Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 31, 2022

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Rumors | 21 comments

In this edition of the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup: another J.T. Miller trade proposal, musings about Phil Kessel signing with the Oilers, and examining the possibility of Jesse Puljujarvi getting traded to the Islanders.


THE SCORE: Josh Wegman recently wondered if trading Vancouver Canucks center J.T. Miller to the New Jersey Devils for a package including defenseman Damon Severson would work for both teams.

Vancouver Canucks forward J.T. Miller (NHL Images).

Wegman thinks it would make sense for the Devils given Severson’s eligibility for unrestricted free agent status next summer and their recent acquisition of John Marino. They struck out in the Johnny Gaudreau sweepstakes and could use another veteran star forward to complement Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier. They also possess the cap space to re-sign Miller before his UFA eligibility next summer.

As for the Canucks, extending Miller could be tricky given Bo Horvat’s UFA eligibility next summer and Elias Pettersson will be due for a new contract in 2024. They would be better off investing to address other needs. Severson would be a massive upgrade to the right side of the Canucks blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks would like to re-sign Miller but they could shop before the trade deadline if he proves too expensive. We don’t know if the Devils would pursue Miller at some point before the 2023 trade deadline and if they’d part with Severson. 

I wouldn’t rule out the Devils having an interest in Miller if he becomes available. Wegman acknowledged their addition of Ondrej Palat but he also noted their need for a true top-line veteran scorer. They could also be in a position to make a competitive offer for him.


32 THOUGHTS PODCAST: Jeff Marek recently wondered if Phil Kessel might end up with the Edmonton Oilers. Elliotte Friedman considered it “an interesting idea”. Marek believes there’s no denying the 34-year-old right wing would score there.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kessel’s star faded after getting traded to the low-scoring Arizona Coyotes in 2019. He struggled during his first season with the Coyotes, managing just 38 points in 70 games. However, he bounced back the following year with a team-leading 20 goals and 43 points in 56 games and was third among Coyotes scorers last season with 52 points in 82 contests.

Put Kessel on a line with Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl and his stats will improve. However, he might prefer a less intense hockey market at this stage of his career. Besides, the Oilers might have other right wing options in mind.


NYI HOCKEY NOW: Stefen Rosner suggests Jesse Puljujarvi might be a more affordable option for the Islanders in their quest to add a forward this season. The 24-year-old winger recently agreed to a one-year, $3 million deal with the Oilers.

Rosner cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman recently reporting the Oilers wanted to move Puljujarvi for a draft pick. However, interested teams have limited salary-cap space and prefer the Oilers take a player in return. Rosner suggested the Isles offer up Kieffer Bellows and a third-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers could retain Puljujarvi for one more season to see if he’ll finally have his long-awaited breakout campaign. However, they could be waiting to see how much it’ll cost to re-sign winger Kailer Yamamoto before peddling Puljujarvi. Yamamoto has an arbitration hearing scheduled for Aug. 7 but he and the Oilers could reach an agreement on a new contract before then.


  1. Kessel would have a “blast” in Edmonton !!
    Affordable, Effective pickup !
    I think he enjoyed his stay in Pittsburgh with a similar star studded team !
    Seems like a No brainer to me
    Edmonton is a serious contending team …
    Not sure how their defense is graded , but a high potent offense

  2. I continue to believe that Tarasenko would meet the criteria of a top line scoring winger that would interest New Jersey or Edmonton (Islanders too).

    Vladdi with McDavid OR Hughes=GOALS!!!

    I think that Armstrong/Blues should make a move NOW, rather than wait for the deadline.

    • Iowa Prince. What kind of return would you be looking for and will team be better without Tarasenko? Understand he’ll be gone after season, but maybe better off playing it out and see how good team is at deadline?

      • Slick,

        I understand–I believe that losing Vladdi would probably be a short-term loss, but potentially a long term gain AND some cap relief.

        NJ= Bratt or Sharangovich+Graves+pick

        Edm= Puljujarvi+Kulak+pick

        Isles= Peleck+Bellows or Beauvillier

        I bet at the deadline the return would “just” be a #1—I don’t think I’d wait.

      • Iowa prince, don’t think Bratt or Pelech would be available to the Blues even in a one for one trade for Tarasenko and certainly not in a package for a player slated to be a free agent at the end of the season.

  3. at this point in Kessel’s career, Oilers should just stick with Yamomoto and JP at RW. With the little cap space they have left they should concentrate on more d-men

    • Oilers need to win now. Kessel helps more than that than KY or JP. He’d be so cheap, as well, that whoever of the 3 merits the most ice time, that’s who will get it. Easy signing and doesn’t stop them from addressing D concerns.

