NHL Rumor Mill – July 6, 2022

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Are the Blackhawks shopping Seth Jones? What’s the latest on Alex DeBrincat, J.T. Miller, Nazem Kadri, Jakob Chychrun, Jesse Puljujarvi, Matt Murray and John Gibson? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch suggests keeping an eye on Seth Jones. He said the rebuilding Chicago Blackhawks hope to move the 27-year-old defenseman’s hefty contract. Jones is commencing an eight-year deal with an annual average value of $9.5 million. The only way to move that is to retain some salary which would be difficult to do.

Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Seth Jones (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We can’t dismiss the possibility of Jones getting traded. However, I doubt he’s going anywhere because of the reasons laid out by Garrioch. That contract is almost impossible to move.

Garrioch reports the Blackhawks seek at least three pieces in return for Alex DeBrincat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One of those pieces is probably a 2022 first-round pick. The Blackhawks traded theirs away to the Columbus Blue Jackets last summer for Seth Jones.

NHL WATCHER: cited Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman discussing the possibility of the New Jersey Devils pursuing DeBrincat during their latest “32 Thoughts” podcast. Friedman said the Devils want a player under a lot of team control.

DeBrincat is slated to become a restricted free agent next summer and is two years away from unrestricted free agent eligibility. Friedman wondered if that would be enough team control for the Devils to part with the second-overall pick in the upcoming draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils would probably want assurances that bDeBrincat will sign a contract extension before giving up that pick and whatever else the Blackhawks want in return. The earliest he can sign an extension is when this year’s free-agent market opens on July 13.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: Gustav Elvin examined the pros and cons if the Flyers were to acquire DeBrincat. They’ve been linked to the 24-year-old Blackhawks winger with speculation suggesting they could offer up their first-round pick (fifth overall) in this year’s draft. However, he cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman saying the Flyers were unwilling to part with that pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers hold two first-rounders in the 2024 draft but I think Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson prefers something more immediate.

Garrioch also reported the Blackhawks are trying to trade Dylan Strome but there are rumors the 25-year-old RFA center won’t get a qualifying offer.


THE PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports there’s plenty of interest in Vancouver Canucks center J.T. Miller with the NHL Draft fast approaching. They would prefer retaining the 29-year-old Miller but a contract extension could prove too expensive.

The New York Rangers and Washington Capitals are believed in pursuit of Miller. The Rangers need a second-line center while the Capitals face uncertainty over the long-term absence of Nicklas Backstrom as he recovers from hip surgery.

THE ATHLETIC: Harman Dayal also listed the New Jersey Devils, Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins, Boston Bruins, Nashville Predators, New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers among the possible suitors for Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like the Blackhawks with DeBrincat, I daresay the Canucks seek three pieces in return for Miller. A 2022 first-round pick will likely have to be part of it. Failing that, a couple of top prospects or a couple of good young NHL players.

Coming off a 99-point season, Miller’s trade value has never been higher. If the Canucks feel they can’t afford to re-sign him, they must move him now if the right deal is there. Waiting until the trade deadline next February risks his value declining if he fails to play up to this season’s level or if an injury takes him out of the trade market.


NHL WATCHER: cited Jeff Marek on yesterday’s “32 Thoughts” podcast wondering if the Detroit Red Wings would be a destination for Nazem Kadri. The 31-year-old Colorado Avalanche center is slated to become a UFA on July 13. Marek observed the Red Wings have lots of salary-cap space this summer and it’s believed they’re really going to try and compete next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman could make a splash in this summer’s trade and/or free agent markets. He might go after Kadri but he might not fit into Yzerman’s long-term plans for the club given his age. It also depends on whether Kadri’s willing to sign with a rebuilding club.

THE SCORE: cited a report by The Columbus Dispatch’s Brian Hedger indicating the Blue Jackets are talking to the Arizona Coyotes about defenseman Jakob Chychrun. He observed Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen indicating a willingness to move his first-round pick (12th overall) to acquire a young NHL player with term remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kekalainen holds the Blackhawks’ first-rounder (sixth overall) so he can afford to move his own first-rounder. The Coyotes reportedly set a very high asking price for Chychrun, who’s signed through 2024-25. The Jackets GM might have to bundle that pick with two or three other pieces to make it work.

TSN’s Ryan Rishaug reports as many as four teams have been kicking tired on Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi. “Sense is return is marginal at this point but things can change over the next few days.”


