NHL Rumor Mill – June 2, 2022

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Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff expects Mark Scheifele to return next season, an update on Vincent Trocheck plus the latest collection of Capitals speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: Mike Zeisberger reports Winnipeg Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff expects Mark Scheifele will return with the club next season. The 29-year-old center made headlines in the Winnipeg media last month when he seemed to question his future with the club after missing the 2022 postseason.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele (NHL Images).

Cheveldayoff said his exit interview with Scheifele went well, chalking up the center’s comments to the emotion of missing the playoffs. The long-time Jets forward has two years remaining on his contract.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien believes the Jets are better off retaining Scheifele than attempting to trade him. He cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported on May 7 that the center hadn’t asked management to move him.

Despite a decline in Scheifele’s numbers over the past four seasons, O’Brien still believes it’s worthwhile retaining him for at least the coming season. His performance could improve under a new coach. If the Jets need to clear some cap space. O’Brien suggested moving a defenseman such as Nate Schmidt or Brenden Dillon.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets wouldn’t have any problem finding trade partners to take Scheifele off their hands. He’d be much easier to move than Schmidt or Dillon.

Most of the calls for a Scheifele trade were based on the Jets’ need to change a team culture that has eroded since their franchise-best 2017-18 season. Cheveldayoff could be betting on a new bench boss addressing that issue. Former New York Islanders coach (and Manitoba native) Barry Trotz recently interviewed with the Jets and could be just what’s required to reverse their fortunes.

If the problems persist next season, however, the calls for Scheifele (and perhaps other core players) will grow louder. Cheveldayoff might not have much choice by that point. Scheifele could force the issue by calling for a trade.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “32 Thoughts” podcast, Elliotte Friedman reported re-signing with the Carolina Hurricanes remains an option for Vincent Trocheck. The 28-year-old center is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 13.

The Hurricanes, however, might not be the best financial choice. Friedman said he’d heard the club made an offer to extend Trocheck but it didn’t get done. He pointed out that Hurricanes’ management rarely deviates from their view of a player’s value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Trocheck is completing a six-year deal with an annual average value of $4.75 million. He’ll probably want something close to $6 million per season.

The Hurricanes could re-sign Trocheck but they might also seek a more consistent option through trade or free agency. Trocheck won’t be back if they acquire a second-line center before free agency opens on July 13.


NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: Andrew Gillis recently listed the health of key players such as Nicklas Backstrom and Tom Wilson among the big three questions facing the Washington Capitals in the offseason. Backstrom has been troubled by a nagging left-hip injury while Wilson could miss up to the first half of next season recovering from knee surgery.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Sammi Silber observed the Capitals could get some cap relief for next season by placing Backstrom and Wilson on long-term injury reserve. That would free up space to add an experienced starting goalie, a reliable top-six forward or more depth at center via trade or free agency.

If Backstrom were to miss significant time, Silber pondered whether Colorado’s Nazem Kadri would be a good fit if he becomes available on the free-agent market. She acknowledged there would be a cap crunch if Backstrom returned during the season after signing a player like Kadri. Silber also suggested Avs winger Valeri Nichushkin as a possible free-agent replacement for the sidelined Wilson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Backstrom’s cap hit for next season is $9.2 million while Wilson’s is $5.16 million. That’s a big chunk of change that the Capitals could free up if necessary by placing one or both on LTIR.

Backstrom could be the more likely LTIR candidate if he’s unable to play without pain going forward. He’d be all but retired by that point, alleviating any concern about a cap crunch by bringing in a replacement this summer through trade or free agency. It would be riskier if he has a timetable to return at some point next season should he undergo another offseason surgical procedure on his hip.

For now, there’s no clarity on Backstrom’s status. The Capitals really can’t make any significant moves based on his health until they determine for certain his status for next season.


  1. correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe you can place a player(s) on LTIR until the first day of the season, but rosters have to be set and under the cap the day before. This is the reason why the Habs were looking to trade Weber’s contract before next season.
    So I can’t see how the Caps can sign a big contract like Kadri if they are close to the cap, because they won’t get savings from Backstrom/Wilson until after the rosters are set. And what happens when Wilson and/or Backstrom are activated from LTIR ?

    • Weber is still ON LTIR, is he not? Backstrom and Wison will be new to LTIR….

