NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 8, 2022

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Recaps of Tuesday’s action, the three stars of the week are revealed, Canucks president Jim Rutherford remains unhappy with his club’s performance, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: Four power-play goals enabled the Washington Capitals to hold off the Edmonton Oilers 5-4. Evgeni Kuznetsov scored twice and collected two assists while Dylan Strome scored twice for the Capitals as their record improves to 6-6-2. Connor McDavid had a goal and an assist in his 500th career NHL game while Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored twice as the Oilers fell to 7-6-0 after losing three straight games.

Washington Capitals center Evgeny Kuznetsov (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was a milestone game for Capitals coach Peter Laviolette. He picked up his 723rd career victory to move into eighth place on the all-time wins list for NHL head coaches.

The Boston Bruins remain undefeated on home ice by downing the St. Louis Blues 3-1. Linus Ullmark made 25 saves for the win while Brad Marchand collected two assists for the Bruins (11-2-0). Jordan Binnington stopped 34 shots while Brayden Schenn scored for the 3-7-0 Blues, who’ve lost seven straight games.

An overtime goal by Noah Dobson completed a three-goal comeback by the New York Islanders in a 4-3 victory over the Calgary Flames. Two unanswered third-period goals by Anders Lee and Kyle Palmieri set the stage for Dobson’s winner while Ilya Sorokin kicked out 43 shots for the 8-5-0 Islanders. Mikael Backlund scored twice for the Flames as they dropped to 5-4-2.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It was a costly win for the Islanders as Cal Clutterbuck left the game in the first period with an undisclosed injury.


NHL.COM: Dallas Star winger Jason Robertson, Colorado Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon and San Jose Sharks defenseman Erik Karlsson were the NHL’s three stars for the week ending Nov. 6.

THE PROVINCE: Vancouver Canucks president of hockey operations Jim Rutherford continues to voice his unhappiness with his club’s performance following a 3-6-3 start to the season. He once again indicated he doesn’t like how the team’s system is set up and the players’ work ethic stretching back to training camp.

Rutherford resisted an opportunity to endorse head coach Bruce Boudreau. He also said he expected more accountability from the players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things are getting ugly for the Canucks. Boudreau was hired before Rutherford, who indicated he thought the coach’s contract was only for the end of last season. The deal in fact had a mutual option year which both sides agreed to but Rutherford appears to have regrets about that decision.

I’ll have more about the Canucks in today’s Rumors update.

OTTAWA SUN: Senators center Josh Norris got some good news as it turns out he won’t require surgery on his injured shoulder. There’s no timeline for his return to action but he will be re-evaluated in January.

THE ATHLETIC: Speaking of the Senators, general manager Pierre Dorion gave a vote of confidence to head coach D.J. Smith. The club is mired in a five-game losing skid but Dorion insists he has no plans to replace Smith.

Dorion also indicated there’s nothing new to report regarding contract negotiations with Alex Formenton. The 23-year-old restricted free agent has until Dec. 1 to sign a new contract with the Senators or become ineligible to play for the remainder of this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s been speculation that the reason Formenton remains unsigned is his ties to the 2018 Canadian World Junior team currently being investigated over accusations that several players sexually assaulted a young woman. So far, there is nothing to indicate Formenton had any involvement in this case.

CBS SPORTS: The Chicago Blackhawks have activated goaltender Petr Mrazek off injured reserve and placed recently signed netminder Dylan Wells on waivers. They also moved goalie Alex Stalock (concussion) to IR.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Minnesota Wild winger Jordan Greenway (shoulder) has been activated off injured reserve and will return to action for Tuesday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings.

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER: The Flyers will don their classic Cooperalls for warmups as they debut their reverse retro jerseys.


  1. Rutherford has regrets ???

    Boudreau is a great coach , real likeable guy

    Terminate his employment – let Dorion hire him !

