NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 28, 2022

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The Avalanche advance over the Blues to the Western Conference Finals, the latest on the Hurricanes and Rangers, Brad Marchand is sidelined by hip surgery and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines

NHL.COM: The Colorado Avalanche advanced to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 20 years with a 3-2 victory over the St. Louis Blues in Game 6 of their second-round series. J.T. Compher scored twice and Darren Helm snapped a 2-2 tie with 5.6 seconds remaining in regulation time. Justin Faulk and Jordan Kyrou scored for the Blues.

Colorado Avalanche forward J.T. Compher (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a nail-biting, tight-checking contest that seemed headed to overtime until Helm’s goal in the dying seconds of the third period. The Avalanche are 5-0 on the road in this postseason and will face the Edmonton Oilers in the Conference Finals.

This was a disappointing end to a better-than-anticipated season for the Blues. They finished third overall in the Central Division with 109 points and defeated the Minnesota Wild in the opening round. Their potential offseason moves will be examined in today’s Rumor Mill update.

NEW YORK POST: Rangers head coach Gerard Gallant expressed confidence in his struggling stars Artemi Panarin and Chris Kreider heading into Game 6 tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes. “They’re character players, they’ll do it for us. They’ve done it for us all year,” said Gallant.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Speaking of the Hurricanes, they’ll need more from sniper Andrei Svechnikov. He was scoreless in six games until tallying a crucial goal during Game 5 against the Rangers on Thursday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers need Panarin and Kreider at their best to avoid elimination on home ice tonight in Game 6. Meanwhile, Svechnikov’s goal-scoring skills will be vital for the Hurricanes to pick up their first road win of the postseason and advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

NHL.COM: The Western Conference Finals between the Avalanche and Oilers begin Tuesday, May 31 at 8 pm ET. The Eastern Conference Finals start on Wednesday, June 1 at 8 pm ET between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the winner of the Hurricanes-Rangers series.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Bruins winger Brad Marchand underwent surgery to repair labral tears in both hips and will require six months to recover.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That means the Bruins will be without Marchand for the first two months of 2022-23. They’ll also be without defenseman Matt Grzelcyk to start the season as he recently underwent shoulder surgery.

THE PROVINCE: Duke Boeser, father of Vancouver Canucks star Brock Boeser, passed away Friday at age 61 following a long battle with cancer and dementia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My condolences to Boeser and his family.

CHEK-TV’s Rick Dhaliwal reports Calgary Flames defenseman Chris Tanev played with a torn labrum, a separated shoulder and a sprained neck in the final two games of his club’s playoff series with the Oilers. He’s slated to undergo surgery next week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The lengths NHL players will go to play through pain in the postseason never ceases to amaze me. Here’s hoping Tanev makes a full recovery.

MLIVE.COM: Check out the trailer for ESPN’s upcoming documentary on the Avalanche-Red Wings rivalry from 1996 to 2002.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That was one of the greatest rivalries in NHL history and certainly among the best I’ve witnessed. The intensity of the games and the hatred between the two teams were off the charts.

SPORTSNET: A change to a Michigan insurance law means Vladimir Konstantinov and thousand of others who suffered serious traffic-related injuries could lose their round-the-clock medical care.

Konstantinov suffered career-ending and life-changing brain injuries from a limousine crash in 1997 and requires constant care at home. The change to the law and the high costs of his home care could force him to be put into an institution where restraints or medication would be required to keep him safe.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Red Wings and the NHLPA are reportedly looking into ways to maintain Konstantinov’s home care. Here’s hoping they can work something out for him. At least he has a wealthy hockey club and a players’ union to help him. The other Michigan residents facing the same predicament won’t have that option.


  1. Here’s the real test for Colorado , as per their new opponent – Edmonton

    Or is this the real test for Edmonton over Colorado

  2. I am curious about something, and need some input about the Konstantinov situation. It is my understanding that the Michigan law that will be repealed shortly was the only one in the country that funded unlimited lifetime medical coverage to victims of auto accidents like Vlad (and then are many others like him) through auto insurance. What would happen in other states and Canada ? This law was blamed for driving auto insurance premiums here in Michigan to be the highest (by far) in the country.

    • My rates did not change…..and one hell of a lot less driving too!

      • I don’t think this change takes effect until July 1.

    • I don’t think this would be an issue outside the United States because of universal health care. Auto insurance in Michigan was ridiculous under the old way. This situation with Vladdy is another in a long list of reasons why private health insurance sucks. Having said that, it blows my mind that the Ilitch family hasn’t stepped up and covered his expenses.

