NHL Rumor Mill – May 30, 2022

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More speculation over the Blues’ offseason plan, the Canadiens’ Christian Dvorak could be a trade candidate and the latest on the Penguins in today’s NHL rumor mill.


STLTODAY.COM: Ben Frederickson reports it’s been whispered Vladimir Tarasenko has decided he wants to remain with the St. Louis Blues after last summer’s drama following his trade request led to a solid bounce-back season for the 30-year-old winger. He believes Tarasenko and the Blues belong together and hopes the winger and general manager Doug Armstrong agree.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Armstrong had difficulty finding a suitable trade partner last summer for Tarasenko, who’d been hampered by shoulder injuries the previous two years. His team-leading, career-best 82-point performance this season should considerably improve his trade value if he still wants out.

Tarasenko has one season remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $7.5 million but with an actual salary of $5.5 million, which could also make him enticing in the trade market. He also carries a full no-trade clause, giving him control over potential destinations.

Armstrong could hang onto Tarasenko for another run at the Stanley Cup next season. Given the winger’s UFA status next summer, however, he could quietly revisit his trade conversations from last summer if Tarasenko’s future in St. Louis remains uncertain.

Frederickson suggests the Blues thank goaltender Ville Husso for his service during the regular season and allow him to depart via free agency. With limited salary-cap space and Jordan Binnington having salvaged his season with a strong playoff performance, it may be time for Charlie Lindgren to sink or swim as his backup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Frederickson’s colleague Jim Thomas disagrees, believing the Blues should prioritize re-signing Husso given their lack of a clear-cut replacement within their organization. He noted the 27-year-old saved the Blues season when Binnington was floundering. The club has also invested a lot of time in his development. We’ll find out by July 13 which way Armstrong goes with his goaltending.

Regarding pending UFA David Perron, Frederickson believes the Blues should do all they can to keep him in the fold. He also recommended shopping forward Ivan Barbashev while the 60-point winger’s value is high if it’ll free up cap room given their depth up front.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Blues with $9.775 million in projected cap space. Perron and Husso are their main UFAs while Scott Perunovich and Niko Mikkola are restricted free agents.

Shipping out Tarasenko would clear considerable cap room to retain most of their key free agents and perhaps bolster their defense corps. Moving Barbashev would help if they keep Tarasenko but there won’t be much for other additions unless it’s a dollar-for-dollar swap for another player.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently cited a source saying Christian Dvorak’s name is out there in the trade market. He isn’t saying the Canadiens will trade the 26-year-old center but it sounds like teams are making inquiries.

It’s also no secret Canadiens defenseman Jeff Petry is also being shopped and has been since requesting a trade during the regular season. If Petry and his $6.25 million annual cap hit gets moved this summer, Murphy wonders if GM Ken Hughes will attempt to do the same with Dvorak and his $4.4 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A lot will depend upon whether the Canadiens can divest themselves of the remainder of the permanently-sidelined Shea Weber’s contract. There were reports claiming they were close to moving it to the Arizona Coyotes at the trade deadline but it fell through because of the delay in sorting out the insurance issues.

Recent speculation suggests Hughes and the Coyotes could revisit that deal. If so, there might not be as much pressure to shed Dvorak’s contract, especially if Petry gets moved.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski believes the Penguins’ objective shouldn’t be finding a way to replace Kris Letang. Instead, they should re-sign the pending UFA defenseman but replace others on the blueline corps.

Kingerski believes the Penguins can’t afford to lose Letang’s offense considering the lack of production among their other defensemen. He recommended retaining Mike Matheson following his bounce-back performance this season and the affordable Mark Friedman. He called on management to shop blueliners such as Marcus Pettersson and John Marino and use the cap savings to improve the defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An interesting suggestion but Penguins management might not see it that way. Then again, there has been speculation linking Marino to the Vancouver Canucks, so maybe they can shed him and perhaps Pettersson and find suitable replacements via trade or free agency.


