NHL Rumor Mill – December 13, 2022

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Bo Horvat could be available before the March 3 trade deadline, an update on Brock Boeser and more Canucks speculation in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


TSN: Citing a report by CHEK TV’s Rick Dhaliwal, Pierre LeBrun reports Bo Horvat rejected a contract offer from the Vancouver Canucks. The offer was made to the 27-year-old Canucks captain two weeks ago.

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

LeBrun indicated the Canucks are “focused on the trade market between now and March 3”. Horvat is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July. He’s completing a six-year contract with an average annual value of $5.5 million.

THE ATHLETIC: Dhaliwal and Thomas Drance report neither the Canucks nor the Horvat camp would comment regarding the specific numbers in the contract offer. However, it’s believed the club’s proposal was a maximum eight-year deal that was “well shy of $8 million”, which is the going baseline rate for top centers.

Things could change between now and March 3. J.T. Miller spent months on the trade block before the Canucks re-sign him to a long-term extension in September. Nevertheless, the club is said to be actively listening to trade offers for Horvat.

Dhaliwal and Drance report the Canucks could seek a package including multiple young players, including a centerman and a right-shot defenseman. Management is also believed to be reluctant to retain salary to facilitate a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks could move Horvat before the trade deadline for the right offer. However, they could revisit negotiations with their captain if they don’t get any pitches to their liking or if he has a change of heart about rejecting their contract proposal.

A Horvat trade isn’t a foregone conclusion. However, the Canucks have less time to hammer out a new contract for him compared to when they were negotiating with Miller.

If Horvat won’t budge and the Canucks are unwilling to meet his price, then they’ll peddle him before deadline day rather than risk losing him to free agency for nothing in July. You can bet there will be considerable interest from playoff contenders in the market for a scoring center.


THE ATHLETIC: Dhaliwal and Drance report there’s nothing new to report on the Canucks efforts to trade Brock Boeser. The Canucks are receiving calls about the 26-year-old winger but his $6.6 million annual cap hit through 2024-25 is proving difficult to move. His flatlined production of late hasn’t helped.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boeser reportedly hasn’t asked to be traded. However, it’s believed there’s a mutual feeling that a deal might be best for all concerned. As previous reports suggest, it could take time to find a suitable trade partner. I’ve mentioned before that it wouldn’t be surprising if this carries over into the offseason when teams have more cap space to work with.

Haman Dayal recently noted the trade speculation surrounding Luke Schenn. The 33-year-old Canucks defenseman surfaced in the rumor mill after his agent tweeted that his client would be a “perfect deadline acquisition”, citing his solid defensive game and his two Stanley Cups with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Schenn, however, doesn’t sound like someone hoping to get traded. He told Dayal that his priority remains to try and stay long-term in Vancouver and help the Canucks build into a winner. He added that he and his family have put down roots in Vancouver. He’s also earned top-four minutes with the Canucks after being a sixth-seventh defenseman with the Lightning.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Canucks management has to be pleased with Schenn’s performance. Nevertheless, he carries an affordable cap hit on an expiring contract that lacks no-trade protection. If the front office commits to a rebuild, Schenn could prove to be an attractive trade chip leading up to March 3.

VANCOUVER HOCKEY INSIDER: Rob Simpson recently wondered about the fate of Jack Rathbone. The 23-year-old defenseman saw limited action this season with the Canucks and is now playing for their AHL affiliate in Abbotsford.

Simpson observed Rathbone seemed quite unhappy during the Canucks road trip against the Golden Knights in Las Vegas. He didn’t play in that game on Nov. 26 and two days later was demoted to Abbotsford. Simpson wondered if he might request a trade should he become tired of playing the waiting game with the Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dhaliwal and Drance report Rathbone has not asked for a trade. He remains focused on playing his way back into the Canucks lineup. Still, his situation could be worth monitoring in the coming weeks.


  1. Hovart would look good in a Jackets sweater. Possibilities, possibilities.

    • Horvat would be even better in a Red Wing jersey and have Peron and Kubelik on his wings!

      • Ah, but imagine Horvat, centering the Habs’ second line, between Slafkovski and Anderson 🙂 🙂

    • Horvart would look good in almost every team’s sweater!!!!!

    • Horvat would look good between Gaudreau and Laine. Then if the Blue Jackets get the number one pick and get Bedard, they would be all set at centre for the next bunch of seasons.

    • Have been saying the same thing for a while, but will Horvat want to sign and do they have the money?