      • Ed. If it is lost. I believe the wings will step up they have always been a top franchise that looks after their own

      • What I wonder is if Vlad and others like him would receive the same level of care he did. When the law is reversed on July 1, it is my understanding that Vlad will still be cared for, but will lose most of the personal support and his living arrangement will change. He will most likely lose some level of independence and rehab he is receiving, and will probably suffer from loss of some quality of life.
        Since the law has not yet been changed, it remains to be seen if the Ilitch’s, or the NHLPA might step up. It looks to me like everyone is trying to avoid taking on the potential liability, thus establishing precedence. I am pretty sure that the other owners are giving the Ilitch’s some input on this. Thus far, the limo company who employed the drunk driver that caused the crash have avoided responsibility, and the driver himself has avoided most of the consequences as well. I am saddened for Vlad and all other victims like him who will suffer in the future.

      • Hopefully the Illitch family does. But what about the others who don’t have an Illitch to help? An article quoted one Michigan legislator as saying those that voted didn’t realize the bill would cut off funding to those relying on existing coverage. Governance by dunces.

      • Any “insurance” system ‘sucks’ when caring for individual cases three or more standard deviations from the mean; whether government or individual a one-size-fits-all system works best when you have an alternative for handling outliers. As knowledge and techniques improve the possible quality of care, rationing by some means is likely to be necessary. Hockey will step up for Vladdy even if we have to do a go fund me, I’m not a WIngs fan but still get a chill seeing the clip of him get the cup in his wheelchair the following year. Note that the cancellation creating a number of less famous but equal in suffering cases is a partnership between the insurance companies and state Government. It is generally unknown that a similar partnership has cancelled long term care policies in many states; unlike social security systems run by governments insurance companies can’t run at a deficit. But, when cash gets short, public systems strain at the seams as well.

        Intractable social problems aren’t the stuff of this blog; wishing Vladdy well and agitating for hockey to take care of its own certainly are; so I’d also commend the many teams that have ‘adopted’ injured youth players and helped them out as well as I think hockey’s record overall is pretty good.

  3. Gonna Be a Rough few months without Brad. Patrice enough, you in and out?! Sweeney needs to know he’s getting ready to annihilate the team. Avs in 6 over oilers, Tampa over Carolina in 7

    • Carolina has not eliminated the Rangers yet. Are you changing your original pick of Rangers over Canes? I hope not:)

  4. Lyle,

    I tend to agree with you that it was “a better than anticipated” season for the Blues. In O’Reilly’s post game however, he described the season as “very disappointing” and “we underachieved”! He is such a competitor and tough on himself–always accountable. The loss was fresh.


    • The Avalanche took care of business for all you haters! The Blues are one hell of a tough hockey team and that is why the Central Division is the most difficult one in the NHL IMHO! Never mind the points, those teams play a tough brand of hockey: St.Louis, Minnesota, Nashville, Winnepeg, Dallas and Chicago. To get out of that division is an accomplishment in itself? Bring on Edmonton, it’s going to be a great challenge! Proud of the Avalanche, the other guys stepped up when they had to, this is a really good team. GO AVS!!!!!!

      • The Avs certainly deserved this one. The controlled most of the play, kept the puck in the Blues end, and gave up few scoring chances. Overall, this game should not have been as close as it was.

      • Which “haters” in particular are you addressing this post to?
        I’ve seen zero hate for the Avs on here.

      • To take that AVs thing a bit further, not only have I not seen one single person say anything bad, but with zero merit call for the avs to win it all 3 years and counting.

        And to me, they were pretty much a one line team until this year.

        Over exaggerat’ers, not haters.

        As I said before the playoffs started, it’s still Tampas time. Until some other team can prove otherwise..

    • Richard, the trailer is very good. I can’t wait to see it.

  5. Rangers win tonight. Carolina plays like they have two different teams, one for home, another on the road.

    Colorado gets it 3 goals from two players who haven’t scored.

    My preseason prediction is still alive. Go Rangers

    Brad Marchand is Boston best players, will miss 2 months, then it will take a month for his conditioning.

    I think we’re going to find out how valuable Marchand is to Boston.

    The Bruins will struggle to make the playoffs.

    Off-season moves could change my opinion, but as the roster stands today and the growth of other teams, the Bruins are in tough.

    • Don’t we already know Marchant’s value to the B’s, Caper? Yes, the B’s are in tough, for without Marchant Bergeron’s impact (if he does return) will be diminished.

      You quote 3 months recovery. Media reports say 6 months.

    • Hi LJ, I said miss 2 months referencing playing time.

      Correct recovery is 6 months starting now.

      Agree Bruins are in tough with or without Bergeron.

      Marchand is the player who drives this team.

  6. congrats av’s!..joe’s deadline moves paid off in spades!..manson and lek had a great series…looking forward to a great series with the oil..hopefully our depth prevails!