  1. The Habs should not trade Dvorak. With Suzuki and likely Wright in the fold, Dvorak is the perfect complement for the young centers. A young veteran who can be a solid #2 or #3. And Jake Evans is a solid fourth line center. They have to build around that center core.

    • I agree that Dvorak should not be traded. However, I think the scenario you outline would be a season or two away. Wright should play at least one more year in junior and dominate. Maybe one more after that in Laval before hitting the NHL full time.
      The Habs do need a second line center….another year getting a high first is not bad long-term as long as they improve over this year.

    • Agree, and they likely wouldn’t get what they gave-up so it would be poor asset management.

      • If they couldn’t recoup what they gave up to get him, haven’t they already screwed up the asset management part?

  2. Something so many don’t think a out…. Especially agents.
    You need 25 ish players maybe more. Figure 5 on low or elc and you are neat 80mil for 20 players. That’s 4mil per player average. You hand out 2x that for 1 guy you have to cut to another league min guy to average out. 3x and now that’s 2 guys at league min. So put all your eggs in a couple of baskets and it’s tough to build a serious contender. You would need a whole bunch of solid ready to play prospects or cheap role players…..

    • I get your point but it is not the agents’ fault. There job is purely to get their clients the most money possible, not the most Cups….

  3. Can someone please explain why the Habs have to trade Weber’s contract? He’s on permanent LTIR. I can see them wanting to trade his contact, but are they under any pressure to trade his contract?

    • I believe you have to have the cap space to start the year then you put him on Ltir
      So need the $$$ free as they say

      • Kind of, Mrb. Here is an excerpt from The Couch Guys:

        ” … the LTIR can be used in the offseason. On top of that, it does not result in the team getting less relief. The only difference between using the LTIR during the offseason and the regular season is during the offseason, teams also get the extra 10% cushion that every team is allowed to exceed the cap by until the first day of the season.

        On the first day of the season, the team’s ACSL and LTIR relief pools are recalculated minus the 10% offseason cushion. So, it’s really no different. Now, to make sure it’s really sunk in, say it with me: the LTIR can be used in the offseason, and it does not result in the team getting less relief overall.”

        If this and my understanding of it are correct, then Weber remains on LTIR to start the season and his salary is not counted against the cap.

        Further, the incentive for the Habs to trade Weber’s salary would be getting an asset in return.

        Full article:


    • Dan Klingerski’s opinion for Penguins management to shop blueliners such ax Marcus Peterson and John Marino is nothing new. Can the Penguins sign or acquire a physical D-Man such as John Manson ? Rumor – Kris Letang wants a raise from his previous contract 7.25 million per season. Should the Penguins resign Kris Letang and what is considered a fair contract ??

      • I would give 3 yr 20mil. Would prefer 2. But he will want min 3 I would assume. Still a very good D man

      • @, Speed Kills…i agree with you.

        I would like to see the Penguins move Marcus Peterson

        If we lose Malkin

        Then I would trade john Marino if we could get center Bo Horvath from Vancouver gm Rutherford loves Marino maybe we add as well a pick.

        Then use the Peterson money you just moved add some sign josh Manson

      • He should probably throw in JT Miller for Zucker because he loves him so much too!

        Go pens go!

      • 3 years @ $8 million per. tops

        if not take that money and push hard for John Klinberg or Josh Manson…

    • Getting Weber off the books just allows for more flexibility. It allows you to accrue cap space, which you can’t do if he’s on LTIR.

      Ultimately, they don’t really need to do it, but it gives a little more wiggle room to do cap manouevering if he’s off the books.

      • Thanks, Paddy. So they aren’t under pressure to trade that contract… still doesn’t explain the speculation that Habs would have to give up something to unload Weber’s contact. It’s been mentioned on this site, and by pundits, that teams would be requiring additional assets in exchange for taking on Weber’s contract. But unless we are missing something:
        1) No pressure to trade that contract.
        2) Will trade if the return benefits the Habs.

