NHL Rumor Mill – July 21, 2022

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What are some possible trade destinations for Matthew Tkachuk? What’s the latest on Patrick Kane, Nazem Kadri and Samuel Girard? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: In the wake of yesterday’s report regarding Matthew Tkachuk’s decision not to sign a long-term extension with the Calgary Flames, Hailey Salvian and Sean Gentille examined several possible trade destinations. It’s based in part on a list of teams with whom he would agree to sign a contract extension.

Calgary Flames winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images).

The St. Louis Blues are often mentioned as the top destination for Tkachuk because he grew up in St. Louis and his family still lives there. Others include the Nashville Predators, Detroit Red Wings, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Salvian and Gentille examined the pros and cons of each club. I’m going to offer up my brief take on each.

Before I begin, I believe the Flames aren’t looking to rebuild. They’ll seek a return that helps them remain a playoff contender in the coming season as well as for several seasons afterward. They’ll want at least one good young NHL player as part of a package deal that could also include a first-round pick and/or a top prospect.

Cap space is also important. Tkachuk will command over $9 million annually on his next contract. Some of the aforementioned teams lack the cap room to pull it off unless they’re sending a couple of salaried players to the Flames or making a cost-cutting move with another club to free up sufficient space to re-sign him.

The Blues are bumping against the $82.5 million cap. It could cost them winger Jordan Kyrou as part of the return. And no, I don’t see the Flames accepting Vladimir Tarasenko, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. He’s also older (30) and might not waive his no-trade clause.

After re-signing Filip Forsberg, the Predators have three forwards each earning at least $8 million annually on long-term deals. General manager David Poile could be reluctant to add a fourth. I don’t think they have a suitable young player to tempt the Flames. Sophomore Philip Tomasino has potential but he’s yet to fully display it.

The Red Wings have the cap space and plenty of promising youngsters to entice the Flames. However, I don’t see Wings GM Steve Yzerman parting with Lucas Raymond and he’s definitely not giving up Calder Trophy winner Moritz Seider. I also don’t consider Jakub Vrana or Tyler Bertuzzi (a UFA next summer) as centerpiece players for the Flames.

Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello needs a scoring winger to skate alongside playmaking center Mathew Barzal. However, the Flames could ask for Barzal in return. NYI Hockey Now’s Stefen Rosner points out the Isles lack prospect depth. He also shot down the notion of the Flames having an interest in forwards such as Anthony Beauvillier or Kieffer Bellows.

The Vegas Golden Knights love to make blockbuster moves. However, they’re over the cap already and I don’t see the Flames having any interest in William Karlsson or Jonathan Marchessault as part of the return. They recently had to move Max Pacioretty and Evgenii Dadonov in cost-cutting deals to remain cap compliant.

If the Stars want Tkachuk, they must part with rising star Jason Robertson. They also have $11 million in cap space with restricted free agent goaltender Jake Oettinger to re-sign. They need offense but I think GM Jim Nill will stick with the more affordable Robertson.

I think the Devils are the best fit. Winger Jesper Bratt could be a good return though he recently filed for salary arbitration. If he’s willing to accept a long-term deal from the Flames, there could be a deal there. The Flames would probably have an interest in a prospect such as Luke Hughes, Simon Nemec or Alexander Holtz as part of the return.


TSN’s Darren Dreger tweeted he’s checked into recent trade speculation regarding Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane. He said the winger’s camp remains undecided on his future so everything at this point is speculative.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports former Avalanche center Nazem Kadri has offers on the table from several clubs but they’re either teams he doesn’t want to play for due to location, they lack contender status or both. Maybe a team or two that he wouldn’t mind playing for and would like to have him lacks the cap space to sign him.

Dater believes Kadri would love to return with the Avalanche but doesn’t think their offer is what the center hoped for. He puts the odds of Kadri returning to Colorado at 30-70 or maybe 20-80.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ve heard that Kadri was waiting for teams that had an interest in him to clear cap space to sign him. Whatever’s behind the holdup in signing him, it appears he might have to accept less than he hoped to get. He’ll still receive more than the $4.5 million AAV of his previous contract, but it probably won’t be anywhere near the $8 million per season that some observers predicted he’d get.

