NHL Rumor Mill – September 21, 2022

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In today’s NHL Rumor Mill: the latest Oilers speculation, the Canucks could be in the market for a defenseman, and the latest on Jakob Chychrun.


OILERS NOW: (stick tap to “Editor in J”), Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reported there’s no shortage of teams who have reached out to the Chicago Blackhawks about Patrick Kane. Those clubs include the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs and New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt that there are teams curious about Kane’s future. The 33-year-old right winger remains among the NHL’s elite scorers. He is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July and might not be keen to stick around for a long rebuilding process.

Kane’s contract, however, remains a serious stumbling block toward any potential trade. He’s got a full no-movement clause giving him complete control over whether he’ll accept a trade and potential destinations.

The other issue is Kane’s average annual salary. His cap hit is $10.5 million but he earns $6.9 million in actual salary, of which $4 million was paid as a signing bonus in July. Nevertheless, that cap hit will be difficult to move unless the Blackhawks retain half of it. For cap-strapped teams like the Oilers and Leafs, that could also mean getting a third team involved to make the cap hit more palatable.

Edmonton Oilers winger Jesse Puljujarvi (NHL Images).

In other words, the Oilers can inquire about Kane but it will take quite an effort on their part to acquire him, assuming he’ll accept a trade to Edmonton.

Seravalli also said he wouldn’t close the door on the Oilers trading Jesse Puljujarvi before the regular season opens next month.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers need to clear cap space to sign restricted free agent forward Ryan McLeod. If the Oilers sign McLeod now, they are allowed to be over the cap during training camp but must become cap compliant when the season opens next month.

That’s made Puljujarvi fodder for trade speculation. The 24-year-old winger agreed to a one-year, $3 million contract in July.

There is no indication from any insiders if he’s drawn much interest in the trade market. That could change as teams evaluate their roster needs during training camp.


GOPHNX.COM: “How will the (Arizona) Coyotes manage the Jakob Chychrun situation?” is among 10 questions Craig Morgan believes the club faces entering training camp. The 24-year-old defenseman made clear his displeasure over the club’s ongoing rebuild at the end of last season, fueling speculation of an offseason trade. However, he remains a Coyote.

Chychrun is expected to speak to the media on Wednesday. He’s still rehabbing a wrist injury and isn’t ready yet to return to the ice. Head coach Andre Tourigny said he has a really good relationship with Chychrun and looks forward to working and talking with him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun was the subject of trade speculation since last December. It shows no sign of abating. The Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch claims the Coyotes blueliner remains on the Senators’ radar.

As always, the sticking point is the Coyotes’ asking price. Speculation has varied depending on the reporter but it’s believed they want a return heavy on futures including at least a first-round pick and a top prospect or good young player.

There’s no indication that Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong intends to reduce his price. He’s not in any rush to move Chychrun, who’s signed through 2024-25.


THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance recently reported Vancouver Canucks general manager Patrik Allvin believes his team has sufficient cap space, roster spots and contract slots to add a player to add to their current group of players.

SPORTSNET: Iain MacIntyre reported Allvin indicated nothing really materialized over the summer regarding a trade to bolster the Canucks blueline. If something comes along that makes the team better, he’d be open to that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks invited former Detroit Red Wings defenseman Danny DeKeyser to training camp on a professional tryout offer on Sept. 9. Perhaps he’d earn a roster spot.

Veteran blueliner Anton Stralman remains in the unrestricted free agent market. Allvin could also keep an eye on the preseason waiver wire.


  1. If the sens get Chychrun that could move them up in the playoff standings. That’ll be enough to pop George’s buttons. Sweeney MO hasn’t changed nothing, absolutely nothing. Nothing on the PTO front, nothing on the. FA front or ET Front.

    • Jake Sanderson and 2 picks for Chychrun?

      • Too expensive for a guy that is often hurt!!!

      • Yeah, right. In someone’s dreams, maybe.

