NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 6, 2022

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The Senators buy out Colin White, the Penguins sign Casey DeSmith, the Avalanche retain Andrew Cogliano, concern over former CSKA Moscow being allowed to return to the NHL, and more in today’s morning coffee headlines.

OTTAWA SUN: The Senators are the first team to buy out a player during this NHL offseason’s first buyout period (July 1-12). On Tuesday, they placed forward Colin White on unconditional waivers for the purpose of buying out his contract. He had three years remaining on his deal at an annual average value of $4.75 million.


SPECTOR’S NOTE: A first-round pick (21st overall) of the Senators in 2015, White struggled through injuries and inconsistency following his promising 41-point performance in 2018-19. The 25-year-old center becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 13.

Ottawa Senators to buy out Colin White (NHL Images).

Speculation suggests the Montreal Canadiens could target White for an affordable one-year contract. His former agent is Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes, who reportedly attempted to acquire White before the March trade deadline.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: The Penguins signed goaltender Casey DeSmith to a two-year contract with an annual salary cap hit of $1.8 million. DeSmith, 30, was slated to become a UFA on July 13.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So much for speculation of Marc-Andre Fleury returning to Pittsburgh for a last hurrah with the Penguins. The tandem of DeSmith and starter Tristan Jarry will be back next season. At least they’re affordable. The Penguins’ combined cap hit for their 2022-23 goaltending is $5.3 million.

What say you, Penguins fans? Are you like or dislike the DeSmith signing? Please let us know in the comments section below.

THE DENVER POST: Andrew Cogliano is returning to the Colorado Avalanche on a one-year, $1.25 million contract. The 35-year-old was due to become a UFA next week but said returning with the Stanley Cup champions was “a very easy decision on my end.” Next season will be his 16th NHL campaign.

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner reports there is concern over former CSKA Moscow players being allowed to return to their NHL teams next season after Philadelphia Flyers goaltender Ivan Fedotov was accused of dodging the Russian military draft. He was detained and sent to a naval base near the Arctic Circle. Under Russian law, every male citizen between ages 18 to 27 must serve one year in the military.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those players include New York Islanders goaltender Ilya Sorokin, who turns 27 in August. Rosner points out Sorokin’s departure from CSKA Moscow was different from Fedotov’s as the latter terminated his KHL contract to sign with the Flyers. Nevertheless, this situation could generate uncertainty over the status of those players throughout this offseason.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen denied a report from Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos claiming former Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman Ryan McDonagh was given the choice of going to the Blue Jackets or Nashville Predators.

Kypreos said McDonagh could either accept a trade to the Predators or be claimed off waivers by the Blue Jackets. Kekalainen said the report was “100 percent inaccurate”. The blueliner was shipped to Nashville on July 3.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s also speculation linking the Blue Jackets to Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun. I’ll have my take on that in today’s Rumor Mill update.

TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs promoted Hayley Wickenheiser to one of three assistant general managers along with Ryan Hardy and Darryl Metcalf. They also hired Curtis Sanford as their new goaltending coach and added Matt Moulson to their pro scouting staff.

TSN: Former Leafs goalie coach Steve Briere wasn’t unemployed for long. He’s now the Seattle Kraken’s new goaltending coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NHL is king when it comes to recycling…coaches, that is.

NEW YORK POST: The Islanders have added Doug Houda and Brian Wiseman as assistant coaches.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Long-time Penguins equipment manager Dana Heinze is retiring.

THE ATHLETIC: The Coachella Valley Firebirds have hired Jessica Campbell as an assistant coach, making her the first woman to serve as a full-time coach in AHL history. The Firebirds are the minor-league affiliate of the Seattle Kraken.

DAILY FACEOFF: Former NHL executive Chris Gear provides insight into the NHL draft floor experience.


  1. White will get signed quickly on a cheap prove it deal. NY lacks center depth, but also right shot wingers. He’s a Boston kid and Bruins also need centers. Can see him going there before Montreal.

