NHL Rumor Mill – October 11, 2022

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What next for Wayne Simmonds, Nick Foligno and Mike Reilly after clearing waivers on Monday? Are the Canucks interested in Penguins defenseman Marcus Pettersson? What’s the latest on the Senators’ search for a blueliner? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS/SPORTSNET: Mike Stephens and Luke Fox wondered what’s next for Wayne Simmonds after the Toronto Maple Leafs winger cleared waivers on Monday. The 34-year-old could start this season with the Leafs’ AHL affiliate or he could be traded.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Wayne Simmonds (NHL Images).

Stephens and Fox both cited rumors that have Simmonds returning to the Philadelphia Flyers, where he spent nearly eight seasons and enjoyed the most productive period of his career. Fox also cited Nick Kypreos claiming the Ottawa Senators could have some interest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs management said they’re not concerned about return but want to do right by Simmonds. His best seasons are well behind him but he’s still well-regarded for his toughness, experience and leadership. He also carries an affordable $900K cap hit for this season which could be enticing to clubs with limited cap space.

The fact Simmonds cleared waivers makes it easier to move him in the trade market. He can be demoted to the minors within the next 30 days without having to pass through waivers.

Stephens also weighed in on what the future could hold for Boston Bruins forward Nick Foligno and defenseman Mike Reilly. Like Simmonds, they both cleared waivers on Monday.

He cited rumors suggesting the Philadelphia Flyers as a destination for Foligno, who played for Flyers coach John Tortorella when the two were with the Columbus Blue Jackets. They’re said to be seeking some veteran leadership.

Meanwhile, Reilly’s skills as a mobile defenseman could make him attractive to a club like his hometown Chicago Blackhawks, who could later flip him at the trade deadline for future assets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins won’t want much in return for Foligno or Reilly as they can’t afford to take back too much salary. They’ll need the space for when Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy come off the long-term injury reserve list later this season. Having cleared waivers, they too can be demoted within the next 30 days without having to pass through them again.


THE JEFF MAREK SHOW (stick tap to “NHL Watcher”): Elliotte Friedman said he knows there’s been reports linking the Vancouver Canucks to Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Marcus Pettersson. However, “someone threw cold water on that to me last night”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Penguins carrying nine defensemen under NHL contracts, Pettersson was frequently mentioned during the off-season as a trade candidate. However, they found other ways to become cap compliant to start this season, assigning Ty Smith and Mark Friedman to their AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.

32 THOUGHTS PODCAST (stick tap to “NHL Watcher”): Elliotte Friedman still believes the Ottawa Senators intend to add a defenseman. “I believe they’ve talked internally about it, and my expectations is they’re still going to do it.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators were linked to Arizona Coyotes blueliner Jakob Chychrun throughout the latter half of the off-season. The Coyotes’ expensive asking price, however, could have them considering more affordable options. We’ll see what transpires. Maybe they’ll make a trade for a Penguins defenseman?


  1. Foligno needs to ride the bench for the entire season until he finally ups and quits.

  2. I listened tot hat podcast last night. There wasn’t any speculation as to where the Sens could seek out that D. The Pens are as good a guess as any. The pod cast (32 thoughts) also mentioned the sens interest in Simmonds. Thought I am not sure if that remains after signing brassard.

  3. Somehow I feel more and more strongly that the right to Formenton will be going somewhere for a solid D. (As part of a package)

    • I really hope you’re right on that, TheSaint. But with the deafening silence from both the team and Formenton’s camp, I can’t escape the uneasy feeling that he may have been – or at the very least is strongly suspected of being – one of the 8. And, if so, that uncertainty as to his future will have circulated.

      Or, perhaps it’s simply a case of he and his agent seeing his potential value going down the drain as he’s demoted to the 3rd line and, depending upon how Motte has influenced Smith in camp, maybe to the 4th line! And, within the organization, there seems to be every expectation that Ridley Greig could be be back up sooner rather than later. And he, too, can play LW.

      Damn, I wish that mess could be cleared up and decisions made without this constant guessing dragging on and on.

      • Yep I agree George. I want the trigger pulled on SOMETHING.

  4. Arizona has priced Jakob Chychrun out of the Market as every one now knows….❗️ there Ask is to High, it may end up being a 1st pick, a prospect and a player with equal dollar salary dump going the other way….🤔
    Like a d/man Nikita Zaitsev and his $4.5M salary they could filp it at the end of the season for a 2nd round pick

    • It’s a weird one willie,and it never made sense to me why ARI would be shopping Chychrun. The longer this goes on the more I think he requested a trade, privately.

      Then when it was obvious that he was being shopped, and it was no longer private, they came out with the “he is OK with being moved when asked”.

      If they actually wanted to move him, they could have by now. So unless it is an obvious/zero doubt win for Armstrong he isn’t doing it as Chychrun is being professional about it.

      • I disagree with you. The Coyotes GM has approached Chychrun and asked him if he wanted to be traded to a new team and he said “Yes”. The conversation was kept private between the player and the GM until it become public at the beginning of training camp. If Chychrun is still with Arizona, its because of his injury history and the high asking price set by Armstrong. The GM is trying, here, to hit a home run and get a big package in exchange for his defenseman. For a trade to happen, Chychrun needs to show he can stay healthy and Armstrong needs to lower his asking price a little bit. For now, the wait goes on then and the player’s name keep popping up in the rumor mill.

      • Happy you disagree CS81, or this would be boring.

        You might be right on this, and I am simply guessing. The reason I think this is possible, is because why are they trying to trade him? Young player, good contract and the type of player they need more of not fewer.

        And if they actually do want to trade him, why the ridiculously high asking price that is preventing it from happening.

        If they are simply “testing the market” they should know by now shouldn’t they?

        And to Tommyboy’s point below, why keep this guy hanging in the air? Would you treat a player who you think could be a long term piece like this?

        The whole thing seems counter intuitive to me, as do the talking points from the team.

  5. yes, I don’t understand the Chychrun thing. He’s a good young player and now it seems like the Coyotes have screwed that up where he wants to leave? They don’t have that many good players to be thumbing their nose at someone like him who probably is going to keep getting better and better despite his injuries. I would have kept him in the fold if I were the GM of Arizona but now he wants to leave. So, be realistic at get whatever you can for him that is reasonable and quit messing with the kid! GO AVS!!!!!!! P.S. can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!!!!!

  6. I’ve mentioned this before. When they approached him last season, it was basically offering him a chance to go elsewhere, knowing that they won’t be competitive for awhile. The fact that they won’t be bringing in revenue while playing in that little arena makes a Chychrun trade a cost cutting move. It’s not about the cap hit as much as the actual salary he’s owed in last 2 years of deal. (12.4 mil) Armstrong is smart to at least wait until Chychrun is healthy and playing, unless somebody makes an acceptable offer before then.