NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 28, 2022

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The Sedin Twins, Roberto Luongo and Daniel Alfredsson headline the 2022 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees, the case for Alexander Mogilny’s induction, Corey Perry sets a playoff record and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Daniel and Henrik Sedin, Roberto Luongo and Daniel Alfredsson head the 2022 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees. Finnish female star Riikka Sallinen and former minor league and senior league star Herb Carnegie are also among the class of 2022.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for their well-deserved honors.

The Sedin Twins and Roberto Luongo are among the 2022 inductees into the Hockey Hall of Fame (NHL.com).

The Sedins were the two greatest players in Vancouver Canucks history, becoming their franchise leaders in several offensive categories. Henrik won the Art Ross Trophy and the Hart Memorial Trophy in 2009-10 while Daniel won the Art Ross and the Ted Lindsay Award in 2010-11. Luongo is second all-time among NHL goaltenders in games played (1,044) while his 489 career wins rank fourth overall.

Luongo and the Sedins helped turn the Canucks into a Western Conference powerhouse from 2006-07 to 2012-13. The club finished atop the Northwest Division six times and won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2011 and 2012. They also advanced to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final.

Alfredsson spent all but one of his 18 NHL seasons with the Ottawa Senators. He’s their franchise leader with 426 career goals, 682 assists and 1108 points. He’s also their longest-serving captain (1999-2000 to 2012-13) and led them to the 2007 Stanley Cup Final. Under Alfredsson’s leadership, the Senators topped the Northeast Division three times and won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2003.

THE SCORE: Josh Gold-Smith points out the Hall of Fame has snubbed former NHL star Alexander Mogilny for the 13th straight year since he became eligible for induction. He makes a convincing case for Mogilny’s induction, noting that he was the first player ever to defect from the Soviet Union directly to the NHL.

Mogilny amassed 473 goals and 559 assists for 1,032 points, including a 76-goal performance in 1992-93, and continued to produce solid numbers over the final years of his career despite chronic hip issues. Gold-Smith observed that his goal rate and goal total is higher than several of his contemporaries already in the Hall, including Steve Yzerman, Teemu Selanne, Joe Sakic, Pat Lafontaine, Peter Stastny and Pavel Bure.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gold-Smith suggests one reason for Mogilny’s exclusion could be his potential reluctance to engage in the induction festivities. However, that’s not a reason for the Hall not to honor his career and accomplishments. In my opinion, he belongs there.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Former Stars winger Corey Perry became the first player in NHL history to lose three consecutive Stanley Cup Finals with three different teams. He skated for the Cup Finalist Stars in 2020, the Montreal Canadiens in 2021 and the Tampa Bay Lightning this year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perry will have to console himself with the Stanley Cup he won with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: The Bruins officially confirmed signing general manager Don Sweeney to a multi-year contract extension.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs signed Timothy Liljegren to a two-year contract worth $1.4 million per season. The 23-year-old defenseman was slated to become a restricted free agent on July 13.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Liljegren signing leaves the Leafs with $6.4 million salary-cap space for 2022-23 with 18 players under contract. I’ll have more about that in the Rumors section.

TSN: Maxim Mamin is reportedly returning to the KHL after spending a season with the Florida Panthers. The pending unrestricted free agent forward had 14 points in 40 games.

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Coyotes have been awarded the Colorado Avalanche’s third-round pick in the 2024 draft. It was part of the conditions of the trade that sent goaltender Darcy Kuemper to the Avalanche last summer.


    • thanks for posting that article George

      • You’re welcome Fergy 22. I especially liked this portion:

        “I’ve told this story before, but I never like people to forget what John Ferguson Sr. meant to this organization and how much he loved his time here in the early days. I called him from the draft floor at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus and his lovely wife, Joan, came on the line to say “Fergie” had been watching the proceedings and wanted the latest scoops.

        While Ferguson Sr. was in the late stages of his battle with cancer in 2007, his voice, weakened by the disease, came on the line from his Windsor home with one final request to a reporter. “Do me a favour,” Ferguson Sr. told me that night. “Don’t ever let people forget I got (the Senators) Daniel Alfredsson.”

      • A couple of weeks back Garrioch ran this article about Ottawa seeking an assistant GM … why not introduce at a press conference one of the latest inductees into the HofF – Daniel Alfredsson – as the new assistant to Dorion? Mend a fence and score a huge public relations coup at the same time.