    • Hi mikeP

      LTIR is confusing as hell

      I believe a team can go 10% over Cap (using LTIR) in the off-season; and at year start…. LTIR player’s Cap counts against Cap; and team get’s credit on that LTIR up to and including all of it in the amount it forces them over $82.5 M…. That’s my understanding….

      E.g. 23 roster healthy players cap at year start $81.9 M; plus 1 LTIR of $8 M…. total $89.9 M….. max LTIR cap relief for year…. $89.9-$82.5…..$7.4 M

      Ideal situation…..year start…. 23 healthy at cap hit of $82.49 M; add $8 M LTIR player…. Total $90.49 M….LTIR max Cap relief of $7.99 M ($90.49 M – $82.5 M)

      That’s my guess/understanding of it… anybody else know if that is correct?

      • Pengy: I am on my first coffee and that was hard for me to read.

        This is how I understand it: In the off season teams get LTIR relief + 10%. Once the season starts teams revert to LTIR relief only.

  2. Trocheck will get north of $6M x 7 on the open market. There will be a bidding war and I hope the Wings do not get into that. I would hope that Stevie fills a hole at LD with a vet by trade or a FA that gets about $3M AAV. Wings need a center, but it is too early to make a big splash in FA.

    • Agree. even with his lack of results in the Rangers series he was always in the dirty areas and playing 200ft.

    • I’m not sure there will be a biding war as you claim for Trocheck.

      There will also be other interesting UFA Centers like Kadri Strome Giroux Copp that will make it not necessary to overpay for Trocheck. Malkin Bergeron are also UFA but I don’t mention them as they most likely re-sign with their respective club and not hit market.

      There is also UFA wingers like Gaudreau Forsberg Rakell that could be interesting instead of a Center, you move Staal to 2C and Jarvis 3C or sign Domi cheap to play 3C and get a top winger instead of Trochek and Niederreiter.

    • If Malkin goes come home to Pittsburgh Vinny Trocheck..

      You are younger, cheaper and at this point a better all around player than Malkin.

      3 years @ $5.5 or $ 6 million…

      even at 4 6 million we save $3.5 from Malkin’s deal

      • 4 years or 5 @ $ 6 million sorry…ooopppssss

  3. Again

    I never would wish injury or lengthy recovery from surgery on anybody… but Wilson out 1/2 year, makes league safer (something Parros is mandated to do; and fails at every chance to do)


    Wishing Wilson a full and healthy recovery…. Take all the time you need

    Hoping Gary finally pulls his head out of his….. and fires Parros

  4. Scheifele scored 29g 70pts in 67gp

    The biggest difference in Scheifele game in 2021-2022 season was his defensive play.

    Scheifele been know for a 200ft game but not last season as his career worst +/- was -17 previous was a -4 all other seasons he was a + player.

    Last season he was caught floating several times, not coming back to help out. He played liked the only thing he cared about was scoring points.

    I applauded the additions of Nate Schmidt and Brenden Dillon.

    Brenden Dillon was exactly what i thought he was and is a very good value $3.9 he finished with +16 and 67pm

    He is exactly the type of player Boston needs.

    Nate Schmidt is a funny guy and everyone loves him. On the ice he was a big disappointment for me. I expected more but got less. I was surprised by his lack of defensive zone awareness.

    If Chevy could move him and his $5.95 cpa hit for 3 more seasons would be a big win.

    Chevy has a lot of work to do, first and foremost is getting PLD signed who will eat a big chunk of the $18m cap space with 13 players signed.

    • IMO, Caper, the Jets are Canada’s answer to the Sharks, a good team who consistently underachieved in the playoffs.

      Is there debate that the Jets need to be better on D? At center they have Wheeler, Dubois and Lowry. On the wing Connor and Ehlers. Strong group.

      Something has to change in the ‘Peg, as it is not as if the Jets have shown they are one piece away with their existing roster. Trading Scheifele is the logical one to move to improve the D, attractive due to age and $.

    • Schiefele is also a great value at 6.125. Not sure I get the comment that his numbers declined last 4 seasons. He had his highest point total 4 years ago and last 3 seasons he didn’t play full season. Still over a point a game. Unless there’s a locker room issue, he’s not going anywhere

  5. Tom Wilson & Brad Marchand…..

    The guys you love to hate, unless theyre on your team.

    and every team in the league wishes they had a guy just like them.

  6. Scheifele for a top defender would be the only reason he gets traded.

  7. 🍁Re; Mark Scheifele
    Will not re-sign with the Jets he will test Free Agency 100% if they dont try to trade him befor then…⁉️