NHL Rumor Mill Update – July 7, 2022

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Rumors | 24 comments

Heading toward the opening round of the 2022 NHL Draft, check out the latest on Matthew Tkachuk, Marc-Andre Fleury, Jake Oettinger, Matt Murray and Claude Giroux in the NHL Rumor Mill update.

BALLY SPORTS MIDWEST’s Andy Strickland reports he was told the Calgary Flames have no plans of trading Matthew Tkachuk at the draft or this summer. They’re fully focused on getting the restricted free agent winger signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise there. They’ll be extra focused on signing Tkachuk if Johnny Gaudreau departs next Wednesday via free agency.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Sammi Silber cited ESPN’s Kevin Weekes reporting rumblings of the Minnesota Wild negotiating a one-year contract with Marc-Andre Fleury. If a deal doesn’t get done and the 37-year-old goaltender hits the open market, the Capitals could be among his possible destinations. She also cited TSN’s Pierre LeBrun suggesting the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Avalanche and perhaps the Pittsburgh Penguins could be among Fleury’s suitors.

Ottawa Senators goaltender Matt Murray (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Weekes had initially reported Fleury had a one-year deal in place with the Wild. He clarified that no deal is in place and the process is ongoing.

Fleury was reportedly cool toward getting shipped to the Capitals before the trade deadline. However, he could have a change of heart depending on the free-agent market.

Unless the Penguins are trading Tristan Jarry or the recently re-signed Casey DeSmith (and they have no reason to do that), Fleury won’t be returning to Pittsburgh.

The Leafs will be in the market for a starter if Jack Campbell tests the market next week and I daresay they’ll put in a call to Fleury if he’s available. The Avs are out of that market after acquiring Alexandar Georgiev to replace the departing Darcy Kuemper.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports hearing that some teams have internally discussed the merit of offer sheeting Dallas Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger. He imagines the Stars will match any offer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, they will, and who’s to say Oettinger’s even interested in signing an offer sheet? Remember, just because a team is thinking about it doesn’t mean he’ll sign one.

SPORTSNET’s Elliotte Friedman reported the Ottawa Senators and Buffalo Sabres had conversations about Matt Murray. However, the Sabres were on his 10-team no-trade list and he declined to waive it. Meanwhile, the OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch reports the Toronto Maple Leafs are in the mix for Murray and he would agree to be traded there.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun believes the Ottawa Senators will be among the clubs pursuing Claude Giroux if he goes to market next week.


  1. I think, unlike Jack Campbell, the Stars have treated Oettinger well and he likes it in Dallas. Robertson is the one I worry about…I think if LA or Anaheim was to offer sheet him, he’d have a long hard look at that, to play where he grew up and so that his parents could come to more games.

    Didn’t we hear ALL trade deadline last year that Fleury WOULDN’T accept a trade to Washington? And now we’re hearing that he would have done it?

  2. Re: “TSN’s Pierre LeBrun believes the Ottawa Senators will be among the clubs pursuing Claude Giroux if he goes to market next week.”

    The only way he won’t go to market is if Florida moves out some big ticket items elsewhere on their committed roster – 17 players at a cap hit of $79,425,834 – leaving just $3,074,166 with which to sign 6.

    They only have two RFAs to deal with – Luostrainen (coming off $897,500) and Carlsson (coming off $750,000) and while re-upping both won’t be a problem, the fact remains their expiring cumulative cap hit of $1,647,500 will be close t what they have left in the kitty, leaving nothing to re-up any of the UFAs – especially Giroux.

    Most of their UFAs are probably history – but you’d think they’d also like to retain Marchment (whose dad just died in Montreal).

  3. Oettinger was a first round pick , very young and almost single handily upset the Flames in the first round . The proverbial A snowball’s chance he leaves Dallas. Especially with the goalie drought going on.

    Kuemper now on the market . Likely to get a King’s ransom simply due to demand
    Georgiev a couple of thirds and a 5 yikes
    Letang 6×6 yikes

    • S7, agree on Kuemper getting paid. Listening to 1260 here in Edmonton today and they are throwing pretty much every tender available names out there. Most think Kuemper will price himself out of EDM, probably NJ bucks up?

