NHL Rumor Mill – October 20, 2022

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More Patrick Kane trade speculation (yes, again!) plus a look at how the Leafs can acquire Jakob Chychrun and the latest on Wayne Simmonds in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Earlier this week, Craig Button listed two teams in each NHL conference that might benefit from acquiring Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Starting with the Western Conference, Button suggested the Calgary Flames and Los Angeles Kings. Kane could offset some of the offense the Flames lost during the offseason. He could also help the Kings progress in their development.

Turning to the Eastern Conference, Button believes the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Rangers could benefit from Kane’s services. He thinks the former Conn Smythe Trophy winner could bolster the Penguins’ production in the postseason. Kane could also help improve the Rangers’ Stanley Cup chances.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Button reminds us that Kane carries a hefty $10.5 million cap hit plus a full no-movement clause giving him full control over where he might go. Those will be crucial factors that determine where he ends up if he agrees to be traded.

I don’t see Kane heading to Pittsburgh or Calgary unless they’re willing to move a fair chunk of salary to the Blackhawks as part of the return. Even then, it would probably take a three-team deal to spread his cap hit around.

Kane’s experience and offensive skills would certainly help the Kings. However, acquiring a player like him as a postseason rental is a move usually made by a Stanley Cup contender, not a club emerging from a rebuilding phase but isn’t yet a legitimate Cup hopeful. It’s not a good idea to waste those future assets that could help you become a contender within a couple of years on a rental player simply to win a playoff round next spring.

The Rangers, of course, have been linked to Kane for months. Some in the New York media share the belief that the Blueshirts could make a play for him by the March 3 trade deadline. However, there are also those encouraged by the performance of young Rangers like Alexis Lafreniere and Kaapo Kakko to suggest perhaps they might not need Kane after all.

Button also doesn’t believe the Edmonton Oilers or Toronto Maple Leafs will attempt to acquire Kane. He felt those clubs have no problem scoring goals but must instead add defensemen.



TORONTO STAR: Nick Kypreos believes the Maple Leafs can acquire Jakob Chychrun from the Arizona Coyotes without having to clear Jake Muzzin’s salary from their books or giving up top prospect Matthew Knies in return.

Kypreos reports the Coyotes told the Leafs and Ottawa Senators that if a trade cannot be made involving prospects like Knies or the Senators’ Ridly Greig that one could be built around two first-round picks. He thinks the Coyotes would also want one of Rasmus Sandin, Timothy Liljegren or Topi Niemela.

To balance the cap hit, the Coyotes would have to accept Alex Kerfoot and his $3.5 million cap hit. A solid performance by Nick Robertson in the coming weeks could make Kerfoot easier to move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kypreos acknowledged Chychrun’s injury history and the concerns over his feel for the game. Nevertheless, he also felt that the blueliner’s $4.6 million cap hit through 2024-25 fits well within the Leafs’ payroll plus his powerful shot and ability to log big minutes would take some of the burden off Morgan Rielly.

Kypreos also pointed out that other clubs (Senators, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers, Columbus Blue Jackets) have been linked to Chychrun in the rumor mill. He suggested the Leafs acquire the Coyotes’ rearguard sooner rather than later or risk seeing him shipped to another team.

The Senators still strike me as the more likely destination for Chychrun. They’ve got the cap space to absorb most of his contract and wouldn’t have to send much back salary-wise to make the dollars fit. They’ve also got plenty of promising talent to use as trade bait to outbid the other clubs.

THE ATHLETIC: Joshua Kloke observed Wayne Simmonds remains in limbo with the Toronto Maple Leafs. They currently have no room for him within their current forward lines and haven’t had any luck yet finding a suitable trade partner for him.

The 34-year-old winger’s best seasons are now behind him but Kloke suggests the intangibles he brings would be invaluable to “teams in transitory stages with rosters stocked with young players.”. He suggested the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators as two examples, along with perhaps returning to one of his former teams like the Los Angeles Kings or Philadelphia Flyers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds has a 10-team no-trade list and it’s believed he wants to play for a contender at this stage of his career. He might agree to go to one of those clubs if they come calling. So far, however, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in him.


