NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 28, 2022

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An update on J.T. Miller’s contract talks with the Canucks, Claude Giroux expects a rough welcome from Philadelphia Flyers fans, the latest on John Klingberg and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

VANCOUVER HOCKEY NOW: Canucks president of hockey operations Jim Rutherford told The Bob McCown podcast that his club would like to re-sign J.T. Miller. However, the two sides “remain a long way apart”.

Vancouver Canucks forward J.T. Miller (NHL Images).

Rutherford considered Miller the Canucks’ best player last season and anticipates he’ll be a very good player for a long time. If unable to reach an agreement with the 29-year-old center on a new contract, he said they’ll have to put him “in a place where he’s going to get his contract and where we’re going to get the right assets back that can help the Canucks in the future.”

Asked if there was a timeline and if he saw Miller starting the season in Vancouver, Rutherford said he would start the season with the Canucks if he remains unsigned and no one’s made a suitable trade offer by then. He acknowledged the situation would reach a pressure point for management a month before the trade deadline, saying they don’t want to be in a position where they wouldn’t get anything in return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Miller is signed for this season at a salary cap hit of $5.25 million. He is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

Miller’s agent recently said there was a pathway toward a new contract with the Canucks. Rutherford’s comments suggest that the pathway could be too long, too expensive or both.

There’s still plenty of time for the two sides to negotiate an extension. However, we can expect trade rumors to continue swirling around Miller in the coming season if he doesn’t have a new deal by then.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Claude Giroux believes he’ll be booed by Flyers fans when he plays his first game at Wells Fargo Arena this coming season. Giroux was traded by the Flyers to the Florida Panthers at last season’s trade deadline and signed a three-year contract with the Ottawa Senators earlier this month. He thinks they could give him a standing ovation and then boo him.

DAILY FACEOFF: John Klingberg has changed agents two weeks into free agency. The former Dallas Stars defenseman parted ways with longtime agent Peter Wallen and is now represented by Newport Sports Management.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Klingberg was considered the top defenseman in this summer’s UFA class. It appears he and his former agent overestimated his value on the open market. There were reports last season that he sought an eight-year deal from the Stars worth between $62 million and $68 million. He’s certainly not getting that now.

NEW YORK POST: Former NHL forward Bobby Ryan took to Twitter yesterday to thank hockey fans for their support after he was arrested for public intoxication earlier this week at Nashville airport. Ryan, 35, has battled alcohol abuse and received treatment in 2019-20 through the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ryan’s relapse was unfortunate but he appears determined to return to the path of sobriety. Here’s hoping he can find the help he needs to do so. It was heartwarming to see the overwhelming support he received on social media from fans and former teammates.

THE ATHLETIC: Former Montreal Canadiens head coach Dominique Ducharme said he was disappointed he didn’t get the opportunity to speak with the club’s new management to discuss their plans for the franchise. Ducharme was replaced last February by Martin St. Louis after the club tumbled to last place in the overall standings. Under St. Louis, the Canadiens showed improvement though they still finished near the bottom of the standings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ducharme was put in a difficult situation by being hired midway through a COVID-shortened season on a struggling team that barely reached the playoffs. He coached them to a surprise run to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final, saw the wheels come off the following season as injuries to key players and a COVID outbreak ravaged the roster and appeared to have been kept in the dark by the club’s new management.

Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves. The Canadiens played like a team that had lost all confidence under Ducharme last season. There’s no denying their overall improvement under St. Louis.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: The Penguins signed free-agent forward Danton Heinen to a one-year, $1 million contract.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Carolina Hurricanes avoided salary arbitration with Ethan Bear, signing him to a one-year, $2.2 million contract.

THE SEATTLE TIMES: The Kraken re-signed forward Ryan Donato to a one-year, $1.2 million deal.

SPORTSNET: The St. Louis Blues signed forward Klim Kostin to a one-year, one-way contract worth $750K.

NHL.COM: The Anaheim Ducks signed defenseman Olli Juolevi to a one-year, two-way contract.