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports there’s some trade buzz surrounding Ottawa Senators goaltender Matt Murray. The Blackhawks, Arizona Coyotes, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and New Jersey Devils are among the clubs that could use some help between the pipes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray’s injury history and $6.25 million cap hit through 2023-24 makes him difficult to move. The Senators will have to either retain part of his cap hit, take back a comparable contract or bundle him with a quality draft pick or prospect.

The Anaheim Ducks would like to get goalie John Gibson’s contract off their books. He’s got five years left with a $6.5 million AAV and a no-movement clause which could be tough for some teams to swallow.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gibson’s AAV is $6.4 million and he carries a 10-team no-trade clause. Nevertheless, his contract won’t be easy to move. He also recently denied a report claiming he would welcome a trade. Unless the Ducks retain part of that cap hit, they probably won’t find many takers.

Ignore any trade chatter about Clayton Keller. The Arizona Coyotes see him as one of their building blocks.


  1. I really REALLY hope that Detroit isn’t the team that massively overpays Nazem Kadri.

    I don’t see Yzerman doing it.

    • 2 bits about bringing Kadri into a team like Detroit. 1. He’s a bit of a loose cannon, that has a tendency to get into league trouble. You need veterans on the team to dial him back…. Wings don’t have that. 2. Kadri type players are built for playoff hockey (yes, Kadri is a good regular season player too). Wings are there yet. Stevie will start to bring in players like Kadri when they are closer to making deep playoff runs. Right now, waste of payroll.

    • I agree Garth. Signing Kadri would be inconsistent with everything Yzerman has said and done since being named GM here. He has worked hard to rid the Wings of bad contracts, not handing them out.

  2. Kadri to the wings is nonsense! Stevie would only sign him to 3-4 years! Kadri goes to Boston, Seattle, or Washington.

    • Kadri. Will not be in Boston if his ask is 8 million per. Take that to the bank

  3. Why would Chicago turn their world upside down to land S.Jones and less than a year later look to move him? But can’t due to his contract that they offered and the ink is not even dry yet.Makes zero sense to me
    Goalies are a premium this off season a lot of demand with limited supply. Maybe a good prospect like Wolfe or Primeau will have more than normal interest

  4. Jones traded?!?!?!!? LOL Now that would be a tribute to Stan Bowman!
    They really want to trade Kane with all these rumors going about!

  5. LOL Good luck trying to move Seth Jones, $9,250,000 x 8 years. Unless it’s to a bottom feeder with tons of cap space. It isn’t happening.

    • Bruins give Foligno. Nosek Wagner Griz and Debrusk and A 7th😜😜😜

      • Leafs offer a 1st and a prospect for Foligno

        oh wait….lol

      • Include about 90% of the team!Hold on to 1,73,27,Everyone else it s open season.

  6. there are a few new 9.5 mil contracts that teams would love to have back now.

    I love it when the market value says one thing but the players skills dont match up to the value.


    all good examples of teams of overpaying, each of these contracts will haunt there teams half way thru.

    • I agree, however Columbus pretty much had to make a statement and pay Werenski otherwise everyone is leaving. Edmonton were pretty much in the same boat vs McD. was it to much to long? yes but there are some cirumstances. The Jones deal was just stupid.

      • And Zach has become a true #1D. In a couple years he should be….. Damn, I’m getting old. Top defenseman award? Norris! He should be a regular in Norris conversations.

  7. Greetings All…welcome to rumor season! Interesting article from Aaron Portzline in the The Athletic this morning on CBJ stating they are open for business and Jarmo plans to be aggressive “looking to make big moves” in the trade market. Interestingly Portzline shared his perception CBJ aren’t likely to take Jiricek if he falls to 6th (suggesting they could trade back under that scenario) but rather may be angling to trade 6 and a roster player to move up for a C (Cooley?) and/or ensure landing Gauthier…stating they would be thrilled if Cutter is available at 6. It is smoke screen season so take all w/ appropriate skepticism but it could be an interesting 2 days. Enjoy the draft and FA folks!

