NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 22, 2022

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Kyle Dubas faces an uncertain future as Leafs GM plus the latest on Auston Matthews David Pastrnak, Jason Robertson and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

TORONTO SUN: Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas will not be receiving a contract extension this season. Michael Traikos speculates the decision could be a wait-and-see approach by his bosses after the Leafs failed to advance beyond the first round of the playoffs. He also suggested it could be because Dubas didn’t bring in a true No.1 goaltender or upgrade the defense during the offseason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubas downplayed the notion that this could be a make-or-break season for him, but there’s really no other way to look at it. For most of the past four seasons, the Leafs were among the top teams during the regular season but never staged a deep playoff run. Another early playoff exit (or worse) probably spells the end of Dubas’ tenure as Leafs general manager.

Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas (NHL.com)

Speaking of the Leafs, Auston Matthews has two years remaining on his contract but that’s already sparking concern that he might depart Toronto as a free agent. Matthews told reporters he loves the city and considers it like home but won’t be entertaining any further questions about his contract. “There’s nothing that can be done for two more years,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: His critics will likely take him to task for not saying he would look forward to opening contract talks as soon as possible. However, he’s absolutely right that they can’t do anything about it now. The earliest Matthews and the Leafs can start contract extension discussions is July 1, 2023, so it’s pointless to badger him or Dubas about it during this season.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Bruins GM Don Sweeney said he will continue to hold discussions with David Pastrnak’s representatives in hope of reaching an agreement on a contract extension. The 26-year-old right winger is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Pastrnak could start the coming season without an extension in place.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sweeney was asked if Pastrnak might sign a team-friendly deal as some claim Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci did at Pastrnak’s age. He indicated that those players signed for what was market value at the time. Rising salaries during the course of their contracts made them seem like bargains over time.

In other words, Pastrnak’s camp will seek market value that could exceed $9.5 million annually based on his performance in the upcoming season. That could explain why the two sides haven’t reached an agreement on an extension yet.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Jason Robertson is expected to miss the start of the Stars’ training camp today. The 23-year-old winger was their leading goal scorer last season but remains an unsigned restricted free agent. GM Jim Nill said negotiations have been ongoing and he’s hoping an agreement can be reached as soon as possible.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Stars have $6.3 million in cap space and could reportedly have $7-$8 million in salary-cap space for this season depending on their roster makeup. The Robertson camp could be angling for an expensive new deal but their client is coming off his entry-level contract.

Robertson’s only leverage is to refuse to report to training camp (and perhaps miss the start of the season) but that won’t do either side any good. The sooner Robertson’s in camp, the more effective he’ll be to their roster. The longer he holds out, the longer it’ll take for him to regain his form and that could hurt their production this season.

Speaking of the Stars, Ben Bishop’s front-office role will have to wait until next season. His career was ended by chronic knee injuries but he didn’t retire as he had a year remaining on his contract. The Stars traded that contract to the Buffalo Sabres in June to remove it from their books for this season. However, the league has informed the Stars it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to work for them while he’s still being paid by Buffalo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers raised the point that the NHL had no issue with permanently sidelined Chris Pronger working for their department of player safety while he was still under contract with the Arizona Coyotes.

Maybe the league realized its mistake with Pronger and didn’t want the Stars to repeat it with Bishop. Perhaps it’s a different story if a player is working for the department of player safety while still under contract with another club despite the potential for a conflict of interest.

WGR 550: The Buffalo Sabres announced general manager Kevyn Adams has agreed to a multi-year contract extension. In a statement, team owner Terry Pegula praised Adams’ work over the past two seasons and believes the club is heading in the right direction.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Adams’ lack of management experience raised questions over his suitability for the job when he was hired two years ago. Over that time, however, he’s made some good selections in the draft (including promising defenseman Owen Power) and got a solid return from the Vegas Golden Knights (including Alex Tuch and Peyton Krebs) in the Jack Eichel trade. The Sabres also showed promising signs of improvement last season.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Lightning center Brayden Point is “fully healthy” after recovering from a torn quad muscle suffered during the opening round of the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Andrew Copp is still recovering from off-season abdominal surgery and won’t be available until the start of the regular season. The versatile 28-year-old forward signed a five-year contract with the Red Wings in July.

