NHL Rumor Mill – November 14, 2022

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Should the Canadiens trade Josh Anderson? Would the Flames be interested in him? Could Sean Monahan be an option for the Avalanche? Check out the latest in an all-Habs edition of the NHL Rumor Mill.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marc Dumont recently suggested the Canadiens would be wise to trade Josh Anderson soon. He expressed concern over whether the 28-year-old power forward can fit into the Habs’ new identity focused on puck control rather than chances off the rush.

Montreal Canadiens winger Josh Anderson (NHL Images).

Dumont also noted that Anderson is starting to slow down, pointing out that forwards tend to see a big drop in production as they approach their 30s’. Nevertheless, Anderson still has a solid reputation around the league for his style of play. With the winger still carrying five years on his contract at $5.5 million annually, it might be a good time for general manager Kent Hughes to gauge his value in the trade market.

Marco D’Amico cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reported on Saturday that the Calgary Flames are still in the market for a scoring forward. He cited TSN’s Salim Valji reporting on Friday that Anderson was a player of interest for the Flames for some time but couldn’t find the right deal to get a trade done.

D’Amico suggested Anderson’s cap hit would be an issue and wondered if Hughes would consider parting with him. The Habs would have to take back a significant salary to make the dollars fit. The Canadiens GM might seek a return of a prospect such as Jakob Pelletier or Matthew Coronato plus the Flames’ 2023 first-round pick “as a starter”. However, Flames GM Brad Treliving is unlikely to be that desperate yet.

Mike Hoffman could be a more suitable alternative for the Flames. The 32-year-old winger’s production has improved following a slow start to this season. His contract ($4.5 million annually through 2023-24) is less of a long-term risk though it would still require some effort to fit him within the cap-strapped Flames’ payroll.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the Canadiens’ better-than-expected start they’re still in rebuild mode. I don’t see Hughes just giving away Anderson but he could entertain serious offers if it’ll bring in assets that fit into the Habs’ short- and long-term plans.

Friedman suggested keeping an eye on the Blues regarding the Flames’ search for a scoring winger. Vladimir Tarasenko and/or Ryan O’Reilly are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer. I think they might consider moving one or both if they’re out of playoff contention leading up to the March 3 trade deadline. However, that won’t provide any immediate relief for the Flames.

Maybe the Flames will kick tires on Anderson or Hoffman if they can’t find better options elsewhere. While the Flames are in “win-now” mode and they have a recent trade history with the Canadiens, I don’t see Treliving giving up one of his top prospects and a first-round pick for Anderson.

D’Amico also noted The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun included Sean Monahan on his recent list of notable centers who could be moved before this season’s trade deadline. LeBrun speculated a healthy and productive Monahan could be of interest to the Colorado Avalanche. D’Amico suggested the 28-year-old center could become a trade chip that lands the Canadiens a third first-round pick in the 2023 NHL Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Monahan fetches a first for the Canadiens I doubt it’ll come from the Avalanche. They have their first-round pick for 2023 but traded away their second, third and fourth-rounders. If they are willing to part with their first, I daresay it would be for a more notable center such as Ryan O’Reilly or Jonathan Toews if they become available by the trade deadline.


  1. I can’t really see any GM coughing up a 1st for Monahan. Then again some lose all focus at the deadline.

    • Monahan, when healthy, is most definitely worth a 1st……..a mid to late round 1st, but a 1st nonetheless.
      I’d avoid Cryin Ryan, Tank, Capt. Serious, and Hoffman.
      I’d kick tires on Mohnny, Anderson, and Drouin.

      • You would kick tires on Drouin?

      • I’d have a look at Drouin, yep. He could be salvaged. Then again, maybe not. The talent is there, I’m just concerned about where his head is.

      • I would kick the tires on Drouin too if he starts to play well. Just not in Boston as I don’t know where he would play as if he isn’t in the top 6 in a scoring role, not sure what else he does? Isn’t his issue on D side of the puck?

        Kinda the same thing with Monahan, he is a better all around player than Drouin, but where would he fit in Boston? Could play on the 3rd line, no issue with that, but I wouldn’t pay a 1st for a 3rd line winger. I wouldn’t bump any Bruin out of the top 6 for Monahan, but would be nice depth to have in case of injury come playoff time.

        All about the cost, as usual.

  2. Sorry, but I just don’t see Anderson being worth a first round pick, much less adding a player or prospect. I could be wrong, of course, but I don’t see him bringing much more than a prospect.