  1. Buffalo youngest team in the league . That is with C.Anderson at 40 and counting

    I wonder if Florida regrets including Weeger in the Tkachuk deal. Ekblad’s injury’s are becoming chronic

    • Ekblad for chychrun who says no?

    • Ekblad for chychrun who says no? Both are constantly hurt.

      • Ekblad has a NTC, and surely AZ is on it.

    • I think that Florida’s including Weegar may have be a sacrifice to switch out the Unicorn Tkachuk for Huberdeau, who I believe was sent packing instead on getting praises and raise, because Huberdeau failed miserably as a power player QB in the playoffs, and a more dominant forward suddenly was available.

  2. Good day hope you are well.

    I havent posted in a bit for a number of reasons but when I do I try to be fair and oopen in discussion and never disparage another poster out of respect for the opinion…Ive decided to post today as a Leaf fan because Ive seen enough over the past 6 years ….to know that Dubas…. HAS FAILED MISERABLY.

    If you take out the CAP management which he does not even do that is Brandon Pridhom job ..Dubas is out right horod as a GM…

    The Kadri trade alone was horrendous ..giving away a 3rd along with that deal as well.

    Shipping off Marleau and a first to get rid of a contract to a division rival who is now a cup contender ..

    Signing Mrazek over Freddie for only 800K more in AAV …for a FAR LESSER goalie quality ….

    Letting Lybushkin go for FREE is a JOKE !!!
    Your dying for D men then and now he is a top 4 Dman who played very well…..W T F ?????

    Trading Marchment for Malgin has been just lopsided ..Marchment has put up great numbers and plays very physical and has become a top 4 to 6 in the league and is EXACTLY what the Leafs need …right now in a power forward …BECAUSE THEY DONT HAVE ONE THROUGH $ LINES!!!

    NOT 1 ……POWER FORWARD !!!!!!!!!

    How do you win when no one can win puck battles because you are outsized on the wings …this is exactly what the Habs and Yotes did to them out musceled in the dirty areas EVERY SHIFT !!!

    This team is built like a Swedish Elite Hockey team.

    Keeping Engvall in this line up over Wayne Simmonds is now taking the cake …at double the money for absolutely no reason…clear his cap hit and trade Engvall immediately !!! for ANYTHING
    USELESS… Body at 6 foot 6 …waste of cap !!!!

    Tavares is absolutely washed up …YES I was a huge fan of the signing but his skating is horrible and he can only be a front net presence for 82 games a year at 111.5 million AAV LMFAO…

    While I totally understand that the TOUGH GUY scenario in the league is GONE FOREVER…it doesnt mean that hard fought games dont require hard nosed players and this is the difference between the top 6 teams in the league and the Leafs …..they are out musceled in every way and have no bigtime moment player in the playoffs!!! and the bottom 6 dont contribute ….like the elite 6 teams in the league do when it is that time of the year !!!

    If iy wasnt for Nazem kadri last year wit the 2 biggest goals arguably in Avs history they dont beta the Champs …TBL…but that type of player is NO WHERE to be seen in the Leafs lineup …no Braden Point …no… Nazem Kadri ..
    No …Josh Anderson …No Sam Bennet
    No Matthew Tkachuck …..No Chris Krieder…no Brad Marchand …and the list goes on …

    While every team has at least 2 to 3 players who go balls out and drag a team to victory the Leafs like to play KEEP AWAY and are so proud thet the other team cant get the puck back….LMFAO…keep away results in NO SHOTS and results in not having to dig for pucks and not get hit …and this is the reason they do it !!!

    GOOD LUCK trying to get past the first round with FLY BY Willie Nylander !!!!
    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN let alone being a wild card team at this point !!!

    THIS TEAM HAS NO BALLS and that has been the problem for the past 6 years


    And that along with the terrible GM job of Dubas is why they will go NO WHERE again !!!

    No power forwards !!!!

    Have a good day !

    • Don’t quit your day job buddy… Alot of not so smart comments in that article if you want to call it that !!