Dater also tweeted he’s not hearing that the Avs are shopping Samuel Girard. “Things can always change but I believe he’s staying.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Girard and his $5 million AAV came up as a trade option if the Avs wanted to shed salary to make room for Kadri.


  1. Kadri at 31is not an $8m player at least with any term.
    The only way the Flames get anything for Matt the Rat if there is a bidding war. Devils have the best young assets and I am not including Bratt.
    Severson and Holt and a first would get my interest

    • MT is not worth 8 million on any term, Silver. It will be interesting to see what he does get in a cap strapped league where most teams have already spent the spare change they get – see Lyle’s comments. Mr. T may well be in for a surprise

      • Bet he gets more LJ

    • Hey Silver, I mentioned to you a few moths ago that Matt and Johnny would ditch Calgary. You said they loved the city and were saying all the right things.

      They were obviously FOS !

    • I do not know Calgary’s needs or desires, but don’t believe Severson would be a centerpiece for them. So I would believe, if the Devils are even on his list (big question), that Bratt would be the centerpiece. Also Luke being Jack’s brother is probably off the table. That said, some of the other young pieces the Devils have might be interesting to Calgary. But it is a moot point if the Devils are not on the list

      • George…The Flames will get a god deal they have to…Gaudreau walked for free..

        1. St. Louis–He is from there, his dad played there, and they can center a deal around Jordan Kyrou, Torey Krug, Barbashev and some picks and prospects

        2. New Jersey- Thay have the cap space and can center a deal around 24-year-old Jesper Bratt, Damon Seversson, prospect Holt and some picks. (Jersey really doesn’t want to give up Bratt but)

        3. Ottawa- Playing with his brother could be intriguing. Ottawa does have the goods to make a trade, but I really think Mathhew wants to avoid playing in Canada.

        we shall see. always could be a surprise team.

    • Flames aren’t giving up Thachuk with out Bratt and more coming back.

      Devils dont want to lose Bratt..

      Bratt Sversson Holt and a number 1 pick..

      • The longer this drags on, now that Tkachuk has made it clear he will not extend in Calgary, the more the Flames are backed into a take-it-or-leave-it corner – the alternative is to plow through next season WITH him in the line-up – and then lose him for nothing a la Gaudreau.

        No one is doing them any favours.

    • Devils need tkachuk. Hes exactly the wing hughes needs. A package of holtz, sharangovich, nemec and a pick gets it done.

      • George, in the event he is with the Flames through the regular season they will still get a decent return at the deadline from a cup contender

        At least Tkachuk let his intentions be known, so since he doesn’t hold any no move or no trade clauses they can move him to any team in the league

      • They’d better have the cap space at the trade deadline then. Even his current cap hit would be a problem for most of the top contenders to absorb. And you can bet that, in acquiring him, no contending team that HAS the cap space will be ready to give up anything that might weaken them elsewhere.

  2. I dont think think the Stars would offer up Robertson, but what if they offered Seguin, who could rebound to pre-injury form on a scoring line with a more potent offense. They could also offer up one of, Wyatt Johnston, Logan Stankovic, or Maverique Bourque, who all had outstanding years. (they could even throw in Gurianov as a former first rounder that needs a change of scenery) Thoughts

    BTW, I really don’t think Tkachuk would come to Dallas. His camp has already said that list was not accurate.

    • Starsfan, Seguin COULD … but then again he might not

      The guy is 30 years old and carries a cap hit close to $10 mil per for 5 more years at the end of which he’ll be 35 … and he’s been sputtering offensively since 2019-20.

      Unfortunately, I think Dallas has a budding albatross contract that they’ll only move IF they withhold a big chunk of that cap. Calgary already has one of those in Monahan – and at least he’ll be off the books after next season and, if they’re lucky, he’ll remain on LTIR.