    • If Stutzle is out for any great length of time, after taking that slash across the wrist last night, you have to wonder if Dorion will try to carry on without him, Norris, Zub, Joseph and Bernard-Docker into possibly the New Year, or start putting a package together to try and get someone like Horvat.

      • That would be tempting but since the Sens are really only aiming to be in a “competitive” position by March this would seem to be an over-reaction. I think their prime focus should continue to be a strong right defenceman and making up a trade package for that must be priority 1, more for next year than this.

    • Blue Jackets aren’t making the playoffs, So Jarmo won’t be giving up pieces for him. And good luck thinking that he would commit long term with Columbus in free agency when he grew up a Red Wings fan.

  2. Horvat for Johnson and Cuelemans.

    • [color=red] You have to go to red font when you are being sarcastic.[/color]

      • Bill Placzek

        Regarding the Horvat for Johnson and Cuelemans trade. I was basing it on what Rick Dhaliwal said “My feeling on a Horvat trade would be a young centreman, young defenseman, preferably right side and a draft pick.” You’re going to have several other teams in the bidding so an average center prospect is not going to get it done.

    • Can’t see CLB trading their best C prospect for Horvat IMO. I can see them pursuing him as a UFA in the off season if he goes to market, and if he doesn’t want to sign long term in VCR, why wouldn’t he test the market.

      Methinks he will have options, the best of which is obviously Boston! Good team, play his style, lots of cap space in off season….

      I also think CLB will come to really appreciate Mr Johnson in a couple years. Needs to put some meat on and get stronger to play top 6 C in the NHL, but the guy has the offensive IQ, and skill in buckets IMO.

    • If you think Jarmo would give up Johnson, I want what you’re smoking.

    • Horvat isn’t committing long term with Columbus, Their Goaltending is bad and outside of Werenski and Jiricek their D is meh. Right now Columbus is the laughing stock of the league. They should easily be much better than they truly are.

      • And, of course, the fact that so many starters, especially on the blueline, are out with injuries has nothing to do with their poor showing, so far.

  3. The Canucks seem like they can’t stop themselves from messing things up. From Louis Eriksson and Jay Beagle, then the OEL trade, and now JT Miller and Horvat situation. That is also three different management teams.

    • Hi KevJam,

      I think its the Vancouver Canucks ownership thats the problem there with Francesco Aquilini…… ❓

      it stems way back to the Trevor Linden days he has had his nose right in there mixing it up
      they cant sem to get ahead with him

      No sure where the Canucks are going right now is it a Re-build or a Re-tool or What…..🤔

      • Agree 100%

  4. [color=red] You have to go to red font when you are being sarcastic.[/color]

  5. Re Horvat and “believed the club’s proposal was a maximum eight-year deal that was “well shy of $8 million”

    JTM got a 7 by $8M after coming off a 32 goal campaign

    Horvat (2 years younger) is currently on an 82 game pace for 59 Goals; and his 82 game pace last year was for 36 goals

    That pace (59) is certainly a longshot to maintain…. but offering “well shy of $8 million” seems strange to me

    If they don’t have a true intention of resigning him and are therefore gearing up for a trade…. Why the serious lowball offer?

    Better to keep negotiating and not “offer” anything concrete until mid Jan

    To me it’s looking more and more like a trade…. and cup contenders would just love a sturdy C ( 6’ — 215) that is on track for 50+ goals… If ‘Nucks remain out as at TDL…. Retaining 50%… should get a great return

    Re Schenn

    I realize that there are many suitors…. HexBurkie…. At least make the call to find out the ask

  6. Paul Bowles

    Johnson might be a good playmaker but is he ever going to score more than 20 goals in a season? 17 goals in 58 games at Michigan is not exactly a good indicator. A players worth is judged too often by their draft position. How many times have we’ve been told guys are can’t miss prospects and are untouchable only to see their careers never fully materialize?

    • Sjpp, he might score 20 this season, although I wouldn’t bet on it. He has 6 in 24 games, 82 game pace right at 20.

      A 20 yr old kid averaging better than 0.5 pts/game in his first full season is nothing to sneeze at. We all know not every high pick turns into a star, but lots of top 5 picks do. I think he has a really good shot to be a legit top 6 center/forward, with a chance to be an all star. He is also under team control for 6 more years.

      If CLB doesn’t want him and trade him for Horvat, methinks VCR would be all over it if they don’t think Horvat will stay for a reasonable contract.

      I don’t think it matters, as I just can’t see CLB trading him for a pending UFA who will cost a fortune to extend.