THE ATHLETIC: Nicolas Hague isn’t expected to join his Vegas Golden Knights teammates when training camp opens for them today. The 23-year-old defenseman is a restricted free agent coming off his entry-level contract. His agent, Murray Koontz, remains hopeful of getting a deal done with the Golden Knights but they’re not at that point yet.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Oliver Kylington (personal matter) and winger Andrew Mangiapane (undisclosed injury) will miss the start of training camp today.

CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: The Flames signed Adam Ruzicka to a two-year contract with an average annual value of $762K. It’s a two-way deal for this season and a one-way for 2023-24. Meanwhile, Brett Ritchie inked a one-year, $750K deal.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Oilers restricted free agent Ryan McLeod remains without a contract but is expected to join his teammates for the start of training camp today. Management hopes to trade away some salary to clear up cap space to sign McLeod to a new deal.

The Oilers also announced defenseman Slater Koekkoek remains at home as he continues to work on improving his mental health.

DAILY FACEOFF: The New York Islanders signed UFAs Cory Schneider and Nikita Soshnikov and RFA Parker Wotherspoon to one-year contracts.


  1. “Continue to hold contract negotiations With Pastrnak.” Interpretation? these talks are going nowhere. Sweeney wouldn’t know the truth if it head him over the head with ballbeen hammer. Bruins future very gloomy Prospect pool pathetic.
    Teams that have improved in Atlantic Div Buff, Detroit, Ottawa, once Chychrun gets in the capital
    George O’s Gonna be like that guy in the Playtime commercials.

    • If Cychrun’s ask is reduced because of his recent statements, there will be a bidding war for his services. Chances of him being moved will be greater.

    • Stralman on pto with bruins this may have potential to be permanent

      • Did he reply to the invite yet?

  2. I am still hoping Hague is moved, he will prove more valuable than Chychrun.

    • But because the LVGK have cap problems, the ask will be less. 🤞

  3. TSN knows how to rub salt in the wound … they recently posted a shot of Chara shaking hands with Morgan Rielly under the caption “With Zdeno Chara retiring, there are now no active NHL players who have lost a playoff series to the Maple Leafs.” Ouch

    • Y TU , GEORGE

      you are notmally above the petty George..

      • It’s not like George stated this. He is literally quoting a stat posted on all the sports channels.

    • What? What a dumb dumb point. Is that of any importance really or just some crap floated out there much like a fart hoping someone will notice it with hopes being shared. No thanks to that air biscuit.

      Why is that important enough to share here when it’s a really dumb point…low hanging fruit too irresistible?

      Habfan you’re again 100% right.

      Unfortunately the “press” and armchair GMs only see victory and once they see that, it’s championships and if there aren’t any in their time frame, well no matter the turn around a GM does (and in Dubas’ case) in what will be his 5th year as GM is simply over looked by the megaphone holders.

      Like I said many times about this forum, it’s just an echo chamber where some s#it is thrown at some fan base’s team and others repeat it no matter how dumb. It’s sad and I can’t help but feel sorry that they can’t look beyond what they ingest no matter how irrelevant or absurd.

      I think you are similar to myself where I want all teams to be really good, especially if a rival. Teams making other teams play to a higher standard can only lead to more exciting, high stress games for us fans x it’s like watching two prize fighters in a fight vs one that easily beats an inferior opponent.

  4. I’m not a fan of TML but Dubas has taken a hapless franchise and turned it into a top tier club that makes the playoffs despite the cap constraints. The TML are an exciting team to watch and it’s under Dubas’s watch, yet folks want to run him out of town.
    Meanwhile, Dorion missed the playoffs 5 years in a row and is a boy wonder.
    All I can say to TML fans is enjoy the entertaining team you have.

    • Habfan

      It not entertaining getting bounced in 1st rd every year it is called under achieving. Leaf fans are hungry. For playoff success I am sure they would be very happy to sneak into the playoffs a win a round or too vs playing exciting hockey and getting knocked out year after year

    • TML was second only to Montreal in Cup success during the Original Six era. However, they’ve come nowhere close to a Cup in the expansion era.
      While giving all credit to Dubas (and Shanahan) for turning the team into a regular season powerhouse, the simple fact is that the goal is to win the Cup and TML has repeatedly failed to get past the first round.

      • Mrbruin4 and Paul … well said. I didn’t come up with that bit about Chara … but I have to say it certainly was a revelation towards putting things into perspective.

