NHL Rumor Mill – November 10, 2022

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Growing speculation over the futures of Ryan O’Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko with the Blues plus a look at what the Oilers could do to replace the sidelined Evander Kane in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


STLTODAY.COM: Jeff Gordon suggests a retooling of the Blues roster could come sooner than later if they continue to flounder in the standings. With Robert Thomas and Jordan Kyrou are the new foundations of the franchise, general manager Doug Armstrong could consider parting with center Ryan O’Reilly and winger Vladimir Tarasenko for draft picks and prospects. Both are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer.

St. Louis Blues center Ryan O’Reilly (NHL Images).

Gordon feels Tarasenko seems more likely to test the market given the past signals from his camp. Armstrong could ask him to waive his no-trade clause to facilitate a trade.

O’Reilly would be tougher to part with given his leadership value and his positive effect on the roster since his arrival. However, he turns 32 this season and appears to be slowing down. Nevertheless, he’d attract interest from postseason contenders.

THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford also believes there will be interest in Tarasenko and O’Reilly if they hit the trade block. However, it will likely be greater closer to the March 3 trade deadline than in November, when it’s difficult for contending teams to fit in players carrying $7.5 million cap hits.

Rutherford speculates Armstrong could be looking at smaller deals for more immediate help. He might be able to pull one off in the coming weeks.

SPORTSNET: Regarding a possible trade of O’Reilly, Ken Wiebe pointed out that Armstrong isn’t afraid of making difficult decisions when it comes to team captains on expiring contracts. He let Alex Pietrangelo walk in 2020 and did the same with David Backes four years earlier.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun suggested O’Reilly would look good centering the Colorado Avalanche’s second line. He also suggested Vancouver’s Bo Horvat and Chicago’s Jonathan Toews as other candidates for that role with the Avs if they become available in the trade market.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater mused about a possible reunion of O’Reilly and the Avalanche. He began his career in Colorado in 2009-10 and spent six seasons there before he was traded to the Buffalo Sabres in 2015.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, Tarasenko is the most likely to be traded by the Blues before March 3. He requested a trade in July 2021 over his unhappiness with the team doctors’ treatment of his injured shoulder. While he’s still with the Blues, there was a report this summer claiming he never rescinded that request.

I would’ve considered trading O’Reilly to be unlikely entering this season. Now, I’m not so sure. His struggles this season are one reason behind the Blues’ difficulties. That could dissuade Armstrong from signing him to an extension.

Unlike Tarasenko, O’Reilly lacks no-trade protection so the Blues GM can ship him anywhere, though I daresay if it comes to that he’ll ask his captain where he’d prefer to go. Maybe O’Reilly would welcome a return to the Avalanche. Then again, he could favor another destination.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples wonders if the Oilers will use Evander Kane’s cap hit to add another top-six forward with Kane returning just before the playoffs. The 31-year-old winger is on long-term injury reserve for the next three-to-four months recovering from wrist surgery.

Yes, those are the rules, “ writes Staples. “Tampa Bay did it. It may well develop in that direction for the Oilers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, it could. Kane’s average annual value is $5.125 million. According to Cap Friendly, the Oilers have $4.76 million in projected trade deadline cap space. However, they just ensure they can become cap compliant whenever Kane returns to action.


  1. I would expect a VERY cautious rehabilitation plan for Kane … likely into the first round of the playoffs.

  2. What happened to George on here ?
    Is he on his honeymoon , other

  3. Copp + 3rd for O’Reilly
    Unite him back with Peron on Detroit’s 2nd line.
    St Louis gets over $2M in cap space and a proven versatile vet that is signed for 5 yrs

    • JZ

      I believe. He will get way more then that on open market And Stevie no giving up player he likes for rental

  4. It will be interesting and vital to see how Armstrong digs out of this mess he created. He gave a big contract with no trade protection to Krug who’s frequently hurt and average defensively when playing. He locked in Binnington the same way which is why he had to let Husso go even though he was the better goalie and still is. He retooled the defense from big and tough to small and soft. However his biggest blunder was letting Perron walk, a man that loved the team and city, was a force in every game both in scoring goals or setting up others, took the body at both ends, never gave up on a game or a shift, and was a leader if not the leader in the room. The team has looked lost without him. Berube often referred to him as a coach on the ice. He walked because he didn’t even get an offer and Armstrong chose Leddy to keep because the defense is even weaker without Leddy.