  3. I think Calgary May have over paid for Huberdeau that’s a contract that’s going to look real bad in two years.

    • When the trade was made, I wondered if Huberdeau was the right acquisition for the Flames. The Panthers biggest weakness last few seasons has been their defensive play. Now you are adding a highly offensive player who has played loose defensively his whole career into a tight-checking Sutter system. That question was ignored the whole off-season. I had a hard time believing this Flames team was better than last season.

      • Hello Kevjam.
        Regarding the Flames, I dont this they upgraded there 2 big players they lost and traded for, Johnny Hockey and Matt Tkachuk❗️

        There Calgary D looks good, big and Physical… but the forwards are not working out at all….

        They need a shooter-goal scorer up front like a
        LW Mike Hoffman who would bring more speed than Andreson from the Habs, Both will be in high demand before the deadline maybe a 2nd pick , to make room a salary dump player….🤔

        I think RW Josh Anderson would be a better fit with the Oilers, as the RW is the Oilers week spot up front…. with the Oilers. a prospect and a a player salary dump & 2nd pick
        , but they need to fix there D first as it not working out ether⁉️

      • Hey Willie,
        I would rather the Oilers focus on adding to their top 4 defence than a replacement for Kane. I think what we are seeing is how big of a piece Keith was on their defence last season. The Oilers need to add that type of d-man into their top 4. The Oilers forward depth will be okay to fill in until Kane gets back.
        Last week Matt Larkin from Daily Faceoff had a great article about what the Flames issues are this season. Goaltending and forward scoring depth were the main two reasons. With the injury to Tanev, we can also see that he is a big part of the Flames success. The Flames struggle with him out of the lineup.

  4. I wonder if there is a “hockey trade” out there for Anderson. I think the Habs should trade him sooner or be stuck with him. Is there a team with a surplus of defencemen and one making ~5mil/yr?

    Monahan hasn’t done much this season. Could be a tough sell at the TDL.

    Hoffman is interesting. He’s been scoring in bunches lately. Maybe a trade happens if his performance continues.

    • Just checked and Monahan has 3g+5a and is -2 in 15 games. I guess if he keeps it up then there could be a trade for him at the TDL, but I wouldn’t expect a 1st.

      • Remember that Monahan is freighted with Drouin and Dadinov as his wingers. These two have 0 goals in a combined 23 games.

        One might contemplate that in the context of trading Anderson. Trade Anderson, those two will get more ice time.

    • Hello KevJam,

      I agree with you 100% 👍
      The Oilers need to solidify there top 4 D, its absolutely there weakest area they have…
      targets…LD-RD Jakob Chychrun @ $4.5M..❗️ But the Ask for him is Very High,…. A 1st & salary player going out, and 21yr old top prospect Philip Broberg who looks to be a top 4 d-man in the next 12 months….

      Local boy Carson Sucey could be a cheaper option but the Seattle team are playing well after the first 16 games and maybe playoff bound in a weak western conference….🤔

      if i could……Ii would add A 2nd d/men, A Big Physical one to play that 6-7 role, with Nemo and get rid of current 6-7 Ryan Murray he is no good as a 6-7 d-man⁉️

      I hope they give young Dylan Holloway a shot in the top 6 for 15-20 games he is a Great Skater, Big @ 6ft1 & 210lb and has talent he just now need time in the top 6👌
      the other 2 call ups, Mattias Janmark looked ok in there first Oilers game as did the kid they got in the Blues trade. Big winger Klim Kostin 6.ft3 & 215lb
      i would not bother adding any forwards at this point to the oilers they also have 3 or 4 more in the AHL we would love to see this season🤔

    • Hi EDB

      Re “ Is there a team with a surplus of defencemen and one making ~5mil/yr?”

      OK, I’ll take the bait…. Pens do have a D surplus

      Dumo …. $4.1 M…. UFA (just like Monaghan )

      Dumo, O’Connor, Legare, Kappy, * conditional pick

      For Mono and *Conditional pick

      * if Habs finish ahead of Pens or Pens less than 5 positions ahead of Habs…. Pens 2nd for Habs 3rd; otherwise…. Habs get Pens 3rd; Pens get Habs 4th

  5. Bunch of wild speculation this morning.
    The thought that the Flames would give up Pelletier or Coronado and a first is just nonsense.