      • do you know hockey—sanderson a stud—with 2 picks to get chychrun—–soorry–not for this sens fan

    • Heh. Clearly Rick, you haven’t been following my take on Chychrun’s “worth” – yes, he’s a huge RD who can certainly be considered as a top 4 D on most teams … but he’s also legitimately “injury prone” as proven by the fact he’s missed 27% of Arizona’s games since entering the league full-time and it’s apparently no different this time around as he continues to “nurse” a wrist injury (just another part of his body that has broken down over the years).

      I seriously doubt he remains on Ottawa’s “radar” – maybe Garrioch’s radar but what he’s basing that on is never made clear.

      • George
        I agree he is top 3. Maybe top 2 on most teams but little brittle as we say. What makes him attractive is his relative low cap hit. I would not trade 2 1st for him and top prospect unless you were in top 5 in nhl where a 1st is pretty much a 2nd

      • I have no idea if Chychrun is injury prone, however it should be considered that he plays on a bad team and as a D you then are more at risk to tackles and shots. Case in point is Tanev, I believe he hasnt missed a regular season game the last two years while at Vancouver he missed at lot, like 15-20% at least.

      • Good points Kent … but there are lots of teams with good D who had to endure years of bad teams – Chabot is an example – on the ice a LOT and, although missing games here and there over the years for a variety of reasons, has remained pretty durable.

        At what point does someone earn the tag “injury prone?” I would think it would be a player who’s out frequently but for a variety of injuries all over his body. Chychrun qualifies on that score as does goaltender Murray.

      • Sanderson isnt exactly with out injuries. His hand was hurt before he even got to the NHL where we start tallying off a players injuries. Grieg for that matter is the same.

        Chychrun ‘s injury history worries me about the same. That is it doesn’t.

      • I get your point Jeff – but in the case of each of Sanderson and Greig, those injuries were the first significant ones suffered by each since going to university or Major Junior. Not so with Chychrun who has yet to play anywhere close to a full season since joining Arizona – with the exception of one Covid-shortened season.

      • It’s also prudent to note, too, that Chychrun was missing key games in Major Junior as well


        Clearly, that history before the draft had GMs feeling not only edgy about taking him # 1 – where some pundits at the time had him slotted – but he dropped all the way to # 16.

  2. Maybe the Nucks should think about trading Horvat for a top pairing RD. The Flyers need a top center. Risto would be the choice, but could you imagine if they sent Tony D to the left coast!?!?! LOL

  3. I have a feeling this Chychrun situation is going to blow up in Armstrong’s face. Unhappy players play usually declines which will reduce the players worth on the trade market. It’s best for the Coyotes and Chychrun to get a deal done sooner rather than later.

    • Kevjam

      I totally agree. The longer he waits less he will get His biggest value is low cap hit for 3 yrs

  4. Will Alex Formenton be at Sens camp?
    Important to that 3rd line

    • Chychrun never said he wouldn’t report and there’s every indication he will play out his contract.

      Formenton and any contract he might have been offered would not have been approved anyhow as he’s one of the main three involved in the 2018 world junior scandal.

      Speaking of. What are everyone’s thoughts on Jake Vertanen who’s successfully defended himself in a court of law but now faces a civil suit and continued backlash as if the courts somehow got it wrong.

      • I don’t like the situation with Vertanen. These situations are hard to prove in court under reasonable doubt. Considering the backlash from Oilers fans I don’t think Virtanen will be on the Oilers roster opening night of the NHL.

      • That’s been my thinking re Formenton Dark G ever since Ottawa got DeBrincat and Smith then speculated he’d be the LW on the 2nd line with Stutzle at C and Giroux at RW.

        That automatically dropped Formenton to the 3rd line – but then they signed Motte who’s perfectly capable of playing there and there are promising prospects like Jarventie, who’s played well at Belleville, Major Junior sensation Ridly Greig and rugged Parker Kelly, who Smith and Dorion seem to see being among the 23, who could play 4th line LW.