  5. If there was ever an opportunity for Yamamoto and/or Puljujarvi to prove themselves as a top 6 forward, this would be it.
    They have both done it for small stretches, not for 3-4 months.

    Go time.

    • Regarding the Edmonton Oilers 2 top six RW…
      Yamamoto & Puljujarvi

      They have had lots of oppertunitys to prove themselves as a top 6 forward over the past 3 years
      Yamo has the upper-hand hear in the top 6 as a RW.,

      Jesse Puljujarvi looks like a 3rd liner in Edmonton
      maybe it just to fast a pace for him in the top six
      is he on the trade block……. yes he is✔️

      Dont think the Oilers are looking to trade for an other forward at this point, the Oilers have brought up two more forwards,
      28 year old Mattias Janmark an NHL C/LW
      and Big RW Klim Kostin to see what they can do❓

      they also have a couple more call up that may get a chance in the next month🤔

      -20 yr old Xavier Bourgault C/RW
      -20 yr old Shooter…. Carter Savoie LW
      -22 yr old Raphael Lavoie RW
      -29 yr old Seth Griffith, A30 goals last year in Bako.
      -23 yr old Last cut from the oilers this year?
      James Hamblin….

      The Oilers Still need a top 4 d/man as there #1 priority on the trade market…..⁉️

      Jack Cambell played very well agaist Tampa & looks like he is starting to settle in now in edmonton..
      He is a perennial slow starter….. But has a 6 & 3 record Now , goals against are High but its Wins that count Right 👍

  6. I don’t see how the Oilers can do with Kane as the Lightening did with Kucherov. Kane is due back in three to four months. That will be between early February and March. This season ends in the second week of May. So Kane is due back one to two months before the end of the season. The timeline doesn’t work for them.
    The Oilers will need Puljujärvi, Yamamoto, and Foegele to step it up while Kane is out. Take the next-man-up approach before looking for a replacement.

    • Well, they kinda could KevJam, as they will accrue Kane’s salary as cap space while he is out, just not the full load for the season.

      I would still be waiting to see how the D shapes up for the next few months, might be better off spending that cap space and assets on that near the TDL. If Broberg improves with reps to a level that they don’t need a 2nd pair D, then hey why not add some scoring. But like you, I would prefer to see what one of your own can do with the opportunity, both are at the age and experience that they need to prove it or it will prove they can’t.

      As usual, the Oilers will still score IMO, it is team D that has taken a step back from where they were at the end of last year. Time to refocus on that, the goals will come.

      • The oilers don’t need offense. If any of sousay, severson, Braun, demelo, edmunson are available you do that trade now.

      • Bobs Ur Uncle

        Yammo & Ryan (Spokane)

        For Soucy (Viking) & 2nd

        Use 2nd (above); own pics/prospects ; and use Kane space…. get a top 6 forward

      • Pengy, why would the Krack trade Soucy??? They are wining and doing fine with what they. Maybe figure out what D-man wants off a losing team, like the Blues, Ducks, and go from there.

      • JZ

        You are correct re unlikely for Krakken to part with Soucy (unless they can’t see an amenable re-up contract)…. but Oil should at least call

  7. George takes long breaks when reality hits with his team Ottawa he will be back when they make a big trade

    • George is probably one of the more realistic fans here.

      I’m guessing his views often seen as “hater” views of one team in particular have a few here a bit angry?

      He was here this morning on the other thread, and pretty much all week.

      How is that taking a long break or hiding?

      • LOL. You got it Captain Obvious.

        And Manontv, show me anyone else purporting to be a Senators fan who is more critical of the team – when it’s called for (as we fans see it, anyway).

        Dark G, theSaint and a couple of others are the same. Again, as a fan, I don’t believe in pussyfooting. If I see a glaring weakness I’ll offer comments. Doesn’t mean they’re right … just the way I see it.

      • George didn’t seem to have an issue with it, Why do you?

        I’ll comment on whatever I like. You don’t like it ? Move along Francis!

      • Also Manontv, yes, you’re right, I do take “long breaks” now and then, but it doesn’t have squat to do with the Senators.

        Normally, I wouldn’t comment on why I do – but since I don’t like it when someone imparts motive on me, I’ll make an exception here.