  2. Speaking of the Senators, Ryan Reynolds was on Fallon last night and admitted that he does indeed want to buy the team but knows he must find partners in order to do so. That’s what he’s doing currently.

    • I suggestion he talks to another entertainer (and his Red Notice buddy) with a Canadian passport… who has tons more $’s than RR—– the Rock; and then put a call in to Celine…. the 3 of them can cover the cost of acquisition

  3. Last nights Oilers Caps Game
    Oilers superstar Leon called for changes to his club’s approach.The Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft agreed..🤔

    Normally around the 15-20 game mark you see holes in your line up, The Oilers have some Huge Deep Holes on the back end❗️

    Leon looks like he is gettting very frustrated It’s getting old, battling back Draisaitl said, It’s exhausting in his interview last night after the game
    he said give up too many goals…😳

    Thats what the fans said last year and now the same thing this year…. its not the goaltenders this time round
    Its the Defence its weak, they need to add a top 4 d/man who is Physical, and can play with an Edge
    last night they missed Nemo and his physical play,

    The Oilers played Ryan Murray on the 3rd pairing who was just Horrible…❗️

    Both Bouchard and Barrie play a similar style (Soft)
    Oilers need to add 2 new d/men, One for the 2nd pairing and one for the 3rd paring ❓

    Trade options
    They will have to move a d/man out to get more Cap space… it could well be Barrie and his $4.5M
    two forwards, Jesse Puilijarvi $3.M & Warren Feoglele $2.75.M

    Any trade the Oilers make for a d/man will include a 1st pick to get something Quality in Return, and
    Dont be surprised to see a Top young d prospect moved also….. like A Broberg……🤔👍

    • Hi Willie

      didn’t help with the skewed PPs for Caps

      Ovi— nice goal and nice pass on final goal… but also — 2 separate elbow no calls; and another numbers first into the boards no call

      Why do the refs let him get away with this

      This is not isolated…. this happens all the time re Ovi and no calls

      • Hi Penny,
        Your right about what you said, No calls on him and we had 2 refs out there….
        He OV, Also Scores 90% of his goals from the Right spot… did you notice that Zero of the Oilers d & forwards were covering him he was wide open a number of times….⁉️
        Hope tonight is better in TB, its time for an oilers shake up on the D

  4. Since the woke don’t research in fall in a straight line.

    But your blinders on and read the link below. I know I know you want that 11-14yr old boy tarnished for life.

    Ray most of your post was good yesterday but your not reading or understanding if you don’t think this is woke. Maybe time for you to turn the channel, instead of tunnel vision.


    • Caper, this isn’t the dunk on “the woke” that you think it is. I read this report when it came out two days ago. In fact, the report indicates his agent’s statement was met with “questions and criticism”.

      Some of the agencies Mitchell supposedly worked with stated they were recently approached by Miller’s camp about their client working with them but they hadn’t yet agreed to do so. Furthermore, his other “volunteer work” was in fact court-mandated as part of his sentencing and not something he asked to participate in. Another agency indicated that, while their name appeared in the statement by Miller’s agent, Miller never responded to a single invitation from them.

    • Not sure what this was supposed to prove. His “volunteering” was court ordered community service and he has only said he is “committed to working with” organizations which is utterly meaningless until he actually does. This is purely an agent trying to save face.

    • I don’t understand why you keep defending the undefendable and blaming on the woke society. Have you read the family statement that Chrismr posted on the thread yesterday? If you still think he doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him after this read, I don’t know what to think of your sense of moral.

    • Caper,
      I despise woke bs, which is part of the reason I stated, a couple days ago, that we should look at Miller’s actions since then to decide whether or not to condemn him. His actions – actually, lack of action – are screaming. All of his supposed acts of contrition are just sugar coating over a disgusting soul. They’re nothing more than obvious lies in a vapid attempt to obtain a professional hockey career. He’s getting what his lack of actions prove that he deserves.