      • Pete, we all have opinions – many diametrically opposed – but it’s the way each sees a situation.

        Disagree by all means – but point by point and, by my count anyway, he makes 10 distinct ones.

      • I hope you feel better posting all that, nothing you haven’t said before from what I glossed over – way too much of the same old same old and has many not sharing your opinions.

        I hope this long post/rant gets this out of your system and hope your next comments will bring something new.

    • Whoo … Kal El (err, welcome back).

      They say that the thing about emotions is that, if you don’t let them out of your system, they’ll suffocate you till the point you give up and break down.

      No break down in your future. Holy mackeral. Can’t wait to see the diehards’ reactions.

    • Not sure why so many Leaf fans think that they should have “just signed Anderson”.

      He was a UFA, and had complete control over where he went. An once you consider how he was crucified in Toronto by the same fans for every failure, even while obviously playing hurt to try and get them through a stretch where he was still the best option, is it really that hard to figure out?

      Why the F would Anderson want to go back to Toronto?

      If Samsonov can carry a heavier load than expected the Leafs will be fine IMO and get into the playoffs without much of a problem. Too talented not to. Include standard injury disclaimer.

      Also, if Sam can play up to his pedigree and find his game again, he might be the steal of the off season, kind of like Campbell was a couple years back.

      • The The Toronton Maple Leafs and there Merry round of goaltenders….❗️

        1-Anderson playing way better in Carolina✔️
        last night was not his best but its early

        2-Cambell playing way betten in his first 3 games in Edmonton, Last night he was steller in the first 2 periods and made some amazing saves

        Now its up to 1/b Murray or 1.B Samsanov
        God help the leafs and there Fans….😝

        and if its an other first Round Exit🙈😳

      • Why do all these Goaltenders and players want out of Toronto….❗️.
        None of them want to Re-sign in Toronto⁉️

    • lol – 4 games in…

      this is satire right? has to be satire, please tell me this is satire lol.

    • Kal el

      Your comments are not wrong. We as fans get very frustrated at times but I just could not imagine being a Leaf fan.
      The frustration with trying to cheer for a team that has been this mismanaged for this long is beyond frustrating.

    • Kel El, I agree. There is a reason Florida went and got Tkcahcuk and a reason the Oilers signed Kane despite his poor reputation.

      Florida saw their playoff issues and acted. Will it work? Time will tell. Yet they did not just sit on it and hope their constructed roster would work out the next year. Do you think Toronto was willign to give up a guy like Marner? Maybe their were and the D from florida tip the scales. Yet I doubt it.

      Edmonton had cap restraints for the longest time yet they continued to try and add that grit as best they could as they tried to figure it out. They traded some guys drafted pretty high in their attempts to solve it.

      Toronto simply sticks to status quo and allows the cap constraints to be their excuse. Rely to heavily on analytics and are to reluctant to move out decisions they thought were great achievements at the time. Tavares would be my first choice to move out. Yet if the interest isn’t isn’t there, having to solid centres isn’t a bad thing. My next guy would be Marner. He is a good player don’t get me wrong. The quality that he is, is why I would move him. Surely teams around the league will be interested and a package containing grittier players could be had. 1

      yet Dubas surely beleives that the cap will rise one year and his problems will solve them selves with its rise.

      • Lol Jeff Panthers D is ridiculous. Great move including a top defender in the trade for an overrated unicorn.
        And as for the oilers….OMG how many top 1st round draft picks did you burn through to only be where you are now?
        Bud, no team has it all together, one can only hope their weakness doesn’t hold them back.

      • the point with the Oilers is they tied. traded Hall for Larson for instnace. signed Lucic, moved him for Neal. Soom bad picks in Yakupov and such.

        Many of the moves turned out to be bad.
        Yet the GM was either canned or a big part of the roster was changed.

        Toronto is fine with status quo or working around the fringes.