      • George O, Agree 100% on Seguin, who knows, just wording thinking I guess… but unless he’s playing on the top line with Pavelski and Robertson, he’s gonna be a 15-20 goal score for the next 5 years (hopefully)…not worth 9+
        George, on a side note, what do you think of the young kids i mentioned above? They seem to be lighting it up in their respective leagues

      • Well, Starsfan, they’re certainly lighting it up with their major junior teams – Johnston in Windsor of the OHL – Stankoven with Kamloops of the WHL – and Bourque with Shawinigan of the Q – but at this stage they are still just good prospects – not generational ones – and as draft history shows repeatedly, lighting it up in junior, and then continuing that sort of production at the pro level, can be a monumental leap at which many fail.

        Hopefully for the Stars sake at least one them materializes into a solid NHLer.

  3. Kadri had an amazing season on a stacked team, not to take anything away from him as he has become an outstanding player, but age and the contract length and $$ he seeks are not worth it in a stagnant cap world. I would love to see him return to the Leafs as he has learned how to play edgy without the suspensions. I know he probably wouldn’t return but the need for a top 6 forward could be addressed reaqurining him for @ 6,000,000 per by trading Kerfoot and or Muzzin. There seems to be many who seem more comfortable with the Leafs defensive game without Muzzin; if this is accurate then a deal like this makes sense to me. Just my opinion, and opportunity to turn this blog toward the Leafs like we are always accused of doing! Lol

    • I love Kadri, was bitterly disappointed when he took those suspensions. He brought the edge that is needed on a team, just had issues controlling it.
      Where would he play on the Leafs? Move Tavares to LW? I don’t think that is happening.
      From what I read Tavares is putting an emphasis on speed and skating this offseason, he comes back as #2C IMO.
      Leafs need to address the Sandin issue and trade out a contract before considering an expensive UFA signing.

  4. Kadri, has a prefer list but the prefer list is there only if he is willing to take less then he wants.

    The risk he runs is other team may start using up their cap space and the options become less and less.

    I think Kadri would love to go back to Toronto but no room at the inn. Unless Toronto could trade out JT; but JT nmc he isn’t going.

    Hmm would Toronto be better with Kadri over JT as their 2nd line C

    • caper, what also says Tavares isn’t going anywhere is that $11 mil per cap hit which runs 3 more seasons at the end of which he’s 35 y/o – and certainly no faster. Who do you see ponying up $11 mil off their cap for him – assuming he;d even agree to go there?

      • No argument there George. JT be a tough move.

        What’s interesting to me is JT will be 32 Sept 20th and Kadri will be 32 Oct 6

        It’s perceived by some that JT is on the decline and Kadri is peaking.

        For myself i think Kadri game will allow him to have continue success; whereas JT game is strictly skill and every step he losses hurts his game, not that he was ever fleet of foot. This isn’t to say he isn’t no longer a very good player because he still has game.

      • It’s two more seasons after this one and is still producing close to a point per game pace. That’s a terrible player. I’d rather have that “budding of an albatross” for 5yrs. you get with Seguin. Talk about not seeing the forest, right?

      • Ron, two more seasons after this one is….. three seasons total.

  5. I would like to see the Flames trade Tkachuk to Dallas for Robertson.
    Personally I think Robertson might even be an upgrade over Tkachuk.

    I am torn about loosing 2 top players. On one hand with these two players the Flames would have been a perennial playoff team. On the other hand they would never get past the second or if really lucky win the western conference with these two players. Johnny is a dynamic player but it does not translate into the playoffs, just to small and he has no space to be effective. Matthew is just way to slow and cannot keep up with the pace and he is unable to raise his game in the playoffs. Although he talks a good game.

    Depending on what the return is for Tkachuk he might be doing the Flames a favour as it would be easy to overpay for him.

    • Very interesting and honest take on your team Flamefan. Nice to see some objectivity. Being a Leafs fan I see many of our star players in the same way. Regular season stars only!

