NHL Rumor Mill – May 2, 2022

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Mark Scheifele’s uncertain future with the Jets plus a roundup of recent Blackhawks speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG SUN/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Scott Billeck and Mike McIntyre reports Mark Scheifele said he needed to know management’s vision for the Jets over the remaining two years of his contract.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele (NHL Images).

Scheifele sounded frustrated during yesterday’s season-ending press conference. The 28-year-old center said he’s in the prime of his playing career and believes he’s improving all the time. However, he wants to know the club’s direction and what changes could be in store.

Completing his 11th season with the Jets, Scheifele said he’d love to be in Winnipeg. Nevertheless, he has to think about his career and what’s best for him and his family. He anticipates a “tough talk” with general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff during his end-of-season interview today.

Billeck and McIntyre believe Scheifele’s comments are the start of what could be a turbulent offseason for the Jets. While Cheveldayoff received a three-year contract extension yesterday, he will have a lot on his plate.

In addition to Scheifele’s future, there were reports of a divided dressing room and a lack of accountability throughout this season. A decision must be made whether to make interim head coach Dave Lowry the full-time bench boss or find a replacement. Center Pierre-Luc Dubois is a restricted free agent who’s in line for a lucrative new contract. Their defense corps also needs to be improved.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Scheifele’s inconsistent performance this season and seeming indifference toward his defensive play sparked speculation he could become an offseason trade candidate. He didn’t come out and demand a trade yesterday but that could be in the cards if his meeting with Cheveldayoff goes sour or he disapproves of the GM’s offseason moves.

Expect speculation over Scheifele’s future to be a hot topic following the playoffs in the lead-up to the 2022 NHL Draft on July 7 and 8. That’s usually the period when notable players like himself get traded as teams have more cap room and a willingness to make big moves in the trade market.

Trading Scheifele would be a significant shakeup of the roster core. It could also set the table for a big raise for Dubois.


NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: Charlie Roumeliotis recently reported long-time Blackhawks star Patrick Kane said he’d had multiple conversations with general manager Kyle Davidson and expects to learn more about the club’s offseason plans following the end of the regular season.

Kane acknowledged his leadership role with the club could speed up its rebuild. He also enjoys the chemistry and relationship he’s built with winger Alex DeBrincat. The 33-year-old winger hopes the Blackhawks can follow the blueprint of the Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers as they rebuilt on the fly and are playoff clubs this season.

Roumeliotis also wondered what the future holds for Kane and teammate Jonathan Toews as they both had one season remaining on their identical contracts. He pointed out the Blackhawks don’t have many tradeable assets to start a true rebuilding. Alex DeBrincat would fetch the best return but it would take a significant offer to convince Davidson to move the 24-year-old winger.

It remains to be seen if restricted free agent forward Dylan Strome will be back. Davidson must also address his goaltending after trading away Marc-Andre Fleury at the trade deadline. Kevin Lankinen and Collin Delia are pending UFAs this summer.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope reported that DeBrincat acknowledged this was a frustrating season for him. Nevertheless, he’s open to signing a contract extension with the Blackhawks. DeBrincat has a year remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $6.4 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The futures of Kane and Toews have already sparked plenty of conjecture that will continue to grow between now and into July when business picks up in the trade market. Kane’s still-impressive offensive stats would draw considerable interest if Davidson tries to shop him.

However, moving Kane and/or Toews won’t be easy. Kane and Toews each carry hefty $10.5 million cap hits and full no-movement clauses.

DeBrincat hit 41 goals and 78 points this season. He’s a player the Blackhawks should be building around, especially if he’s interested in a contract extension. Then again, I said the same thing about Brandon Hagel before the trade deadline and he got shipped to Tampa Bay. Davidson could listen if someone makes a substantial offer for DeBrincat.

Davidson could keep Strome if he envisions rebuilding on the fly with the aim of reaching the playoffs in two or three years’ time. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be surprising if he becomes a trade candidate.