      • everydayboots – from my admittedly limited understanding, that inability to accrue cap space hurts the Habs a little, both in their own roster flexibility over the season (remember when they didn’t have the cap space to call someone up?) and in the ability to take on a salary dump (with subsequent assets) at the deadline.

        With that in mind, it’s beneficial for the Habs to get rid of Weber’s contract – but not hugely beneficial.

        Because Weber’s salary is so low ($1M) compared to his cap, there’s an argument the Coyotes would find Weber’s contract to be a positive asset. In virtually every other scenario, it’s a negative asset, due to the cap restrictions it creates.

        With that in mind, Habs probably have to throw in a small something else to gain that cap freedom. But it sure wouldn’t be a lot.

    • The full cap-hit counts in the summer, but in-season the cap can be exceeded by the amount of a player’s LTIR. Teams can only exceed the cap by 10% in the off-season, which is 90.75M.

      Off-season signings and re-signings are hampered by the LTIR cap hits counting in full, and it is therefore advantageous to get rid of them if the cost to do so is modest. (I think it will be MIN, not ARI, given Minny’s HUGE buyout cap hits.)

      • Hi Pete

        If it is Minny…. They are also constrained re 10% over Cap…. Acquiring Weber…. Gives them then ~ $83 M on Cap (10% over is ~ $91.8 M) …. So ~ $8.8 M to sign Fiala, Dewar, Middleton plus 2 more….. more moves would need to be done (if keeping Fiala, Dewar, Middleton)

      • Hey Pete, that’s not the way it works – I know, as I have thought the same as you in the past and be corrected on it 🙂

        You can go over on LTIR if it is one of your *existing* contracts. E.g. If Kucherov is on TB and gets injured, TB can go over by Kucherov’s cap hit. If Kucherov wasn’t injured, they can not trade for Weber and go over by Weber’s cap hit because the salary they are paying to uninjured players would still be at the cap ceiling.

        With that in mind, Minnesota would not gain any cap relief by getting Weber. Weber would just be additional dead space on their cap. But it doesn’t help them (or anyone) sign people above the cap ceiling.

        Weber’s contract will *only* help teams trying to hit the cap floor because the cap hit is high and gets them to the floor, but the salary they would have pay is low, at $1M. Which is why cheapo Arizona might be interested.

  4. Re Kingerski

    Re-sign Tanger…. Agree 100%
    Keep Matheson…Agree 100%
    Keep Freidman and reasonable Cap hit…. Agree 100%

    Shop Pettersson and Marino…. I agree that one of them going frees up space… BUT…. If they are moving an LD…. Should be Dumo…. He faltered this tear and I’m not sure his Mojo comes back…. Dumo, Pettersson, Marino ….. all very close Cap hits….. Move Dumo…. Bring up PO-J…. Save $3M in Cap

    Can’t move Marino unless they have a cheaper 2RD in mind from UFA…. Methinks that is not happening

    No mention of booting CR…. Huh? Kingerski, wake up

    Get Tanger and Gino signed for combined $15 M —- OR less; Move Dumo; bring up P-O J; move Zucker (retain $2M), promote a WBS forward (Poulin or Nylander or Legare or O’Connor or Zoho)… that frees up ~ $7.5 M


    Tanger Matheson

    Marino Pettersson

    Freidman P-O J

    7th D UFA Rightie …. $750 K – $850 K (not sure they’d even consider that low….. but…Gud B? Ruuta ? ) or *Psyk, or Miller or PK

    *Psyk is a very good pick up in that he plays equally well at RD and bottom 6 RW

    OR…. you move **Marino, Dumo, Pettersson, Zucker…. and go all in and get Manson and Zadorov:

    Tanger Matheson

    Manson Zadorov

    Freidman P-O J

    7th…Psyk, or Miller or PK

    **Team taking Marino, must take Zucker ; maybe….

    Marino + Zucker (50% retained) to Arz for Mayo & O’ Brien

    • Why does everyone automatically turn to Arizona when they’re musing about how to get rid of unwanted contracts? They don’t need any such contracts to get to the cap floor as the formula exists right within their system. What they NEED to do, with 3 1st round picks and 4 in the 2nd, is to make good choices and continue their re-build correctly.