  1. A Swedish hat trick in the HHOF 👍👍👍👏👏👏🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    Congrats Bobby Loooo; Daniel; Henrik; Alfie; Riika and Herb

    Not sure why HHOF keeps shunting AMo????

    Perry…. What team is going to want to sign him???…. Omen of a potential 4-Peat SC bridesmaid???

    RWM…. Your ship has come in … Sweeney, long term…. Please advise where your hospital stay will be (to all here) so that your fans on here can send you flowers and well wishes cards

    Leafs… $6.4 M to sign 5…. and that includes a starting G…. Happy days are here again 🤬😢💩

    • Perry has 1 more year with Tampa

      • Thanks JZ… somehow I thought he was UFA…. I guess he’ll be hard to trade; LOL

      • Well, maybe Dubas could get him cheap and that way, if he does have a 4-peat SC bridesmaid, at least they’ll have gone past the 1st Round all the way to the finals.

  2. That deal to get Kuemper out of Arizona back on July 28, 2021 for their 1st-round pick this year (32nd overall), that 2024 3rd rounder and very ordinary D-man Conor Timmins turned out to be a stroke of genius by Sakic after Grubauer figured he’d be better off in Seattle when he decided – as a pending UFA – he couldn’t live with Sakic’s offer.

    Wonder what was going through his head the other night as his former teammates skated around with Lord Stanley?

    If Kuemper ultimately leaves the same way this summer, at least he does so with his name on the cup.

    • Yes, Grubauer missed an opportunity to win the Cup with the Avalanche. However, he already has a Cup ring with the Capitals so I don’t think he’s too bummed about missing out in Colorado.

      • I don’t know how bummed he is, but the point isn’t to give up after one Cup. It’s to win another. And he was the backup on the Caps team that won the Cup. Now, he could have been the guy leading the Avs to the Cup. Hope the moneys worth it.

      • And he’s probably fine with it. Otherwise, why sign with an expansion team that is years away from Cup contention?

      • True. But you have to wonder – what was the difference in $ and/or term between what Sakic offered him and what he got in Seattle. One thing he did get there is a sunburned neck from that red light going ion all the time behind him.

      • The difference was probably significant enough that he was willing to join an expansion team that is years away from Cup contention. Everyone knew the Kraken wasn’t going to replicate the Golden Knights’ success. He was offered big bucks and took it and I daresay he’s untroubled by “what could’ve been”.

      • Ahh yes the joys of cap management…. Where you find out how selfish each “teammate” is…. Some guys take less so they can have a deeper and better team around them…. Some guys want ever dollar possible though most of them make more than mom and dad ever did….. Most of teams that spread it around well end up in the fight at the end… Those that out it in a handful of pockets…. Don’t

      • Another reason they didn’t keep Grubauer is they didn’t think he was good enough for that $, or maybe even get them to the Cup with a great team in front of them.

        The Avs gave up the fewest chances against in 20/21 and again this past season. Gubauer’s #’s vs expected, were mediocre and not worth the $ he got.

        Goaltending guys like Woodley predicted it and were right, again.

        Curious what they end up doing with Kuemper.

      • I don’t get the idea a player is selfish for going for the money. It’s not like if they leave hundreds of thousands or millions on the table they are guaranteed a cup. It’s still a real long shot.

      • Hi George

        I’m thinking the Avs offer must have been quite a bit less ($ or term) than Krakken

        Normally with Krakken (and other no state tax franchises) they have a huge “take home pay “ advantage

        However, I just went on the GavinGroup to compare. Colorado tax rate not that bad…

        His current $5.9 M gross in Seattle is equal to only $6.35 M gross in Denver …. Both these figures get “take-home” ~ $3.75 M

        If Avs had offered him $5.9 M…. his take home “loss” (staying in Denver vs signing in Seattle …. would be Just $268 K per (again cite GavinGroup)

        $268 K and being onna team (Krakken) that were not expected to be cup bound within the contract years signed; OR stay with AVs…. at that time Avs were expected to be on cusp of Cup run year (which ended up being true) and likely deep playoffs for the next few years

        He signed with Krakken 6 @ $5.9 M (no SBs) when he was 29

        Perhaps Sackic was offering $5.9 M or $6M …, but only for 4 or 5 years???

        Regrets…. As Lyle said…. Already got a cup…, knew what he was joining in Krakken

        Perhaps he liked Salmon fishing over mountain climbing???

      • So now the question becomes – after winning a cup – does Kuemper and his agent have a similar mindset and are intent on following the money?