  1. bruins need to target Mark Scheifele after the playoffs he’s a center a darn good one has good size great skill he doesn’t want to play in wnp. What a catch 29

  2. Sheifele is an odd cat. After his egregious and inexplicable hit against Evans in last year’s playoffs he came off talking like the victim. Not only could he have ended Evans’ career, he hurt his team by being foolish. THEN…he comes off talking like HE was the victim. Bizarre!

    If they’re saying his character is causing problems, I’m not surprised. If they’re saying he lacks “accountability”, it’s hardly a surprise. I’d move him out ASAP, and given Cheveldayof’s trade record, I bet he’ll do well by Jets fans.

    • Didn’t sound too accountable in the reporting above either Pete.
      If that is accurate, you don’t trade for him unless at a discount because a guy at a premium position with a long history of producing will cost a lot in terms of assets.

      I don’t know the guy so have no idea what the reality is in the room or with him.

      But the players do, and if I was considering acquiring him, I would ask the guys in my room to see what they know or can find out from their fellow players/friends.

    • Talk about damned if you do/don’t. Schiefele skated back hard to try and prevent Evans wrap around. Unfortunate collision with Evans getting hurt(could’ve ended his career? Please) Got suspended and Montreal wins series, partly due to his absence. . Guess he should’ve just coasted and let Evans score. Now everyone’s killing him for his lack of 2 way play?

      • Wow.

        Your attempt to explain away the Scheifele hit is in complete contradiction with how it was roundly and loudly condemned by every sports outlet that covered it, along with countless hockey personalities. It is what it was, and not as you reframe it.

        People attempt to defend empty nets by sliding with their body or stick to block a shot attempt. Your ridiculous explanation, and attempt to equivocate with his EXCEPTIONALLY poor defensive efforts is simply ridiculous. You either don’t understand hockey or you are Mark’s mom or dad.

        Either way, your opinion is yours and yours alone. I haven’t seen anyone else try to make that case.

  3. Mark Scheifele on the rangers makes a whole lot of sense.

    • Mark Scheifiele makes a lot of sense in Pittsburgh too..
      .Malkin will be leaving —we gain almost 7 years in age 29 to 37 and save $3.4 million in salary

      – $6.15 M to $9.5 M

  4. Mark Scheifele is 29yrs old (not 28) most of my friends in Winnipeg want him gone.

    Scheifele couple of years ago was applauded for his defensive awareness. This season there were several games he didn’t back check or pickup his man. He like to hang around outside the blue line waiting for the puck.

    Scheifele is a very good hockey player but with the departure of Paul Maurice his and Wheeler role on the team has changed.

    It seems the guards are changing Wheeler and Scheifele are being challenged by Connor, Ehlers and Dubois.

    Winnipeg has the offense, the defense is another story.

    I don’t believe Dave Lowry will be back, they need a new voice different approach.

    Scheifele and Dubois make a nice 1 2 punch at C, but Scheifele needs to play the way he is capable of as he is presently part of the problem not the solution.

    • I’d like to see Scheifele and his pal Wheeler shipped out. Always seems to be some tension in the room when their names come up, and from what was stated above, along with Maurice’s comments upon his exit, it appears team chemistry needs some major addressing.

  5. Could there be a Chychrun for Scheifele deal in the near future? Would it be a one for one? If not, who would have to add what?

    • Wouldn’t AZ be on Scheifele’s no-go list?