        How many more playoffs round has Toronto won over edmonton the 6-8 years

        AS far as Florida goes. Sure Weegar was available. They may not of had the cap space to sign him. Yet the point with florida is they did not perform in the playoffs, recognised it and made a trade to better it. They traded a guy they drafted and developed who had 115 pts. Would Dubas do that? Again maybe he tried and Weegar was the reason florida won the trade Auction with Calgary. Yet I highly doubt Dubas offered Marner at all. It could be true that Calgary was never interested in leaf players. this is all speculation on my part.

        In the end my point remains. The two teams I gave as examples moved significant parts of their roster to try and better it. Did they work out in the end. Doesn’t really matter. They were brave enough to try.

      • And my point is both your examples don’t prove anything. You can pick high, trade for grit, etc. and you’ll be no better. It’s been years of futility with the oilers and finally showed up last year and wasn’t last year the first time in forever for the Panters to make the playoffs and I don’t think they are better after the trade but I guess that’s what the meaningless 82 games are for.

        I probably would agree with a lot of you had the Leafs been swept every series they lost and the teams where far inferior, not the eventually cup finalist or winner.
        But when that’s not the case as it’s so, it’s not an easy call without taking a step back – based on the solutions posted here.

      • Ron Moore, Dont prove anything? what do you think I am trying to prove?

        Have the Leafs made major changes to their core?
        Has the leafs playoff results improved?

        Have the Oilers made major changes to their core?
        Has the Oilers playoff results improved?

        Have the Panthers made major changes to their core?
        Has their playoff results improved? Oh wait this can’t be answered yet. duh

      • Do I understand you correctly, in that you see improvement in the Leafs playoff successes because the leafs lost late in a series to an eventual cup finalist so therefor do not need to make any drastic changes to the core. That minor tweaks as a result of cap restraints is all that is required?

        I see the merit in your argument that the leafs may win a series if they get to face a weaker opponent than the eventual stanley cup finalists

        Yet what do you think is the likely hood of the leafs facing a lesser opponent each year in round 1? If they do is losing in the 2nd round enough to justify not making any changes?

        I get it florida was horrible and the leafs played a good series but lost. This warranted bigger changes in florida. Though it does seem prudent to model your self after winning teams. The rest of the league understands the value of grit. They see it on Colorado and Tampa.

        Hopefully if the leafs make the playoffs this year they won’t have to play the Bostons or Tampa’s of the east. Because the true way to show team growth is to hopefully face a lesser opponent the next year and win!

        So minor adjustments based solely on cap restraints is all that is needed. You can’t beat the best teams but you can still beat the lesser teams.

      • I don’t think Tkachuk would have signed the same long extension in TOR that he did in FLA.
        I would bet a pay cheque on it. Which is why Calgary was trading him in the first place. Taxes are worse in TOR than Calgary, so is the fishbowl. US born player usually want to play in the US when they hit UFA. Just the way it is because that is where they are from.

        Think the return from FLA would have been the same if he didn’t agree to that?

        So would you have traded Marner for 1 year of Tkachuk?

        All I’m saying is easy to criticize Dubas, and he does deserve some no doubt, I am simply saying the return for one of the big 4 might be less than expected with so many teams up against the cap. I wonder if folks knew what that return was, if they would still have the same opinion?

        Would luv to see some trade proposals for Marner on here from the critics.

      • Ron

        I agree. by no means am I suggesting Toronto could of gotten Tkachuk. I stated that. What I am saying they have a playoff flaw. They really have done nothing about it beyond the belief they are close jsut stick to it. they are close.

    • Get a real job!

      • You mean one where you can’t have an opinion? Or, if you are allowed, it must conform to those of the “administrator?”

        Get a different site.

    • As an old(ish) Leafs fan I respectfully disagree with about 95% of your argument.

      In my view, Dubas’ biggest mistakes were made early in his career in the Marner and Nylander signings. There are worth there contracts now but I believe players need to earn their contract before it’s signed, not after.
      I believe that he has since learned that lesson as evidenced in the Sandin negotiations.

      Dubas is a young GM learning on the fly without first getting his feet wet on a low profile NHL team like Arizona or Anahiem.