    • You absolutely believe it’s ok to destroy a person for his actions as a CHILD!!!!

      Tell me what crime any crime that this boy done since the age of 14 to 20? Hello you there, got anything?

      Was he charged and did the work, paid his price?

      Did Craig McTavish get charged for killing Kim Radley and then able to continue an NHL career, one that he is still in? Lets not forget McTavish was an adult.

      If you think it’s perfectly fine to hold an 12yr old – 14yrs old to them actions, where in his 6 years has no issue with the law, nothing. You still want to take him out back and shoot him because of his actions as a CHILD.

      Someone mention moral compass, that the issue you don’t have one. You want revenge, to cancel or seek and destroy.

      You think it perfectly fine to destroy a person over their actions as a child. By your comments your judging the actions of an 11yr old boy as if they were the actions of this 20yr old man.

      The NHL knew, the Boston bruins knew, Gary Bettman Knew.

      Other teams were going to make an offer.

      Bettman admitted he knew but didn’t know how serious the bruins were in signing him

      They all vetted the process and some teams and the NHL was ok with the decision until the woke got involved.

      So don’t give me this BS that it isn’t woke; because this person is paying a debt as an adult for his actions as a CHILD!!!

      By the way i don’t watch Fox or CNN one is Republican and the other Demorcatic they both have an agenda.

      • Ahhh is life could be so black or white. It would definitely make these issues a lot more simple. I think Caper you need a bit of empathy towards the real victim and not to who you seem to believe is the victim.

        Look go to yesterday’s news post and take the time to read that very long but incredibly insightful point from the victim. After carefully reading that, I wonder how anyone can take your stance in this particular case.

        All your points, wokeness, second chances, age of individuals, etc. are generally the rule and has a place, it’s just not in this case. You and others are not wrong but in this case you clearly are.

        PS it’s all part of growing up, make mistakes, fix them and learn from it…

      • I think you are correct in one way caper. Those other individuals should have been barred from the league as well.

      • You keep mentioning Craig MacTavish’s conviction for vehicular homicide, caper.

        During his jail time, MacTavish frequently met with the dead woman’s parents. He spoke to them directly, expressing his sorrow and shame for what he’d done. Her parents accepted his apology, forgave him and stood by him when he attempted to rebuild his life in jail and following his release. He’s remained close to them ever since.


        The difference, caper, is MacTavish was genuinely remorseful for his actions, took responsibility for what he did, apologized to the victim’s family, and was forgiven and supported by them. He participated in programs speaking out against drinking and driving and became Edmonton’s honorary chairman of the city’s anti-drunk driving campaign.

        Miller, meanwhile, has yet to step up to MacTavish’s level. If he had, perhaps he’d be playing in the NHL by now.

      • Caper, IMO he isn’t cancelled for life not even close. I get what your saying but I don’t think he actually is.

        If I had to bet, and he had atoned for what he had done he would still have that contract. Especially sitting in front of the kid he bullied for years, and listening to it in person how it impacted him would be a start. Any decent person or parents of a young person who realized the impact of what they did, would do that.

        I disagree with the cancelled take though. Mr. Miller can get to the NHL if he does what needs to be done. He isn’t cancelled, but simply delayed if he does what is required.

        He isn’t entitled to anything. Any employer can hire or not hire anyone based on character. I sure as heck try to dig into that when I make hiring decisions. And no it doesn’t have to be criminal to be an issue. NHL is no different. Bergy made it clear how important culture is on that team, and from I can tell the self entitled type doesn’t fit what they are looking for.

        If we could bet on here, I would bet $50 he will do what he needs to, and will get another shot to make the NHL. It would be a good to see someone change and be an example of that. Again, I am rooting for that and for him. Part of me feels bad for him, as I would guess his upbringing has something to do with this.

        Those getting cancelled for something they tweet, said, or taught in a university is flat out wrong, we agree on that. That is not what this is IMO.