      • By my count, George, they’re currently a minimum $17M under the floor for next year. They may not need bad contracts, but they do need contracts!

        Because the interesting rule that probably on relates to the Coyotes: if they’re only at the floor, they actually wouldn’t be able to trade a player for a great pick, because they’re not allowed to go below the floor at any point. They actually need wiggle room *above* the floor.

        Weber is the dream for this: his cap is $7M, his salary is $1M. That would help put them safely in the middle of floor and ceiling, and he could also be put on LTIR at any time, if they need it.

        TL;DR – Arizona is a ridiculous franchise lol

      • Paddy, here’s their cap situation as reported by CapFriendly.

        They have $49,305,834 committed to 17 – so have $33,194,166 to sign 6.

        The Cap floor is $60,200,000 so they’d need to spend $10,894,166 to reach the floor.

        They have 5 RFAs
        Crouse – coming off $1,533,333
        Fischer – coming off $1,000,000
        Hayton – coming off $894,167
        Capobianco – coming off $1,550,000
        Dineen – coming off $750,000

        for an expiring total cap hit of $5,727,500. All but Hayton have arbitration rights. Even at modest bridge deals, those 5 will see a cumulative Cap hit in the area of $8 mil at least, leaving $2,894,166

        They also have 9 UFAs, including Kessel and Stralman – so re-upping just one of those will put them well over the cap floor. They also need a back-up goalie and, of course, they could also sign someone else off the overall UFA list.

        So, reaching the cap floor is fairly simple without taking on the contracts of players who are not going to make any significant difference to their season next year.

      • High five, George! You are way ahead of me on the cap game. Great point/info on all of that.

        I guess then it becomes a question of: “What is an additional $1M in salary worth to the Coyotes?” E.g. would they take Weber for… a 2nd round pick? a bottom six forward? Nothing? Will be interesting to see!

      • George O
        Are you saying Arizona has a system ?

        You are counting on Arizona to make the right picks with their three first rounders…
        ok ?

        Arizona and Detroit are really the only teams that can take on bad contracts….like they have done forever

      • Perhaps they’re smartening up? Even the dumbest GM would have to see that taking on toxic or unwanted contracts does absolutely nothing for them in terms of improving their on-ice game to any significant degree. Hell, sign players off the UFA list for a year or two until their kids get ready to make the jump is far better than a Lucic for 1 year or Zucker for whatever is left of his term.

        And they have a boatload of 1st/2nd round picks this year, some of which could be dealt for better immediate help from cap-strapped teams.

      • As for taking on Weber’s contract … why would they do that when their goal for this and probably next year is to get to the cap floor? So they hardly need a large LTIR cap cost to help them stay under the max as they won’t be spending anywhere near there for several years.

      • Hi George

        Weber contract type is exactly what Yotes need (unless Gary retires)

        No Gary retirement…. They play in a barn with bench seating, 5K max…. Very poor camera angle set up for TV…. WhatUFA wants to sign there? Late 30’s guy still looking for a paycheque @league min maybe

        Late 20’s UFA, early 30’s UFA…. Why would they want to play in that barn (for at LEAST 4 years) with minuscule numbers in attendance and lower (than already) TV audience, and be at/near bottom of league for the foreseeable future

        Yotes already bleeding losses…. For next 4-5 years (again unless Gary retires) they will haemorrhage losses profusely

        New contract UFAs with have Cap = cash; some of their RFAs will actually have cash > Cap (SIgning bonuses; performance bonuses; front loaded, etc)

        The ideal contract for them is low cash with high Cap …. Weber…. Payout is $3M… gets Yotes 3 years of nigh $7.9 M per on Cap

