NHL Rumor Mill – July 20, 2022

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Are the Flames planning to trade Matthew Tkachuk? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


CALGARY SUN: Daniel Austin reports the Flames’ decision to take Matthew Tkachuk to salary arbitration has sparked speculation that the club could be preparing to trade the 24-year-old restricted free agent winger.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

Austin noted Flames general manager Brad Treliving has stated his intent to sign Tkachuk to a long-term deal. However, he said the same thing about Johnny Gaudreau and lost him to free agency.

The same thing can’t happen to Tkachuk this summer because he’s an RFA. However, if the winger ends up getting a one-year deal via arbitration, it sets the state for his potential departure next summer as an unrestricted free agent. That’s what’s prompted some observers to suggest the Flames will trade him.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarland reports people believe Tkachuk wants to live and play in St. Louis where he grew up. However, he’ll have no control over where the Flames might trade him if they decide to shop him this summer. Macfarland also suggested Tkachuk could sign a four- or five-year deal with the Flames to set himself up for another big payday down the road as a UFA.

SPORTSNET: Eric Francis believes the Flames will trade Tkachuk if the winger is reluctant to sign beyond 2022-23. Taking him to arbitration prevents a rival club from signing him to an offer sheet. It also stops him from merely signing his qualifying offer and setting up his departure as a UFA next summer.

If Tkachuk gets his next contract via arbitration he can’t negotiate an extension until Jan. 1, 2023. Francis believes a trade before then makes the most sense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: On Tuesday, Francis told 101 ESPN in St. Louis that he expects a Tkachuk trade to be wrapped up by the end of this week (stick tap to Mark Scheig). We’ll find out in due course if he’s right.

Macfarland doesn’t see the Flames wanting a return of futures (draft picks, prospects) if they put Tkachuk on the trade block. “There’s no appetite to go Bust for Bedard”, he said, referring to 2023 top prospect Connor Bedard. They won’t get a comparable player to Tkachuk but could perhaps land a player with star potential in a package deal.

A number of clubs will certainly have interest in Tkachuk but I daresay they’ll want assurances that he’ll sign a long-term deal with them before agreeing to a trade. Otherwise, they risk the same scenario the Flames face.

A new contract for Tkachuk could also complicate things. Teams will have to send one or two salaried players back to the Flames. They might also have to engage in a cost-cutting move or two to take on his new contract.


  1. I feel bad for Calgary fans. Having said that, after losing out on Johnny Hockey, wonder if Fitz is kicking the tires on Tkachuk. If Calgary wants NHL players now, would a Bratt/Severson plus whatever else it might take be enough? Of course assuming Tkachuk would sign, otherwise never mind.

    • N.J. could be a spot since he s related to the GM Fitzgerald.

      • I feel this is prime time for Lou Lamoriello to pull off a huge deal! Tarasenko to the Isles via Calgary. Tkachuk goes home to St. Louis – the pieces would be extensive. Calgary receiving a pick or picks in round 2 (‘23/‘24) Bailey (wishful thinking) & another player. Possible combinations are endless. End result is the key!

    • We’ve had our Drury and Briere too, CGY.

      We know how this feels. Signed, all of Buffalo.

  2. Tkachuk end game seems to be with Blues…. Odds high then that he won’t sign a multi-year now with Flames

    Yes…. Flames can trade him to any one of 31 teams…. But which team is going to pay well in trade for 1 year when he’ll likely go to Blues free and clear on 1/7/23

    It’s in Flames best interest ; IMHO; to allow Tkachuk’s agent to talk to other clubs to see where a contract may end up…. If the reality comes down to basically only Blues… either trade him to Blues now for whatever they can negotiate; or…. Arb…1 year… play him (risking injury and zero return) and move him to contender @TDL (note, moving him @ TDL screws Flames playoff potential)

    For Flames… this can’t be Johnny Hockey Part Deux

    • Yes, Blues seem like an eventuality. But if Blues, why not wait a year and keep the whole band together. Armstrong can make moves to structure team and finances to accommodate Tkachuk in 2023.

      • Hi redmonsters…. Fully agree re the Blues side of the equation

        Flames need to fully strategize all potential outcomes; and act

    • Pengy…He is fro. ST.Louis it seems to b z great fit..

      First poor Calgary first Gautreau now Tkachuck yikes.

      Im thinking Calgary is wantid two forwards.

      So Vladdy Tarasenko & young Jordan Kygrou plus a number one pick and a nu.ber two pick..

