NHL Rumor Mill – May 10, 2022

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Where could Barry Trotz end up after being fired as Islanders head coach? Who could the Isles hire as his replacement? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Kevin Kurz reported on the New York Islanders’ surprising decision to fire head coach Barry Trotz on Monday. He speculates Trotz’s handling of young forward Oliver Wahlstrom and the reduction in Mathew Barzal’s role and ice time may have factored into general manager Lou Lamoriello’s decision to part ways with Trotz.

Former New York Islanders head coach Barry Trotz (NHL.com).

A source with knowledge of the Islanders’ dressing room pushed back against Lamoriello’s claim the decision was made without input from the players. The source said making that move after conducting the players’ exit interviews indicated the Isles GM was listening to their comments.

Kurz speculates Trotz’s physically demanding style of play in a season that started with a 13-game road trip followed by a COVID outbreak might have contributed to the club’s disappointing performance. The coach himself also pondered that possibility.

As for Trotz’s potential replacements, Kurz’s list included former NHL coaches such as Mike Babcock, Joel Quenneville, and Claude Julien, as well as current Isles assistant coach Lane Lambert.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner also weighed in on the next Islanders head coach, claiming he’s been told Lamoriello has looked into Paul Maurice and John Tortorella. He also speculated Peter DeBoer could be an option if he’s fired by the Vegas Golden Knights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lamoriello gave no timetable for naming Trotz’s replacement. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be surprising if he reaches a decision before the 2022 NHL Draft in early July.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Lamoriell opts for someone with plenty of NHL experience and success, promotes Lambert, or considers an option outside the box for many observers. We probably won’t get any indication of which way the always-secretive Isles GM will go before he announces his choice.

Speaking of DeBoer, Vegas Hockey Now’s Owen Krepps wondered if he’ll join Trotz among the ranks of unemployed NHL head coaches. If so, he suggested the Golden Knights might look at Trotz as a replacement.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Mike Stephens suggested the Philadelphia Flyers, Seattle Kraken and Winnipeg Jets as three landing spots for Trotz.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers replaced Alain Vigneault last December with Mike Yeo on an interim basis and are in the hunt for a new full-time head coach after announcing Yeo won’t return in the role next season.

Paul Maurice stepped down as Jets head coach in December. Assistant coach Dave Lowry was named interim bench boss but, like Yeo, won’t be returning in that role next season.

Stephens feels the Kraken lacks structure under current head coach Dave Hakstol. So far, there’s no indication Seattle GM Ron Francis intends to make a coaching change but someone as well-respected as Trotz becoming available could prove tempting.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen believes the Jets should be in pursuit of Winnipeg native Trotz. He cited his impressive record of success with the Islanders, as well as with the Washington Capitals and Nashville Predators.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Sam Carchidi believes Trotz would be a perfect fit to revitalize the sorry-looking Flyers if he’s interested in the challenge.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Kevin Allen suggested the Red Wings could be a landing spot for Trotz. He also indicated the Chicago Blackhawks are among the NHL teams seeking a new head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trotz won’t be out of a job for long. He’s reportedly taking a couple of weeks to rest and ponder his next move. I won’t be surprised if he’s got a new coach gig before the end of June.

It could come down to whether he’d prefer to join a retooling team (or one that needs to retool) like the Jets or looks for the challenge of joining a rebuilding squad like the Wings.


  1. What Quennville is allowed back now. If that’s is the case why did he have to leave Florida in the first place

    Trots will be employed and soon wherever he chooses . Wpg fits

    Who moves up in the lottery tonight? Will the Habs hold onto number one ?

    • Nobody said Quenneville is allowed back now. It’s merely speculation by those pundits. Teams can inquire about hiring him, of course, but he needs the approval of commissioner Gary Bettman before he can be hired by an NHL team.

      • To replace Trotz:
        Hell yes: Maurice.
        Yes: Lambert.
        Maybe: DeBoer, Julien.
        No: Babcock.
        Hell no: Tortorella.
        ???: Quenneville.
        The Isles’ Cup-contending window is closing if it hasn’t already. The fourth-oldest NHL roster must get younger. The team, especially the youngsters who will be crucial in the next phase, needs a good communicator like Maurice or someone who understands them like Lambert. They do not need demanding tyrants such as Tortorella and Babcock.
        As a longtime fan of the franchise, I’d love to have Quenneville because he’s an excellent coach. He remains toxic, however.

    • Mark Allen:
      I would go with a veteran coach for the Isles at this time, so Lambert would be our. I agree on NO to Babcock or Torts and Quenneville would be a distraction. It should come down to one of Maurice, Julien or Deboer if he becomes available,

      • I’ve wondered why Julien hasn’t been in the mix when coaching changes crop up since he was canned for the second time by the Habs. Then I realize the guy is 62 y/o and has heart issues. Has he been involved at any level anywhere since his firing?

  2. Daryl Sutter: I wouldnt want to be the Wild card team and have to play the Avalanche. Seems to me it would be a waste of 8 days.

    Pretty much spot on.

  3. Quinville coming back this soon sends a bad message. It says the nhl said “go take a vacation, stay out of sight for a year then come back when things settle down”.

