NHL Rumor Mill – December 19, 2022

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Check out the latest on Patrick Kane and Jakob Chychrun in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

NOTE: The NHL’s annual holiday roster freeze goes into effect at 11:59 PM ET on Dec. 19 and runs through 12:01 AM ET on Dec. 28.


NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: Charlie Roumeliotis reports Patrick Kane hasn’t made a decision yet on what his future will look like beyond the March 3 trade deadline. Nevertheless, he examined what a trade between the Blackhawks and New York Rangers involving Patrick Kane might look like.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Roumeliotis believes the Rangers have the assets the Blackhawks are looking for. They’re loaded with young players, most of whom are underperforming and could use a change of scenery. The Blueshirts also carry two first-round picks in the 2023 draft. They also have $7.1 million in projected trade deadline cap space. The move would reunite Kane with former linemate Artemi Panarin.

As for what the return might look like, Roumeliotis believes a first-round pick would be part of the package. He doesn’t see the Rangers parting with K’Andre Miller and Braden Schneider but thinks Filip Chytil, Kaapo Kakko and Alexis Lafreniere would be part of the discussion. He also doesn’t think the Blackhawks would be interested in winger Vitali Kravtsov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers would likely still want the Blackhawks to retain a portion of Kane’s salary. However, their cap space means they wouldn’t have to get a third team involved in the deal to make the dollars fit.

One of those two picks is conditional with the Dallas Stars. If it’s a top-10 selection, it instead becomes the Stars’ unprotected first-round pick in 2024. Given the Stars’ high placement in the Western Conference this season, it’s safe to assume their 2023 pick will belong to the Rangers.

Chytil, Kakko or Lafreniere will have to be part of the return. Not all three, of course, and it’s unlikely two of them will be included in the deal. I can see Kravtsov being a toss-in as he doesn’t appear to have a future with the Rangers. There could be another draft pick plus a prospect or two heading Chicago’s way in this hypothetical deal.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy recently cited a rumor linking the Bruins to Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews. However, an NHL source claims the Bruins are more interested in Kane. The source told Murphy that any trade talks between the two clubs are merely exploratory at this point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins are pressed against the $82.5 million salary cap. They could get $3.1 million in cap relief if somebody claims Craig Smith off waivers by noon ET today but that seems unlikely given how much clubs also carry limited cap space right now.

Even if someone claims Smith, it might not give the Bruins sufficient wiggle room to acquire Kane or Toews at the trade deadline. They might have to get a third team involved to spread their cap hit around, which could be complicated to pull off.

They also lack depth in the type of promising young assets to tempt the Blackhawks. Unless clubs like the Rangers aren’t pursuing Kane or Toews, I don’t see the Bruins winning a bidding war for either guy before March 3.


THE JEFF MAREK SHOW (stick tap to NHL Watcher): Guest host Mark Marchese suggested the Buffalo Sabres as a dark horse contender for Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun. He would complement Owen Power or Rasmus Dahlin plus the Sabres have the assets to entice the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Three weeks ago, The Buffalo News’ Lance Lysowski cited sources confirming the Sabres had an interest in Chychrun. They’ve got plenty of cap space to take on his $4.6 million annual cap hit through 2024-25.

Thanks to their league-leading offense, the Sabres are steadily moving closer to playoff contention. His puck-moving skills would make Chychrun a good fit there. The Coyotes reportedly seek two first-round picks plus a top prospect or good young NHL player in return.

Elliotte Friedman noted the Columbus Blue Jackets have been in and out of the Chychrun sweepstakes for some time but he doesn’t see them trading first-rounders. The Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and Edmonton Oilers have been around it. He doesn’t see the Toronto Maple Leafs getting involved.

Friedman felt the Florida Panthers are the team that makes the most sense for Chychrun. However, they’re in the least position to do it because they lack the type of assets the Coyotes want.


  1. Would be nice to see Smith return to preds and get back his former self but I doubt any team will claim him As for Kane he is in charge if he says NyR only they will not have to give as much as hawks will have no leverage. Similar to what happened with Hall and Sabres

    • Jets are down thier top 3 right wingers Ehlers, Wheeler, Appleton (4-6 more weeks). Smith could be a fit as he shoots right, is familiar with western conference and manageable cap hit

      • Smith just cleared waivers.

      • Perfect,Craig Smith is your man.Now we need a taker for Mike Reilly.

    • Why would Chicago take underperforming young players? They likely under perform because they aren’t good!

  2. I don’t know why anyone gives Jimmy Murphy ink.

  3. I would not trade Chytil, Kakko,Miller, Schneider or Lafreniere straight for Patty Kane at this point.
    The Rangers will be tight next summer with the cap to resign their RFAs and Kane is not the final piece to put the Rangers over the top.

    Non-roster assets only from the Rangers imho would could keep Kane not @ MSG

    • ds. Who is the “final piece” Nobody. You make deals to make a run at cup. No guarantees. I commented recently I wouldn’t mind Chychrun as he’s only 24 and LD was probably biggest need. Maybe they pick up a LD at deadline like they did with Braun last year. Maybe they see how Harpur does.