      If the wanted a defenseman jordan kyrgrou 24 75 points

      Their choice of Krug or Paraynko and a number one and number two pick.
      Thoughts ???

  3. fellow poster Brian has convinced me that Tkachuk to the Blues is inevitable .

    Tkachuk to St Louis for Kyrou, Barbashev, Scandella & Hofer.
    Tkachuk signs a 1 year deal for 7.5 to allow StLouis to meet team cap in 2022 with the promise of signing an 8×9.5 mil year deal in 2023 when some cap frees up.

    • Fergy,

      I don’t think the Flames would have interest:

      I don’t think that Hofer is a need area
      I know Scandella is necessary for dollars, but…….
      Kyrou=yes, Barbashev=meh

      Matthew will not sign a contract on “a promise”


      • IP , I came up with those names to make the $ work , Hofer can be replaced with another prospect. Flames already have Wolf waiting in the wings anyways.
        I think NJ would be a good landing spot for MT but if he will not agree to at least a 5 year extension then I would not make the trade.

    • Everyone assumes Tkachuk wants to be in St. Louis because his father played there and he grew up in the St. Louis suburbs. But that may just be lazy thinking. Maybe he likes the atmosphere in Dallas. Or likes Florida’s chances of winning the Cup in the near future.

      • And perhaps he wants to join his brother

      • Maybe, George. They have lots of cap space this year but the Sens have Stutzle and Pinto to sign next year.

      • Well Paul,

        Maybe some Blues fans, but no “assumptions” OR “lazy thinking” on my part!

        I’ve been around way too long and seen way too much to ASSume anything.


      • George, that would seem best “family wise”. Easier on parents. Would you include Stutzle in a trade?

      • Brady signed long term in Ottawa. Matt could do same in Calgary.

      • No, I would not include Stuzle, Slick62. If I were Dorion and Matthew was making it plain he’d like to join Brady, I’d simply wait until he reaches UFA status – doesn’t matter if he’s dealt elsewhere in the interim – he’s not obliged to sign there.

        The situation in Ottawa is becoming a bit murkier with these ongoing but separate Government and Hockey Canada inquiries into that sex assault situation if neither Formenton nor Batherson issue statements similar to others who have done so, that they were NOT part of the assault.

        If it turns out one – or both – were involved, the league will come down hard and I’m sure Dorion has this in mind as well as Formenton negotiates his RFA status and an increase over his expired $747,500 ELC. As for Batherson, he has 5 years to go at a cap hit of $4,975,000.

        If both are found to be involved and the league suspends them – perhaps for life to send a strong message – there’s $5,722,000 off the books to add to the kitty – and a sudden need for yet another RW. That could be Matthew.

        All speculation, of course, but you never know.

      • He has informed the Flames he won’t re sign with them. His partial list of teams is st louis, Nashville, vegas. Dallas, florida with rangers and devils also a poss

    • Sending 4 assets for 1 would be challenge, if that is what is being inferred. What about shipping out Tarasenko? He wanted out of town last I heard and the return gives Flames a proven scorer with a few more quality years. Maybe him and Kyrou, and Blues get a prospect D (which they are severely lacking). Tkachuk is going to command more dough that Thomas’ $8.1M

      • that works if Tarasenko agrees , plus a conditoinal 1st needs to be included since 91 will be a UFA next year.

      • Taresenko’s wife is behind his trade request much like Pujuol”s wife was and Kurt Warnet’s before that. She won’t be satisfied in Calgary looking more towards east or west coast. Florida also a possibility.

    • Scandella has been released..Pengy

      • The Blues haven’t issued any statement to that effect. They are still trying to trade him, as far as I know.

    • Oufff! It`s gonna take alot more than that Fergy… Think Erik Karlsson as comparative.

      Jake Neighbours
      Zach Bolduc
      Vlad Tarasenko (to move $, flip @ deadline)
      1st 2023
      2nd 2024

  4. Nobody wishes to spend that much on a 1 yr rental! Try St Lou, then go to plan B,C,D,E,F etc.
    Not an easy spot to be in for Calgary.

  5. I really like this move by Flames management. Best to take back what control they can instead of getting strung along like they did Tkachuk’s last contract. If he wants out (or wants anything over 10M over 5 years) than shop him like a side of beef.