        I just get the feeling the team is laying the groundwork for the announcement that Formenton “no longer fits in their plans” while an investigation is ongoing.

      • @George
        seeming that way- Batherson seems to be supported-especially with all the Sid summer photo ops

        Dont know all the Virtanen details

      • @ds I was thinking the same about Batherson. He has been very visible in Ottawa recently. Yes training camp is starting but this has been for the past few weeks including going to a football game with Tchachuk. But Formenton has just completely fallen off of the radar.

        George … another player to watch is Angus Crookshank. They were high on him last year before his injury at the rookie tournament. I would even say Sokolov has an outside shot.

      • Agree Peter – I keep forgetting about Sokolov – a big man who has played very well – both ways – for Mann in Belleville

      • Criminal charges were filed after the civil suit was. And after Virtanen signed new 5m deal. And 4 years after the alleged assault. I understand (and support) that victims should be heard. And I understand that crimes where it’s 1 persons word against another, make it harder to prove guilt. But, Virtanen hasn’t been found guilty of anything and he’s already lost millions after contract was bought out. Victim didn’t help herself when she changed story during testimony. I also recall her testifying that she ended up in a position she feared she would? Nobody dragged her to that hotel room. She agreed to him picking her up and going there.

  5. Just in
    Senators sign Subban to a multi year deal
    No PTO
    Finally – their defensive woes are past tense !
    Lol !

    • This joke would have worked the day before yesterday lol

    • 48 hours ago, This might have actually meant something.

      But 24 hours after the fact. It means nothing.

      • I agree – 48 hours ago that post might have given me a stroke before I checked it out.

  6. I don’t like the situation with Vertanen. These situations are hard to prove in court under reasonable doubt. Considering the backlash from Oilers fans I don’t think Virtanen will be on the Oilers roster opening night of the NHL.

    • Sorry about this double post.

    • The standard is high, Kevjam. I sat on a jury where sexual assault was the accusation. The evidence was clear to me but the accused walked. Bothered me ever since.

      But are we at a point now where the presumption of innocence is flushed and guilt is assigned irrespective of the verdict? In Virtanen’s case apparently so. Why bother with a trial?

      I wonder how those who judge Virtanen guilty would feel about the judicial system and verdicts should they be charged with something.

      • The only time I ever was selected for jury duty it involved a sexual assault charge … when the lawyers asked me for details of what did for a living and I responded “divisional head in the Immigration Enforcement program” they immediately said to the judge “challenge” who then asked me to take a seat and see if I’d be called later for jury duty in another case. Never was ,, and never was called back again.

  7. Sandin and roberstson and a 1st

    For chychrun

    • Sandin is a bottom 6 D and Robertson has one goal in the NHL. So your proposal is essentially a late first rounder for Chychrun.

      • Sandin is projected to be a top 4 d-man and played as such last year when Muzzin was out.
        Have a look at what Lundqvist returned for the Rangers. I’d argue Sandin has shown more than Lundqvist at this point.
        Robertson is a highly rated prospect – not sure what your definition of prospect is, if he was a consistent 20 goal scorer he wouldn’t exactly be a ‘future’ that is demanded by Arizona.

        So no, the proposal isn’t essentially a late first rounder. Not even close.

        The ask from Arizona is very high for a guy who is a 3/4 on most playoff teams, including the Leafs. He isn’t playing ahead of Brodie on the first pair.

      • Sandin is projected to be a top 4 d by whom, his agent? The Toronto media? Neither he nor Robertson have accomplished a thing yet in the NHL. A prospect is just that and hype and hope doesn’t increase their trade value.

      • I mean prospects are projected by writers, I don’t imagine you are watching every prospect in action, I certainly am not.

        Now how about that lundqvist question, it seems you conveniently ignored that part of my response.

        Could it be that you have no real idea what you are talking about?