  8. Here is a pretty wild proposal that will get torn apart on this form.

    Leafs dump Tavaras onto Detroit or Buffalo (if he waives his nmc)

    Trade for Seth Jones

    Don’t know what Chicago would want in return but it would be multiple 1st round picks and some young players

    Have fun with this one Leaf fans and leaf haters

    • Hi FF

      My only comment is…. As a Leafs fan….Trading high Cap forward for a D improvement AND saving Cap…. I’m all for; BUT your trade proposal is impossible…. As JT has full control… won’t agree to it

    • And what else do you think the TML’s would throw into the deal to dump JT’s bloated contract ? I doubt either Detroit or Buffalo is even remotely interested in Tavares. It would take one hell of a sweetener(s) to convince anyone to help Toronto get rid of the overpaid underperforming boat anchor.

      • Iago so any player who’s been close to producing a point per game and defensively not a liability since he signed that anchor of a contract makes me wonder if English isnt your first langue or are familiar with the meaning of the words you used. I don’t care who you cheer for, but I’d bet this underperformer would be one of if not the best player on your team.

      • Buffalo just got rid of a 10 million dollar bum, why in the world would they trade assets for an 11 million dollar stiff?

      • Tavares is a great player. IMO the best second line center in hockey. And as far as I know, the only second line center that gets paid 11 million a season.

        So while the player isn’t a boat anchor, the contract is. It had to influence what was paid for Matthews and Marner. One could argue that it was Nylander’s contract that has been the problem. Two years ago even some Leaf fans were wanting Marner shipped out.

        My point, Ron Moore, is that the sum total of the 4 players contracts above is a boat anchor on the Leafs cap. And continuing to be peevish about comments about the Leafs doesn’t change that reality.

      • Well Ron, I look at it this way: 5th highest cap hit…..44th in scoring….minus 8 for the season……yet to produce one playoff series win……doesn’t sound like an $11M player to me. And, for your reading pleasure, let me relay a series of posts I was involved with a few days back on a TML blog site. The subject was JT, and the author first mentioned that Tavares must not be paired with Matthews/Marner because he could not keep up with those two. Then the author mentioned Tavares’s value as a leader and mentor, to which another blogger wrote, “what is Tavares going to teach the youngsters….go slow and try not to bump into anyone” ?

    • LOL. Too far out to even bother.

      • George what are your thoughts on White buyout?

        I understand the cap part of it but the kid didnt seem like he had a chance between the injuries and inconsistency.

        I thought they would give him a try at RW this year, guess i was wrong.

        Wonder if more moves are coming, maybe ottawa is trying to the cat from CHI.

      • Hey George O, yeah but you did. I guess there is little to do in Ottawa now that the rebuild is over…

      • What — are — you — talking — about?

      • mp, Ray Bark and I touched on whether the buy-out could be the precursor of another move coming (but NOT DeBrincat in light of the fact he’ll need to be qualified at $9 mil – no way Dorion goes down that road).

        But something could indeed be brewing along those lines, probably with a team that must clear cap space to complete other moves (e.g., signing RFAs abd UFAs they wish to retain). It would likely be a RW or RD with a fairly large cap and term. I would think, if something does go down, it will take place on the draft floor – especially if Dorion has more than one offer for that 7th overall pick +whatever.

        As I said to Ray, I really think Dorion would like nothing better than to make one of the biggest splashes of the night right there in Montreal, if for no other reason than to generate some positive publicity heading into the 2022/23 seat sales.

      • When i look at the Sens, i see a team that needs a goalie a couple rd’s, and then its ready to compete for a cup.

        There forwards have everything you need, speed, grit, goal scoring.

        Defense needs help, Chabot got ground into the ice last year because he was so overplayed. Should find a way to get rid of zaitiev(sp), he played pedesrian way to many times. Almost like the defensive version of nylander.

      • mp, they definitely need a goalie IF Matt Murray’s coming season goes the way of the last two. When he was in the line-up he put in some very decent performances … but there’s the conundrum … he always seems to come down with something tat shelves him for weeks on end, meaning Forsberg has to step out of his best role – back-up – and he’s just not suited to being a starter. So then they’ve been forced to use Gustavsson whose inconsistency killed them. The kid Sogaard – when inserted – was just OK and he simply needs more seasoning in the AHL. Maybe 2023/24.

        So the bottom line is, getting into the current goalie circus is not in the plans I don’t believe – Murray is penciled in as the # 1 — with a whole lot of fingers crossed. If his woes continue they’ll go with what they have – again – and he becomes a buy-out candidate next summer.

      • i think maybe the Sens should consider a Gibson Trade with Anaheim.

        Then try to sign Josh Manson to shore up the defense, and make a run at the cup like NYR did.