  6. Eric Francis predicts this will be resolved in a weeks. I am not so sure.
    I would be ok with a 3-5 year deal. If Tkachuk only wants a one he is done. St. Louis can take him on if they move Krug Kyrou and Neighbors and a pick or Tarasenko instead of Krug. It is going to take 3-4 assets.
    Maybe Islanders or Jersey could be in play.

    • STL has parts especially forwards to move even if a third team is involved

    • Silver,

      That’s more than I would hope the Blues would give up. I agree with ds that the Blues depth is at forward, and the Flames need is at forward, so something should work:

      MAYBE (?)—Vladdy, Kyrou, Kostin, pick
      I don’t want to lose Neighbors or Bolduc


      • Neighbors is from Airdrie. I would want him in any deal. Might lesson the overall deliverable as I am sure the Blues are very high on him as well

  7. As we wait for Kadri and Klingberg to sign. Scrolling thru capfriendly ufa’s, i wonder why no one as picked up as of date:

    Nino Niederreiter (24g)
    Danto Heinen (18g)
    Evan Rodrigues (19g)
    Sam Steel (6)
    Johathan Dahlen (12g)
    Ryan Donato (16g)
    Daniel Sprong (14g)

    Remove Niederreiter and the rest shouldn’t cost much to get under contract.

    • Hi Caper

      Pens need to pick up Nino Niederreiter the moment they move Zucker

      • Pengy…ill say you are consistent, determined, and passionate.

        Zucker ain’t leaving and Nino anint coming.it isn’t happening…

        I love Nino too his last con tract was $ 5.25 we would have to move Peterson and we should have let that slug Kapanen walk thats $7.3 million more thN enough to sign Nino

    • You have to wonder, too, if veterans Phil Kessel (34 y/o) and Paul Stastny (36 y/o) have reached the end of the line.

      One thing is certain, if one or both are intend on continuing playing somewhere (in the NHL), there will be big come downs from their expiring deals

      Kessel – $8 mil cap hit with M-NTC/NMC

      Stastny -$3,750,000

      • Got to be 1 yr league min for Stastny (35+ contract)

        Kessel could sign 2 @ $1M (Note was 34 @ 30/6/22… so per CapFreindly even though he’s 35 this fall.. his contract would not be considered in the 35+ type)

        Please no to both re Leafs and Pens…..expected seriously declining output….Phil also needs to drop weight

      • Kessel is willing to play for the league minimum anywhere from $850,000 to $1.2 million which makes him attractive.

        He had 53 points last year with a crappy Arizona team and 20 goals two season ago with Arizona

        Nashville Boston Dallas Pittsburgh are interested he will land somewhere..

        Stastny you may be right

    • You sign a UFA to fill a need. Therefore, it’s reasonable to deduce that no GM thinks any of those guys fills a need.

      • Hi Paul

        I agree re guys like Statsny and Kessel

        However Neidereiter, Heinen, E-Rod …. All have skills and production that would fill the needs of many teams…. The hold up may be space; or perhaps contract negotiations are ongoing with several suitors

        Neidereiter will command more… so less suitors…. But there are still many teams that can use middle 6 forwards in the Heinen and E-Rod range of eventual Cap hit; and who still have space

        I’d love to have Neidereiter on Malkin’s wing (with Rakell)…. But HexBurkie have to bounce Zucker first before that could happen

      • Stastny actually had slightly more PPG than Niederreiter this past season. Not saying he’s worth more money but he’s not finished unless he wants to be.
        He’ll land somewhere on a value contract, probably with a contending team looking for veteran depth. Wouldn’t surprise me if Sweeney is keeping his agent’s number handy in case Krejci and/or Bergeron decide not to come back.

  8. All this speculation, but I have not heard from Tkachuk’s side yet. Are we just running around saying the “Sky is Falling” when there is no real proof he wants out or to go to St.L?

  9. It’s interesting that people assume tkachuk wants out of Calgary. He bargains hard and may very well end up signing 8 years for 10 or 10.5 million with Calgary.

    • Ya Jeff, nobody knows for sure what’s up. His Bro signed long term in OTT, and wasn’t angling to play in St Louis.
      Maybe Matt is, no idea.
      Kinda on the you want to be close, but not too close plan that JG went if it was me.

      Calgary is a hub so you can get direct flights to just about any major center, but not sure about STL.

      One thing is for sure, Calgary can’t lose him for nothing as not having Johnny hurts their chances to win this year, so the reward doesn’t justify the risk.

      Best get on it if they are moving him.

      • Does it hurt their chances, Ray? There are still a few good UFA options out there available at less than the Flames offered Gaudreau. And the savings can be used to bolster the roster.