        Some clearly saw it as a “dig” and saw fit to bring up Ottawa being out of the playoffs for 5 years and so slough off Dorion as a “boy wonder.” But that’s what happens when a GM and owner agree to shed the so-called “stars” and embark upon a total rebuild. NO ONE does that overnight – as a few more teams are about to discover.

      • Paul, the goal is to win the cup and as a habfan I’ve had the experience a dozen times but the reality is that it is much more difficult nowadays.

        There’s something to be said for exciting hockey all season as opposed to playing the trap to sneak in for example.

        Getting into the playoffs with regularity is an achievement in itself.

        Missing the playoffs with regularity is …… usually a ticket out of town.

      • I still find it comical when people talk about the original 6 era. It was 25 years vs 55 years of the expansion era. And obviously any success during the expansion era is far more impressive than among six teams. Same reason I can never get into CFL. The mythical Original 6 tales need to go away.

      • George I’m sorry but you failed to make a point here… so besides your comeback on what Habfan said which he is not wrong even regarding Dorian, you’re gonna have to clear up what you meant when you said, that’s what happens when…. What on earth are you talking about?

        Are you saying it was admirable what the Sens “choice” (reality- had no choice in the matter) to lose their stars and undertake a rebuild which doesn’t take over night apparently, unless of course you and others like you, are talking about the Leafs, where every season, without fail, it’s duck season on the Leafs.

        What you’re about to discover is your team is ways away from being a contender, let alone a playoff hopeful. And unlike you, I hope that Buffalo, Ottawa and Montreal ramp it up and become powerhouse teams while the Leafs are still one…being a top ten team is a goal, just like winning playoff rounds is one but the ultimate goal is and always be is win the cup!

      • NO GDit, in the first instance I was simply posting a line that appeared on TSN – I didn’t come up with the effing fact, But the bottom line is, it IS a fact. I even pointed out that TSN knows how to rub salt in a wound. And judging by yours – and others – idiotic reactions, that’s exactly what it did.

        As for a TOTAL re-build (there is NO player on the current team that was with the Senators when they last made the playoffs. Five years out was the cost of deciding to go with a total rebuild. Only the pinheads objected … and now they’re flooding back, all excited about the new direction.

        The goal is to eventually win a Stanley Cup – not just have a points-filled ego-boosting season feeding off the also-rans. That’s why it’s called “professional sports.” There’s only one goal. Win everything. And to get there you need to win a sequence of grinding series.

        If HabsFan chooses to butter up Leafs fans – that’s his choice. But “reasons” and “excuses” are one and the same when some – like you – constantly point out that – well – they did lose to the eventual cup champions … or there were several OT games involved … or so-and-so was injured.

      • Ok George. I still don’t see your point as well as any buttering up… unless just stating simple facts that are in contrast to how you feel are patronizing. I do find it funny you are quick to point out the non relevant facts about the team but rarely if ever any props when deserving. I’m sorry but your re-posting of a “line you read” not related to anything Lyle posted is the kind of thing that maybe people like theSaint has issue with and is proof to my point of a lot and i mean a lot of crap about the Leafs is reposted, retreaded re tweeted regurgitated and echoed throughout the inter webs is almost exclusively done by non fans of the team whether part of the media or not. And I do apologize for trying to get some people to change the way they criticize without being vitriol towards a team or it’s fans. It really dumbs one down.

      • “rarely if ever any props when deserving…?

        What the HELL are you blabbering about? I’ve repeatedly commented about Matthews being one of the purest goal scorers seen in the league since he joined the team. I have defended Morgan Rielly when other have referred to him as a defensive sieve. I thought Frederik Andersen was a Grade A goalie needing only better defensive support. I have repeatedly said – when other so-called Leafs fans were ready to deal “the floater Nylander” (not MY description) – that Dorion would take him in a New York minute.

        Have I been critical of the 53% spent on 5 players? Yes, while acknowledging that no one could have foreseen Covid and the resulting flat cap. But my point has constantly been, regardless of why Dubas found himself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the cap, the fact is it’s been that way for three season now and some steps should have been taken to to try and level it off in the interest of a more balanced line-up.

        Have I ever offered the opinion that Matthews is out of town as soon as his contract is p – as have some so-called Leafs diehards? No.

        What this boils down to is devoted fans of the team (which I am not) reacting like they have a bee-hive in their shorts whenever someone brings up something that they perceive as “malicious hate” – or “irrelevant.”