      The way he continually manages to find diamonds-in-the-rough on the cheap is amazing. Hyman, Bunting, Mikeyev, Austin-Reese, Lybushkin and on… while dealing with an unexpected flat cap? Masterful.

      Yes, Pridham is the cap genius, but Dubas finds the cheap bodies that fill the holes and negotiates their contracts.

      A young and inexperience GM has taken a rebuilding team and made it a perennial contender. Yes, contender.

      21-22 Lost to TBL (who went on to the finals)
      20-21 Lost to Habs (who went on to the finals)
      19-20 Lost to Columbus.
      18-19 Lost to Boston (who went on to the finals)
      17-18 Lost to the heavily favoured Bruins
      16-17 Lost to the Washington powerhouse in a year they shouldn’t

      To criticize the Leafs based solely on win-or-lose is foolish and emotional. How they loose and who they loose to are very important factors when analyzing a team.

      Lost my train of thought and I have to get back to work. Sorry for the incomplete word-vomit. 😛

  3. Thanks, but no thanks, re Simmonds to Ottawa Mr. Kloke. They already have the “sandpaper” they need in two individuals who at least can keep up with their linemates in Tkachuk, Watson and Kastelic. Where the Hell would they play Simmonds?

    • they also have a guy like Grieg waiting to claim his spot in the NHL.

      As for the intangible leadership qualities a vet like Simmonds could bring. Ottawa has been utilizing guys like that for the last couple of years. Now they upgraded to a Quality star veteran in Giroux to provide that. What can Simmonds add to this?

      The only thing Ottawa needs right now is D

  4. @George
    @Kal El

    There’s lots I can say…
    In a” nutshell”
    Dubas is not the guy for the job , no where close the Hockey IQ to take this team where it should be !
    How he still has the GM post is away beyond me !
    Answer – Shanahan
    The Matt Murray signing you can add to the list , Mrazek last year , now Matt Murray –
    Kal El’s briefs are not emotions, but actual FACTS!
    My only disagreement is – I am now in favour of Nylander –

    I think Keefe is rattled and may of lost his team , they are not playing for him , a Ron Wilson scenario
    I could say a lot more about Dubas – I will just leave it at that !

    • Is Babcock still under contract with the Leafs. If so, there is your solution! 😁

  5. Ken, I have never dissed Nylander … the closest I came to that was when Dubas met he and his agent’s demands when an RFA, thinking he should have maybe played a bit of hardball with them.

    But I have never seen him as a winger who has to bang and claw in the corners or go out of his way to deal a stiff body check in order to be effective. That’s because he is very good at what he does – put the puck in the net.

    He’s not the only player like that in the NHL, and the way I see it is, “so what?” Make sure he’s paired with line-mates who can look after that aspect of the game and just let him do his job.

    Unfortunately, with the Leafs he doesn’t have those types of line-mates so, when things aren’t going well, some unfairly zero in on him, often blaming his $6,962,366 cap hit as a main reason why they can’t flesh out the D or bottom 9 forwards with better quality.

    But his 82-game averages since joining the Leafs have been 26g 38a 64 pts, and in 39 playoff games has contributed 13g 17a 30 pts.

    A lot of teams would gladly take that at his cap hit.

    • Matthews and Nylander can come to Boston whenever they’re ready.

      • Why would they want to play in that gutter of a city?

      • They probably wouldn’t.
        I’d choose to play wherever it’s the nicest weather, personally.

  6. I started cheering for the Leafs in 1955. I agree with Kal El almost totally. I was in favour of Dubas when hired but really he like 3 week old milk is past his due date.

    I think he lacks respect for 2 fundamental aspects of play off winning hockey….big D men and good goalies. Not every move he has made is bad. But most of what Kal el writes is correct.

    I think he needs to go now, if he does not have the hockey sense to fire Keefe. People made fun of Babcock but he has won it all. What did he say early in his stay…..”We need a few men in the room” He also kept on asking for “heavy” players.

    I , like Kal El, find it beyond ironic that Shanahan won everything while playing hard, dirty when necessary dirty hockey. Then he goes out and hires and stays with Harry Potter.

