NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2022

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What’s the latest on rumors linking Nazem Kadri to the Islanders? Could the Canadiens get Jesse Puljujarvi on the cheap? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli considers recent reports suggesting Nazem Kadri has a deal locked up with the New York Islanders as “premature to say.” He believes the Isles are among the teams that the Kadri camp continues to engage with in contract talks.

Former Colorado Avalanche center Nazem Kadri (NHL Images).

Seravalli thinks the Islanders have put an offer on the table for the 31-year-old free-agent center. He said other teams have told him that they believe that offer to be for seven years at $7 million annually.

While Seravalli feels it’s still possible for Kadri to sign with the Isles, the fact his representatives are still talking to other teams suggests a deal hasn’t been signed. He also pointed out they would have to move money to make it work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Islanders have over $11 million in cap space for the coming season with restricted free agent defensemen Noah Dobson and Alexander Romanov still to sign. A $7 million annual average value for Kadri wouldn’t leave much for those two.

Both players are coming off entry-level contracts and have little leverage in negotiations with the Isles. However, Dobson’s 51-point breakout performance last season should ensure at least a raise of $3.5 million annually, and that’s paying him well below market value.

I can see Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello offering Kadri $7 million per season. However, he’s taken leave of his senses if he’s pitching a seven-year deal to a center who turns 32 when the season opens in October.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy believes the Canadiens would be able to acquire Jesse Puljujarvi on the cheap if they remain patient. He pointed out the Habs were among the teams talking to the Edmonton Oilers about the 24-year-old right winger around the time of the 2022 NHL Draft on July 7-8.

Murphy cited Edmonton Journal columnist David Staples suggesting Puljujarvi could still become a salary-cap casualty for the Oilers despite signing a one-year, $3 million contract last month. Staples included the Canadiens among his list of potential trade destinations depending on what happens with Habs goalie Carey Price.

If the Canadiens remain interested in Puljujarvi, Murphy believes they should wait until the training camp period to pursue a deal. That’s when Oilers management will start feeling the pressure to become cap compliant, forcing them to accept a draft pick in the third to fifth round range.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens are pressed for cap space unless Price is once again sidelined by his surgically repaired knee. In that case, they could afford to pursue Puljujarvi or another player or two if they wish.

The Oilers’ signing of Puljujarvi suggests they want to give him another season to evaluate his play. That contract could also make him easier to move in the trade market.


  1. I guess Jimmy Murphy hasn’t checked the number of wingers with contracts on the Habs.

    • What the those wingers can’t be moved?

      • Unsure what you are asking Jeff. Habs are pushed right up against the CAP with C. Price uncertainty and Dach left to sign. Habs would have to move out significant CAP in order to acquire JP (unsure they even want him)…
        Drouin – not moving this year unless at TD
        Hoffman – doubt anyone taking that contract
        Byron – LTIR? no-one taking that contract
        Pezzetta – inexpensive plug
        Pitlik – ditto
        CC – untouchable
        Anderson – think Habs want to keep him
        Gallagher – no-one taking that contract
        Dadonov – TD candidate with salary retained
        Armia – doubt anyone taking that contract, maybe TD
        Belzile – inexpensive plug

        Habs also have 7 centres with NHL contracts that require waivers.

      • It seems clear to me with your answer you knew exactly what I was asking?

        Sooo, thanks. Seems well reasoned answer to the question.

  2. One thing that might be holding up a Kadri signing with the Islanders is the realisation that, if he does go there, he’ll have to get rid of the 5-o’clock shadow.

    • I think with Kadri it is an 11:00 AM shadow George. He would need to shave 3 times a day to keep Lou happy.

    • haha Gorge… He could shave it before game time and it will be back by the third period. haha

      • LOL – you’re probably right

  3. Edmonton won’t be the only team to start feeling the pressure to become cap compliant if moves are not made before training camp.

    I think this is possibly one additional reason – other than the usual summer doldrums – why transactions have become stagnant in recent days. The cap-rich teams – many of them in various stages of a re-build – are under no pressure – they can simply wait until those with no LTIRs on which to rely blink first.

    The acquisitions could come even cheaper at that stage.

    • Ya, some good players are getting moved for sweet FA George. Can’t see it going down any other way. Going to be interesting.

      If you are going to give a player away, might as well make it Foegele vs Puljujarvi. Unless he really really wants out and you see him being a problem.

      I don’t know one way or the other, but it would seem like a bad decision. He will get opportunities playing with a good C and other good offensive players and it will be another contract year for him. Might be wise to stay put.

    • I don’t know George, teams can use waivers to move players to the AHL along with about $1m in cap space and since there will be many teams doing this, can’t see any team except for teams with cap space but the players you might have to choose from might not be your preference and without cost but also without a sweetener.

      So these teams with cap has to hope that there’s a team or two out there that have a player that you would want anyway to pluck off waivers rather than something you’d rather have something of value accompanying them.

      Risks for everyone but this cap sure is choking things.

      • Ron, while that’s true, the danger there is, if a waiver goes unclaimed and the player is able to be sent to the minors, that means the team is still perilously close to the cap and probably going with a 22-man roster. But if injuries of the nagging type crop up – not serious enough to go on LTIR but enough to cause the player to miss a few games, they then can’t bring anyone up to replace him since his cap is still counted and there’s just no room to elevate any one else.

        It’s a risk and one that could contribute to a loss or two due to double-shifting or extra-long shifts.

    • I agree. There are currently 13 teams over the cap. A number of them are sitting on LTIR contracts, but some of the others seem to be counting on moving out a contract or two to a team with space.