        “not related to anything Lyle posted???” Part of Lyle’s blurb above says “Dubas downplayed the notion that this could be a make-or-break season for him, but there’s really no other way to look at it. For most of the past four seasons, the Leafs were among the top teams during the regular season but never staged a deep playoff run. Another early playoff exit (or worse) probably spells the end of Dubas’ tenure as Leafs general manager.”

        The observation posted by TSN just underscores with emphasis the fact that it’s been a long time since they won a series. And as I said, that was rubbing salt in a wound.” Am I now obliged to ignore anything pointed out by one of our leading sports outlets if it represents a negative view of the Leafs? And, if so, does that also apply to the other 31 teams?

      • I guess both you and I read and make out what we read in our own way. It’s all good.

        All I can say is this, I wish I had a media company and owned the Leafs. Literally printing money.

    • To be honest, Dorion took over a Sens team that was bad. Dubas took over the Leafs when they already were built into a playoff team by Lou Lamoriello.

      • Wrong. Go research that and come back…it one takes a minute to check and be right but no time at all to be wrong.

        Hint for ya…Lou drafted Matthews 1st overall and sorry but teams that were as you incorrectly stated, already were built into a playoff team don’t ever get 1st overall draft pick.

        Stay home or stick to sharing your thoughts on matters you might know a bit more about because you don’t know s#it when it comes to the Leafs.

        PS you’re not alone on that.

      • Lamoriello was hired as Leafs GM on July 23rd, 2015 and fired on April 30, 2018. Auston Matthews was drafted in 2016. Leafs missed the playoffs in Lamoriello’s first season, 2015/16. The following season, 2016/17, the Leafs made the playoffs. The Leafs haven’t missed the playoffs ever since. Dubas took over the GM role May 11th, 2018.
        Exactly how was I wrong?
        You should follow your own advice.

    • Dubas has made some good decisions and some mistakes.
      I will give him credit though for not caving to the outcry of bringing a goalie on a 5 year contract just because he needs a ‘legit’ #1.
      He realizes, that in two years he has to sign Matthews and Nylander, a year after that Marner has to be re-upped. He made the sacrifice now to ensure they have flexibility when Matthews’ contract renewal is needed, possibly even at the cost of his own job. To me that is meaningful

    • The Toronto Maple Leafs are arguably the worst professional sports franchise ever. I mean seriously it’s been decades since victory of course they have been better lately they finished last or near last for upteen years. They can’t win a playoff series their in cap hell for years to come and they have two goalies that have serious question marks. I do not understand how anyone can continue to support this team.

  5. Chris Johnston says Toronto should keep Dubas regardless of what happens this season.

    Chris points out the success Toronto has had with Dubas as GM and that Toronto got beat in the first round by teams that went to the finals and lastly his relationship with Matthews who has two years remaining.

    Personally, I don’t but much into the Matthews relationship. The dealings with the GM are not as important as the relationship with the coach and teammates.

    Conversely Matthews could view Dubas as not doing enough to get over the team over the hump.

    Basically, Johnston article comes off as waiting for the other teams to get weaker and we’ll have a better chance.

    There is a shift happening in the Atlantic conference, and everyone who is waiting for Tampa to fall, need to keep an eye on Ottawa, Detroit and Buffalo as they continue to climb.

    As you are watching teams in front; objects in the rear-view mirror are closer than they appear.

  6. it must be rough being a Maple Leafs fan? Criticism is relentless. At least they are competitive, it could be worse? I know as an Avalanche fan, I was frustrated too because they couldn’t seem to get over the hump but they did eventually. Everyone is trying to win. So, perhaps be glad they are one of the better teams in the league. Tampa Bay is a pretty damn good hockey team and could possibly be there again. Colorado beat them but it was nerve racking, I can attest to that. Perhaps this is the year the Maple Leafs beat them? ” a funny thing happened on the way to the forum” is a funny movie meaning anything is possible? “Keep Hope Alive” as the Rev Jackson says, lol. GO AVS!!!!!!!!!