      • Keep in mind that the Avs were up against the salary cap this year and Arizona retained $1M in Kuemper’s salary. The Avs were only on the hook for $3.5M in salary.

        If the Avs offered Grubauer around $3.5M on a shorter term, it would be a no-brainer for him to seek more from Seattle.

  3. Where’s RWM’s almost daily anti-Sweeney rant? I look forward to that to give me a belly laugh.

    • “Sweeney is the Sweeneyest Sweeney who ever Sweeneyed!” – RWM 😉

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • And not only that, he will forever continue to Sweeney.

      • Cheers to that. Sweeney is busy signing. Giroux. Manson. Krechi and. Bergy

        Just trying to decide who get how much of the 3 mil in cap space each will get 😜

      • Snicker

      • RWM

        Are you crying buckets 0’ tears; waaaaay down upon the Sweeney River?

        Per the urban dictionary , Sweeney means:

        “A God like specimen of man, built solely to satisfy women.”

        “The Sweeney – a charming classy sofisticated gentleman, who has the ability to take those he meets to paradise. “

      • Not if he’s Sweeney Todd.

  4. I’m sure all the Hall of Fame inductees deserve the honor. I don’t know why Rod Brind’Amour is never mentioned as a Hall of Fame consideration. Is it because he never played for a team from Canada? His stats alone are better than most recent inductees which should at least get a mention. Oh and by the way he was captain of a Stanley Cup team. Two time Selke award. Jack Adams award. Somehow I think the Hall of Fame has become a popularity contest.

    • Not sure why some guys don’t get in or are delayed snuffy, and ya Rod is as good as the Sedins IMO. The voters I suppose, you can google who they are.
      My guess is he will get in eventually.

      The fact he never played for a Canadian team, has nothing to do with it. Come on man, use your head.
      In case you didn’t know, he is Canadian.

    • “Is it because he never played for a team from Canada?” Have you heard of Ray Bourque? LOL
      It’s confusing who gets inducted into the HHoF with some of the players who are still available to be inducted. To me, I’m still wondering how Matts Sundin was a first-ballot induction. The only individual award he won was the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award once. Other than that he won nothing in the NHL.

      • Not just the NHL comes into play KevJam, so maybe that’s why. Hockey Hall of Fame, not NHL HOF.
        Sundin had 3 world championships and an Olympic gold .
        Sedins were on that Olympic team as well.

        A guys like Larionov is in, even though he didn’t play that long in NHL and didn’t produce big #’s on a great Detroit team that won 3 cups while he was there.

      • Considering what he had to endure in many of his years with the Leafs, it’s not surprising he won so few awards.

        But over his 18-year career and 1,346 gp he was a point-a-game player who scored over 30 goals 13 times over that span and came close (28g and 27g in 2 other seasons) twice, while scoring over 40 3 times.

        He is a legitimate Hall-of-Famer.

      • Good point Ray. I too thought Sundin was a Toronto-centric pick but you’ve cleared that up.

      • I don’t know how you can have Sundin as a first-ballot inductee when Pavel Bure wasn’t. In all aspects, Bure had a better NHL and International hockey career. It may not have been as long, but it was a better career. That is just one example. There are a bunch of players inducted that had a better hockey career than Sundin who weren’t first-ballot inductees. Pierre Turgeon has a very similar career than Sundin, and he isn’t in the HHoF yet.

    • Ya think??? Media folk not scientific & logical but swayed by emotion & bias? Never! At least they are not dealing with juiced homers & strikeouts.

      • Richard, google who the committee is that selects who gets in.

    • I think all the awards are. There were several that went to the wrong players this year too. And it is hard to fathom that Cooper has never won for the best coach….he IS the best coach.

  5. There are plenty of baffling omissions from the NHL’s hall of fame.

    The amount of hardware won by Henrik Zetterberg dwarfs what all three of yesterday’s Swedes won.

    And…in the “he’s not in because he’s a jerk” catagory. Tom Barrasso and his hardware also should be in.

    • I will add Patrik Elias to the list of those deserving HHOF entry

      • Add John Tonelli to the list as well.

  6. From THW…. Past questionable HHoF picks : 7 Highly Questionable HHoF Selections

    From THW… who has been passed over so far that “should” (???) have gotten in already ???? Or should still be considered ???? :

    Best NHL Players Not in the Hockey Hall of Fame

  7. Did George bring literature into a hockey blog? What’s happening ,Lyle? Sweeney Todd? Really?

    • Gotta raise the “class” level somehow 🙂