        IMO, the Flames dodged a bullet, PR disaster that this temporarily has been. If the Flames reload well, this could be a blessing in disguise. And, per my other comment, if I were a Flames fan I would not want to overpay on Tkachuk.

    • If the Flames give him that much money then they deserve the consequences that will flow from that over payment.

      • So LJ even with hindsight, I guess they were wrong for thinking he’d be 100+points player. Yeah you’re right there.

      • Sarcasm from Ron Moore. Who saw that coming?

        Gaudreau sandwiched two mediocre seasons in between two good ones. Seems prudent to me to ask what one gets going forward for nearly 11 million a year, particularly as the Flames never got past the second round in either of his good seasons.

        Still, no point letting reflection get in the way of a thoughtless comment …

  10. Go for the gusto grab Tkachuk, a once in a lifetime forward, he can do it all

  11. Why would X 2 Star players Bolt from the Calgary Flames…..
    and when they are being offered $10.M+ P.A.
    How much money dose a Hockey player need❗️

    ❓Could it be the Arena Deal thats been on on-going for 4+ years now… when players & family’s dont know where they could end up

    ❓Is it the Coach to tough for the flames players

    The Calgary Flames are going from a strong Contender to Pretender

    All the speculation on Matt Tkachuk’s future is valid He is Back in St louis every chance he gets.
    He Grew up a Blues Fan…. you look at alls the players now they want to play closer to home and family…🤔
    At the end of the 2023 season he will pick his own Destiny as a UFA✔️

    1/St Louis

    2/Ottawa have lots of Cap Room & the brother is there


    and of course The Maple Leafs they are always Signing everybody…. They need a Majior Majior Shake up or Shake down….😂

    • Willie, I think you answered your own question.

      I don’t begrudge and US player for wanting to play stateside when they hit UFA. I get it, if I was working and living in the USA, I would prefer to be back in Canada unless the financial reasons were strong enough to keep me down there.

      When a CDN player comes back up here we applaud the good Canadian kid coming back home, and when a US born player leaves to do the same thing he is an A-hole who doesn’t care about the fans.

      Unless you have a real shot at the cup, and a player won’t re-sign with you with a year left you have to move him. I don’t care where he is from. This is on the teams IMO.

      • LMAO!!! “ When a CDN player comes back up here we applaud the good Canadian kid coming back home, and when a US born player leaves to do the same thing he is an A-hole who doesn’t care about the fans.”

        Uhhh ya sure. Johnny pajamas boy Tavares says hi!

        Where the f is Bettman here? You created this mess with the cap so poorer teams can retain their stars but teams that draft and build like Calgary did. To lose two top drafted prospects is a black eye to the league. It’s not good for the organization and it’s fans. This shouldn’t happen and as I’ve ragged on before, if you draft and develop a player into a star, contracts for those players shouldn’t count against the cap so a team like Calgary can back up a brinks truck to tempt that player more into staying if they wanted that. Hen there’s the issue of this type of issue gets public, tarnishing all involved insuring the flames not being able to get the most from this. Just bad.

        My idea may not be practical but just as poor teams got protected against rich teams that would over pay, because they could, for good players there needs something in place to protect this from happing with young players that are destined to be stars in the league.

      • The obvious problem there is, what if a player who is still with his drafting team and making the big bucks that don’t count against the cap WANTS out – that existing cap problem may be his only leverage to get dealt. Otherwise, the team could sit on him for as long as they like – just like it was in the “good old days.”

  12. Marner straight up for tkachuk assuming he will sign at least a 5 year deal.

    • Hahaha!
      And maybe they should trade Matthews straight up for mangiapane?

  13. I dont think its a sure thing that MT wants to sign in St Louis, for one. arent they trending down with the cup window closing(not closed). I doubt he wants to play with his brother, or anywhere in Canada for that matter. If he wants to play in the US and play for a team on the rise, why not NYR?
    Flames keep 50% and get Lafreniere, Lundkvist and 23 1st. Could work since NYR wont have to pay Lafreniere next year. MT now plays RW, a need for the Rangers and his style fits the Rangers agenda.
    Devils could work with Bratt going the other way plus something but as with MT and deal with Bratt has to be made, Nashville is another possible and they have cap space, unsure about what goes the other way.

    So overall I think there are 4-6 possible fits, if you add StLouis/Ottawa/Islanders, for MT to sign with since all these makes sense for different reasons.