      • Maybe, maybe not, Taz, as the nature of prospects require time to unfold.

        Isn’t it worth wondering why the Leafs aren’t doing more to sign Sandin if he plays like a top 4 D?

    • Cue the Bill Armstrong laugh track.

      Bill Armstrong laughs and blocks Kyle Dubas number. a bottom pairing LD and Robertson who surely isn’t his brother in Dallas plus a late 1st round pick.

      Yeah every team in the league would blow away that offer. But thanks for a good laugh.

  8. If I’m Bill Armstrong.

    And Pierre Dorian truly wants Jakob Chychrun, I don’t accept anything less than this.

    • Speaking of Arizona, I see where they finally signed their last RFA, Hayton, who now costs $1,775,000 off the cap and brings their total to $63,911,709 with 24 shown at CapFriendly as signed. One will have to be dropped, of course, but that’ll be a bottom-line ELC which will still put them well above the cap floor of $61,000,000.

      Now, if Chychrun and his $4.6 cap hit is dealt, a decent-sized cap will have to be coming back from the other team – and I don’t mean another LTIR or pure salary dump (not hurt but not much to offer – such as a Foligno). Regardless of the “sweeteners.”

      I see too where two long-term injury types have been reactivated – Pinto in Ottawa and Silfverberg in Anaheim.

  9. Just watched a video of Chychrun meeting press at camp. I think a trades coming sooner than later.All rumors here have been confirmed going back to last season. Chychrun says team approached him last year and it’s been pretty much mutually agreed best for everyone. Looks more likely now neither wants this to effect team.
    To Arizona: Chytil, Jones, and a 1st.
    To Ny: Chychrun and NY’s 3rd they gave up for Nemeth.

    • Look what it cost Dallas to get a potential top 4 d man from ny. Not an established one. Would cost much more than that.

      • Dallas gave up a protected 1st and conditional 4th. I’m adding a LD who is expected to compete for a starting job and a young established C. As mentioned nobody has met the rumored ask from Yotes. Now player is hinting he wants out. I think price won’t be as steep as reported. Maybe NY doesn’t get their 3rd back

      • I have little doubt Arizona gets better offers. Whomever gets him, their fans are gonna likely think oofff… really didn’t want to lose that guy. Doubt there would be much of that over jones or chytil.

    • Slick62, that certainly was an eye-opener and should also lay to rest the ongoing and repeated contention that Chychrun had asked to be dealt – in fact, it turns out it’s the other way around – the GM< asked HIM if he'd rather be with a contender


      His injuries have also been enlarged upon as well – including a separated shoulder in junior, bone spurs removed from an ankle, a wrist injury currently delaying any return to action, and others which have caused him to miss 27% of the team's games – that's over a quarter of each season. And some still think that doesn't render him "injury prone." If not, I'd sure like to know what they think constitutes an "injury prone" player.

      • George. I agree but he’s still young and has plenty of years ahead.
        Chrisms. How many teams have cap space (I’m not even sure Rangers do)and assets? I’d say fans are already in ugggh mode instead of oooof. Chychrun isn’t getting huge return. Especially now that it’s public. Keep in mind Chychrun has a partial ntc kicking in next off season

  10. I think there is a very good chance the Oilers trade Jesse Puljujarvi before the regular season first game starts.
    The other Trade candidate is big winger Warren Foegele and his $2.75M conract
    the oilers have to many forwards and lots of young guys coming up

    The Oilers need to clear $2M to be under in cap space and cash to sign RFA Ryan McLeod
    I can see a couple of more oiler trades coming up before Xmas involving a d/man….🤔

  11. When SOP found out Chara retired he immediately went over to Dairy Queen and downed a double malt, Twice!?!

  12. Chycrun reminds me of Gord Kluzak.The one time Bruins defensemen,huge,great skills,tough,but always hurt.Retired young with knee problems.BUYER BEWARE.