NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 1, 2022

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Mitch Marner ties a Leafs points-streak record, Penguins defenseman Kris Letang is sidelined indefinitely following a minor stroke, Canucks to honor Roberto Luongo and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner scored an empty-net goal to tie the franchise record for consecutive points (18) in a 3-1 victory over the San Jose Sharks. Pierre Engvall snapped a 1-1 tie in the third period while Ilya Samsonov made 23 saves in his first game since being sidelined by a knee injury on Nov. 5. The Leafs improve to 15-5-5 (35 points) to sit three points behind the league-leading Boston Bruins while the Sharks fall to 8-14-4.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs forward Calle Jarnkrok left this game in the second period with a groin injury.

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid had a goal and an assist to become the first player to reach 40 points as his club held off the Chicago Blackhawks by a score of 5-4. Leon Draisaitl scored twice, including what proved to be the game-winner for the Oilers (13-10-0) while Max Domi tallied twice for the 6-12-4 Blackhawks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Domi’s been among the few bright spots in what’s becoming a difficult season for the rebuilding Blackhawks. He’s second in points with 16 in 22 games and could become a valuable trade chip for them if he’s still playing well leading up to the March 3 trade deadline.

The Buffalo Sabres blew a three-goal third-period lead but defeated the Detroit Red Wings 5-4 on a shootout goal by Jack Quinn. Dylan Cozen scored twice while Craig Anderson made 41 saves for the win as the Sabres improved to 10-12-1. Oskar Sundqvist tallied twice for the 11-6-5 Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Red Wings winger Tyler Bertuzzi left this game after being struck on the left hand by a shot from teammate Ben Chiarot. Wings head coach Derek Lalonde had no update on Bertuzzi’s condition following the game.

New York Rangers defenseman Ryan Lindgren collected three assists as his club defeated the Ottawa Senators 3-1. Jaroslav Halak stopped 34 shots for his first win with the Rangers (11-9-4) as they snapped a three-game winless skid. Shane Pinto scored for the 8-13-1 Senators.


PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Penguins defenseman Kris Letang is sidelined indefinitely after suffering a minor stroke on Monday. General manager Ron Hextall said Letang’s stroke is “much less severe” than the one he suffered in 2014 that sidelined him for several months.

Letang visited his teammates following their game against the Carolina Hurricanes to reassure them about his condition. He’s undergoing further testing but so far he’s doing okay. However, there is no timetable for his return.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Best wishes to Letang for a swift recovery and his return to the Penguins lineup. Thankfully, his condition isn’t considered career-threatening.

THE PROVINCE: The Vancouver Canucks intend to honor former goaltender Roberto Luongo by inducting him into the club’s Ring of Honour next season. The newly-inducted member of the Hockey Hall of Fame is the franchise leader in single-season wins (47), games played (76) and shutouts (nine) as well as their leader in career wins (252) and shutouts (38).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m surprised they’re not retiring Luongo’s number but at least they’re recognizing the achievements of his eight seasons in Vancouver.

TAMPA BAY TIMES: After Boston Bruins’ NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards mocked Pat Maroon’s weight during a recent game, the Lightning winger took the high road by donating $2,000.00 in Edwards’ name to a local non-profit that helps people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boston Hockey Now’s Jimmy Murphy observed that Edwards’ bizarre comments didn’t go down well with fans and pundits around the NHL. However, he doesn’t anticipate an apology from Edwards or NESN, who have supported their sometimes controversial play-by-play man for his flippant comments in the past.


DAILY FACEOFF: The Los Angeles Kings placed goaltender Cal Petersen on waivers yesterday. The 28-year-old has struggled since signing a three-year, $15-million contract last season. He has a 5-3-2 record thus far this season with a .868 save percentage and a 3.78 goals-against average. The club had no comment yesterday about the move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a surprising move. It wasn’t that long ago that Petersen was considered the heir apparent to Kings starter Jonathan Quick. I doubt any club will claim him given his $5 million average annual value. If he clears waivers as expected he could be sent to the Kings’ AHL affiliate to work on his game.


