NHL Rumor Mill – November 21, 2022

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Should the Bruins consider pursuing Patrick Kane in the trade market? Will Nikolaj Ehlers’ injury force the Jets to make a trade? Did the Canucks have an interest in Blue Jackets center Jack Roslovic? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy cited an NHL executive suggesting the Bruins should consider pursuing Patrick Kane if the Chicago Blackhawks star becomes available in the trade market. The Bruins are all-in for a Stanley Cup run this season and the executive believes they’ll do whatever it takes to win one more Cup for captain Patrice Bergeron.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

The executive acknowledged the Bruins have salary cap limitations right now. However, he feels they should be laying the foundation to acquire a player like Kane.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Assuming Kane is open to being traded and would accept going to Boston, the Bruins would probably want the Blackhawks to retain part of the remainder of his $10.5 million cap hit. That might even involve getting a third team involved in the deal to spread the cap hit around.

Even then, however, I don’t believe the Bruins could outbid other teams to land Kane as a playoff rental. They don’t have many tradeable assets on their roster while The Athletic listed their prospect pipeline as the league’s worst back in August. Assuming they could pull it off, it could gut their prospect depth for the next few years. 


SPORTSNET: Ken Wiebe wonders if the Winnipeg Jets will go the trade route to find a short-term replacement for Nikolai Ehlers. The 26-year-old winger has only played twice this season and is about to undergo sports hernia surgery.

The Jets are off to a solid 10-5-1 start and have adjusted well thus far to Ehlers’ absence. While there’s no need to rush into finding a forward, Wiebe believes it should be a priority.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets’ play thus far has bought some time for general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff to explore his options. If they can remain a playoff contender, he can afford to wait until closer to the March 3 trade deadline when the market for forwards should improve as more clubs fall out of the postseason chase.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline cited a source claiming the Vancouver Canucks expressed an interest in Jack Roslovic. However, the Columbus Blue Jackets were reluctant to part with the 25-year-old center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Portzline observes, the Jackets were hoping Roslovic would build on his strong finish to last season. However, he’s only managed six points in 15 games and Boone Jenner has taken over as their first-line center. Given the difficulties the Canucks have encountered this season, it’s probably for the best that their attempt to land Roslovic fell through.


  1. Kane will go where he wants. He has 100% control. It will not matter what teams will offer hawks for him. Only where Kane says. Similar to Hall 2 years ago I doubt he goes to. Boston more like NYR.

    • Wholeheartedly agree Kane will pick and choose. I assume he will judge which team gives him the best chance to win a cup. Not sure Chicago fares much better than Philadelphia did last year with Giroux under those conditions; yes Kane is the better player, but that is a tough cap number to deal with. Where Kane goes after this year should be just as interesting.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking when reading Spectors note. All it takes is A Bruins player to get the shoulder tap, contact Kane and say “Hey, at or near the TDL would you be willing to accept a trade to Boston?” and then report back to the team. No tampering rules against that, and we all know it happens.
      Then again, that can happen with any contending team. But I think Boston would be his best chance to win. They are looking really good this season.

    • If you asked me before the season I would agree 100%, however the Bruins has been great. Ullmark has built on last season and Lindholm was what the doctor ordered. Add to that Krejci playing well and the rest of the forwards playing better than expected. I think it all depends on if Kane can see himself signing with Boston cause that would impact as well on where he signs.

  2. Not worth the assets. Offense should be fine if all healthy. Would prefer a big physical dman w alot of sandpaper for a fraction of the asset cost

  3. Kane would be a perfect fit for the Bruins.Imagine a top 6 OF 63-37-88 AND 71-46-KANE.The Bruins owe this to the team friendly deals that 37 and 46 took for the team.Have Mcavoy play on the pp with the first group and Lindholm w/the second group.Unless their goaltending falls on it s face this should be seriously considered.

    • As the devils advocate. What are you paying for Kane if he chooses bruins ? 1 st plus plus what. Lysell ? Swayman???

      • DeBrusk, 1st, Lysell, Nosek (cap purposes) for Kane at 1/2 price. That will be all that is necessary if Boston is Kane’s only choice. Boston may even get away with a lesser pick or prospect.

      • No. We aren’t pursuing Kane, and I doubt he has interest in coming to Boston.
        He’ll play in NY, just like you said above.
        Watch for Reilly to move though, even though we’ll need him in the spring.

      • They have no assets.
        The cupboard is bare.

      • 🇺🇸Boston
        Dont see Young 23 yr old Goaltender
        Jeremy Swayman going any where he is in the Top 5 of All the young goaltenders in the NHL right now and only getting better!!

        If he was going to be avalable Buffalo & Ottawa would be Banging down the door with picks and prospects❗️

        Sorry…forgot to mention the Maple Leafs they are Trading and getting everyone😜

      • Ottawa and Buffalo have very strong goaltending prospects.
        Takes a while for those giant kids to figure it all out.

  4. SOP

    Yes something or someone gotta give this month. Reilly and Smith seam like the players to be moved. Will be interesting to see what bruins will have to use a s a sweetner to make it happen

    • Currently the Bruins sit in first place overall. They are playing really well. Why in the world would you want to change anything? Adding before the trade deadline when your team is elite is an unnecessary risk. I hate Boston but right now they seem to be best suited for a championship. I wouldn’t change anything.

      • Ed. If they stay healthy I agree

      • I agree, you don’t make sweeping changes if your team is rolling. Seriously, who really would want to upset what you already got going especially as good as the Bs have been…I know there’s always the need or desire to improve but like already said, what would that cost be?
        I personally don’t think it would be the best move for the Bs.

  5. Re “Should the Bruins consider pursuing Patrick Kane in the trade market?”…. 30 other franchises (not named BlackHawks) [and all of their fans]) say….. NO

    Agree with the consensus posts here— Kane goes where Kane wants; and I agree—- it will be to a team he sees having a very good shot at the cup

  6. Do not discount a 3rd team (middle team) ; as part of any Kane (or if it happens, Toews) trade

    As at TDL— retaining 50% by Chi, and 25% (50% of the remaining 50%) by the mid team… will have that mid team only on the hook for (after escrow) only ~ $220K cash…. that kind of cash retention in the past has cost late 3rds or 4th rounders

    For Ships N giggles…

    @ TDL

    To Chi: Smith, Beecher, Harrison, 1sts in both 23 and 24 (both lottery protected)

    To Middle team: 4th in ’24 (Bruins)

    To Bruins: Kane (@ 25%); Bolts 2nd (’23) from Blackhawks; ‘Nucks 2nd (’24) from Blackhawks

  7. The Bruins AHL team is currently first overall, so I don’t really believe that their prospect pool is the worst. There must be some decent players in the pipeline!

    • I agree, and have said as much. We’re fine. No need to do anything drastic.