forces for their shortcomings. Let’s face it, this isn’t the first or second time the Flames top players didn’t show up in the playoffs.

      • Sparky, the refs didn’t steer this series, give me a break with the nhl/ref conspiracy wanting to see Edmonton keep playing. How is that even a thing that people think?
        It’s bogus when people say it about the draft lottery and just as bogus when fans apply made up motives from the league to the refs.

        Game 5 Oil 1 for 1 on PP, Flames 0 for 2
        Game 4 – Oil 2/4, Flames 1/3
        Game 3 – Oil 0/5, Flames 0/4
        Game 2 – Oil 1/6, Flames 1/5
        Game 1 – Oil 0/4, Flames 1/3

        Total – Oil 4/20, Flames 3/17

        Series – Oil outscored the Flames 25 – 20.

        It wasn’t because of the refs calling too many penalties. The Oil outscore the flames by 1 on the PP and by 4, the rest of the time.

  10. Like Lyle I don’t have a dog in the fight, and after watching the videos I understand the call. Even while falling the player extended his leg towards the Puck and made contact pushing the Puck over the line. If he had not touched the Puck it looked to me like it probably would have trickled in on its own so bad break for Flames. However, had they been playing well they wouldn’t have had to worry about a call going against them. Tampa had two goals called back and still won the game. Just for perspective of course.

    McJesus – he really is amazing to watch, like Pavel Datsyuk, you just never know what he is going to do next.

  11. Now the series is over I can say this without the worry of jinxing the Oilers.
    IMO the “Flames are built for the playoffs” wasn’t accurate. They only had three big guys on defence, other than that other than Lucic, who wasn’t relevant the whole playoffs, their whole forward group are average size or smaller. You compare the Oilers forwards to the Flames forwards, the Oilers forwards are bigger, faster, and more skilled. Because of their size, the Oilers defence didn’t have an issue keeping them out of the slot and to the sides. Also, Woodcroft made some great coaching decisions that Sutter didn’t have an answer for. Also, Sutters decision to put his fourth line out with the third d-pairing with 3 minutes left in a tied game 4 wasn’t a great job of coaching.
    The last point, once bitten, twice shy! We have seen the Flames core players in the playoff before and they didn’t elevate their play then, so what made everyone think that they would this time? Can’t say it would have been Markstrom, because Smith stood on his head in 2019.

    • Lol, KJ, the problem was they were built for the playoffs and mysteriously the refs decided to call the games tighter than the regular season.

      How does a GM know how to build his team if one year only blatant penalties are called, and the next every iffy thing in the book is penalized.

      • That is what was reported, but were the Flames really built for the playoffs? The Oilers forwards are Bigger, faster, and more skilled than the Flames forwards.
        The Oilers forwards were able to skate all around the Flames net because Gudbranson and Zadorov couldn’t skate with them. Anderson, Kylington, and Hanifin don’t have the defensive skills to compete with them. Tanev wasn’t healthy enough to make any difference.
        You add that to the fact that the Flames top players have never proven in their past playoff performances that they can raise their game to the next level, and this is what you get. If you are going to build a playoff team, you need to build it around players that can raise their game to the level needed for the playoffs.

  12. The fact there is so many people on opposite sides of the debate. Leads me to belief the replay did not prove enough evidence to over rule of a good goal called on the ice.

    • Yah, all we need is a generational player, 4 1st overall picks and multiple high 1st round picks and still suck.

      Get off your high horse, the Oilers are not a shining example of how to build a team.

      • Maybe if your GM would stop trading away the 1st round picks then just maybe they could pick some good players. Was that first round pick for Toffoli worth it? Well considering how his first round drafting has gone, you can’t really blame him.
        Valimaki – Bust
        Bennett – Bust
        Monahan – first few years were good, but disappeared really quickly.
        Jankowski – Bust
        Baertschi – Bust
        The only 1st round pick that has actually worked out has been Tkachuk. Not a good track record. LOL

      • So nah nah nan nan nah. Kev Peanut Butter and Jam, are you 12?

    • The first thing I did was look at the Team Canada roster. There are some big names on there. Cale Makar (Avalanche), Michael McLeod (NJD), Dillion Dube (Flames), Drake Batherson (Ottawa), Victor Mete (Ottawa), Carter Hart (Philly), and Cal Foote (Lightning). These are the only ones that I recognize.