    • Im sad to see both go and they did play pretty well in the playoffs, however I think most people underestimate the impact Lindholm had on that line, kind of like how Bergeron make Marchand and Pastrnak so good. With that said I think both will be overpaid for what they bring to their new teams. The problem for the Flames is that many of their players are older and the Flames are in win now mode. So depending on what you get for MT they need to retool or rebuild and given the teams age is unfortunate

      • Good point, Kent, and I’d say the same thing about John Tavares. He has William Nylander on one wing but he could really use a top six left wing. I think that holds the line back more than anything.

    • Agreed – Gaudreau & Tkachuk were never going to help Calgary keep pace with Edmonton (McJesus & Leon) … other than his overtime goal, Johnny Invisible never delivered his worth in playoffs and Tkachuk racked up points in big wins but could never be relied upon in tight games. Backlund was a much better player against the Oilers. So exchange MT for guys more suited to the Sutter lunch bucket team so they can rub sandpaper into the Oilers eyes and play a team game, then weaponize cap space in the season ahead.

  6. It would seem like Armstrong may need to swing at least TWO or THREE deals to make any of this happen:

    1. A separate Tarasenko trade (to Islanders?) to free necessary cap space—maybe Beauvillier and a 1st.

    2. A Scandella trade to my buddy Pengy’s Pens for additional cap—lower round pick 6th round

    3. Kyrou, Snuggerud, Kostin and 1st round pick to Flames to Matt T.

    I really hope that Armstrong can avoid giving up too many prospects (ie. Neighbors, Bolduc, Alexandrov) to make this happen—the Blues long term future depends on it!


    ps. all of this still leaves the Blues lacking the LD that they desperately need

    • Hi IP

      With Blues sitting in the proverbial “driver seat” wrt trade negotiation power (MT has narrowed the acceptable field down; and has indicated his liking to be on the Blue’s)… and seeing as a sign and trade is unlikely… your proposed give (in trade) by Blues seems high to me

      Spread those trade chips around and perhaps he can snag both bros….
      That sound you just heard was George hitting the floor

    • Hi IP

      How is this super ships n giggled deal to net your end goal of all 3 trades; but keeping Kyrou and your 1st

      To Flames: Snuggered, Kostin , 3rd (Blues); O’Connor/Dumo/Zucker/3rd (from Pens)

      To Pens : Scans and Teresenko (20% retained by Flames in to/through)

      To Blues : MT

  7. @Caper
    I am all in as per your recent post .
    I would love to see Kadri back in a Leafs uniform .
    The issue here is , Dubas is too proud , won’t eat crow , easy addition , move out a few stale contracts, in with fresh surging talent .
    Wishful thinking
    Why move Tavares to wing – why not buy him out – move on from this mess???

  8. @Pengy your request of Nino Niederreiter signing in Pittsburgh won’t be happening soon. Reportedly just sign a 2yr contract with Nashville.

    • Poile has had a good off season. He resigned Forsberg, signed Nino , traded for McDonagh and landed Kemmell 17th OA in the draft

    • Hi Caper

      Yes…, saw that and mentioned it in my response to IP

      Great signing by Predz

      To get same take-home …, Pens would have had to offer $4.4 M (Cite Gavingroup) but it would have been well worth it for him to be on a line with Gino and Rakell

      HexBurkie didn’t move fast enough

  9. Tkachuk to SJ for Couture and Lindblom and a 2023 2nd

    Tkachuk to Philly for Laughton, Farabee and a 2023 2nd

    Tkatchuk to Montreal for Anderson, Dvorak (no draft picks)

    Tkachuk and Tanev to Ottawa for Debricat, Zaitsev, Sabourin 2023 2nd, 2024 3rd

    Tkachuk, Zadorov to Blues for Tarasenko-Parayko (no draft

    Tkachuk, Tanev, Zadorov 2023 3rd to Leafs for: Nylander, Kerfoot, Holl, Sandin, Knies 2023 2nd

    • Hold the phone – you think Ottawa would give up a 2-time 40 goal scorer they just acquired for a 7th overall PLUS 2 high picks for Tkachuk? Not in this century.