    • Leafs fans fail to realize that they are victims of being constantly marketed as “Canada’s Team.” TSN and CBC and its ilk basically act like Canada has not won a Stanley Cup since 1967. Every off season they talk like the entire hockey world is clamoring to be a Leaf. The fans act like their team is the be all and end all of hockey in Canada. This makes the rest of Canada take joy in their failures. Same as the Yankees in baseball (except they do win…)

      • As a Leafs fan, I’ve heard of this “Canada’s team” thing but never heard it come out of the mouth from another Leafs fan.
        What is evidently clear is there might be some resentment that one of hockey’s biggest teams, successful or not, is the Leafs and some people apparently can’t accept that and move on or able to focus more or demand more from their team.

      • @Ron see this is what I mean. You Leafs fans just assume we all harbour some love for your team and spend every day being envious of the coverage the team gets. You assume the Leafs are much bigger than they really are. You assume as a Leafs fan you know everything and everyone else lacks any hockey knowledge. When I got into hockey I was convinced I did not want to join the ranks of Leafs fans.

      • @thesaint explain “this is what I mean” we don’t assume anything…that view point is only one explanation to that view and an easy obvious explanation.

        There is something there, what ever you want to call it. You can be willfully ignorant but most teams if not all had press day but even on this “neutral” hockey site, the Leafs presser points are brought up here but nothing regarding any other of the teams, even the laughable Yotes presser.
        We don’t believe the team is the be all and end all, again no idea where you get that other than you don’t like your opinions challenged and resent it. Like, can you tell me where else is a star player asked about his next contract who still has a full two years before it expires… and why? As a Leafs fan, there’s so much out there that it’s great and bad as you have proven in your way.

        Do you honestly think it’s us Leafs fans or you non fans that drive that boat load of daily non-news?

        And finally, I apologize if my comments made you (or anyone else) feel you lack hockey knowledge. There’s just too much BS and vitriol out there when it comes to the Leafs that one can’t help but try to off set that with some honest and realistic takes vs the ones that seem to egg people like yourself on.

        You can do your part and help not talk about them when you’re just repeating something unfounded and speculative at best but I’m sure like many, it’s fun to poke fun at them since there is so much to poke at.

      • Ron,
        Gaudreau was constantly asked about his next contract two seasons ago, 2 years before it expired this past offseason. These are the assumptions that a lot of Leafs fans make, not all but a lot. They think that certain types of situations only happen to their team because they don’t bother to pay attention to other teams and what is being reported about them.

      • You’re right Kev. Good point.

      • I live in the EDM area and travel to CGY regularly, was just there last couple days.

        I have never heard a single Albertan say that the Leafs are Canada’s team, or even remotely think they are. This includes the Leaf fans I know.

        In fact, I dare say that other than the local Leaf fans nobody really cares all that much about them.

        The games against the Leafs are great, sold out, plenty of Leaf fans there. Makes for a great atmosphere. Better if the home team wins of course!

    • Hey Tommy, it’s also people don’t really get a sense of how hard it is to win as well as knowing even that bottom dwelling teams are also very good but only small percentage points less if that. That’s all good to us fans but a bit tough if you have a better team that is still learning their way or finding their breaks.
      As a Leafs fan, I’ve seen horrible teams like the ones we recently saw with Burke’s teams followed by that potato GM Nonis.
      I believe true fans of the game, regardless of their affiliation, do obviously care about the wins and losses or success on ice but you can really tell who’s a real fan of a team by how they follow the team, whether it’s its history or traditions, the organizational structure – personal or team philosophy/ strategy, players, etc. which from what I can tell are about a handful of folks on here.

      I feel sadly that many are here to spread vitriol about another fans team because that’s all they can do. And the bigger the fan base the bigger the target is.

      • Well said Ron! It is so very hard to win the Stanley Cup, more than most of us realize? I was thinking we might blow this series to St. Louis/ or Tampa Bay while living through every excruciating moment, lol!!! As fans, we want to control the outcome of which we have no control at all! Sometimes, you have to just try and enjoy the ride. The Maple Leafs are obviously a very good team but that dosen’t mean they will win it all, no guarantees in life right? You guys are fortunate you have a great team! Think how much Buffalo fans have suffered? Well obviously you know, you’re a true fan. I feel like I am too. Suffered through some really bad Avalanche teams through the years. Everything lately has been gravy. GO AVS!!!!!!

