Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 20, 2022

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Could the Blue Jackets be a destination for Bo Horvat? Are the Canucks trying to move Tyler Myers to the Senators What’s the latest on Erik Karlsson? Will the Coyotes consider moving more than Jakob Chychrun? Check out the latest in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston reports the Vancouver Canucks won’t lack for trade candidates if management can find teams willing to deal with them. They could opt to make another coaching change but Johnston suggests a trade might be the next option to shake things up.

President of hockey operations Jim Rutherford has indicated his club might have to consider moving one or two players they otherwise wouldn’t have moved in the offseason. He’d seek a return that would enable them to remain the same as they are now and get a couple of younger assets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the Canucks during a recent “32 Thoughts” podcast episode. He felt Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes are their only untouchables and they could listen on everyone else.

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

I would add goaltender Thatcher Demko to that list given the difficulty they’ll encounter in finding a suitable replacement. Demko’s had his struggles this season but that’s due in part to the Canucks’ horrible defense. They could regret trading him if he goes on to regain his form with another club.

Johnston suggested center Bo Horvat, defenseman Tyler Myers, winger Conor Garland and blueliner Jack Rathbone as trade candidates.

Horvat, 26, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. He’s scoring plenty of goals this season and carries an affordable $5.5 million cap hit. Johnston assumes the Canucks will trade their captain if he’s not re-signed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman said he’s heard some rumors linking Horvat to the Columbus Blue Jackets given their need for a center. However, I think the Jackets would want assurances that Horvat will sign with them before parting with valuable assets to acquire him.

Regarding Myers, Johnston writes the 32-year-old is at best a depth defenseman now. He doesn’t see teams giving up younger blueliners to get him, especially if the Canucks aren’t willing to retain any portion of his $6 million average annual value through next season. Johnston noted reports linking Myers to the Toronto Maple Leafs but cited league sources claiming that the Leafs interest was lukewarm.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman reported on Saturday night that the Canucks talked to the Ottawa Senators about a possible swap of Myers for Nikita Zaitsev, who recently cleared waivers and was demoted to the Senators’ AHL affiliate. He’s not sure where things stand on that possible deal but said it had been discussed.

Johnston cited sources saying Garland, who is building a home near Boston, would be amenable to a move closer to home. He’s on a five-year deal with an AAV of $4.95 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garland’s hardworking style should draw interest if the Canucks dangle him in the trade market. His annual cap hit isn’t bad but could be difficult to absorb for some cap-strapped clubs.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports he doesn’t believe San Jose Sharks management has approached Erik Karlsson yet about waiving his no-movement clause. He also thinks the Sharks are trying to determine what teams are willing to do regarding the 32-year-old defenseman’s contract. He’s signed through 2026-27 with an AAV of $11.5 million.

Friedman also addressed the possibility of Karlsson returning to the Ottawa Senators. It considers it “very unlikely” the Sens will be able to pull it off.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson’s NMC and cap hit are major sticking points. His list of preferred trade destinations could be quite small. His cap hit will be very difficult for most clubs to take on. The Sharks will probably be asked to retain a portion of it up to 50 percent.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman notes that defenseman Jakub Chychrun will make his long-awaited return to the Arizona Coyotes lineup on Monday. He also suggested keeping an eye on Coyotes blueliner Conor Timmins, who is currently in the AHL on a conditioning stint. Timmins has been hampered by injuries and Friedman wonders if he could also end up on the move.

Jeff Marek also mentioned Shayne Gostisbehere could be another rearguard the Coyotes could move. He believes that would be more of a trade deadline deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of that trio of Coyotes defensemen, Gostisbehere might be the easiest to move. The Coyotes won’t seek an expensive asking price for him as they are for Chychrun plus he doesn’t have the history of injuries that have plagued Chychrun and Timmins.

The 27-year-old Gostisbehere has rejuvenated his career with the rebuilding Coyotes and is slated to become a UFA next summer. He had 51 points last season in 82 games and has 10 points in 16 contests this season. “Ghost Bear” could be enticing as a rental player for postseason contenders seeking offense from the blueline.