      1 – Campbell
      2 – Husso
      3 – Reimer
      4 – Holtby

      Most also think Skinner will be solid for 35-45 games in 22/23.

      First guy pricey, 2nd guy less so as riskier, but younger and talented.

      Last 2 decent tenders, neither has been a starter for a while, but should be affordable and allow $ spent elsewhere.

      Will get somebody, I sure as hell don’t know what the best option is when you weigh all the factors.

      Don’t mind the less expensive option the more I think about it. I like Skinner, but with only 13 starts, kinda scary.

    • Silver I agree 100% way to long of contact for Letang and wow Kemper is jumping for joy now huge payday coming for no real reason expect only a few goalies out there and tones of teams needing them

  4. Sweeney’s annual screwup coming up Bruins fans don’t watch

    • B’s don’t have a pick tonight unless they trade for one Rick, so nothing to miss on the B’s end.

      I’ll watch it anyway, delayed to skip commercials.

      • Was referring to the rumour the bruins are trying to trade up

      • How does a Bruins fan (especially uberfan and self declared expert RWM) not know that the Bruins don’t have a first round pick? I mean, hasn’t that been in the Boston media and every fan blog for, at least, a month?

  5. Pens overpaid to keep LeTurnover.

    6 years x 6 milion?

    Hexy must have recently graduated from the Scooby Dubas School of Cap Management.

    Nice Thornton, Marleau, Spezza retirement deal for LeTurnover though.

    • Obviously they signed him longer to keep the cap hit lower. At least the Pens have more cap space now.
      When Letang’s contract will look bad the Pens won’t be contenders anymore.
      Doesn’t look like “Scooby Dubas School of cap management” where you have to sign 4 forwards for $40M… 😉

      • He will be on LTIR in 4 years

    • Never let the facts get in the way of a good story, Ron. Uncle Lou signed Marleau for three years, not your favorite GM.

  6. The Flyers plan to plant a mole on the Penguins management team to take them down from the inside is starting to pay off.

    Well played Hexy, well played.

    How else can you explain giving that kind of term to a 35 yr old broken down has been?

    6×6 for LeTurnover…… absolutely brutal.

    • The troll lays out the bait, not once but twice….one word comes to mind, right?

  7. Unless Fleurys willing to play for 12 bucks an hour and a free hotdog theres no way he signs with the Leafs.

    Scooby Dubas and his “core 4” masterplan has ensured no FA of any worth will be going to Toronto any time soon. Unless they like extended summer vacays and camping in the Muskokas.

  8. Alex Dibrincat to Ottawa wow George.

    • i like that move for OTT… Would have been more interesting if they could have pulled a move to acquire Brady’s brother from CGY.

      i’d like to see Buff trade the #16 for Dach. Hear Chi wants top 15 but will they settle for top 16?

      Unite Cozens and Dach again.

  9. Would Nylander to VAN for Miller work for both teams so there is more cap room to pay Fluery or add depth to the bottom 6?

    • I don’t think it do because Van has 2.1 in cap space with 19 players signed.

      • send Meyers to AZ for a 2nd next year for something

        to clear cap

  10. Second time I have been wrong today.
    The number 7 moved. Good thing I only bet $5.00

    DeBrincat can finish with the best of them multiple 40 goal seasons and throw in a 30 all at 24 years old . Excellent move as long as there is an extension in the works

    Scorched earth in the Windy City. But they Needed to start with Kane and Toews.
    Who is next Kirby Dach ?

    • If Dach is available, B’s should kick the tires. Assuming he has healed properly.

      S7, maybe now that the scorching has begun Toews and Kane approach Davidson to request a trade? Rumor is he was waiting for them to ask due to their history with team and full NMC’s, as a sign of respect to both.

  11. Letang signs for 6.1 per, that’s huge in a lot of ways. I’d be worried about the term a lot more but Letang and Crosby always come into camp in suck great shape. If they can get Malkin back for 7-8 then they have plenty of cap room to bring back Erod and Rackel(who really wants to come back.). Letang is still an elite right dman and should be for at least 3-4 more years. Sign Kappy and draft a decent player in the first round. This is a good day.