  7. Habfan

    The best way to have more intense regular season games is play more rivalry games. Like more bruins leaf’s habs sens sabres Only play one game vs non east teams per yr. Rotate home and away each year with the teams Even when either habs or bruins stunk. The games were intense That is the one big error of the Bettman era in my opinion

  8. 🍁 Ryan McLeod signed this am with the Edmonton Oilers 1 year deal, $795,000

    The oilers are looking at a few trades.
    forward LW/RW Warren Foegele $2.75.M
    RW Jesse Puljujarvi $3.M
    CBJ & Carolina could be destnations for JP to play with his old JR line mates

    • If the Jackets make a last minute trade (Which is extremely unlikely), it will be for a defenseman, not the struggling forward that they didn’t want when they drafted Dubious.

      • It would be nice to get rid of Voracek’s contract and bring in a top 4 defender, but the group looks solid as it is. Audition time now, and you guys have several kids that should push for a job on the back end.
        To be clear, I like Voracek, but 8.25 is a lot of beans for a playmaking winger when Gaudreau is filling the same role, and most likely, better.
        Again, not a problem as such, just musings about how to improve on D.

      • ShoreOrr,
        The top six lines being discussed for the last month are:
        With a possible third line of
        Johnson -Sillinger-Chinkhov

        Jarmo has stated that Voracek will be something of a mentor to the several young forwards expected to be on the team this and next season.

      • Yes. It’s going to be hard to wrestle 2 points away from that squad as is.
        Nothing wrong with keeping Jake around for a couple of more seasons, as a solid contributor and as a valuable mentor to the slew of kids coming on board. He’s a good one.

    • Willie w – CapFriendly shows the Oilers with 22 signed and over the cap by $7,579,333. They’ll get some relief with Klefbom’s $4,167,000 and Smith’s $2,200,000 on LTIR – but that still leaves them about $1.1 mil over. Dealing either of Foegele or Puljujarvi would do the trick – with no significant cap coming back – but then they’d need to add two basic ELCs from within the system to get to 23 (if they choose to go with the full 23) in order to stay under. Dealing both would free up about $7 mil total.

      How do you see it shaking out?

      • Slater Koekkoek can go on LTIR. He is staying home and dealing with a mental health issue. With his 925K cap hit on LTIR, the Oilers are still over the cap by a few hundred thousand.

      • IMO the Oil need to make a deal George.
        My guess is they are simply waiting to see if a better offer comes around, or if a guy like Virtanen has finally decided to get himself into NHL shape before doing it, which could help make their decision on which guy. Foegele or Puljujarvi.

        Also, injuries do happen in the preseason so, might be waiting to bitter end. I dunno, but seems a few teams are waiting before pulling the trigger.

  9. I don’t get any pleasure of seeing teams decline as they are no longer rivals and the games lack intensity.

    This whole business of TML not getting past the first round is factually true but meaningless beyond trying to rile others up and the constant repetition of it is infantile.

    For those of you downplaying exciting regular season games you must forget the dull hockey of those winning NJ Devils game that just weren’t worth watching.

    • Devils fans would disagree. I guess they don’t count.

  10. I’ve just had to remove several posts because of a handful of insulting comments.

    Once again, I ask that you all try to respect each other’s opinions and not stoop to childish behavior. If it continues, your future comments will be monitored and placed on hold pending approval. You also run the risk of being banned from making further comments on this site.

    On a personal note, I’m preparing for what could be a Category 3 Hurricane striking my hometown and province on Friday night into Saturday. I really don’t have time for nonsense right now! Please behave yourselves. Thanks!

    • I saw that in the news. Take care of you and yours Lyle!

    • Be safe,Lyle. Hopefully, the storm heads away from you.

    • I read category 4. Either way, batten down the hatches and stay safe.

  11. Re Mathews and “ “There’s nothing that can be done for two more years,”

    As a Leafs fan, that to me is tending to indicate (at the very least subconsciously) that AM is talking about (and thinking about) Free Agency….. because he COULD do something about this in just over 9 months from now (he is eligible to sign extension on 1/7/23)

    I still believe he exits unless somehow Leafs can get to (minimum) ECF , and maybe still leaves unless they can get to the SCF

    Fingers crossed

    • No double post today, Pengy? Must have a few XLDD into you by now.

      • Ya… not sure how that happens.

        Sometimes when posting from iPhone , sometimes from iPad…. and it doesn’t seem to matter from where (work, train, home, Tim’s)

        I will however double up with…

        Fingers crossed
        Fingers crossed

      • I’ve done it too. I sometimes get anxious if I’m out fishing for Leaf and Ranger fans.