The Edmonton Oilers announced the Fort Wayne Comets will be their new ECHL affiliate.

DAILY FACEOFF: Former NHL player Daniel Carcillo released a statement yesterday criticizing Hockey Canada’s top officials for denying systemic and ongoing problems in junior hockey.

Carcillo is spearheading a lawsuit against Hockey Canada, alleging he suffered abuse during his major junior career. Hockey Canada is under scrutiny from Canadian politicians in the wake of two sexual assault scandals involving members of the 2003 and 2018 World Junior teams.


  1. Would have like to have seen JT in a bruins jersey but we got Zacha instead, yay. Right now Sweeney’s got his nose to the grindstone, probably out on the sands of Ribersborg building sandcastles with his twins Bjorne and jorgoflavin.

    • Sure Sweeney. Would have gladly traded. Haula for Miller. But pretty sure Vancouver said no. Lol

    • Serious question, Rick: What sort of offer do you think the Bruins should’ve made to acquire Miller from the Canucks?

      Honestly, I don’t believe they’ve got the assets to do it, just as I doubted your insistent belief last year that they could pry Jack Eichel away from the Buffalo Sabres last year. Looking at the return the Sabres got from the Golden Knights, the Bruins simply didn’t have anything comparable to offer up.

      Zacha for Haula could work out for the Bruins. It’s a low-cost deal landing a younger player who might benefit from a change of scenery.

      • Serious Lyle? Nothing comparable to offer in the Eichel trade?

        What exactly did Buffalo get; one NHL player who has one season of 20 goals in 6 seasons?

        A prospect playing In the Minors, with 48 nhl games played.

        A protected top 10 pick

        And a 2nd round pick.

        Tuch is a nice player maybe he further develops we’ll see.

        The package itself isn’t difficult to pass by any team.

        The issue was the health of the player, the cap hit and precieved reputation.

        As far as JT Miller, one year for a UFA , no thanks.

        Boston has no cap space! $4m which is mostly going to Zacha

        Sweeney needs to move out contracts.

        With injuries to Grizz and Riley makes it a tough thing to do.

        Coyle at this point be the best move, the return might not be desirable. $5.25 for a 3rd line C might be a tough move without holding salary.

      • Caper: Regarding JT Miller, I’m in agreement with you.

        Regarding the Eichel trade, Caper, you can question that return from the Golden Knights if you wish but the fact remains nobody, not even the Bruins, offered up anything comparable or better that made the Sabres say, “Yes, please!”.

        Tuch has been hampered by injuries over the course of his career, granted. I wouldn’t be so quick to write off Krebs. Yes, he was sent to the minors initially but was recalled in late December and earned a regular roster spot. He’s only 21 and still has plenty of time to blossom into a reliable top-six forward. That pick from Vegas got them a promising young center in Noah Ostlund. Maybe he becomes a star, maybe not, but let’s not blithely dismiss that pick like it’s nothing.

        What did the Bruins offer, if anything? What, exactly, did they have in their system at the time that would’ve bettered what the Sabres got from Vegas?

        Eichel’s health was a concern, of course, as was his cap hit. His perceived reputation may have been off-putting to some teams. Nevertheless, there was plenty of interest around the league in Eichel when the Sabres started listening to trade offers.

        Anyway, my question was addressed to Rick because he considers Sweeney an incompetent GM. I’m interested to read what he believes the Bruins should offer up that would bring Miller to Boston or what they should’ve offered up last year for Eichel when he was on here every day stumping for the Bruins to acquire him and guaranteeing it was going to happen.

      • Even though the bruins have one the lowest prospect talent pools in hockey there still some names they have that would generate a of interest for instance Lysell I’d trade Lysell before Lohrei have seen Lohrei play he will be a better player than Carlo. I’d trade Lysell, Coyle Studnicka & a second for Miller if that doesn’t get it done it ain’t worth it. look ownership has already said they want a competitive team they don’t want a rebuild time to go with some gusto. Either lay your cards on the table now or fold.