    I have found myself for the first time in a long time apathetic about the Leafs and hockey. Not good getting wound up when the guys in charge won’t make a change while losing.

  7. Interesting take to say the least…

    So to be clear – room has been lost? 4 games in, after the regular season they had last year? Don’t count playoffs bc if that was the case Keefe would have been let go over the summer.

    Again 4 games in? Im sure you are the same guy would say it doesn’t matter if they were undefeated bc only playoffs matter- really cant win

    Kadri- 1 good season in 3 in Colorado at age 31, 1 good season, was there anyone that didn’t think it was time to move on from Kadri after consecutive playoff suspensions….? But go ahead and lump him in with Brayden Point and Matt Tkachuk – oh yeah same players for sure

    Shanahan/Dubas- you think a GM that didn’t have his contract extended doesn’t have his decisions vetted by Shanahan lol.. you want Shanny to replace Dubas – you don’t think he agreed with these moves?

    Tavares is washed up…really – 5 points in 4 games and looks healthy

    Nylander- look you either hate him or love him- there are 31 other teams that would take him in a heart beat.. he isn’t paid to fight and he shows up every playoff – take a look

    Im not an Engvall fan- but “useless” really..until he leaves and then you act like he is the second coming of Mason Marchment- this trade was years ago lol- come on

    Lybushkin is terrible- I guess the 1 big hit really impressed you while he plays 8 mins a game for the Sabres ..

    Sure and Blame Dubas for getting rid of Marleau (that Lamoriello signed ) because Im sure he wanted to pay a first to Ottawa to unload that deal..

    Goalies – why does no one critique the Oilers when they went into the playoffs with a 40 year old Mike Smith..or when they signed Jack Campbell ( how is that looking?) and to be fair..its 4 games in…. The Avalanche start Georgiev and Francouz- LOOK at their stats…

    Ultimately the performance of a team comes down to a coach – the Leafs are a good team talent wise- i just dont get the Dubas hate lol…
    no knuckle draggers on the Avs….wonder if they didnt win last year what we would be saying about them…

    • This may throw some people into convulsions, but is based on facts (I conduct extensive research, routinely reading articles authored by Phd stats guys and gals). Tavares may have been dealing with a vax injury last season. Muscle pain and joint pain are two of the most cited adverse reactions in the VAERS (U.S.) database for mRNA vaccines. If John is pain free this year, then I would expect him to have a much better season.

    • Agree more with your post Sam than some others, but have to agree that come playoff time you need some beef. Not knuckle draggers, but having some size definitely helps come playoff time, and the Avs had that and still do. You have to fight though checks all over the ice in the playoffs, and being big helps. Don’t mean Kadri either.

      And just to refresh the Leafs got to OT in game 6 against TB and if they get a goal, win that series 4-2 and then lose game 7, 2-1. That is better than FLA and NYR did against TB.

      They are close, and Jeff is right above, Dubas is keeping the core together waiting for the cap to go up. Might work, or it might cost him his job.

      Remember, the amount of teams that can take a big salary are few and far between, so the return for one of those guys would be less than they are worth to the Leafs. IMO most Leaf fans would not be happy with the return. Once the cap goes up, should open the market up for more teams.

      • Ny took them to 6, after beating Pittsburgh in 7 (down in that series 3-0. And also going 7 with Carolina.

        So Toronto went 7 with Tampa and NY went 6. After playing 14 games in 2 series prior.

        Better than NY? That’s a stretch. They took Tampa one extra game not having to go through 14 games.

      • I didn’t say they were better than NY Captain, I said they did better against TB, and they did. We don’t know who would have won head to head.
        They are close, that is my point.

    • Good points Sam. Unfortunately no one cares to see it or acknowledge all the points you said because it goes against the lazy narratives echoed here that they also “see” with their own eyes.