  1. don’t see Karlsson returning to Ottawa. He was the last big of the rebuild to be traded away, and with the team up for sale, might not be a good idea to bring in his big contract, at least until the sale has gone through

  2. There are rumours in Ottawa that the Senators had a trade for a defenceman but the player refused to waive his no movement clause. I am wondering if it was Tyler Myers … I believe his has a modified no movement clause and Ottawa was probably on it.

    Still not sure the benefit of moving Zaitsev for Myers. Means Ottawa takes on about 1.5 M in cap for this year and next. Why would Dorion want to do this???? And sounds like most Canuck fans would be glad to get rid of Myers.

    • Just read that it was Zaitsev that refused to waive his NMC to go to Vancouver. No clue why. I guess he prefers Belleville to Vancouver.

    • With Myers the problem is he’s paid like a number 3-4 at 6mil and he’s really a 4-5 at 4mil, problem is Canucks overpaid for him as a UFA, as a Canucks fan of 50 years I always see them play them too much, Myers is a guy who plays well and has his better games when he’s at 18 minutes a game, so when he’s at 21-22 minutes he makes more mistakes, Edler was the same before he left

  3. Besides wanting Horvat to sign a multi-year contract that won’t send them over the cap, the Jackets will also insist that what they send back won’t gut future needs. So far, the only names I’ve heard as potential trade pieces for Horvat are David Jiricek (a definite no go), Cole Sillinger (not impossible, but I don’t see the Jackets trading their current and future #2C when they’re weak down the middle), and Kent Johnson (maybe, but I don’t think so). While having Horvat as the Jackets’ #1C, I don’t see how they can fit him under the cap, long term, without creating a weakness elsewhere and I don’t see Jarmo trading any of the Jackets’ top prospects for him.

    • Edit: While having Horvat as the #1C would be great, etc

    • Hi Paul,
      if the Canucks go into a Full Rebuild and it looks like they could….
      With this said from Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the Canucks during a recent “32 Thoughts” podcast episode. He felt Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes are their only untouchables and they could listen on everyone else.

      if Thatcher Demko wants out of Vancouver ❓
      both Buffalo and Ottawa would be Very Hard after him
      Both teams need a starter like him….

  4. Buyer beware on Chycrun,he is just to injury prone for the price that the Yotes are asking!

  5. “He’d seek a return that would enable them to remain the same as they are now”

    So make a trade to remain terrible? Got it.

  6. You read here first. Matthews will sign with Dallas as an UFA.

    Close to home and good market. Number one goalie, defencemen, left winger and Matthews number one centre.

    Benn will come off the cap and dallas will have a ton have cap space.

    Matthews, Hintz and Seguin down the middle.

    Seguin will be coming off the cap which will enable Dallas to resign Robertson to big $$

    • I am not a Leaf fan but I just don’t see Matthews leaving Toronto. The Leafs will open the vault and give him what he wants. He is a top 5 player in the NHL and there is no way he walks away for free. If there is any indication he is leaving then he will be traded before July 1/2023. And there will be a lot of teams lining up and the Leafs will get a lot back.

      • The only flaw I see with that premise, Peter, is, if Jeff is right (and he could be – no one knows for certain one way or another), any team to which the Leafs deal him – if not Dallas – might be buying a pure rental for that season if he has his heart set on Dallas, and all they’d need to do is wait until he becomes a UFA. He’d have many good seasons ahead of him.

      • George … I guess my point is in the Toronto market, that team would be vilified for letting a player of that skill set walk. Take the entire Kawhi Leonard (or even Johnny Gaudreau) decision and multiple it by a million. That press and Leafs nation would go crazy if he just leaves after 2024.