    • White would become the #1 center in Boston out the gate over Coyle, Haula and Craig Smith? All that ice time and chances to refind his game might be too hard to pass up for him.

      • Ds. I agree to disagree. I would not mind him getting a shot with bruins to see if he can regain confidence and possibly become a 2nd line ctr
        But he would not surpass Coyle or. Haula. Based on his current history in league. Smith is a rw. Not a ctr

      • @mrbruin4
        I was not sure if Smith would cover center until PB comes back from injury versus signing a short term center

      • @mrbruin4
        I was not sure if Smith could be a short term option until PB returns.

      • Howard, are you saying Wright is a lock for opening day roster.

      • Bergy isn’t hurt is he?
        I assume that is who PB is?

        I would definitely give White a look. Depends what he wants/gets for $ and term I guess.

      • Ds

        I think they will give. Studnicka. A fair opportunity to play ctr this year unless they do some serious trades

    • As a Habs fan, I truly hope that White signs with the Bruins. The Habs don’t need him. With Suzuki and Wright poised to be a solid 1-2 punch up the middle, Dvorak lending veteran presence and Evans as a solid #4, they don’t need to go fishing on the unrealistic hope that a once bright prospect can resurrect his career.

  2. Congrats Hayley

    Didn’t realize the numbers for buyout of White… makes more sense now

    Pens—- sign DeSmith…. Wipes out those rumours on many Pens Web sites that the Flower may return

    Per many in Pens land…. Tanger close on 3 @ $8 M deal. Malkin is not getting more than 3 @ $8M anywhere…. So why would he sign elsewhere …. Call it worst $16 M for Tanger & Gino

    Zucker must go —- buyout saves $3.5 M on Cap but $1.8 M dead next year… better to retain half (save $2.75 M [$750K less than buyout but no dead cap in 23/24)…. and *trade…Replace him with a WBS grad (Poulin, Nylander etc)…. Net savings $1.85 M

    *Trade a 4 M ‘sh D….. Dangerous to move Marino which would leave Freidman at 2RD—- not ready. Easiest (one year left)/most logical(trending down) is to move Dumo. Matheson 1LD; Pettersson 2 LD…. From Bally bring up P-OJ for 3LD….net Cap savings $3.2 M

    Kappy must be qualified (it’s only $840 K…. Just $90 K ver league min). Similarly Heinen (QO only $1.1 M)

    After above …..$8.5 M for 14th Fwd; UFA 7th D-Man (Psyk ?) ,Rakell, ERod…. Basically $6.7 M to sign Rackell and E-Rod…. Doable

    Sid Guentz Rackell

    Gino Rusty E-Rod

    Carter Heinen (Poulin/Nylander)

    Blueger McG Zoho

    Poulin/Nylander O’Connor or UFA Fwd

    Freidman/P-O J


    * again two 3rds trading Zucker and Dumo

    • Pretty much looks like the same team knocked out in the 1st round for the last 4 years consecutively.

      I like it!

    • Pengy, re “Didn’t realize the numbers for buyout of White… makes more sense now” – I posted them in yesterday’s conversations on his buy-out

      • Sorry

        Must have missed that George

        Saving $3.9 M . $3.9 M , then $5.4 M at the expense of $0.9 M * 3 deadcap starting in 25/26 (when Cap has to be $5 M more [at least] than now)… completely logical buyout

      • How does his buyout make sense? I don’t get it. To be bought out, means the Sens couldn’t find any takers for White at that price for what the league thinks he is.

        Talk of him being a top six guy is silly just because he has yet to show it. Injuries aside, you can’t blame it on them. Injuries could happen as a sign of lack of physical fitness or mental fitness or fluke but if you can’t make it stick in the top 6 for a bottom third team, how does he exactly fit and for what price is that fair to take a chance on him if that’s even the best option?