      There was nothing you said that was wrong actually. Enjoy hearing the crap of crap when it comes to the Leafs. Only 4 games in…oh what a ride! 😂

    • I agree with your point regarding the knee jerk reaction to the Leafs season. Yet Kal el’s point remains sound. The leafs receive the same results year after year yet really change nothing of significance that isn’t a result of cap managment. For example their goaltending this year was a forced change.

      • Comments and opinions that are years old, nothing that has any basis and in fact flawed. I get it that some people hear need to gripe and rant when they don’t see their team as good as they think they should be and others enjoy rubbings/trolling.

    • MacDermid isn’t a shrinking violet. He is one tough SOB who plays a heavy game and make their stars feel safer.

  8. Nick Kypreos is the new George Costanza.
    “I think I’ve figured out a way for us to get Bonds and Griffey and we wouldn’t have to give up that much”.
    At least George didn’t have to deal with a salary cap.

    • Nice one, Howard. Could be a long season if this is what’s being posted after four games.

      • As I said yesterday BCLeafFan, you gotta love early season stuff.

  9. To Ottawa Jacob Chychrun, 2023 3rd round pick

    To Arizona. 2023 1rst round pick. 2024 2nd round pick (Ottawa’s own or Washington’s, which ever is better). Tyler Boucher, Lassi thomson. Nikita Zaitzev.

  10. I agree with your point regarding the knee jerk reaction to the Leafs season. Yet Kal el’s point remains sound. The leafs receive the same results year after year yet really change nothing of significance that isn’t a result of cap managment. For example their goaltending this year was a forced change.

  11. How can anyone think it’s a good look for Keefe, to call out his star players then walk it back.

    Reminds of Claude Noel coaching Winnipeg, during a practice (the won the night before) he was hollering at the team and then captain Andrew Ladd snapped at him. During the media scrum Noel was asked about the outburst and he replied oh i wasn’t referring to Ladd not given the effort it was other players.

    Personally, I lost respect for Noel after that, I’ve would’ve dressed Ladd down on the spot to make sure I got everyone attention.

    Keefe made his comment and should’ve stuck with it.

    You can debate if the comment should’ve been made public in the first place, but once it done own it and move on.

  12. @Caper
    I am in total agreement with you !!!
    I just heard Keefe’s apology ????

    Pathetic … he sounded like he was ready to cry ,,,

    I wonder if Torts would apologize for any comments he might make if he is not happy with someone’s play

    Phillie is 3-0 !

    Toronto needs a wake up !!!

    • Well, after last night, 3-1 … but they gave Florida a scare.

    • Ken, it’s very early in the season (didn’t TO begin last year’s campaign with 2 wins and 6 losses?) but the Keefe saga has a very bad odour attached to it. Did one or two players get their shorts in a knot?

      Keefe – “The difference between us and Arizona is that we have elite players, and our elite players didn’t play like elite players.”

      Marner spoke to the media first yesterday:
      “I talked to him today — he explained what he meant to say and how it came out and everything like that. I’ll leave it at that. We have closed doors for a reason, and we have talks without you guys for a reason. We had that talk today and we understand. We’re grown men.”

      Where’s Marner’s accountability – power play went o’fer five with zero shots. Grown men, yeah, grown men who think they are a bunch of prima donnas. Change the team name to the Toronto Powder Puffs.

      Keefe’s new game summary:
      “I used some of the wrong words to try to describe what I was trying to describe, which is that the difference in the game was just, we weren’t able to produce, whether it’s power play or five-on-five. And that’s really the difference, with all the puck time we had. But by no means was I meaning anything beyond that.”

      “wrong words”, can’t criticize the stars in public.
      Maybe Keefe can emulate Babcock next time: Although we have a lot very skilled players, Arizona’s shooters put more pucks in our net than we put past their goalie.

  13. Calgary can easily fit Kane by sending Lucic back, the question is cost. I also think that if Kane approves a trade its to a team that he would resign with. That is the main reason for me that a Kane trade is much more likely to a team like the Rangers

  14. St. Louis was last in the league in January and won the cup.

    The NHL season is a long and winding road and you had better did the well before you get thirsty

    rumours have Cap going up $4m next year. Revised with recent meetings .
    I am sure Dubas and others have it spent already

  15. Have to give a stick tap to you Kal El, started a good debate!

    • It was a very good debate – minus the belittling. As I say elsewhere I counted 10 distinct points he made to back up his frustration at the direction of the team he chooses to follow, and only Sam made an effort to counter every one of them.