  1. Fabian Lysell not in the lineup lastnight Providence vs Bridgeport didn’t see the game but wondering if he could be part of a trade transaction with the big club & another nhl club, Vancouver? He wasn’t listed among the injured players.

    • Fun fact about Luke Toporwski, seeing as how you mentioned him, yesterday.
      His Dad comes from a small community in Saskatchewan. Place called Paddokwood. Just NE of Prince Albert. Population: 154.
      I believe there were at least 4 boys to come out of that village to go on to play Pro or Semi Pro.
      The hockey factory known as Saskatchewan just keeps churning them out, in one form or another.
      I think it’s neat, given the low population in that province.

      • * Sorry, I ment Paddockwood.

      • Here’s another fun, little known fact from the Toporowski family, older brother Leopold once scaled the K2 mountain in a pair Nike Air Zooms.

  2. Is Edwards related to RWM? That’s the only reason I can think of for Edwards making such immature and brainless comments.
    I do not advocate firing Edwards, but someone needs to have a long talk with him as this is not the first time he’s exhibited oral flatulence.

  3. Classy gesture by Pat Maroon.Now if Jack Edwards was any kind of a man he should match Maroons gift to the same charity.Looking forward to his immature response after his comment on Maroons weight.Maroon can play on my team anyday.Who wouldn t want a player who has won 3 of the last 4 cups.

    • SR

      Nailed it

    • Fully agree

    • Am I the only one cynical enough to look at less as classy but more as smartassy? Good move though.

    • Hated Jack Edwards when he was a sports center anchor…he is a joke

      He is a major homer just listen to his broadcast he is just like Brad Marchand a pimple of society..

  4. another example to show how little class the Bruins organization currently has, Edwards has always been a clown, plus the sideshow with the team signing and then renouncing rights of the kid who bullied the mentally handicapped boy in school

  5. I have never been a Jack Edwards’s fan but he was just trying to be funny and he also mentioned his 3 Stanley Cups in a row but nobody mentions that. People have been fat shaming Phil and his hotdogs for years and nobody said a word. The world is getting very soft …………..

    • Obe

      Jack is a homie to the extreme And he does put his foot in his mouth a few times a season. I do not believe he meant anything by the comment. He followed it up with 3 cups in row so it must work for him But I think the classy thing for him would be make a donation to the charity in Maroons name.

    • The media hypes these comments as it is very much in fashion to be outraged on any comment that is conceived as negative, unless, of course, it is directed towards a white conservative Christian male.

      • What are you talking about Johnny? You gonna be OK?

        Both are guys involved are white guys, no idea what their religious beliefs are and couldn’t care less what they are, but simple odds would suggest Christian, so not sure what your point is.

        Jack will be fine, Maroon will be fine, this is only a thing for people who want to make it a thing. Seriously, who cares.

        I find Edwards annoying, he has become a caricature. Just a tad over the top for my taste, especially when he gets into his tough guy talk like he has any flippin’ clue. Brick is good, but if they replaced Edwards, which they won’t, I would enjoy the broadcast more.

      • You know… I’m a white conservative ish Christian ish male and I don’t feel discriminated in my life in any way shape or form…

        I once in my life have been discriminated against and it was in nursing school. Some of the ol battleaxes had a problem with testicles joining their profession.

        I didn’t even know I was being discriminated against until the women students pointed it out.

  6. Pretty sure the Bruins and the
    Organization are first class and their Captain Patrice Bergeron is the class of the league.

    • Not sure you’d be saying that, Obe, if Patrice Bergeron played for another team.
      Bergeron sets the bar for the Bruins leadership group; management hasn’t come close to matching his class.

      • Leaf fan didn’t your Organization have a pedophile working in the Garden for over 30 years who molested 26 children? Maybe be careful where you throw stones many more may come back now go away.

      • Considering how poorly most opinions are on hockey here, please refrain from making social commentary because they are even worse!

        Johnny are the white conservative males the same types as in the ones in 1930s Germany? Sure as hell sounds like it to me.