    Flames are under pressure since he is UFA in a year, however if I was MT I would do this now with a 104p season behind me. Next year I could get injured or have a bad season with just 25 goals and 60 points

    • Flames keep 50% of what, Kent? MT is an RFA, without a contract.

      • Fair point, my mistake

  14. Good thing Nova Scotia doesn’t have a team. McKinnon, Crosby and Marchand. Batherson wasn’t born there but Dad and grand parents, he spent alot of time in Nova Scotia (mainly Caper Breton) and if you haven’t been to Caper Breton what are you waiting for?

  15. There is a saying “ you can never go home again” . I have lived it and believe it to be true.

    I said it a few days back cross out Johnny and put Matt’s name on the Columbus offer. If not accepted bye bye
    I am certain as Johnny won’t get 115 Tkachuk won’t get a100 next year. He could very well get hurt and never be at a 100 percent again
    Trade him for Laine and a defence-man

  16. Not very good at this but let me have it

    Pasta & DeBrusk for Hanifin & Tkachuk

    • Like that one and I think it would be doable.

      • Just maybe Sweeney checks in on here once in a while ..

    • Hanifin is an underachiever so is Debrusk Pasta’s a superstar so is Tkachuk but Matthew plays both ends of the ice. I’d love to see this happen, but unfortunately Joe.. Sweeney is in charge & he’d muck it up. I have no confidence in this guy terrible GM

  17. Tkachuk has inform Calgary that he won’t sign long term.

    teams he would like to be traded to:

    St. L
    New Jersey

    noted outside St. Louis all teams play in tax free states.

    • Caper,

      The way I understand is that NJ and NYR have shown past interest, but are NOT necessarily included on list—the Dallas Stars are also on.


    • Not tax free states, either some don’t have state taxes and others have low state taxes. NJ, isnt low and I doubt NY state tax is zero either.

      As much BS was thrown out there regarding JT wanting to go home, at least he stayed after his ELC, he signed his bridge, saw where things where going on the island and all the BS he had to endure, you know, bad reams, arenas, etc. he took the opportunity to go if what the islanders where offering (not just money because he took less) wasn’t good enough and as a free agent he owed it to himself, like anyone of us would do, to get everything you want if you can.

    • @ Caper.

      This is not true, Tkachuk isn’t looking at New York or New Jersey. Outside of St Louis he’s looking at tax free states.

      1) Dallas

      2) Vegas

      3) Nashville

      4) Florida

      Teams like those.

      • 1) Dallas-Hintz is really the only young top liner there…..

        2) Vegas-has nothing to trade

        3) Nashville-do they have chips Calgary wants?

        4) Florida-Reinhart+2 1sts? cant see the salary fit

        STL-Thomas? Kyrou?

  18. It sounds like Tkachuk has provided a list—and it’s NOT just the Blues!


  19. Calgary – M. Tkachuk
    Columbus – J. Gaudreau


  20. This is going to be a whole lot more fun in 12 months when its Scooby Dubas walking Mr 60 to free agency.

    Only difference is Nostrils has a notrade clause that kicks in so he wont be going anywhere he doesnt want too.

    I wonder if losing one of the leagues best scorers for nothing is part of the Shanahadaplan or if Dubious did that all by himself.

    • So much dumb. Learn something about the team you know nothing about before you sound like you don’t get enough oxygen to your brain. Look up it’s record with Matthews out of the lineup. I guess you think one player makes a team, eh?

  21. Wildcard for Tkachuk

    Brayden Point is from Calgary, signed 8 more years and does not have any no movement clause.

    • There is zero chance that Tampa does this deal. Brayden Point is the long term #1C there and costs less.

  22. Bruins need this type of player Tkachuk fits the bruins mold and would the most popular player since Terry OReily. The fact that Matthew won’t sign long term mean it is doable.

    • Kerfoot
      Plus a handful of picks

      LMAO – Marner , reunited with MT , Matthews down the middle would suffice for next year

      Toronto isn’t on MT’s list of teams anyways ,

      Who knows , Anyone know what is going on at the Calgary Stampede…
      Pretty drastic – Goudreau , Now MT ????

  23. Karma would be to trade Tkachuk to Columbus for Gaudreau and then trade Gaudreau to Arizona.

    Here’s a list of possible returns. Tkachuk to:

    Tampa Bay for a package that would include Brayden Point

    Boston for Pasternak, Carlo and DeBrusk

    Seattle for Wright and Berniers