    Can’t see teams giving up a first for Monahan since Calgary couldn’t even give him away. They had to give Montreal a first so they would take him.
    I really liked Monahan he is a good player but his body is just giving out on him.

    If the Flames are looking for a forward I hope they target Nylander or Konecny.
    The Flames goaltending depth is looking pretty good, maybe they offer Markstrom for one of those players.

    • Monahan has actually looked decent for the Canadians this season. He’s actually looked better than Huberdeau has for the Flames.
      The Flyers have Hart playing back to his potential this season. They don’t need a goalie, so Konecny is out. With the recent news about Brody and Muzzin, a Nylander for Markstrom deal is probably doable. The question about Nylander is the same as Huberdeau. A player who is known to play loose defensively, can he adapt to the tight-checking Sutter system?

      • Kevjam,

        No dispute about Monahan playing well. He always played well in Calgary and before the injuries started piling up he was a true #1 center.
        What teams are afraid of are his injuries. He has had 2 hip surgeries that scare all the GM’s.

        I really hope Monahan all the best as he is an awesome player when healthy and an awesome individual. I just don’t see any GM giving up much for him.

        I think Nylander would play well with Kadri

  6. Montreal has taken a rebuilding path but early indications are it won’t be a playoff drought like some teams have been going through.

    Young veterans like Anderson and Monahan are perfect to build with and mentor Slafkovsky and Dach .

    Power forwards are valuable and hard to find and Anderson has performed to expectations from day one.

    Monahan has been quite the surprise playing in key situations in both offense and defensive zones displaying good hands and high hockey IQ.

    There is no need to trade either of these two players for picks given how many the team holds already and the existing prospect pool, eg (Beck, Mesar).

    Hoffman is a niche player who doesn’t fit into a rebuild but has value on a contending team. He isn’t the one dimensional player that some portray him.

    Drouin is UFA at the end o the year and will get a shave on his next contract while reinventing his game.
    He hasn’t lived up to expectations and is being used differently this year.

    He’s being used as a puck distributor and paying attention to his 200 ft game.

    Dadonov is a niche player that has been used on the PK and checking lines rather effectively in what appears to be an attempt to add value to the player.

    In other words, the players that don’t fit the rebuild are Dadonov, Drouin and Hoffman, neither of which would get any “big” returns in the way of draft picks unless a contending team has a hole to fill at trade deadline.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    • Hello habfan30,
      if i was a Habs fan i would be very happy with the way things are going in Montreal this year…👍

      A Smart GM, and a New Coach who was a Top player with Great people skills & good skill set for the game

      The only weak area going forward is what coming up for the Habs Goaltending… who is coming up to be the next goaltender in line after 33yr old Jake Allen for 2.5 more years of his contract…. ⁉️
      its only 23yr old Cayden Primeau from Laval Rockets and his numbers over the past 2 year are Not Good at All

      out of the 4 UFA forwards players mentioned
      Dadonov & Drouin may get you a 7th pick or just a salary dump.❓

      Hoffman is what every team wants on the 3rd line
      he could play 2nd and help on the 2nd PP unit
      he could get you a 2nd or a 3rd pick,
      but his salary is $4.5 for this year and next, salary may have to be retaned there

      I can see them re signing Sean Monahan at $3M for 3 years he has fit in well

  7. Yeah I agree with others on Monahan not being worth a first! I think back when he was healthy and playing for the Flames he was pretty good but at the same time didn’t really do much from what I recall in two playoff series against the Avalanche. I was at 1 of those games where the Avs won in OT in playoffs. He didn’t do much in that series as I recall but maybe he is healthy now, I don’t know?
    I don’t know if the Avalanche even a 1st have to give up at the present moment? Maybe 2025? I wouldn’t do it! GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Monahan seems healthy now, and he’s playing well. Is he an all star? No. But the Canadiens will probably eat half of his salary, meaning he’ll cost a pro-rated $3.175 million against the cap. Now, that’s not awful for what he does, but it’s still not enough to obtain a 1st.
      Their GM declared that he wants another 1st in 2023. In order to do that, they’ll most likely have to trade a player like Anderson. They could even package him with one of their prospects to get one.
      It’s worth the argument as to whether or not Anderson is worthy of a 1st (I am not going to get into that). However, I believe it was Brian Burke that always says not to underestimate an NHL GM’s ability to do something stupid at the trade deadline. HA!

  8. Hoffman has more speed than Anderson, hmmmmmm????

    Someone doesn’t watch Habs games that for sure!!!