NHL Rumor Mill – July 28, 2022

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A look at several proposed destinations for Nazem Kadri plus the Ducks might not be done making additions to their roster. Check it out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski examined seven potential destinations for Nazem Kadri. The 31-year-old center is the top player still available among this summer’s unrestricted free agent class.

Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri (NHL Images).

The New York Islanders, Seattle Kraken and Calgary Flames are among Wyshynski’s proposed destinations based on recent speculation, followed by the Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators, and Detroit Red Wings. He also doesn’t rule out a possible return to the Colorado Avalanche.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Kevin Kurz recently reported the Islanders could be pursuing Kadri after losing out in the Johnny Gaudreau sweepstakes. They need a boost to their offense and, as Kurz and Wyshynski suggest, Mathew Barzal or Brock Nelson could shift from center to the wing to make way for Kadri.

Colorado Hockey Now’s Adrian Dater reported last week that Kadri has offers on the table. However, some are from non-contenders and he’s apparently not interested in signing with those teams. That would take the Kraken out of the running.

The Senators and Red Wings have improved following their recent offseason moves but Kadri might not see them as contenders. It’s believed the Senators are more focused on adding a top-four, right-side defenseman.

Unless the Bruins’ efforts to bring back Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci have fallen through I don’t see them bidding for Kadri. The Flames could try to sign him but he rejected a trade to Calgary three years ago and could still be averse to playing there.

Kadri was very receptive to staying with the Avalanche and they would’ve reportedly loved to bring him back. However, they’ve got limited cap space for the coming season and must ensure they’ve got sufficient long-term space for the big raise Nathan MacKinnon will be entitled to on his next contract. A return to the Avs isn’t in the cards for Kadri unless they shed a lot of salary or he accepts a low-cost one-year contract and goes to market again next summer.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens recently reported Anaheim Ducks general manager Pat Verbeek isn’t done making additions to his rebuilding roster. Having signed forwards Ryan Strome and Frank Vatrano, Verbeek said he’d like to add another forward and a defenseman.

The Ducks remain under the $61 million salary-cap floor for the coming season. Stephens pointed out that John Klingberg remains available in the free agent market. P.K. Subban, Anton Stralman, Calvin de Haan and Ryan Murray are among more affordable stopgap options.

Blueline trade options could include Colorado’s Samuel Girard or Pittsburgh’s Marcus Pettersson. Others could include Carolina’s Ethan Bear or Sean Walker or Sean Durzi of the Los Angeles Kings.

Verbeek said he’s seeking shorter-term options on defense. He indicated he’ll look to the free agent market before going the trade route.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Girard has surfaced from time to time as a possible trade candidate. However, recent reports by Colorado Hockey Now’s Adrian Dater suggest the Avs don’t want to part with him.

Bear just signed a one-year contract with the Hurricanes but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t move him at some point. If Verbeek wants short-term blueline options he could pass on Pettersson and his $4.025 million cap hit through 2024-25.


  1. Seriously,

    Why is Klingberg not signed? Are the stars really trying to figure out a possible bridge after them signing Oettinger and Robertson?

    I would assume there is a lot of interest in a good team player like JK.


    • “Seriously,

      Why is Klingberg not signed?”

      Because he made it clear he’s going for the money, and he’s not worth what he thinks he’s worth.

      Pretty simple, I’d say.

      • Pretty sure youre spot on with that.

    • With as much offense as JK provides, he is a defensive nightmare. -28 last year. Turnovers are part of the game, but for some reason his stand out because they happen at the worst possible times. He is definitely one of the best at walking the blue line, but i think opposing GMs have seen his defensive game and don’t want to take that risk for the price he is asking.

      • And to be honest it probably more about term. No one wants to get stuck with his defensive game for 5-6 years. I think plenty of GM’s would bite for one or two seasons.

    • klingberg simply expected too much Money.

  2. I don’t want the bruins in on Kadri, too expensive if he was in his mid to late 20’s maybe. The way Kadri plays I don’t think he’ll be a player that
    lasts much longer than a few more years. Sweeney still has work to do lots of work & that doesn’t include signing the big three either.

  3. Canucks could move Miller(I believe they have/are trying) for assets and sign Kadri if Kadri is interested.

    • Why would they do that, ds? They would pay more for a center that is two years older and with a scoring record that is essentially no better. Have a look at their respective stats.