    • Hi Caper

      correct on both of your “coulds”

      CBC reported last night that the victim refused to name any of her accusers, and of course mentioned the rider “nothing has been proven in court”

      It also went on to say that it was unclear if she had signed a ND agreement.

      If she has…. the names may never officially come out

      Again, always presuming innocence…. but if this did happen… then the guilty need to be held accountable.

      Will be interesting to find out how many of that Roster made a call to their lawyers yesterday?

      • Hi KevJam

        They are accused as a whole but are not accused and/or named individually:

        As you have pointed out in paragraph 3

        “Hockey Canada and the CHL were named as defendants in the case, as were eight unnamed CHL players “including but not limited to members of the Canada U20 Men’s Junior Hockey Team.” The hockey players are identified in the 18-page statement of claim as John Does 1-8.”

        They are literally John Does 1 through 8. She is accusing 8 men (boys?). They are not formally named.

        Again, if she signed a ND agreement— she will not be formally disclosing/naming the accused.

        CBC was unsure if there was an ND agreement

        The leak of any of the John Does actual names will likely come (if it does at all) from another member of the team, coaching staff, or other attendee of the party.

        Certainly not saying that it won’t come out; just that the accused are not formally (on record) identified as at now.

        Howard is a lawyer… he might have some more insight as to “John Does” and disclosure etc etc… are they not formally listed by name but are identified in a back-up /secret/sealed document held by the judge????

        No matter what…. and again on the premise of innocent until proven guilty— IF any of these men are guilty— they must be held accountable. That in my mind is paramount.

        Also — 8 john does— 8 she is claiming are guilty of something. It is possible that less than 8 assaulted her; and some of the 8 are listed as co-defendants in that they did nothing to stop it and/or condoned it/encouraged it; etc; and therefore collectively being accused with any that may have assaulted her.

        Time will tell

        I have a gut feeling that a few young men are walking around with sphincters puckered up
        with frenzied calls to their lawyers since this was announced.

  13. Leon is underrated if that is even possible. He is always on the ice in all situations, rarely makes a bad play, has incredible skill. He’s so fluid that sometimes you don’t notice him then bam he scores or sets up someone else.

    • Agree Snold49 (love the handle BTW)

      no way around it… Drai lives in the shadow of greatness…. hence his “greatness” rating is somewhat (unfortunately) diminished

      As I posted above:

      “….record 5 straight playoff games with 3 or more points; he’s now tied with McD for playoff point lead; has 17 points in last 5 games; last 4 games he’s +10; 6 of last 9 games with at least 3 points…. That is spectacular hockey”

      That is exceptional tallent

      Add to that the repeated statements on the broadcast last night that they expected he was playing with/through a high ankle sprain

      Where is his picture on the Wheaties box?

    • And Drai is playing hurt with what is rumored a high ankle sprain.
      That’s likely why Woodcroft moved him to McDavid’s line as his skating is hampered to take on D responsibilities of a C.

      An extra few days off may help him the STL COL series gets extended. Nurse as well.

    • Sometimes you dont notice him until he has just speared you in the balls !

  14. I thought the puck was going in even without the slight direction of the skate tap.

    McDavid vrs Mackinnon (<hopefully Avs take it) but they should give workouts to viewers necks as they follow them going up and down the rink carrying the puck at supersonic speeds.

  15. 🍁Could there be a Big Storm coming Edmonton way…⁉️

    Maybe even in the form of A Hurricane…🤔🇺🇸❗️

    • Avalanche first. One natural disaster at a time.

      • To Williew and Richard

        Kudos on the witty quips — good on ya!!

        I’m limited to simply “it’s Spring and the Leafs have already fallen”

  16. Nice one Pengy……..❗️😂

    The Leafs need to shake it up this year not major but they do need to trade one of the big 3,…❓
    JT, No
    AM, No
    MM… Yes, Mitch Marner is the one they need to trade

    with the $11.Mill they save for marner they can get a couple of really good players, one winger and one more shooter….
    They also need to re sign Jack Cambell in Goal before he hits free agency