      • Not sure that gets it done Rick, but at least a reasonable offer.
        We need to stop using Studnicka like he is an asset with any value. He is 23, will turn 24 next season, and just signed a 2 way contract. When you do that as a 23 yr old, odds of being an NHL regular are slim. A meaningless throw in at best. Every team has a guy like him in their system, likely 2.

        Lysell has a chance to be a top 6 player, has shown he can score on a very good JR team playing with other good players. Coyle is a good 3rd line C, but over paid by $1M or so. Has value, just not sure how much due to contract.

        Reasonable, but if this is a trade where Miller signs an extension, not good enough IMO. The Canucks definitely know Lysell as he played in the greater Vancouver area. Depends if they see him as a top 6 guy or not.

        We’ll see, would need to add a 1st IMO to be in game. I think a better prospect gets offered by another team than Lysell.

      • Lyle, you’ve confirmed exactly my point. I don’t think Sweeney was anywhere near trying to bring Eichel aboard.

        I’ll let you and Rick handle the rest. Cheers

      • Rick that’s more then a fair offer for JT, personally if i’m Boston i don’t do that deal.

        Yes Studnicka was given a two way contract for this season and a one way next season.

        He’ll get an opportunity to play, as he wasn’t given much of a shot from Cassidy, one mistake and your done.

        Coyle and Lysel is an overpayment for one year of JT Miller.

        Miller, does not make this team a Cup contender.

        Lysel skating has been compared to Bure and McDavid, don’t be trading that away. I need to see this player develop

      • Agree on the 1 year thing Caper, it’s why I said if this is a trade if Miller signs and extension.
        That is because Rutherford is quoted above as that is what he is trying to do.

        Maybe Studnicka starts to play at an NHL level, but every game I watch where he plays he is a non factor. Doesn’t really accomplish anything, even when he gets shifts with the big guys.

        Dime a dozen guy as an asset.

      • Rick. You offer low ball trade offers and say take it or leave it. I propose that Sweeney very likely offered exactly what you proposed and Vancouver said we want more. In that likely scenario you and Sweeney are on the same page. Which means you believe he is doing a great job.

    • On please, shut the f#@$% up and thank your mom she lets you live in the basement!

  2. Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports in Montreal tweeted yesterday that Klingberg had been seeking a 7 year deal at $6m. AAV. I certainly think that he was seeking 7 years, but I somehow think he was seeking more than 6m. per year. Likely $7-8m. In any event, I can still see him getting 6m. Annually, but he’s not getting anywhere near 7 years. At this point, he’ll be lucky to get 3.

    • Caper, There was No Way Eichel was EVER going to Boston, because that’s where he ranted to play. Remember, Sabres ownership was in a personal battle with Eichel and they were not about to appease him by dealing him to Boston – at any price.

      • “wanted” not “ranted”

      • All good Harry, i for one didn’t want him.

  3. Klingberg should seek a one year deal at max pay and then hope he plays well and revenue as well. He needs a playoff’s calibre team for that

  4. Hoping for all the best on Bobby Ryan 👍

    Heinen signing @ $1M 👍👍👍👍👍… wow… very good

    It’s mind boggling that HexBurkie didn’t buyout Zucker…. That would have saved $3.5 M in Cap; replaced by $1M for Heinen (who should put up better numbers than Zucker)…. That would have net Pens $2.5 M in Cap savings.., which means they also could then have got back E-Rod

    • HOW do they hold their jobs? Such blinding incompetence. Come on, Pengy, relentless rants in sites like this actually produce zilch. They are, essentially, a waste of effort and time.

      • So you’re saying “Hexburkie “ aren’t taking advice from rumor board posters, even when they’re addressed by name or initials?

        That seems highly unlikely!

        Just once I’d love to see some gms come in here and tell people how to do their job. Or write a post.

      • Let’s be fair, George: Why are you poking at Pengy? What is the purpose of any of our posts here? I have yet to get a call from an GM with a job offer because of anything I have written. How about you?