        As at now on CapFriendly…. A few of those showing above the line (@NHL and against Cap) ar3 basically AHLers…. There are10 contracts listed at $0.9 M or less

        So, can they reach the cap floor without a Weber type contract …. I would think so…. But it is much better to have Cap heavy/Low cash contracts

      • Right on George. It is always amusing reading how Arizona, or Detroit, or Ottawa, or Buffalo should always take on bad contracts or over the hill players to help out ash strapped teams. Some even fantasize about the have nots also giving up assets to do so. Detroit has only taken on one bad contract under Yzerman. That was Staal, who had one year left at $5+M, and he came with a 2nd round pick attached. No one is going to help out teams in salary cap hell without getting something significant attached.

    • “ Should be Dumo…. He faltered this tear and I’m not sure his Mojo comes back…. ”

      And other GMs won’t have the same fear as yours as a casual fan / observer?

    • If Pens resign Tanger+Malkin they are telling you to enjoy these all time Penguin players for the next few years and appreciate their careers but dont expect a contender right now.

      Letang is still elite as if Sid. But your best players Sid Tang Malkin Carter will miss batches of games with injuries and there is no cap space to still be better than they were this season IMHO

      tough spot. those 3 guys brought you 3 Cups and it could be a long time before they draft a HOF or 3!

      • Malkin must move on..

        Peterson tradex

        Kapanen traded or let go

        De Smith let go

        Zu ker moved if possible may b tough

        Dominique let go

        Boyle let go

        Heinien let go

        Lots of money there to retool aroung Sid and Tanger

      • No challenge on your logic ds

        Kingerski and others covering Pens have reported before that Penguins are NOT rebuilding (re-upping Rusty , albeit at a reasonable hit; per Kingerski et al, backed that apparent perception )

        If they are not rebuilding…. Then they are not likely looking to have their top D leave, then try to find a replacement.

        Ditto, with less conviction re their 2C

        My guess is ownerships idea is to keep fan interest up there even knowing that another cup is likely a decade away

        IF, they have that in mind; bringing back Tanger and Malkin; tweak the D; rid Zucker…. Still likely gets them into playoffs next year

        Yes… tis a tough spot

        If Tanger walks (of the two, he is the one they should focus contract negotiations on); then there is no point re-signing Gino….. use the $16.8 M in Cap space freed up…. Take a shot a luring a Manson (or similar) and see what you can acquire for a 2C (not a chance Giroux or Bergeron come to Pens…. What about Kadri? Strome? Trochek?) .

        Team should still make the playoffs if Tanger/Malkin walk; if Pens somehow acquire replacements of the ilk above; and got younger in the process

        Any progress (if at all) in contract talks re Tanger, has been kept secret (apparently a verbal commitment Tanger/Hextall; to do as such)

        It really comes down to if they can come to an agreement re Tanger…. Malkin then knows what’s left (Pens won’t be sending more than$16 M combined in those 2) and he can decide if he is walking then

        RFAs (trade ? OS?) for 2C (Dylan Strome….. could he be a fit at 2C on Pens?); and RD1… not a chance they get Dobson; and unlikely they’d go after ADA)…. So it’s UFA or trade (what do Pens have to offer to lure a 1RD…. Cupboard is empty

      • How would you suggest they build a contender right now?

    • Pengy..i believe zadorov is a must..he can skate, he is big, he is mean, has a good shot and a UFA

      Move Petersson use his money and add some sign Zadorov

      Rutherford loves Marino if we lose Malkin you move marino plus to Vancouver for center bo Horvath

      Then sign Manson..