  6. My gut says Scheifele to whichever contender bows out early in the playoffs

  7. Caper my friends have a very similar view on moving Scheifele out. The talk is growing louder after his interview.
    Man he’s going to be hard to replace when he has his game right though.
    I still keep him at least until next years trade deadline and then see where we’re at. His contract isn’t that huge that it couldn’t be moved then. A contender making some cap gymnastics could swing it.
    I’m still going with a new voice behind the bench that hopefully would bring stability on the back end.
    The d has to be rejigged we all agree. We can all see Samberg is gold so he gets a permanent spot next year. It seems that one of Pionk, Demelo or Schmit will be shipped out imo. Schmit would be my choice

  8. Scheifele for good D-man would be a good trade.
    He is from Kitchner and wa either a Leaf or a Red Wing fan growing up there, I would think. Leafs do not need him, but I doubt he is a Stevie Yzerman type of player. The Wings could use help at center, as would 28 other teams.
    I would wonder if the Av’s would trade a D-man for him. Kadri is likely to go for the money from somewhere else. Seems like Gerard has been in a lot of trade rumors til Byram was hurt.

  9. The unravelling you are seeing in Winnipeg is what happens when an organization turns a page. The Jets announced today they are changing their entire coaching staff. With change will come perceived winners and losers. Those attached to the past, whom have gained status will feel vulnerable. Scheifele’s comments demonstrate that. It doesn’t mean you get rid of all your players. Bring in a new coaching staff, with good systems and accountability and this team will continue to move in a positive direction.

    • Good post Tripper, and ya when you look at their roster, not many holes.

      Both Scheifele and Wheeler seem to have struggled in the +/- category compared to their team mates which I thought was interesting.

  10. I still say there is a deal out there that can net a team both Kane and Toews

    pay the SB, retain 50%, on to Arz who retains another 50% of that.

    Arz needs to get to the Cap floor, and can’t afford much sal…. $5.25 M on the Cap for only $2.9 M is a move that at least should be considered.

    Final team gets BOTH Kane and Toews for a total of only $5.5 M in Cap…. a lucrative proposal.

    • If you repeat this often enough, maybe some GM will see it and either do it or hire you as their teams’ capoligist! (smile)

      • LOL 🙂

        I’d rather Dubas or Hexburkie take just one of my suggestions on Leafs/Pens here. LOL

    • Mark Scheifele would be a great fit in Pittsburgh to replace the departing Malkin… Everyone says he had an off year but 29 goals mmmmhhhh ill take that at second line center,

      He has two years left at $6.15 million and he just turned 29..Malkin is turning 37…..

      Kaspari-Kapanen & Marcus Petersson & A 1st round pick and a prospect….lets go

    • I don’t understand the logic of one team wanting both players. They don’t play together.

  11. Yzerman would have the assets and cap space to facilitate a trade for MS.

    To WIN: Joe Veleno, Filip Zadina, Conditional 1st., 2023 (Lottery protected)

    To DET:. Mark scheiffle

    • No, ya can’t trade 2023 1st!! Gonna be the best 1st round of draft choices in 15 years!
      Winny needs defense.
      MS for Hronek, Sutter, Albert Johansson. But I don’t think MS is Stevie ‘s type of player.

  12. Scheifele AND Wheeler need to move on. Whatever roster players you can get in a return. Maurice quit for a reason. The players were not listening . There needs to be a wholesale change with their current leadership group

    • Maurice is responsible for this mess. He created the dysfunction by empowering leaders without setting an example for accountability. There is a reason he never won a championship.

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but did not Maurice win a Cup in Carolina?

  13. you were saying the same thing about Evander Kane I brought up that the bruins should have grabbed him. His rep was way worse than Mark’s. Bah Bah

  14. Winnipeg biggest issue is D and systems. Maybe they go hand and hand.

    Realistically there D has no studs and outside Morrissey not one you would consider top pairing.

    The forwards dont come back to relieve the pressure.

    Scheifele is still a #c and you just dont give that away.

  15. One thing you can’t do this off season is look at such-n-such player and the fact that suddenly scored 15-20 more goals than they normally have. Scoring was up. WAY up. Absolute nobody’s were getting 30 goals. People who normally got 10, scored 20. And so on all the way up the food chain to #34 himself.

    Like in Ottawa for example. Dorion gonna have to break the bank for Norris who, realistically is probably a 20-25 goal guy. Not the 35-40 he showed this year.