        Fact is, my wife of 62 years – and best friend – is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and while medication she’s on has worked to some degree in slowing down the effects, there are stretches where I simply need to be there constantly, and so mundane things like sports take a back seat.

        That most miserable of diseases – or conditions – doesn’t pick its spots … it can crop up anywhere (and at any age). If you’re lucky it won’t make an appearance in your family … but if it does you’ll see what I mean.

      • My condolences for you and your wife, George.

      • My condolences George and it’s nice to know your wife still has her best friend to help her. That illness gets so much worse when those facing it only have the healthcare system to help them. It’s also emotionally and physically draining on you im sure. Hope you have support as well.

      • Yes, Chrisms. I could not have said it better!
        Prayers for George and his life-long mate. That is all I can do.

      • Thanks guys. You know, at first, the frustration at her memory spasms admittedly got to me … but after some reflection and research I just figure — well, this is part of the “worse” part of our vows – you know “for better or for worse … so get off your ass and do what’s necessary.”

        Also, now that I do most of the household chores – including the cooking – and things like grocery shopping, I have to say I’ve developed a whole new appreciation of what she went through raising 4 rambunctious sons while I was gallivanting all over the map for my job – not to mention playing sports almost year round.

        Quid pro quo

      • George

        Prayers out

        I am fortunate to not have experienced this directly (family) but have watched several friends dealing with parents

        They’re having a tough time just visiting their parents in a care facility; with all the help there at their fingertips

        I can’t imagine dealing with it by yourself with your loving life companion of over 6 decades


      • Those of us that are Sens fans state our opinions when there is a specific new bit of news to comment on with our team. We don’t want to be annoying and somehow bring EVERY thread around to our team regardless of the actual topics.

        We are also fully aware of how badly they are playing currently and have already stated it. Only a lunatic would make the same negative statements over and over ad nauseum.

      • theSaint, in a way the fact they have to go up against a hot team – and in their barn – could be their version of a litmus test – play well with none of the brain farts that have plagued them in their losing streak and, win or lose, it could be the light at the end of the tunnel.

        On thing to keep in mind with this losing skid, they were not being blown away in any of them – in fact, most were one-goal games with, I believe, a total of 5 empty-netters (2 in the same game), and in at least half they dominated for the most part – but the lapses in judgement proved costly.

        We’ll soon find out.

  8. I think with the Oilers, the possibility exists that they give an opportunity (even a brief one) for the top 6 spot to Holloway. Yammy & Pujlparty have had multiple opportunities already…..why not see what the kid can do?
    I can’t see the cap space being used at F either. They are getting outshot every night right now. Investing cash on the back end would seem to be more of a priority.

    • Maybe they give him a shot up their Klima, (still have flashbacks about that guy after being benched all game and scoring the winner in 3 OT against my B’s in game 1 of the finals), but he has been struggling so far. Making the typical rookie mistakes, and so far some have ended up in the back of the Oiler net. The more he is on the ice, the more times it will happen and against team like CAR, could bite the Oil. And his confidence goes down, and the pressure goes up.

      Not unexpected as he has very little pro experience. I don’t get having him in EDM to play 7 minutes a night. Sure give him a couple games up with the big boys, but if it was me, I send him to Bakersfield and have him play 20 minutes a night in all situations and learn the pro game for a few more months. Score some goals and learn.

    • Klima
      Your right….,
      They have lots of Scoring up front and lots of forward prospects on the horizon.
      Put young Holloway there for 10-15 games with Leon to see what he can do he is 6.ft3 & 214lb at camp this year… and he is a Great Skater❗️

      The Back end is where the Oilers need Help
      A good top 4 d/man and… and they need a Big 6-7 d/man to share the 6-7 role with Neno, But Not Ryan Murray he has been Just Terrible❗️

      They will need to move out $4-to $6M+ to fix the d..
      Trade bait
      Jesse Puilijarvi ,
      Warren Fogele,

      on the back end Ryan Murray…. wave him✔️

  9. Now please correct me if I am wrong, but if the Oil don’t replace Kane they will early his salary towards their cap space at the trade deadline to the tune of 4.76 Million. If this is the case, anyone see a trade, using a 3rd Party to help, to being in the other Kane (Patrick) for a playoff run. No clue what it would take the Oil giving up but it would definitely make the Oil a favorite.

  10. ROR to NJD, you heard it here first

    • For who/what in return?


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