        I know the ducks want picks and prospect so it shouldn’t be too bad. Problem then is how much your spending on goaltending with Murray’s salary and gibsons.

      • No mp – the last thing they need is in excess of $15 mil on 3 goalies (Forsberg isn’t going anywhere) so, with a very large and audible GULP, Matt Murray is the goalie of choice to start this season, with – very probably – an experienced RD added through trade to solidify the back-end. I believe Dorion is trying very hard to move out Zaitsev in anticipation of that move, and Sanderson – by all accounts – won’t need any AHL seasoning – he’ll step into the line-up somewhere – likely on the 2nd pairing.

    • I doubt Seth Jones commands multiple first round picks. He may have negative trade value at this time unless salary is retained.

      JT is not waiving to go to Buffalo or Detroit so its a non starter, he’d go to a contender but there aren’t many contenders with anywhere near that cap space.

      The far fetched options is:
      NYR don’t sign Strome, somehow both JT and Trouba agree to waive their NMC and a deal is centered around that.

      The other option would be Washington given the uncertainty over Backstrom and the window closing for that group.

      In the end the JT most likely isn’t going anywhere, the contract is too big and the NMC is too strong. There is thought of moving him to the wing, which I think would have had some merit in case they had a #2C potential in the prospect pool who was close to the jump, which they don’t. Kerfoot can play center as can Nylander, so maybe it is something that is given a go at some point.

      • GeorgeO, I was talking about you making a comment about not commenting. Apparently I need help from Captain Obvious!

      • You and Ron need to go on a quest for a sense of humour ,,, not to mention a new layer of skin. But then, to be charitable, I suppose 52 years of utter futility – and counting – not to mention a tattered Shanaplan can lead to chronic over-reaction to anything and everything even remotely perceived as an insult to the Centre Of The Hockey Universe.

      • Sorry, 55 years ….

    • 1st round draft choice for Seth Jones???? Who wants his NINE.FIVE mil contract till the end of 2030?????? Answer: no one.

  9. I hope the rumors about Jarmo trying to obtain Chychrun are nothing more than due diligence. The Jackets once had a defenseman picked high in the first round in Ryan Murray. Like Chychrun, Murray was very good, when healthy. Like Chychrun, Murray was also injury prone.

    • Fair point Paul

      I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with GMJK making a call and seeing if there is movement (down) on asking price; but if Yotes remain firm…. He needs to politely end the call

      BTW…. Chad Ruhweedel available for a 7th in 2045…. Sid willing to throw in signed jersey, stick and puck

  10. Boston should move Craig Smith and Charlie Coyle combined $8.35m cap space

    Have a new third line:

    Trent Fredrick Colin White Jesse Puljujarvi

    call them the reclamation project

    • Done

    • Well done Caper, and ya with MB4.

    • Can you get Coyle to waive his No Trade Clause ?

  11. Ray ,

    Re Oil and Cap space and trades….

    Any update on the Keith to Yotes; Yotes buyout; re-sign with Oil scenario you mentioned?

    This potential strategy by Yotes as cheapest way to buy Cap space brings me back to…. Chi and wanting a 1st rounder….

    Pre SB being paid….

    Ladd + 2nd (Isles 45th OA) for Chi 7th

    Chi pays Ladd SB; Kane SB…. Then 3 way: with Chi retaining 50% on Kane

    Yotes get back Ladd ($1 M Cash $5.5 MCap); retain 25% (50% of 50%) on Kane to-through trade… cost Yotes $0.7 M cash for $2.6 M Cap

    Final team get Kane at $2.6 M Cap; $0.7 M cash AND 2nd (Isles 45th OA… see above) AND 2nd (Sharks , 43rd OA from Yotes) and 7th (above)

    Chi gets 2 lottery protected 1sts

    Yotes instead of paying $4M cash (Ladd) for $5.5/M Cap hit…. Now only pay $1.7 M cash total; keep Ladd; and have total of $ 8.1 M Cap…. save $2.3 M cash AND gain $2.6 M Cap…..Price is two 2nds

    Final team gets Kane at $2.6 M cap for converting two 1sts into two 2nds and a 7th

    Chi gets two 1sts for Kane and paying $1.5 M more in cash than what they would have had they kept Kane; saves $5.1 M in Cap

    • Pengy, Keith hasn’t even informed the Oilers if he is playing this year yet.
      I dismissed the retirement talk as nothing, but fact is, he hasn’t decided yet, which means he actually isn’t sure yet. So maybe he doesn’t? Still seems weird, but not like he hasn’t played long enough.