      In the end, what was stated by each reflect their opinions – diametrically opposed as I say, to be sure but nevertheless the way each sees it from their perspective.

      Not being a fan of the team I wasn’t about to risk – again – the “hater” tag by weighing in, other than to repeat what I’ve said many times – and that is, regardless of WHY at least half the league finds itself in a cap bind, especially including the accurate position that no one could have foreseen Covid and the resulting flat cap, NO team can spend almost 54% of the cap limit on 5 or 6 players and then expect to flesh out the remainder of their line-up with bargain-basement UFAs seeking to extend careers and ELCs without on-ice flaws and lapses.

      That’s not the fault of those who doled out big contracts B.C. (Before Covid) – but it IS now a problem for many.

      And THAT is just my opinion.

      • And that’s it in a nutshell George. Leafs got burned more than most as they had a bunch of high end forwards come due and signed Tavares a year or 2 before Covid. If cap was $8M more today, those 4 guys make up a much smaller % of the cap.

        Dubas had/has a choice move one of the big 4 for a top pair D, or a lesser D and a more physical less skilled forward, or a high end tender, or whatever. That would be his goal IMO.

        I would be shocked if he hasn’t had those discussions with other teams, and he has simply determined the return made them worse not better. If I had to guess he was offered less than their on ice value because what contending team can realistically take on a huge cap hit? A rebuilding team isn’t doing it.

        The GM’s know what the deal is, and if they can get Marner for fewer assets than he is worth, and dump a salary to make the $ work they will. But why would Dubas do that?

        I dunno, seems like he has simply chosen the lesser of 2 evils IMO. Keep what he has vs making a deal that makes them worse. If he could win that trade in this environment they should build a statue of him.

      • Really? I am the only one here to make the claim that the cap will never go down. its based on revenue and standard inflation alone will cause it to rise. The two covid seasons couldn’t even bring it down with escrow protections and stuff.

        Yet since everyone else seems to think the cap will fall at some point. Would it not of been prudent for any GM to take that into account when constructing their line ups and signing players.

        Dubas doesn’t get a pass to me because of the timing of covid. Heck it isn’t even the money he spent that is my complaint. It is the lack of substantive change when what tried and tried again doesn’t work.

        But I suppose now that the cap is projected to increase next year. Dubas will survive and instantly master the issue and the Leafs will have their cup.

      • Jeff huh? I have been saying the cap will go up and was expected to go up pre covid. Which it was, and now it is. New US TV deal and all.

  16. @Hammer of the Gods

    The tail wags the dog in Toronto

    Babcock era

    Babcock had to travel to Arizona to appease Matthews
    Marner story was more dramatic !!!

    Déjà vu all over again ! !
    Unacceptable !

    A dramatic change needs to be in order ..
    Marner seems – nuisance , problem personality ..
    Dubas needs to be replaced , a temporary figurehead comes in until they find someone to make changes needed in order to succeed into the second round of the playoffs !

  17. The great thing about being a fan is HIND SITE! We always get to evaluate everything after the fact and we have none of the risk up front that a GM has.

    I am a die-hard OIler fan and the Leafs – meh but only one GM wins the cup every year. That is just a single goal on their list of to-do’s. Their main purpose is to make money for the owners and that is done through creating a competitive team.

    In my opinion – players and players out Toronto has an identity. They are tough to play against most nights, fans fill the building, buy merch and talk about the team. The bank account keeps getting stuffed. Seems like Dubas has done a pretty good job in my books.

    • Pete, they could put Elmer Fudd in charge and they’d still rake in the cash. Just harken back to the Ballard days – if ever there was a time when fans had a legitimate reason to keep their butts out of the seats at Maple Leaf Gardens, and stop buying expensive merchandise, THAT was it. But they kept coming.