      • Sedin Twins: what great player are the Canucks getting? What is the cost to sign Kadri? The Canucks are 2.7 million over the cap, and as you and ds see it, they can afford to take Kadri on at certainly more than Miller’s hit, plus the cost of this great player.

        So this is going to work how, exactly?

      • LJ when someone says “great player” one can also say asset, such as a draft pick would be, or a top prospect, or a cost controlled player over performing his contract.
        He’s not wrong at all and it would be a good move too. I think Kadri would love it there too.

  4. At this point of the offseason, I don’t believe that there are 7 teams pushing for Kadri.
    Boston is unlikely. They already have Coyle and Zacha at center and will likely sign Krejci and/or Bergeron. Ottawa will not be interested, they need more help on D. Seattle doesn’t have much cap space and I don’t see there being interest on either side. I don’t see Detroit as being interested either. I don’t think there’s any interest between Kadri and the Flames.
    That leaves the Isles and the Avs. The Avs would have to move out Girard to create cap space, which they don’t seem inclined to do. He’d probably get more money and term on Long Island. Lou is probably first trying to move money out and/or sign his RFAs. That’s his style.

  5. MacKinnon is going to be a $10m + player . Should be highest on the team and one of the highest in the league . Kadri should be careful on a one year. I wouldn’t at his age. Sign the best available offer and get settled in with your new city . It likely won’t be Denver

    Ducks don’t need Klingberg . They have Fowler and Shattenkirk for the veteran presence .

  6. What I’d really like to hear is Wyshynski’s rationale for including Ottawa as among possible teams interested in Kadri. SOMETHING specific had to have crossed his mind when he came up with that.

    • Sens have a center who he is one of the few that has not issued a statement from the 2018 Gala situation unless the players agent did and i missed it?
      no idea how that all plays out but thats 5mil

      • Kakko signed. two years 2.1per

      • Formenton and Batherson have not issued statements but neither are centers

      • @Fergy
        ahh I thought Batherson played C/RW

        sign Kadri and move Stutzle back to wing

      • There is no C with Ottawa who was part of the 2018 Junior team. There is a RW – Drake Batherson – and a LW – Alex Formenton – neither of whom have issued a statement.

        That could be simply because that’s the advice they’ve received from their legal counsel – no specific charges have been laid so no need to issue a statement. Those that have issued statements are no doubt following the advice of their counsel – but having clients say “not guilty” is nothing new for many lawyers. Doesn’t necessarily mean none of them were involved.

      • They have Giroux to play C on the 2nd line back of Norris on the 1st line, with Pinto scheduled to be the 3rd line C.

        I’m not paying Kadri the kind of coin he’s seeking to play 3rd line minutes. Besides, Giroux is better.

    • he probably saw the cap space and thinks ottawa is in on everyone.

      but cat will need a new contract next year so that cap space goes away fast but they have one of the best forward groups.

      There young fast and arent afraid to hit or mix it up.

      If there goaltending holds up they are def a playoff team.

      (wish they would made the deal with anaheim for gibson)

    • He most likely was having a flashback to the draft when Ottawa were looking to trade down to Toronto’s pick to select Kadri and Burke said no because it was who he was going to draft himself.

  7. Isn’t it a normal thing for Lou to wait a long time before announcing big free agent signings?

  8. Kadri to the Sens would be awesome. Same division as the Leafs.

    Now who wouldnt want to watch that?

  9. Lyle, anyone else. My anti virus software had been going off constantly today when I access this site, re a botnet trying to download itself.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • LJ, I haven’t encountered that issue and you’re the only person (thus far) to bring it to my attention.

      I suggest you run a virus scan of your computer/laptop. There might already be malware on your system that could be causing this issue.

  10. Most know that Bergeron and probably Krech are one and done so Boston could sign Kadri. Would need to move a few duds but agree with most wouldn’t want him for more than 4-5 years. Cap wise Marchand and Charlie will be on LTIR but their salaries count once they come back.

  11. Most know that Bergeron and probably Krech are one and done so Boston could sign Kadri. Would need to move a few duds but agree with most wouldn’t want him for more than 4-5 years. Cap wise Marchand and Charlie will be on LTIR but their salaries count once they come back.