      • Switch out Debrincat for Formenton and Sabourin for Brannstrom and the 2nd for a lottery protected first.

        So would be Formenton, Brannstrom, Zaitsev, a 1st and 3rd for Tanev and Matthew.

        If I’m Calgary though, I ask for Grieg to be included in any deal.

        But if Matthew wants more than $9million, Ottawa can’t do it if they want to sign Debrincat. And I don’t think Matthew wants to go from one Canadian market to another, unless the draw of playing with his brother is strong.

      • Apparently that return is the equivalent of Anderson and Dvorak 😉

    • DJ, I hope none of those trades happen, very underwhelming return.

      Although the Flames are not negotiating from strength so I think whatever they get, Flame fans will be disappointed.

    • Send the whiner home. Let them deal with him.

    • Not a fan of either team, but the Leafs should offer Marner for Tkachuk if they can get him re-signed. Marner is a better offensive driver but Tkachuk would make the Leafs’ offence more versatile. Makes more sense than the above offer of Nylander plus scraps.

      The Sharks deal doesn’t make sense. Also I don’t think declining 33-yr-old Couture has any trade value with his 4 yrs at $8 m contract.

  10. Maybe I’m weird, but I’m just not seeing the value in Mathew T.

    All the pressure in this situation is clearly on the player. And then the Flames. But even then…it’s perceived pressure. I say DON’T trade him. Teams can’t afford him at the moment, and you’re not getting good value for him. Lets see the Flames play out this season….and have an absolute free market fire sale at the trade deadline and go into a rebuild. They have 8 contracts I think that expire in the next 2 years. Markstrom is a stud, the Sens want Tanev, someone will need Tkachuk for a playoff run and he’ll be more inclined to bring it knowing he is playing for his next big contract wherever the Flames ship him.

  11. It’s a Derozen for kawhi moment.
    Nylander and anything else for Tkachuk. Even if it’s a one year deal.

  12. Am I crazy but I see a fit with the Boston Bruins and Matthew Tkachuk.

    • If there is any truth to Pasta not resigning in Beantown, and Tkachuk would sign there then would Pasta for Tkachuk work?

      Thats really the only way the Bruins get him.

  13. Ode to Pengy:

    Is Pengy happy,
    They resigned Kappy
    Pengy is probably a “puker”
    They still have Zucker!


    • Capanen- maybe if his name was spelled that way the Pens wouldn’t have inked so much to him.

      • Kappy’s new contract : 2 years 6.4 million. Wish the Penguins let Kappy walk and use the 3.2 million towards another player.

    • Hi IP,

      Pleased as punch with the contract signing as per CF… Zucker can now be bought out sometime between Sunday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon…. Second buyout window is….

      “during the 48 hour period beginning on the third day after the ……settlement”

      This seems very likely the game plan that HexBurlie had… QO to Kappy…. Basically handing him the authority to request Arb… which automatically opened up Buyout window

      Right now per CF , Pens at 23 of 23 and $500 K over….

      Zucker buyout with Nylander or Poulin up OR sign league min UFA fwd…., Pens will be at 23 of 23 and at a minimum if $2.1 M in space 👍👍👍

      The sad/bad news…. Predz scored by signing Neidereider (2 @ $4 M)…. Note Pens would need to have offered ~ $4.4 M for same take home pay (cite Gavingroup)… meaning Pens could have retained 20% on Zucker in a trade (which means less sweetener than moving all his Cap) and replaced with Neidereiter… with no change in Cap

      Gino Rakell Neidereiter would have been great

      A better move is to retain 50% on Zucker…. Then after Nylander or Poulin up; OR UFA Fwd…. Pens will be at 23 of 23 AND ~ $1.4 M in Cap space; AND no dead Cap 23/24; AND will get something (even if it is a 7th in 2028) in trade

      HexBurkie …. Make your calls; or get pen to paper and have fax machine warmed up for Sunday afternoon

      • Be careful Pengy … you remained on Johnson’s case until he was finally purged … and he wound up winning a cup elsewhere.