      If Arizona is done dealing, it’s a good summer to be Anaheim or Detroit. They’ll have a lot of leverage as we get closer to training camp.

  4. George, if Montreal traded for Puljujarvi they’d also be over the cap and they still havnt signed Dach. If Price starts season on ltir, is he planning on sitting out the whole season? Are they going to play the Vegas game of rotating guys on ltir? Makes no sense to aquire a guy who if he does well will need a big bump from 3 mil per next season.

    • I agree Slick62 – but I wasn’t including Montreal as among the “cap rich.” Just pointing out that Edmonton won’t be alone when it comes to feeling the pressure to become cap compliant once training camp opens.

  5. 7 for 7 is way too much. Isles are deep at center I wish they would have taken Pacioretty for free for one year at 7. At Kadri’s age most I would do 4 for 7 even that scares me the last year. Enough with older player get younger. With Lou anything is possible. Lou was last seen at the bunny ranch here in Vegas working out another type of deal.

    • Canes keep Patches on IR all season, sign Kadri and have Staal/Patches/etc salaries off books next season. Kadri and Rod a good mix?

      Lou going after a 30+ center… Lou is the almost 80 year old GM…

    • Pete, I think you mean Pacioretty at 1/2 year for 7 mil

    • Watch that! Who do you think he is Robert Kraft?

  6. If Boston could dump Smith contract and bring in JP, I be ok with that.

  7. are there any recent updates with price???on a side note, no one spotted wearing a tkachuk shirt or jersey in sunrise.

    • The guy turns 35 in 6 days and has experienced a string of injuries over a long career unmatched by most – check out the details in this link


      He has had some remarkable times, including what will likely be his last hurrah in the playoffs last year – but let’s face it, at his age recovery is a long, slow process – if at all. I doubt he voluntarily gives up the $42 mil owed him in his contract over the next 4 seasons, so the best the Habs can hope for is prolonged used of that $10.2 mil per as LTIR relief.

      Anything else is wishful-=thinking in the extreme.

  8. After kadris comments after the cup win I feel no sympathy for his… predicament.

    • Which comment was that, Chrism

      • The comments directed at the leafs about not sticking with him or some such nonsense

      • Is he not entitled to his opinion/feelings? And isn’t it refreshing to hear a player come right out and SAY what he’s really thinking rather than fall back on the Little Red Book Of Tired Old Cliches?

        I detest “political correctness” in any form. Free speech means just that.

      • Kadri’s right. If he feels it’s the Leafs loss it’s because it is, he’s a good player that has proven with him, you can win.

      • The remark was ‘anyone who thought I was a playoff liability can kiss my ass’ or something like that. It’s not like he floated through the playoffs to avoid a suspension. He played hard. Got injured. Returned. Scored a GWG in the finals. And stuck to his game. I’d say that remark was perfectly inline with his history and performance. I also don’t know why we are even talking about this.

      • He is entitled to his opinion george. It just proved he didn’t take any responsibility for his own actions. A better response would have been to say I learned from my mistakes and became a better player. So I’m turn I feel a little satisfaction that he is hitting a bit of a wall.

      • well he was not a liability for one off season.

        So I guess we should all kiss his ass.

        Be funny if the suspension returns next off season.

      • IMO people stating an opinion isn’t political correctness or a free speech issue.
        Kadri can say what he wants, folks can say what they want and criticize, both are exercising their right to say what they want. I think that’s how it is supposed to work?

        If the government cracks down on it, or ban books etc, then ya, that is when you have a problem.

        Or when a biz caves into pressure from the twitter mob, but that is an issue with that particular business, but again, their choice. Just like Lyle can kick someone off here or delete posts, his biz to make decisions on, his call.

        Kind of agree with chrisms on Kadri, he earned what he got with the suspensions. Was also a brutal trade for the Leafs. He figured it out and was great in the playoffs. 7 years seems kinda nuts though.

      • ” A better response would have been to say I learned from my mistakes and became a better player.”

        According to who? Maybe he just doesn’t feel that way and to say it – and not mean it – is the very definition of political correctness. He said exactly what he felt and could clearly care less what the holier-than-thou think. I admire him for that.

      • Wow george. I’m impressed. I thunked you old folk had a real bone for personal responsibility. You’ve got a young heart my friend.

      • Think old and you’ll be old

  9. Leafs would be better if kept. Kadri and never signed JT. But glad they did as bruins were in the mix for JT

  10. B’s ….One more …. Let’s bring Loooch back then you’re done

  11. Bruins need some protection for their Star players they have absolutely none ….

    • Sweet Joe ,Pasta ,Bergeron ,Charlie, Swayman and Marchand are all stars and there is something to be said about playing for each other. I think Lucic at a discount sure wouldn’t hurt the boys sure looked like they were a team at Rasks wedding.

  12. Now that Pacioretty is out for most of the season I think Carolina should try and sign Stastny to a one year deal. It would give them a center if Necas or KK struggles as the #2 center and he could play wing with Staal and Fast on the third line which gets a lot of critical minutes.

  13. Puljujarvi to Montreal for a bag of hockey pucks and that’s an overpay.

  14. Sad to hear of all time Leafs great Borje Salming. I was just a kid when he was playing but the abuse he took with discrimination people had against Europeans playing in the NHL was something I remember. He helped pave the way for others. Not sure what it takes financially to help procure medicines and medical care but I hope Dubas and TML do the honourable thing and help. Stay strong Borje!