        End of season until July 2023 is going to be a very tense time for Leaf nation

      • Heh. You got it Peter. Imagine, if he did bolt, his first visit back to Toronto! Take Tavares’ first return to the Islanders rink … and multiply THAT by a million. Scalpers would have a field day for that one,

    • Not saying for sure….but you just may end up being right Jeff

      Let’s not lose sight of…. To match 7 @ $14.2 M ($100 M contract) that Dallas will throw at AM…. Leafs would gave to go 8 @ $16.7 M ($133.6 M)…. and AM has that “extra @ year at the end of 7 to re-up with Dallas (then @ 33 tears old)

      Both contracts (per Gavin group) have take home ~ $62.5 M

      My thoughts are Krakken…. Note exact same Tax rate as Dallas

  7. This will all come down to Karllsson… he’s fully in control

    IF (still a fair sized IF) he waives… it’ll be for only 3 or 4 teams

    I just can’t see Sens or Leafs

    Bruins unlikely to shake up a great thing…. But Karllsson on Bruins is a scary (for all Atl and most Metro clubs)

    Do not count out Foley’s desire to “buy” himself a SC….. the attraction for Karllsson is a strong team (already) with great tax advantages….. for Ships ‘ n Giggles…..

    Martinez, Cotter, Lechyshyn , Miromanov; 1st ‘23 (Lottery protected) ; 3rd ‘24, for

    Karllsson (50% retained)

  8. I wonder if we will ever see a several asset trade again ? A good house cleaning.
    Chychrun’s real value is his contract. Everything else Secondary. Several teams would be very interested.

    Karlsson is not moving for 44 million reasons remaining

    • Hi SS

      you are correctamundo re Karllsson not moving at full Cap hit (I’m assuming you were referring to approx Cap for 4 years after this one… he’s still owed ~ $40 M cash for balance of contract)

      Moving at 50% retained….. that’s a fair possibility

      • Pengy, don’t know if you saw my exchange with Hud a couple of days ago regarding the Sharks and Karlsson’s contract. so here it is again:

        “They have zero cap space now – next season CapFriendly shows them with 15 signed and $16,294,999 with which to sign 8. The problem is an albatross like Vlasic costing $7 mil per for 3 more years at the end of which he’s close to 40 years old. On the surface he looks like another candidate for either a trade while holding back a large chunk (good luck with that), or a buyout.

        BUT they already have $2,725,001 tied up in buyouts next year (Jones and Balcers) to go along with $2,720,000 in dead cap for Burns, which has 2 more years to run. So there’s $5,445,001 they can’t touch.

        Then there’s their 5 UFAs, none of whom are likely to be brought back (with the possible exception of Reimer) – Bonino ($2,050,000), Nieto ($850,000), Harrington ($750,000), Reimer ($2,250,000) and Nutivaara ($1,500,000) – currently accounting cumulatively for $7,400,000 off the cap. If none are retained is their system deep enough (and good enough) to replace them with ELCs? If not, whoever they do get is going to cost.

        And of their 5 RFAs, the one big ticket is Meier, coming off a cap hit of $6 mil. What is he going to cost to retain? Do they bother or deal him at the trade deadline?

        The others – Gregor, Gadjovich, Svechnikov and Knyzhov – cost cumulatively $3,300,000 off the cap now. What will their new deals total?

        So, trading Karlsson while holding back $5.5 mil for 4 more years, added to what they already have in dead cap for the next couple of seasons anyway, doesn’t make it easy to also take on salaried players in the deal.”

        Without some it-will-never-happen convoluted multiple-player/other assets involved transaction of the like we’ve never seen before – in mid season – not to mention Karlsson’s full control over where he’d go – if anywhere – how is that a fair possibility?

      • Hi George

        Numbers are heavy fir Grier

        True…. No trade made and no increase in Cap (over the currently projected $83.5 M)…. He’d have $16.3 M for 7 spots (16 under contract right now) ; with realistically only Mier as a must re-sign; and a team not going to make playoffs this year, next year, and maybe 2 years from now

        A trade is needed…. Retaining 50% but getting back 3-5 assets; with maybe 1 $4-$6 M contract (such as Martinez) that only has 1 year left after this; is exactly what Grier should be looking at…. aiming for “true” savings starting in 2 years with 3 to 5 assets replacing 1

        I think there is a fair chance he gets moved by TDL; and if not moved at TDL … a high chance off-season

        I don’t see him playing any home games in ontario

  9. Who would of ever thought Boston and New Jersey as this years premier teams .

    I don’t see that changing ?