        Could happen with Zucker too.

  14. If you thought your team’s GM is horrible, just remember this set of transactions:
    Vegas traded first-, second- and third-round picks for Tomas Tatar; traded him, a second-rounder and Nick Suzuki (!) in a package for Pacioretty; and then just traded Pacioretty to Carolina for nothing.
    To sum that up, two firsts, two seconds and a third rounder for essentially 4 seasons of Pacioretty.
    Not good asset management….
    That is not good asset management.

  15. St Louis gave the Avs imho the best run

    Do you lose your forward depth which is a huge part of this team’s success to bring in a top line player like Tkachuk?

    • I would like to have seen how the Avs/Blues series would have ended if Kadri the hack hadn’t taken out Binnington.

  16. $9 mil for Tkchuck and $8mil for Kadri? Kadri’s going to need to take a step back to that <$6mil line.
    He's a good player who put up great numbers on a great team. On a good team he'll put up good numbers worth $5-6mil again.

  17. Bruins don’t have the prospect power to trade for him.
    The Leafs don’t have the room, and like it or not, any deal for Tkachuk starts with Marner, not Nylander. (nice try though) And all the deals I’ve heard out of leaf land…..even if they’re smart enough to start with Marner….the collection of crap that TO can include is just crap. Holl…Sandin….Kerfoot….like….these guys are only perceived as decent players in TO.

    • True Dark G, Boston doesn’t have the prospect pool which for Boston the concern would be cap space.

      Start with Jake Debrusk and Brandon Carlo? and if need to add, we’ll see.

    • Any deal for Tkachuk starts with Marner? The Flames are not in a position of strength. Everybody knows Tkachuk doesn’t want to re-sign in Calgary long term (and probably not in Toronto too.)
      So why would the Leafs or any other team trade top prospects, 1st round draft picks in a deep draft and/or a top player (even an overpaid one) for one year of Tkachuk?
      They can wait a year and then sign him as a UFA.

  18. Boston should be in the mix for Tkachuk and not Debrusk as the principle
    Flames need as many suitors as possible to get the best of a diminished return

  19. Chytil, Kakko, and Lindgren for M T.

    • Slick, how does that work cap wise for Rangers?

    • Hi Slick

      MT only 1 year to UFA..,, Drury would need to be dang sure he could sign him to more than 1 year if he’s giving up that much

      Without that “assurance”… he’s trading for a 1 yr rental

      • Pengy, I would think any team trading for him will only do so after agreeing on an extension beforehand. I’m sure if Calgary finds a trade partner they’ll allow talks

      • Agree Slick

        It’s in Flames best interest to allow those talks

        Power then shifts to MT if he truly is focused one one club (maybe 2)… refusing to agree to a longer contract

        The other way…. Conditional trade… X and Y with trade; Z IF he signs a contract greater than 1 year

  20. Does anyone know the future for Monahan? He is entering last year of his deal. Perhaps if he’s not going to be back Flames can include him in a deal for Tkachuk. Putting him on ltir could help a team fit Chucky under cap

    • Yes that might work in-season. But off-season you can only go over 10% over the Cap considering all contracts. So taking on Tkachuk new salary and Monahan’s could be quite the challenge.

      • Definately would be tight for anyone. But, from what we’ve seen with Vegas, Tampa and others, nobody ever seems to have gotten in trouble. “Someone is always injured”. That said, Kakko is going to get a bridge around 2m. Chytil is at 2.3m and will need a raise next year. Lindgren, who would be hard to lose but replaceable, is at 3m. If there’s a chance to add Ykachuk, they’ll explore it. He’s the exact kind of player they’ve been targeting

      • @slick
        Kreider, Panarin, Laf, Cuylle, Othmann…sure none are Tkachuk but all play the same left wing spot.
        There is no fit in NYC without moving Kreider or Panarin which I do not see happening.

  21. Tkachuk to boston for pasta if pasta does not want to sign

    • If Philly can convince them to take JvR, Flyers could take him after failing on Gaudreau. Hayes is Matt’s cousin