        Obe BCLeaf is dead right and to your stone throwing comment, we’ll just throw bigger stones, ‘k?

      • I thought the ones in 1930s Germany were National Socialists – you know, The National Socialist German Worker’s Party – not Conservatives.

      • The Nazi party was neither socialist nor conservative. He used the socialist workers part to win favor with masses to make them believe he was on their side, so they would be on his.

        He was economically ignorant, and didn’t change anything really. Business owners still owned their businesses. The economy was simply used to serve his other ambitions, which we are all familiar with.

      • Oh I knew all that Ray. But what’s in a name?

        I was just pointing out to Ron that those SOBs were nowhere near being “Conservative.” As soon as he had the Enabling Act passed in the Reichstag they became what he was – a Dictator with fawning followers. Just as that dips”:t in Moscow is.

    • Sock it to em Obie. The do gooders on this site can do no wrong in this life they are always right. Love Edwards he tells it like it is sometimes he’s a little behind the play. You want homers try those buffoons in Detroit the biggest homers of all time
      Mickey Redmond and the other guy. Listen to some of ridiculous comments from those two Mickey was a great player in his prime but he’s the worst commentator in hockey. Oh ohh here they come galloping up to their post on their white steeds. Can you hear em. Dr who what’s his name and Galloping gourmet.

      • Caps announcers are really bad and cannot forget the panthers. BRUTAL

      • Is obe insinuating that the leafs brass knew there was a pedophile working at the gardens and did nothing about it? Or, is he saying they knew he was a pedophile and hired him anyway?

        Just trying to clarify what he means by his comment

      • Obe and RWM, don’t consider I’m a do-gooder. Just a huge fan of Bergeron and not a fan of Bruins management.
        BTW I was watching the Boston/Tampa Bay game the other night and hit the mute button almost immediately. I think that, some day soon, they’ll be announcing a goal before Edwards says, “He shoots, he scores.”

      • Your comments remind me of why I left Twitter. *smh*

  7. Both those things are unrelated. Bruins have no say who a tv network has as a commentator. No team does

    • I’ll disagree with you. The more accurate statement would be that networks/channels consult the teams on whom they’d prefer, but the final decision lies with the network/channel.

  8. Years ago during a strike the NHL games were shown without commentators just just well placed mics.
    The games were a pleasure to watch, felt similar to being in the arena.

    There are some games broadcast in Canada that feature Jack Edwards and I can’t last 5 minutes before hitting the mute button.

    Controversial ? Flippant? More like the embarrassing to listen to.

    • I am sure every hab fan would agree with your statement

  9. According to Red Wings coach Derek Lalonde, he wanted to use Bertuzzi in the overtime but he couldn’t go. The report also indicated that he returned to the bench but did not return to the ice.

  10. Congrats MM on 18 straight

    Tanger… wishing you full and speedy recovery/return

    McD was McD …. Again!

    Maroon…. Super classy move…..

    Edwards….setting aside his completely dull and monotone [sounds like he drinks a full bottle of NyQuil pre-game] Play-by-Play [I have to watch Bruins games on mute… not joking here] or his homer slant [all PbP guys are…. Bowen is King of them all BTW]…. it likely was meant as a joke yes…. But a mistake that Maroon has smartly brought attention to and in a great way….

    Agree wholeheartedly with you SR. , classy move would be the charity match by Edwards…. I’m not holding my breath on that though

    This has nothing to do with the Bruins org… Edwards can cheer all he wants for Bruins…. He does not represent them and absolutely is in no way, their spokesperson.

    Edwards… suck it up, pull out your cheque book… make the donation…. It’s tax deductible !!

  11. I like Jack, even though I do catch myself shaking my head at some of his comments and catch phrases. He seems to be way off on timing this year. Brick tries his best to keep him on task and subject, but it’s a lost cause most of the time.

    With that said, the comments about Maroon were unnecessary and childish. We all know about the “Big Rig” “Fat Pat” and “Fat Maroon” but we don’t need a play by play commenter saying it on live broadcasts.
    Whether he was joking or not……….read the room, Jack. You can’t say things which may be hurtful to others in this time period. Many of the masses love to take offense to something that is none of their business, and here it comes.