        This buyout probably won’t hurt the Sens the next 5yrs trying to ice a team with less than almost $1m in cap space compared to other teams. Buyouts are bad. It’s a big price to pay when you wrongfully evaluate and over value a player’s ability or worth.

        I don’t know enough about the player to make any judgment call on him other than like I already stated, no one in the league thought white at his current contract was correct. I don’t know what his next contract will look like. Should be dirt cheap because after all it wasn’t whites fault for that contract so he’ll have some buyout cash to supplement his show me contract.

      • Hi Ron

        I don’t think there would be takers for White at the Cap he had; Sens would need to retain and then if at 50%… max return is a 2nd… this way, no trade return; over $10 M cash savings; and big Cap savings

  3. Colin White reminds me of Adam Gaudette and not because of their Boston roots.Would like to see both players get another chance to prove themselves.Both remind me of Evan Rodrigue who proved himself in a similar situation at Pittsburgh last year.All 3 would prosper as 3rd line forwards.None are really built for 4th line bulldog roles.

  4. Seems the analysts and prognosticators enjoy the action even if it’s themselves who invented it. So what is your take on Kekalainen comments that completely call BS on Kipper? Were Kipper’s comments the usual “you know what I heard” or was there any substance ? And or in terms of Kekalainen calling BS on him was this the last straw on Columbus being banishment to Bogieland or is he truly pissed that Kipper made it up ?

    • It is disappointing when some of the “expert” analysts are obviously making up stuff when they have nothing factual to report. Serravalli also comes to mind.

    • There’s been nothing in the local media about the Jackets having an interest in McDonough. Then, again, Jarmo plays his cards so close to his chest that, often, his right hand doesn’t know what his left hand is doing. I know this much, it’s well known, in Central Ohio, that JD and Jarmo refuse to perpetuate the Blue Jackets as a dumping ground narrative.

      • Gee, RWM, if you’re trying to insult me, you need to try harder than that. We veterans have very thick skins after swapping insults with everyone in our unit for years.

      • LOL, ain’t that the truth, Paul!

      • Kipper smashed his face on the ice…since then, I don’t think his brain worked the same. Pure hack, sensationalist, blow-hard who loves his own opinions which make little or no sense and couldn’t care less, no matter who it insulted. He never was a good player and now we are seeing he’s not a very good person too.

      • Hi Ron

        You are making the assumption that Kypper’s brain was working pre ice/face smash

        I didn’t see any change to his limited cognitive ability

        Agree …. Kypper loves Kypper’s voice or reading his own name/quotes in print; more than Kypper loves Kypper…. He’s his own cheering section

    • Kypper and Brooksie tied for last place in reporting credibility rankings

      I think Kypper reports on his day dreams

      Perhaps him and Brooksie converse daily and tell each other to make up something ridiculous and say it over the phone… then each can “quote” a “source” on the other’s day dream spouted to them; and post it

      I’m believing Jarmo over Kypper

  5. As a Pens fan, I like the Desmith signing for the regular season but I have no confidence in him being there for them should they make the playoffs. Two years in a row he has got “hurt” with some even questioning whether or not surgery was needed right away this past season!

    • Hi Sjpp

      The signing was Meh to me…. Would I have loved to see 1A 1B Jarry/The Flower…. Youbettturrsweeeetboooty

      But was that ever a “real” possibility?

      Agree…. Tough re DeSmith and hurt and playoffs

      Hopefully Pens make playoffs next spring and Jarry healthy…. Then DeSmith health not as important

      HexBurkie MUST jettison Zucker; MUST re-up Tanger; hopefully re-ups Gino; should trade Dumo

      If , as has been reported; they also move Marino…. Dangerville… Friedman good but not ready for 2RD IMHO… so it’s UFA market for 2RD … costing more than Marino

      • I would have prefered Fleury too, but DeSmith is cheaper and his numbers were ok.
        We’ll see what The Flower’s cap hit will be. I bet it will be not even close to $1.8m
        I hope they re-sign Geno only if he accepts $5m per year. I’d rather try to sign Kadri or Trochek.
        I would keep Dumo and Marino. Try to trade Zucker or buy him out.
        They should also sign some size and grit.