        “Cancel culture” is as old as the human race, just more opportunities for it now with social media, and yes it is particularly prevalent in Universities these days. They just didn’t call it that for the last 2000 plus years.

      • I would normally tend to agree with your thoughts Caper. The woke world is way too quick to flush someone’s life because of a bad moment, tweet, so on.

        This is a bit of a different animal. This abuse went on for years. We’re not talking about him pantsing some kid on an isolated incident. (I have a follow up story here) or hitting him with spitballs, or even calling him names.

        We’re talking about years of abuse, making a kid eat a push pop from a urinal? Take away race, take away disability. It’s a pretty messed up thing to do. There is something seriously wrong with this kid.

        More along the lines of an irrevocably broken human being. Zero remorse, zero done to even begin to make it right. Actions more along the lines of a future Jeffrey Dahmer than a “poor kid / child in need of another chance”.

        Is he beyond redemption? Absolutely not. I believe beyond redemption is only reserved for some people. Certainly not for this.

        But that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow. I believe he needs to earn his redemption.

        He seems more sorry this is affecting his hockey career than he is sorry for his years of actions.

        That victim had to pay the price for years, why shouldn’t he suffer at least as long?

    • They weren’t being honest, Caper. The boy, his family, or his agent. He didn’t do what they said he did.
      I agree with you on not canceling, but counseling and educating, but I don’t think that applies with this fella. He’s sorry alright, but not where it counts, and an apology won’t fix it, regardless of what the masses think, because it will be 100% insincere. So what’s the point?
      Some people deserve a 2nd, 3rd, 150th chance. Some don’t. Mitchell Miller is grouped with the latter.
      4, 14, 44. Age doesn’t matter. Be a good person and protect the vulnerable, not prey on them. Miller’s actions were and are still gross.

      • SOP he was a CHILD. You don’t destroy a person for their actions as a child.

      • I fail to see how not letting him taint the leagues reputation by playing hockey is destroying him as a person. No one has got pitchforks and torches and the lynching rope out.

      • Caper,
        The fact that you think that it’s Mitchell life that has been”destroyed” by not playing hockey and making it sound like he’s the victim here is beyond pathetic.

    • What’s all this “woke” stuff? This guy did some horrific stuff to someone else a few years ago and has done nothing to show that he’s become a better person or done any amends. The results of these actions have nothing to do with “woke”.

    • Miller and his families inaction to right a terrible wrong is what tarnished his life.

      His NHL dream is over for all the right reasons.

      1000s of hockey players never even get a sniff at the NHL dream! You know what they do when that happens? They get a job and move on with life! That’s what this POS should do.
      I’m not exactly sure the true definition of being “woke”. Maybe that’s because I’m too old and set in my ways…RESPECT – GOOD MORALS – EMPATHY – VALUES

    • I keep hearing “he was a child – 14” but according to the victim’s mother it wasn’t a one-time thing – it went on “for years.”

      ““They keep using the word mistake. He made a ‘mistake’ when he was 14. My problem with Sweeney and with Mitchell is, let’s call it what it was. It was years of abuse. It wasn’t one time. A mistake is maybe something stupid. But what he did really is a lot more. It was premeditated.”

      To paraphrase General Patton “let him go shovel s’*t in Louisiana” for a career.

      • And take Sweeney with him!

  5. Correction, Lyle. It was the Islanders who came back to beat the Flames last night. Not the Rangers.

    • Fixed, thanks!

  6. This is very true ….. The NHL is banning a player from its league over things he did when he was 14 years old, yet pro sports leagues are filled with players who committed violent offenses as adults. How does this make any sense at all ?

  7. The problem I have is that the Bruins went about this all wrong they didn’t do their job correctly and whoever was in charge should pay the price

    • Maybe so. Maybe whomever signed him thought that people would have forgotten about his past. I know that a lot of people in my age group (over 60) have not adapted to the fact that, once something is on the internet, it’s permanently public and someone will bring it up, again, if need be. Maybe that’s why.