    I believe in “sticks and stones, but others clearly do not.
    I don’t think Maroon is the least bit upset by the comments. He’s just taking a run at a guy who set himself up for it, and it’s working.
    Do better, Jack. Match the donations of $2,000, before Bergeron or Marchand has to do it.

  12. Please!! Jack Edwards is a clown. His comments wasn’t needed; however please put things into perspective.

    Play the whole clip not just part; he did say Maroon has 3 cups and everyone likes to be around him, but that part doesn’t meet the narrative.

    Interesting it was Frank Seravalli who started the fire storm with a tweet blasting Jack Edwards and in the tweet Franks says “Jack you sound drunk” I wonder if Frank Seravalli plans on donating $2000 to AA.

    How many times did the media make a hot dog joke about Phil Kessel. or jokes about Brad Marchand nose?

    Pat Maroon is one of the best chirpers on the ice, his nick name is big rig. He just made a very classy move and hopefully Jack Edwards does the same and donates $2000

    • That’s my point KevJam, i don’t get guys who try to sound all righteous, then slander a guy.

      It is like me saying “come on Frank sound like it hit a nerve close to home.”

      Make your point without slandering the other guy, has more value.

      • I like the Bruins, but Jack Edwards makes their games unlistenable sometimes. It almost sounds like he goes out of his way to be a homer announcer. He makes Kelly Hrudey look good, which is very hard to do. lol

    • Never heard this broadcaster but watching the replay of the commentary the puck went up and down the ice three times with no mention of the actual play that was happening on ice!

    • kevJam i believe this is the tweet that started the snowball; If you look at Seravalli tweet he included Pat Maroon in his tweet.

      Pat was very classy in his reply.

    • That’s the same Frank who fat shamed Phil on Twitter I call that a hypocrite.

  13. What is it about organizations like the Bruins or NESN (whatever) that tolerate jerks like Edwards. There must be a ton of folks available that could handle that job with some class. I’m not sure what it says about our society but it is really disturbing that people like him continue to get paid. If I had made comments like that during my working years I would have been asked to hit the road sooner rather later. Mr. Edwards as far as I’m concerned you can kiss my behind !!

    • The Oilers had a great one in Kevin Quinn. Not sure why SportsNet didn’t renew his contract when it expired. Jack Michaels is okay, but he’s no Kevin Quinn. The Bruins would be lucky to get him.

    • There’s a lot of bad talent out there broadcasting or commentating on games everywhere. Sometimes it’s due to ignorance or luck but most people thankfully don’t tune in to hear these personalities but rather to watch a sport that is greater than them.
      Habfan was right, that year when there was no commentators was some of the best games I watched on tv. Since then I’ve been turning down my central speaker to reduce the commentators so I can hear more rink sounds which to me, heightens the game experience, much more than the trash that most of them vomit during a game.

      • I agree with that 100%, Ron. I have an internal dialog going on all of the time as it is. I don’t need to hear guys telling me what I’m already observing………and quite often the announcers are inaccurate in their description of the plays.
        Craig Simpson is the absolute worst color man in the game.
        It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if NESN replaced Jack. He isn’t very good at calling a game anymore. I suspect he’s gone through some sort of health issue this past couple of years. That or he’s been having a puff before, during, and most likely after the headset is on.

    • Snuff

      Jack is not a jerk or an ass. He is a homie extreme If you listen to who whole commentary he praises Maroon with his 3 cup wins in a row etc. As usual blown outa proportion Society needs to chill on almost everything. I will take Jacks commentary. Vs Simpson on Hnic Then again Jack is for bruins Simpson is for Leafs. All part of job

  14. SOP no he isn’t, Redmond of a Detroit cannot be tolerated at least by me and red horse any longer than a 5 or 6 second time span. He should come with a sign on his blazer that reads “ I will not give any opposing team credit no matter what they do”I’d even read a mr b post rather than watch Redmond gripe about the game.

    • “No he isn’t”, what, Rick?