      • Hi Juss76

        Unfortunately no chance Gino signs back with Pens for $5 M….. I think a handful of teams will at least go 2 @ $7M or 3 @ $6 M

        If Tanger does sign at 3 for $8 M…. Gino offer by Pens of 3 @ $7.5 M…. Hard to see matched elsewhere AND he doesn’t have to pack up shop from only NHLteam he has ever known

        Perhaps one of the “tax haven” franchises (Cats; Bolts; Krakken; Predz; Stars; Knights) offers him slightly less but the take home being more and more by enough to incentivizes him to sign there…. Long shot; but a possibility

        Good to go for a grit/big UFA low cost acquisition…. Who are you considering?

      • Hi Pengy

        I agree that Gino doesn’t resign with Pens for $5 M…..
        Maybe he signs in Wash, Carolina or elsewhere for about $7m.

        If Tanger signs at $8 for 3 years I’m ok

        There are not many low cost UFAs with size and grit. Maybe Kassian from the Oilers is an option via trade. Maybe the Oilers retain 50% of his salary for the right offer. I’d like Josh Manson but he will be to expensive for the Pens.

      • Hi Juss

        If it’s $7M… HexBurkie better sign him

        They have already said rebuild is not on for 22/23…. So if no Gino…. Carter can’t be 2C…. So it’s either miss the pkayoffs or overpay a uFA $6.5 + M to be 2C

        If that’s the case… might as well pay Gino $7M

        I certainly hop he doesn’t sign with Caps

      • And yes Kassian maybe… Oil might buy him out…

        Kassian loses $1.9 M gross…. Pens could then offer him 2 @ $950 K…. Loses $0 overall gross; will net more overall in take home

  6. Hi Pengy

    I think Pettersson is their first choice to move. There were some rumblings that L.A. might be interested. Not so sure you can move Zucker with Kapanen’s status up in the air. After losing McCann.Tanev,Lafferty and Gaudreau over the last year, their team speed has taken a hit.

    • Hi SJPP

      Kappy’s status is 100% in HexBurkie’s hands…. QO is only $840 K ($90 K over league min)…. He had a crap year but still scored 11 goals; has great speed; was tracking better at year end…. $840 K for that and a player who is due to score more than 11 next year…. No brainer to make QO

      Zucker absolutely needs to be moved

      Yes.. return on Pettersson more than Dumo…. But not that much more; and Pettersson was the betterDMan last year; big regression on Dumo

      Hoping that Tanger re-ups…. If so, he’s paired with Matheson….

      So eitherPettersson orDumo with Marino…. And Pettersson/Marino combo has been good

      To me

      Better 2nd pairing of Pettersson / Marino; trade Dumo; bring up( finally permanently)P-O J for 3LD; than…

      Marginally better trade return; poorer matching of Dumo/Marino

      All moot until Tanger re-ups

      Tanger in or Tanger out…. Zucker a must to move…. He stays…. Blocks chance of Rackell re-upping….. Rackell leaps and bounds better than Zucker

      • Pengy, this is a contract year for Zucker. I bet he plays his butt off and doesn’t get injured once.

      • Hi Radino

        I’m ok if he plays his butt off elsewhere

        Waaaaay too much of a gamble that he would be productive enough with Pens; to keep him

        Even when he was healthy he was playing no where near his Cap hit

        If (hoping when not if) he’s on another team and goes gangbusters… bully for him…. I’d much rather save a minimum of $2M net Cap by retaining and gaving either Poulin of Nylander up

  7. Well I guess the good news is that Sweeney signed defenseman Nick Wolf and goalie Kyle Kyser additional strength behind the blue line and crease.
    Yippee, yay. Bowles was so happy he immediately went over and saluted his Maltese terrier.