    • Joe, re “the Bruins went about this all wrong …”

      So, apparently, did Cedar Rapids and Tri-City of the USHL. Can’t look good on that league, either.

  8. There are probably a lot of people who would like to buy the Senators (and the rights to building condos around the future downtown Senators rink) if they could find partners “with really deep pockets”. I would sign up for that myself!

  9. I did not have an opinion about Miller until I started reading all the information available on the internet. The letter that was posted yesterday from the victim’s family was heartbreaking. This was not an isolated “one time” event……this was an ongoing battering of a human being not able to defend himself. Miller is a POS and I hope that the AHL finally wakes up and dismisses him. He does not deserve to be a professional hockey player. The letter posted by Chrisms yesterday says it all.

  10. If I was Isaiah Meyer-Crothers classmate, I would’ve beaten the living crap out if Miller.

    Even if i didn’t win the fight, Miller would’ve known he was in one and would’ve also know i will fight you again.

    Grade 6 two brothers picked up a dog turd and made this other kid open his mouth and they put it in his mouth.

    I fought the older brother, unfortunately i got there seconds after it happen.

    One day these two brothers happen to walk toward me with their well-trained German Shepard. They threaten to have him bite me and they had the dog show me his teeth and then growl at me etc. We had a stand off for a few minutes as i expected the dog was going to bite me any moment. I finally said to the two brothers, if he bites me, just remember he won’t be a class with you tomorrow.

    What these two boys done to that kids was reprehensible and still today i don’t like them because of their actions as a children.

    However they grown and become productive members of society.

    Miller doesn’t deserve nor should he get any forgiven from Isaih and his family.

    But us as a society have the responsibility to see past them actions and ask what has he done since.

    No i don’t mean apologizes because if im Isaiah or his family i don’t want it, it means nothing to me and never will. It will always be hollow to me.

    Has he been on the straight and narrow legally.

    If he gets in programs, volunteers etc, it just simple gloss. But the woke will be satisfied and say he has shown redemption. For me it glosses.

    Why is it gloss and mean nothing to me, because i don’t know Miller and never will, i will never know what his true character is and he may never be a good guy or he maybe wonderful. i don’t know. What i do know is he hasn’t been charged with any crimes since 14 years old.

    • Your continued support of Miller is incomprehensible. I question your intelligence level. I question your empathy and sanity. Compared to you, RWM is a genius. At least he’s amusing, you’re just pathetic.

      • I agree. I find the level of passion he has for defending this awful human being to be rather disturbing.

      • Paul, I don’t think Caper actually supports Miller, I think he is just saying that IF he has reformed himself and become a good member of society then society (not the victim) should forgive him or least given him a second chance. I am not aware of all the details of this case (other than what I am reading in the comments here) but lets say someone commits despicable acts while he was under the age of 16 and since then he has realized how childish and stupid and reprehensible his behavior was. What does Society do with him. The NHL and all other professional leagues say no to him. All higher places of education say no to him. All trade schools say no to him. All employers say no to him. No one wants to be his friend. So should he commit suicide? Is that the answer? As a Society don’t we give second chances to murderers?

      • But it went on “for years” – not just until he was 16. The SOB is a predator. And a racist one to boot. You have to wonder how much he influenced other kids at Cedar Rapids and Tri-City in the USHL with his warped sense of decency. F&^k the SOB. He “deserves” nothing.

      • Habman67, universities didn’t say no to him going to school, UND didn’t kick him out, he had all the rights of all the other students except playing for the hockey team. They consider that a privilege, that you earn. Heck he may have been there on a scholorship. If he passed his classes he could still be earning a degree there, but he obviously wanted to play hockey, can’t blame him. Which he also did, so not cancelled there either.