    Boston has a lot of heart character , performing with 2 or 3 elite players out of the lineup for the start of the season

    Jordan Benn has been a pleasant surprise in Toronto
    Matt Murray – I don’t want to jinx with any comment right now …
    We certainly wish him well in Toronto !

  10. Regarding a $44.M Erik Karlsson Trade

    I dont think he moves untill a week before the trade deadline date March 3rd 🤔 He wants to Win a Cup and may not even move if he is not keen on the destination,
    He like’s California and has Full Control and He is saying Nothing…..⁉️

    The $11.9M Salary for 4 more years is going to be a tough move even if SJ retain 20,30, + %

    it may have to be an other team taking back salary to work… then its getting messy, Teams just have not much cap room this year…😳

    I would not be surprised is he stays put for a couple more years in S.J.

    • Totally agree willie w.

  11. I doubt Horvat goes to another bad team, so the Jackets can look elsewhere…Hurricanes maybe kicking JR’s tires with accepts he would need.

  12. Is Justin Holl and Kerfoot headed to Arizona or San Jose

    • For what?

      • Maybe Ken was referring to 99% of the proposed deals in capfriendly’s Trade Machine thing, in which Holl, Kerfoot, and one of Nylander or Marner are peddled for assets such as “Keller, Chychrun, Crouse” combined…

      • Heh. Gotcha

  13. Why would AM leave the TML?

    He’s well paid, revered by the fan base,
    been treated well by Dubas and Keefe.

    The daily cap-friendly gloom and doom reports here are nothing but schadenfreude without accepting, the team’s and AM’s resolve or the cap situation at the time.

    I’m no fan of TML, never have been but the hate on share by many is understandable….maybe, but not when it’s a daily refrain with nothing new brought to the table.

    Boston and NJ are playing great this year, who is making fun of their SC drought?

    Who’s making fun of the Senator’s playoff drought?

    The TML on the other hand, perennially in the hunt are daily targets here by fans who wish there team was as good.

  14. So, basically we all now have to check with you first for vetting before any of us decide to offer comments or opinions? That about right?

    There’s always an option – don’t read the ones of which you don’t approve or agree.

    And why would anyone make fun of Boston’s cup “drought?” 11 years is hardly a drought when compared to these 24 teams that would probably kill for their record to show a cup as recent as that:

    Toronto 55 years; Buffalo 52 years; Vancouver 52 years; Philadelphia 47 years; Winnipeg/Arizona 43 years; NYI 39 years; Calgary 33 years; Edmonton 32 years; San Jose 31 years; Ottawa 30 years; Montreal 29 years; Florida 29 years; NYR 28 years; Nashville 24 years; Dallas 23 years; Columbus 22 years; Minnesota Wild 22 years; Atlanta/Winnipeg 22 years; New Jersey 19 years; Carolina 16 years; Anaheim 15 years; Detroit 14 years.

  15. Nobody has to check anything with or accept my opinion, by the same token I’m entitled to point out BS where I see it.

    You can keep trolling with info that isn’t exclusive or important other than your pleasure.

    Quite frankly I don’t care when the last SC was won, I like to see the effort, getting into the playoffs and having a run.

    There’s a notable team missing from your list, Senators, 30 years but who cares about the Sens.

    • oops. the Sens were mentioned, shows how little I bother with the rants.

    • It’s only “BS” in your warped mind.

      • In other words, while you can claim YOUR comments to be YOUR “opinion” – for anyone posting things YOU don’t like it’s not “opinion” but BS.

        What colour is the sky in your world?

        As for “schadenfreude” – why use a big word when a singularly unloquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the necessary necessity?