  7. leafs should trade for horvat and schenn–for kerfoot, engvall, holl a first and 3rd —leafs get a cup–but dumas thinks kerfoot and engvall and holl play well—and they don’t—just like blozak–junkers that only get easy points–its sooooo obvious if you watch the games lol

    • Hi Jeff

      I’m confident that that proposal would not be enough; but even if done; that doesn’t guarantee a cup

      Leafs will most likely face Bolts round one; and even with that trade…. Does not guarantee they get past Bolts

      Then if they do beat Bolts….. Bruins…. and even with that trade; I’m thinking Bruins are favoured there

  8. Bettman announces that Cap only moving up $1 million next year, Could change, but not great chance. That hurts a number of teams….

    • Big winner… Yotes

      Cap floor marginally moves

  9. I said before I’d be shocked if it moved at all with a recession in the future. 1 million will help a few teams but the teams that over spent earlier this year will be in trouble. If Bergeron and Krech both retire after this year Horvat would work in Boston along with Larkin.

    • Don’t forget the new millionaire tax in Massachusetts. Might be a reason guys are leaving town. I believe it’s an extra 4% tax starting next year. That’s a lot when you can go to Florida with no state tax.

    • LOL Unless you plan on letting Pasta walk, There is no way you can sign both Horvat and Larkin. That would cost you a combined $18,000,000 $8,500,000 for Horvat and $9,500,000 for Larkin. And neither are signing with Boston with their window closing in 1-2 years. Larkin isn’t leaving a young up and coming Red Wings team for an aging Boston squad and neither is Horvat.

  10. Luke skywalker you better look again lots of cash coming off the books next year. Plus if Bergie and Krech retire average age drops in half. With Pasta Both Charlie’s ,Marchand ,Hall , Lindholm, Jake , Linus and Sways their core is solid. Beecher, Lysell, Lohrei, and Merkulov in minors they won’t miss a beat. Larkin and Bo if want to win will think long and hard with signing in Boston. Who knows maybe Bergeron and Krech play another couple.

    • Hey Obe-Wan Kenobi?

      LOL if you honestly think that the Bruins have the cap space to sign Pasta, Horvat and Larkin you’re looking at $29,000,000 combined right there. As thinking that the Bruins window is open adding them is totally delusional. Bruins prospect pool is one of the worst in the NHL. There is no way either Horvat or Larkin are committing to that laughing stock team. once you lose Bergeron and Krejci the Buins will fall apart. Marchand just had double hip surgery he won’t last much longer in the league. Pretty much all experts have said that the bruins cup window is closing pretty quickly.

      • So what your saying Lucas, is that the team with the best record in the NHL, has seen their window close?
        Interesting take.

        The B’s D is solid and young with Forbort the only guy not in his 20’s, and he is 30. Who has a better D core than BOS?

        Both tenders under 30, and some of the best #’s in the NHL. Who has a better tandem this year?

        Solid group of wingers, Marchand being the old one at 34, and his hip surgery was the less severe version. Same as Point had. Both players showing no effects.

        They are aging out at one position – 1 and 2C. If they can add a good one via UFA, their window is still open.

        Adding a 1 or 2C in free agency will be expensive, and zero guarantees you even get one. If they lose both guys, and don’t replace one of them, they are not competing for a cup. But that may not need to happen for another year.

        Not sure if you have noticed but players seem to want to play in BOS, so not crazy to think another might want to. Pretty sure Lindholm and Hall knew how old Bergy and Krecji were when they signed extensions vs hitting the UFA market. Both wanted to be in BOS, both signed to stay long term, both at a reasonable price.

    • 2 Top destenations for Bo As a UFA Centre,
      Would be Boston and CBJ they both need a top line centre

      Boston will have $27.M to spend next year there 2 top Centres will Retire i think, one will be 38 & 37

      RW, Pasta $10M.
      #1 C Bo Horvat $8. to $8.5.M
      W Pavel Zacka $3.5-$4..M?
      about $5.M left

      G Swayman A Bridge deal at $❓
      The rest to Sign a 3rd & 4th line players, they also have some guys in JR that are ready to make the jump…

      CBJ have $11.5 M in cap space for 2023, but they are trying to trade a couple of forwards like
      Jack Roslovic $4.M
      Jakub Voracek $8.25M may be done due to injury❓
      going for a high draft pick…..🤔

    • Neither is in a playoff position so it has not worked for anybody except the big contracts they got