    • Chrism are you suggesting he should never be allowed back?

      • Nope. Just suggesting poor optics at this time

  4. Watching most Isles games I think Trotz should have played the younger players a lot of minutes the last 15-20 games. They hardly played more then 9 minutes or sat . When Barzal wasn’t on the ice to start the ot session was shocked and if he made a mistake he would bench him for a entire period. Hard to play when your in fear of making a mistake. He went with Chara and Greene should have rotated them give one a day of the got gassed at the end of the year to many games and minutes.All in all sad to see him go wish he was still here and hope for him to do well hopefully on the west coast not in our conference.

  5. Lots of rethread coaches, most with a demanding reputation.

    Players have more input into who is behind the bench.

    Need a coach the players respect and will want to work for.

    In Carolina they say the players will run thru a wall for Brind’Amour.

    Keefe had a healthy discussion with Campbell before pulling him.

    On the other hand Paul Maurice was loyal to Wheeler and Scheifele and allow them to run the room to a point the young players didn’t want to be there.

    This isn’t a slap to the back of the head, a kick in the pants , berating in front of others kind of coaching anymore, and that’s a good thing.

    The youth are different today, therefore the coach and GM thinking need to align with the changes.

    • Caper, gotta agree that today’s crop of hockey players in no way resemble “the good old days” (lol) when it comes to motivation. Before the annual draft and when NHL teams each had a vast farm system all the way down to Junior, you were in that system until they decided you should be moved.

      Always remember a story attributed to Sam Pollock who called a certain player into his office and handed him an envelope and when the player – who apparently had not be living up to his billing – asked what it was, Pollock replied “a one-way bus ticket to Trois-Rivières … don’t call us we’ll call you …” Allegedly, that player got the message and was back up within a month after lighting it up in the minors.

      Whether absolutely true or apocryphal, it illustrates the ultimate motivation in those days and believe me, the essence of that story was used, A lot.

  6. Vezina- Saros, Markstrom and Vasilevsky?
    Norris – Hedman, Makar and Josi?

    Im confused, Luke Fox of LeafsNet said Backup Jack was a Vezina candidate. No Norris for MOrrgan Reilly? Bbbbut Luke said he was the 2nd coming of Bobby Orr.

    Terrible, just terrible. Thank goodness Buntings a lock for the Calder, Matthews is a certainty for the Hart and theres just no way Keefe doesnt win the Jack Adams.

    Rigged awards combined with the blatant one sided officiating against Tampa makes one think Bettman and the Boys Club in New York have it in for the Leafs.

    Right Luke? Riiiiiiiiiight?

    **For the unitiated and or clueless this is sarcasm.**


    • “lol”

      For the uninitiated and or the clueless, this indicates that the poster thinks they’ve posted something funny, even though they haven’t.

    • Hi Ron

      When you put “ Vezina- Saros, Markstrom and Vasilevsky?”

      I thought you were quoting the actual finalists…. And I thought…. What the Fuddle Duddle…. The best goal by far in the regular season (Shesterkin) wasn’t in top 3??? Then I realize you were just posting to make a point re Luke being Out to Lunch on awards predictions

      Whew…. Had me going there 🤪🤓🧐

  7. Saw a milk carton with John Tavares’s picture on it.


    Please contact Kyle Dubas or Sheldon Keefe at MLSE if seen.

  8. Next Coach of the Islanders..⁉️

    1) Joel Quenneville
    Garry Betman said last week he has not been aproched by Joel Quenneville about a return to coaching , that would be a private conversaition he would have with Quenneville…..🤫
    2) Paul Maurices……

  9. I cant stand them but Pittsburghs really running the Rangers out of the rink. Looks like Crosby turned the clock back 10 years.

    Who’d figure Louie Domingue would even get to play let alone school Shesterkin?

  10. “Kevin Allen suggested the Red Wings could be a landing spot for Trotz.”

    Why? Because he’s not necessarily a guy Yzerman knows well or because he has a poor track record with the younger players on the Isles?

    • Agreed. But what Trotz was able to do with an expansion team like Nashville could be intriguing to Yzerman. Preds weren’t a doormat for long.

    • Plus yzerman was playing against a Trotz led Nashville back when the Wings were in the west…especially when Preds were starting to make the playoffs. Once upon a time Nashville saw Detroit as their big rival.

  11. If available Deboer has the best chance. History there between him and Lou.

  12. As a closet isles fan this has very little to do with “teaching” the youngsters how to play and benching them. Trotz has been there a while now, this isn’t DJ Smith punishing kids and playing veterans.

    This is all on Lou. Count the aging, bad contract Devil’s on this team. Include a certain tv pundit who mysteriously was given a new lease on goaltending life with the Isles…..also a Devil. And after the swimming success it was in Montreal, my money is on Ken Daneyko and his zero coaching experience becoming the new head coach.

  13. Trotz is the best coach out there. Yzerman would HAVE to do his due diligence and give him a call. He took the worse defensive team in the league and made them the best! IN ONE YEAR!!!!
    He could do much to improve Detroit and Detroit’s up and coming talent on defense would probably be very appealing to Trotz.