      • The past four seasons the following are Phil Kessel’s +/- stats :

        -17 Penguins
        -21 Coyotes
        -19 Coyotes
        -24 Coyotes

        Compare Kessel’s teammates +/- stats. Simply put either Phil Kessel isn’t a good 5 on 5 hockey player or he chooses not to play D. Last season Kessel scored only 8 goals. Do you really want the current Phil Kessel on your hockey team?

      • Malkin was -25 that same season
        but unless Kessel is hungry to play for a contender I would skip. if he is all in for your team you have to think about tossing him on the 3rd line and 2nd PP unit. especially if the price is right

  4. Edmonton does not need more offense. They nead defense and to actually play defense, even the great one said so in the playoffs

    • Nurse Ceci
      Kulak Bouchard
      Barrie Broberg
      They certainly got away from it in the playoffs with nurse extremely banged up but ..
      After woodcroft took over they played solid defence the last 30 ish games . Broberg wasn’t part of that but will push to be this year. Having re signed kulak either Barrie goes to add a bigger more defence oriented d man or you add a guy to pair with Bouchard , slide kulak down with Barrie and force Broberg to take a spot . A few options but I don’t think the d is that bad off with a healthy nurse and more experience under Bouchard and Brobergs belts than last year. If they decide to add a d man, Jesse would have to be a part of that with his 3m going out , or Barrie and his 4.5 if it’s that route. Then maybe kessel on a cheap deal to replace Jesse.

    • right they barely survived LA without Drew and a bunch of regulars on defence and the newly added Fiala .. i expect a lot of fun series between these two in the coming years

    • With AZhockeynut, and all you guys actually.
      Oil have more than enough wingers, will be too many this time next year.
      Holloway gets a shot at camp, due to missed time LY, likely gets more seasoning in AHL. The guys is physically ready, might be totally ready, we’ll see.

      IMO Broberg has a spot unless he totally blows it which I don’t think will happen. Will have to live with mistakes, just the way it is but I think him getting NHL reps will really help for stretch drive and playoffs. Kulak gets 2nd pair until Broberg takes it away, this year or next. It’s time for this kid to get his shot.

      Add at TDL for depth, backfill from Bakersfield during season. I trade Foegele not JP for a pick, unless JP really, really wants out.

      I think the move JP or Foegele, that’s it. get some assets to use at TDL.

      Let the young guys play!

      • Totally agree Ray. I think Bouchard and Broberg will both be taking solid leaps forward this year. Oilers might finally be in position to do some real damage.

      • I’m with ya Curtains, I think they have a legit shot and can make some noise.

  5. As per Kessel ?
    Buy Low – High End Results
    Trade out “1” of their other higher cost forwards for D
    We know who is untouchable on that team
    Evander Kane is there to stay as well

    • @ Ken I agree with you buy low get high results.

      This guy can still contribute to a team as a third line ayer and can totallyhelp a power play..

      I disagree completelywith speed kills..yes his plus minus isnt good but how many players in Arizona ?

      He had 20 goala two seasons ago with the crappy yores.

      Yes only 8 goals last year but 44 assists 52 points. My favoriteteam Pittsburghhow many guys had 52 points??

      Tampa is sniffingon him, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia he can still snipe..Bostoncould yse some help with many stars being out until December.

      I agree he isnt the guy you want on the ice protectinga lead with 5 minutes left

      Ill take him over kapanen zucker or brock mc ginn easy

  6. If Yamamoto hits his Arb date everyone’s hands are tied . You can’t trade him and potentially for one but no more than two years. You have to give him 3 for 3 minimum . I like the idea of Kessel but I don’t think there is any room at the Inn . Something has to give up front for the Oilers. The D needs help unless Broberg steps way up but that is a big ask

  7. As an Isles fan no thanks. I will take my chances with Bellows .Not worth 3 million.

  8. I laugh whenever a player is named as a trade target or free agent pick-up for the Oilers. Forever and a day, the player is projected as third wheel on the McDavid line. Totally ignoring the fact that the Oilers can make that line work with anybody. What the team actually needs is a cheap veteran forward who can still drive a line on his own.
    EDM currently has no shortage of guys who can play third wheel.

  9. Miller to NJ for Severson? Then to bolster the right the Devils re-sign Suban to a depth D??? Hopefully at about $2M x 1 yr. LOL, I guess Smith can cover that better.