        Trade schools and other employers, not sure what you are referring to, as I highly doubt that is accurate. Some employers, sure, I would be wary for sure, but he could get a job if he needed one. Companies are hiring right now, everywhere in NA.

        There has been one employer that has told him not yet, that is the NHL.

      • Ray Bark. I was merely putting forth a hypothetical situation. If it’s okay for the NHL to say you can’t play here, then maybe universities say it is a privilege to go there and deny him access (I know they did not in this case… but what if?). Maybe other employers say, like the NHL, that it is a privilege, not a right to work here and so they so no to him as well.. So again, what do we do with him IF he has repented? Does Society offer him MAID?

      • The ironony of reading the replies to my post.

        Now attaching with childish replies. Form of bullying wouldn’t say?

        If you read anything i post and understood any of it.

        Then you should know I won’t back down from anyone.

        My view point is different then your. Im not canceling a 14yr old.

        Folks on here calling him a racist because of his actions as a child.

        I suggest to you to watch the Jackie Robinson movie, there a scene where all the fans are chanting and the young boys does the same because his grandfather is doing it. Then show the child looking on the field his dad plays on the same team as Jackie and walks over and puts his arm around Jackie and the child expression changes.

        You folks not all, but some are very righteous and come accross as you think your better then everyone.

        Bring on the bullying

      • I have no idea what point you are trying to make Habman67. What you are describing isn’t reality, and you can say “what if” for anything and everything.

        If that “what if” ever happens we can deal with it but call me skeptical that it ever does.

      • To Caper: Paul Bowles’ post got me thinking, are you related to Mitchel Miller? I ask because of your strenuous and continued defense of him and his actions. Just asking….

    • Caper, you start off about 936 posts about how you can’t hold it against him because he was a kid and keep ignoring everyone asking you what he’s done to get a second chance? If people deserve a second chance they show that, what has he done exactly? By your logic it seems like everyone just keeps geting chances because you can’t cancel someone. If you could answer ONE of these posts where people keep asking you about what he’s done to show remorse? Lying about volunteer work doesn’t seem credible to me, but you seem to want to cancel the victim…you know the one that gets nothing out of this but keeps having to erlive it because of the NHL.

    • So. Even if we forgive all actions prior to 18 or being an adult. He has known as an adult since Arizona dropped him that he had certain actions he had to take if he was to be accepted into the nhl. He chose not to do this either cause he was A: foolish to the point of pure stupidity. In this scenario he truly didn’t understand nor those guiding him that this would always be a barrier and would never just go away.
      Or B: egotistical and full of hubris. He knew this would be a barrier but was too prideful to do the necessary actions, sincere or not, to make it less of a barrier.
      Either one, as an adult, he is responsible for his situation.

    • Paul r u the same person that whined you wouldn’t stop attaching Rick unless Lyle to you so.

      You don’t need to discuss your intelgence, when you make such immature post.

      • Oooo, almost insulting. Intelligence test. I admitted that I was wrong in supporting Miller when I learned of his failure to show any contrition, that’s a mark of intelligence. How many people have to repeatedly point out to you that Miller didn’t commit one stupid act, but bullied his victim for years AND has never said or done anything to suggest that he regrets his actions until you figure out that continuing to support him is the act of someone of minimal intelligence?

      • Paul if you’re not mature enough to engage in dialogue, don’t try. You come accross as a 14yr old

  11. A couple of notes on Ottawa Sens. Was that vote of confidence the kiss of death for the coach? This team is very underperforming and honestly making the GM of the offseason look like we were a bit quick to praise.
    I wish I knew more about injuries but is Norris not needing surgery a good thing? The shoulders need to be strong since they take so much push and pull on them in a way they aren’t meant to take. To me, shoulder injuries are as damaging as concussions or blown knees. That’s why I wonder if surgery to repair would have been a better route to trade, even if it means saying good bye for the year than to naturally healing and rehabbing. Too good of a player to lose for any amount of time.