      • Hi BNG

        Love Manson, agree re Zadorov…. What’s the cost for each… if they don’t re-up for their current teams…. Bidding wars

        First move out must be Zucker…. $5.5 M Cap waste

        If moving an LD… Dumo first (before Pettersson)…. Pettersson had a much more consistent year than Dumo

        If they don’t (can’t ?) sign Tanger….Pens must get a top UFA 1RD… in no way can Marino handle 1st pairing for an entire year

        The loss to Rangers was expected with Shesterkin v Domingue for most of series…… but if it weren’t for Trouba hit on Sid…. (Up 3 games to 1; up in game)…. Pens win that series; Jarry back…. I think they had a great shot at Canes

        Now…they would lose to Bolts in ECF…. But that shows that a “re-jig” vs rebuild , and Pens still likely in playoffs next year and maybe year after

        With the re-up of Rusty…. I agree with Kingerski and otherPens reporters…. Looks like rebuild is on hold

        Pens still have their 1st this year… so at least that is something (somebody) that may be an asset when they do re-build

        Will be an interesting summer

  5. Paddy. Add to that they could still be moving Chychrun

    • Yep, great point, Slick!

  6. Captain Obvious Happy memorial day you continue to be just a ****** but thats ok that is who you are.

    Bo Horavth is on the block that is a fact. Rutherford loves Marino who is young and has top2 D pair potential and affordable.

    I know you think everyone over 18 is old in the NHl but that speaks to what you know…

    All I said was Marino is a good starting point for a trade with Vancouver
    Marino plus i said what the plus is well that’s the gms job.

    As usual you put words in to peoples mouths a lot on here never mentioned Miller or Zucker that is Pengy..

    Maybe Marino prospect Poulin and a second something along those lines.

    • First of all you continuously struggle with where to reply. It’s really not that hard. But that’s okay, that’s who you are. (Hit reply under the last comment in a thread. Really difficult, but eventually you may figure it out with my tutelage. ) you’re welcome.

      And why am I a ******? Because I speak truly, honestly and not from a dream fan boy perspective? Lmao. That’s hilarious!

      You’re not getting Horvat, for Marino. Marino is a former 6th round pick, that Pittsburgh gave up a 6th rounder for, and fans being fans got overly excited about a guy that had one decent season.

      You mentioned “maybe add a pick” maybe? Lol.

      Miller for Zucker was a hyperbole. It was in jest, but about as realistic as Marino for Horvat and “maybe a pick” so generous of you to throw in that pick.

      You know what Rutherford loves? His JOB!

      Now your last proposal is somewhat realistic.

      Happy Memorial Day!

      If you feel the need to reply , please do so below, see instructions above.

      Side note, wasn’t it you talking about Murray becoming the new Lunqvist, Brodeur a few years back?

      Temper expectations my friend. Temper.

      • Marino, plus a prospect say Poulin and a pick will do it.

        You mentioned Marino was a 6th and we gave up a chair for him…dude he is playing second pairing minutes and has since he has been a Penguin.

        He is 24/25 would be an affordable asset to Vancouver.

        Who is better RHD ? Tyler Myers 32 who they want to move at $ 6 million nope

        Luke Schenn also 32.. yes he is better defensively
        Schenn is steady/solid but he is affordable and Canucks aren’t trying to move him.

        As far as replying sometimes I move on to something else and don’t go back to original reply button sorry…

        Marino, a prospect and a high pick does get us Horvath..

        they cant resign him after his deal is done in 2 years he will want north of $7 million

    • But honestly, Bo Horvat would be a great fit in Pittsburgh. He’s as fragile as a Pringle potato chip too. He’d fit right in that LTIR lineup.

      • Agreed we have some pringlessLOL

    • And it’s not Bo “horvath” it’s Bo Horvat.

      Bo Hotvath is a lacrosse player. Maybe Marino a with a 4th could fetch him? Maybe?

      No wonder you’re confused.

      • Pens will send marinoth. No pick needed.

  7. 🍁The Edmonton Oilers may look at Manson,
    We need a RD with sandpaper,

    Tyson Barrie may get moved as Evan Bouchard is now our #1 RD & PP guy….
    Seattle are also loolikg for help on the PP

    Maybe Joss would like to play for his Dad
    ( Dave Manson ) Oilers Assistant coach..⁉️🤔