      No idea of the trade buy out, sign back in EDM scenario, nor do I know if it is something that came from the Oil, or if it was just a coupe TSN guys spit balling.

      But it sure does make sense if Keith plays.

      • Well when you posted it … I thought…. Well.. Oil and Yotes are getting very creative to do a win win move… I really like that “thinking outside the box” type if moves that take advantage of the CBA…. In this case Yotes buying Cap very cheaply ; Oil keeping s desired player at a fraction of current Cap hit

  12. Not sure why Chi is trying to move anyone under 25yrs of age.

    Moves should be Kane, Toews moved for picks and hold back whatever it takes to get better picks. If they hold 5per on each there is a good market.

    How many playoff teams wouldn’t like Kane for a run at the cup?

  13. George: Ottawa needs a RH D. Petry, # 26 pick, and a good defensive prospect from the Habs for the Sens # 7?

    • No thank you.

    • According to Jimmy Murphy of Boston Now, the Sens & Habs are talking deal for the 7th overall.

      He reported this afternoon on the air that both Josh Anderson & Christian Dvoark are part of the pkg being asked for by Dorion.

      • Whoof! I could see Josh Anderson – maybe – to play RW on the Stutzle line … but what the heck would they want with Dvorak? He’s a C/LW and at C they already have Norris, Stutzle and Pinto – I doubt they want a $4,450,000 C on the 3rd line – and at LW they have Tkachuk and Formenton – again, they’re not paying a 3rd line LW that kind of money.

      • Yeah, no, Uwey. The 7th pick by itself is waaay to much for both. The draft depth isn’t there. The Habs need Dvorak to allow the center they draft time to grow. Anderson is worth more than a prospect.

      • Don’t shoot the messenger.

        The Habs need to move $$$ out.

      • Not shooting at you, Uwey. And yes, the Habs need to move $. But it is, IMO, an absurd deal for the Habs.

  14. Worse contract?

    Seth Jones – 9.5 million or…
    Darnell Nurse – 9.25 million.

    Neither of these contracts is going to age well.

  15. I would doubt Murray goes to the Leafs. Dont see Dorion doing Scooby any favors by retaining salary.

  16. Trading picks and prospects to obtain DeBrincat is the last thing the Flyers should be doing. Adding picks and prospects makes more sense.
    Flyers arent going anywhere in the foreseeable future so moving out a ton of assets for a player that could bolt in 2 seasons make little sense.

    My advice for Fletcher at the draft and for free agency is to do a Costanza. Whatever Chucky wants to do, do the opposite.

    • Wow finally making a comment about your team. What, did you read my reply to yet another dumb comment you made yesterday?

      The biggest – I honestly don’t know what to call it – is that saga going on with that goalie due to play next season and now is detained in a military base after being allegedly poisoned after terminating his KHL contract…even his former KHL team has no idea what’s happening. A real terrible situation for the kid, your team and possibly any Russian talent hoping to be selected or play in the NHL.

      Oh well, you keep on trolling leafs fans and making typical dumb comments about them. We all come here to read just them, truthfully.

    • Ron for me its either Jiricek, Cutter.

      no need to trade any picks for 5 years this team is going no where with its current makeup. Should be stock pile picks time.

      But you know whats going to happen, moron is going to make trades rather than letting the kids play.

  17. Seth Jones would complete the bruin d core throw in Carlo, Nosek, Debrusk and a 4th. will not respond to Corporal Klinger.

  18. I really hope NYR aren’t serious about JT Miller. Why give up a 1st and 2nd for Copp, and then trade for Miller who is also going to be a one and done. I’d think the younger Copp would be getting an AAV similar to Millers current deal. If you can’t afford Copp for at most 6mil, why give up more assets for a guy that’ll want between 7-9 mil extension?

  19. Nurse will be no 7 highest paid D next season .
    Realistically is he ranked in the top 20 defence-man in the league ? Definitely not in terms of value .

    A lot of chatter about trading first round picks. When was the last top 10 draft slot traded ?

    • I would say he is top 10 S7.
      When you look at all he does and not just offense which is secondary for him, but he does still produce.