    • Pierre was speaking in the third person an awful lot in that presser.
      Maybe he’s been speaking to Mike Babcock.

    • Re Dorion – the way I’m approaching it is –

      IF his “vote of confidence” is sincere and the team keeps digging their hole deeper into December and Smith is still there … then if I were Smith and Dorion I’d start looking around for another job

      IF his “vote of confidence” turns out to be the familiar “kiss of death” and the hammer falls before the end of November because the team is still struggling, who he picks as the replacement had better turn things around fast, or again Dorion should start looking around for a job

      Re Norris – I have to assume the doctors know what they are doing – Pinto and White were both deemed to need surgery – and they did – losing an entire season each. Not all shoulder injuries are identical and do not always need the knife.

  12. A 14 year old knows the difference between right and wrong. Terrorizing someone for YEARS is not “kids being kids”. The horrific behaviour and the current lies about attempted reparations are completely unacceptable. Anyone defending this needs therapy.

  13. I find that people using terms like cancel culture, political correctness and woke use it to generaize and raionalize a “position”.

    Hiding behind these terms doesn’t make the actions in question acceptable or defendable, other than to put people in opposite corners.

  14. Ray Bark, i’ll tell you why I believe it’s cancel culture.

    First off, thank you for your respectfull replies and explain your point of view.

    When it first came out, most folks on this site, wanted the kid nailed to the cross.

    You originally agreed with my position and did some research and changed your view point based on that research. You wanted to see him show remorse in adult hood for his actions as a child. In your view he hasn’t shown any remorse or attempted to do so.

    Fair and solid

    Others on here wanted him gone on the first break of the news. Reading their comments on my post or other, has proven to me they done no research. Just jump on cancel culture, rinse and repeat.

    I would add those folks would still want Miller gone even if he did everything you laid out. That is what burns me. It doesn’t matter what he does because there is no second chance for him.

    Ray i agree with your post except it is cancel culture.

    • Your willing to die on that hill caper. Despite all evidence to the contrary. No can ever know if those folks would still want him gone. But it seems most people are stating they found his behavior abhorrent but it’s the fact he did nothing as an adult to try to make amends that ultimately is the deal breaker. Had he shown remorse and tried to do something sincere I think most posters would have accepted that. Much like the example Lyle used above.

      • Gotta agree there Caper. The fact he hasn’t reached out – sincerely – to the young man he bullied unmercifully “for years” and at least shown he has matured and has rejected that sort of behavior, tells me that, deep down inside, where it counts, he is still the same basic POS.

    • I can’t speak for the other posters on here Caper, but I will concede the point that some folks in the world would want him banned from the league regardless of him making amends etc etc.

      We have seen folks out in the world who display that thought process for way less than what Miller did. Thankfully they are a small minority of the population (IMO less than 10%) they are simply just very loud, and very active on SM, especially Twitter.

      I honestly believe that trend will die down as they are losing the argument, most folks get it.

      • Caper I find people who throw the phrase cancel culture around don’t do any research. First you argued he couldn’t be held responsible because he was a kid. Then it was pointed out that he had done it for like seven years and had never apologized and you said everyone was trying to cancel him. then pointed out that he lied about volunteer work and organizations he said he had worked with but actually hadn’t and now you can’t be wrong because of what you imagine everyone else’s intent is. Maybe you’re the problem?

      • Tb, have you not read anything i posted.

        I haven’t changed my position. That his actions at 14yrs old he should not be held ti as he was a child.

        I agree with Ray in explaining his position, and believing he should show some remorse.

        However I dont share that opinion and believe we owes nobody nothing.

        If he did these actions at 16, 17 or 18 years of age I would change my opinion.

        I not holding him to his actions as a child. That opinion does not change. Today tomorrow or next year.

      • Caper. You fail to hold his actions as an adult to account. That’s what people are trying to get you to understand. Why is that so hard to understand?