      • Nope. Never have. Nor have I ever beat a dead horse. It should be clear to all and sundry that the Penguins hierarchy think more of the value of Zucker than anyone in here. So, live with it. It’s clear, too, that the Bruins hierarchy are quite satisfied with Sweeney.

        The mighty Penguins did finally get rid of Jack Johnson – who was the subject of an ongoing rant – didn’t do them a whole lot of good
        afterwards — meanwhile, Johnson was deemed good enough by the eventual Stanley Cup Champions for whom he played in 74 seasonal games and 13 playoff games, finishing with 1g 8a 9 pts and was a +5 so, clearly, he still knew how to play D if paired with a competent partner.

      • Luckily for Pittsburgh, they’re still paying Jack Johnson for 4 more years. Not only are they paying him for 4 more years, they’re paying him more than the Avs paid him to be on the cup roster for 4 more years.

        4 more years , 4 more years!

      • Hey George you ready for another relentless rant?

      • LOL. They’ll appear whether I’m “ready for them” or not Rick – so, let ’em fly.

    • Hi Peggy , do like the Danton Heinen signing for 1 mil. Regards to buyouts , is the rule unlimited buyouts or limited buyouts with how many buyouts ??

      • Hi Speed Kills

        Love the signing …. 18 G, 15 were 5 on 5, with relatively los minutes..,, AND for $100 K less than last year… this is an absolutely great signing

        Re buyouts…. In first window I believe any on team can be bought out

        For second window…. It only opens up if (1) a team has an unsigned RFA; that (2) was given a QO; and most importantly (3) an Arb was requested

        After the above 3…. 2nd buyout window opens (only for 48 hours) 3 days after an extension is signed; and filed with league

        1 buyout allowed in 2nd window ; for each case that 1,2,3 has been done

        Pens only gave QO to Kappy; then rushed to sign him after he filed for Arb. There was zero rush to get the deal done (have right up to the Arbitrators decision) unless they wanted to rush the timing of a buyout; to free up Cap; in order to persue a better (return on Cap) UFA player

        This is why TSN and SN had quickly reported the likelihood of Zucker (or Pettersson; but they were leaning Zucker in their opinion) being bought out…. Giving hope to many Pens fans (including me)

        Didn’t happen

        Now buyout door is closed for Pens

        Flames are unlkely to di a buyout…. But Both Mang and Kylington opted for Arb…. Tre closes both deals…. Could (not likely but could) Per TSN ; buyout 2 players

    • @ Pengy…I kind of figured and tried to tell you the Penguins were keeping Zucker…yes is surprising but the Penguins have this blind faith in Zucker and Kapanen. Not sure why..

      Had they released kapanen and bought out Zucker that is $ 6.6 million to spend elsewhere…

      • Yes…. That would work if they bought out JZ in first window

        You were right…. Sully had mega influence on Hexburkie basically needling them over and over to keep Zucker

        Only chance now re JZ…they have to give up buckets to rid him…, they shouldn’t do this

        Sully better not have JZ with Gino…. Gino’s numbers dropped substantially when playing with JZ

        Kappy or Heinen up with Gino and Rusty (I’d play Sid/Guentz/Rackell)

        3rd line ????

        Carter JZ and one of Kappy/Heinen

    • Pengy. Buying out zucker would be incredibly stupid. They don’t need a cap hit next season as well. Play him. Hope he gives you decent middle six production. Maybe try to trade him with salary held if not. Jj buy out still hurting us. Thank goodness they arnt doing it again with zucker.

  5. Whoa, testy bunch today!

  6. The only thing I am going to say regarding the Hockey Canada scandal is that staring with the head – down need to go. Either because of incompetence – didn’t know it was happening, or believe that covering up crimes is an acceptable MO.

  7. Sweeney will be fired after the 2022/23 season. Take it to the bank buddy.

  8. Carolina likes to have balance between RD and LD. They now have 5 RD on the roster. Bear is 4th best RD on the current roster. I doubt Gardiner will be on the roster at the start of the year. Carolina will be making a few more moves on defense before the season starts.

    • Gardiner plays LD.