      Minutes played – Check
      Plays against toughest opposition – Check
      Still a plus player against top opps – check
      PK – check
      Skating – check
      Size – check
      Physical – check
      Defending – check
      Skating puck out – check
      Passing puck out – check
      Points – Just OK last year, but combined last few years – check
      PP production in minutes he gets – check
      Leader – check
      Plays hurt – check

      Guys does it all well. When it comes to defending while logging huge minutes is elite.

      Is he as good as Hedman, who I think is best all around in NHL, nope. But a really, really good all around player.

      He got big money by being a bargain and betting on himself for years to keep improving and getting to UFA.

      Played on one leg the entire playoffs, and it didn’t look good against COL because of it, but he sucked it up and did it.

      Nurse could play on my team any day, and ya, he got paid. Bet he would have gotten more as a UFA.

      • Ray, top 10? According to you all Nurse does is check.

      • To me just because he plays the mins doesnt mean he should get a guaranteed salary like Makar.

        At best Nurse is a 7mil a year dman anything over than that will become a toronto.

        Thats what i am calling it from now on when you spend all your money on a few players.

      • Well LJ, a defenceman’s primary job is to defend and get the puck out with control. Hence the name.

        Nurse does produce offence – over last 3 years he is 26th in points, last 2 years 22nd, nothing to shake a stick at.

        When I look at the list of D-men with more points I would argue only Hedman defends better.

        MP – I said top 10. I would rather have Makar and Josi, and Hedman. Even Daughty. Petro and McAvoy. But after that? And comparing Makar’s deal that only purchased a couple of UFA years is apples and oranges. If Makar was a year away from UFA he gets way more. If he waited until arbitration he likely get north of $11M if he had another big year.

        List the top scoring D-men over last 2 years, even 3 years and tell me which of them you would rather have over Nurse. Guys like Barrie, Hughes, Letang, Fox, Theodore, Krug, Dahlin, Klingberg, Hamilton, Werenski etc etc.

        None of them defend like Nurse and bring what he does to the table in his own end.

        Or just list the 10 that are better and we can debate it. All good.

      • Adam Fox waives hello!

        To me, Mcavoy, Fox, Hedman, Makar, Pietrangelo, Josi, Carlson (who somehow gets overlooked all the time) Slavin, Theadore, Heiskanen, Hughes are way up the chart. (Not in any specific order)

        I’d put Nurse in the Toews category. Toews is pretty underpaid imo, but I see Nurse as 6-7 per max.

        That being said, I’ve mentioned before that comparing contracts (Mcdaivid vs Mathews , Barkov, etc. is probably not a real / true negotiation tactic.

        Unfortunately, GMs have to pay THEIR best players top $$$’s. Saying, “we’ll, you’re no Mcdavid” probably gets the player and agent searing.

        Because my answer as a player / agent would be , “ well, go get Mcdavid!”

        However, in this case. 9.5 is still too high.

      • You’re right Captain not a lot, but did watch him against TB in the playoffs quite a bit. I’m guessing probably similar for you and the Oilers.
        I like Fox, better on the O no doubt. IMO like Carlson. Neither plays the tough minutes like Nurse. I think Trouba does most of the heavy lifting for the Rags.
        Nurse is like Triouba IMO, but better.

  20. Unless I’m mistaken SilverSeven, I think it was Cory Schneider to New Jersey in exchange for the No. 9 pick at the 2013 draft. Vancouver then used the pick to take Bo Horvat.

  21. My gut tells me it will likely be 10 and Ottawa keeps their #7
    Pretty tough sell to ownership and the scouting staff

    Ekblad should also be on most top D lists and would have been in the Norris conversation if he didn’t get hurt.
    Chabot will be there soon . A lot of Morgan Reilly haters but I like him and would garner some top 10 votes.

    I do like Nurse just not $9m worth.
    As example , Hanifin is a really good Dman and the best on the Flames. Plays all the situations . Does he get
    $9 m next deal ?

    • Ya Hanfin is good, can skate like Nurse, little less O and not physical like Nurse, but doesn’t even get top pair minutes. Plays 5 less minutes a night.
      Will see when he approaches UFA what he gets and if he improves. If stays the same I go $7.5.

      I think I value the ability to defend against the leagues best more than some others, and Nurse played more against the other teams best more than any D in the NHL as per TSN radio. As still a large + when he is on the ice. IMO that is really valuable, as keeping it out is just as important as putting them in, and both happen with him on the ice.

      All good to disagree, that why we come on here after all!