      • Kane to NYR (50% retained) and Bjugstad from Yotes
        Chytil, Blais and Dallas 1st to Chicago
        25% of Kane’s cap hit (less than 750K in actual money), Julien Gautier plus NY’s 6th round pick from Jets

      • Last part should’ve said to Arizona
        Have to add that after freeze there’s still 2 months till deadline. So much can happen between now and then. Rangers played Hawks yesterday on nation tv. Panarin joking around with Kane pregame. Best part of game though was Trouba scoring and asking Athanasio if he wanted puck. AA had comments about Trouba after last game between 2 teams.

      • Othmann+ either Dallas/NYR 1st is too much for Kane too but i could stomach that over a roster kid. the Rangers lack depth right now so adding Kane and subtracting a 20-22 year old in the salary cap era is a tough pill.

        Chychrun would mean Lindgren or Miller is gone. I prefer both over Chyrchrun. The Rangers just need a 3rd pairing LHD which should be affordable

        I would rather give up both 1st round picks for Kane and not touch the roster and or the future. Not sure Chicago would say no to a pair of 1st round picks while knowing Kane might resign

      • Rangers shouldn’t be too bad next year for raises. LAF likely gets close to Kakko on a short term deal, unless he starts filling the net.

        Miller is the kid I would want to lock up. Playing big minutes for a young guy and the tools are all their.

        Plus have some dead cap coming off – $3.4.
        But like most teams will need to be prudent.

    • d’s,
      Totally agree, if I were involved in Ranger country, there is no way I would trade those guys you mentioned for Kane. I have felt that way for a long time since this has been frequently debated on this site with almost daily rumours about Kane as a Ranger! Why would the Rangers give up major contributors on the team like LaFreniere, Kakko and Chityl? Disrupt chemistry on the team? I don’t see it and if I was a Ranger fan would be totally opposed to it! GO AVS!!!!!

  4. I’m not interested in Jon Toews on the Bruins. Not in the slightest, as a matter of fact.
    I hope Smitty gets claimed, though. He’s a good soldier and a shot generator. Just not much puck luck in Boston.

    • Kinda with you SOP. I might be in the minority but think Toews can still play, but I don’t see the fit in BOS.

      Unless they plan on him playing the wing or moving someone else to the wing?

      They will need to add some depth, but I would also be careful about changing too much. Sometimes additions can subtract. IE – Shattenkirk taking PP and offensive minutes from a younger Carlson in WSH, and it made them worse.

      • I agree with all of that, Ray. I still ponder the Jagr experiment occasionally.

  5. Paul Bowles

    • LOL

      • Don’t ask me, George. I wrote a long post explaining why Chychrun coming to Columbus would be a mistake. I tapped the Submit Comment button and all that came up was my name. Maybe it’s the RWM curse.

      • LMAO. Why I laughed the first time was because of the Mrbruin4 post in the headlines thread about you-know-who hijacking his nick at another site. When I saw yours – I just thought it was in reference to that and you were posting your name to show it was you – and not you-know-who.

      • Like George, I did too Paul, thought it was pretty funny.

    • Pengy

  6. Re; Jakob Chychrun
    nothing may happen with JC untill the Trade deadline or maybe the Draft….❗️ The AZ ask is Way to Much,

    2 X first rd picks and a top prospect + a salary dump to make the cash work of course..
    I could see teams going 1X 1st rd pick and 2nd round picks….? like the Ducks , Sabers & Hawks,
    are most likely, but not contenders yet

    • if AZ wants to get their price yes Chych has to finish the season healthy and productive
      or they should cut ties with him before the next injury

  7. I wouldn’t mind Kane joining the Bruins. It will cost you DeBrusk and Carlo and maybe another piece to make the salaries work. Can you imagine Kane and Pasta or Kane and Marchand? If you get him and extend him, you can probably guarantee Bergy comes back another season. Could be exciting to watch!

    • Nice.

  8. Avalanche and Maple Leafs make a trade. Don’t know if it’s of any significance but hopefully Malgin will contribute in some way? Don’t know much about him. Any Leafs fans out there want to comment? Hunt, like his energy but too many penalties and not much offense, no goals despite significant ice time. Good physically though IMO. Need another good effort tonight against Islander’s like vs Nashville. Kaut back in the line-up. We need him to find the back of the net! GO AVS!!!!!!!

    • Change of Scenery trade Tommy Boy

      Malgin not playing much…. Speedy; quick release; small

      Looks like the move by Leafs just gained 4” and 16 lbs

      Malgin listed st 5’9”… but broadcasters have repeatedly inferred that was an overstatement

      Malgins speed might fit in well with Avs

      He’s 2-2-4 (23 GP) this year. Has some shifts where his speed and quick shot shine; but not every game he plays is like that. Sometimes he can be almost invisible

      What’s your lowdown on Hunt?

      • Pengy,
        Well you know, I’m not sure? Maybe, he will be good for Maple Leafs? He is very good at hounding the puck and for checking but missed some chances to put the puck in the back of the net IMO. Good forchecker but penalties. Honestly, when watching him as a member of the Rangers, I expected some more from him on the Avalanche? Good luck to him!!

  9. If Boston wants to make another last cup run for Bergeron, then you need to ice the best team possible.

    Kane would be a nice addition but is he necessary.

    Boston has limited capspace and limited assets.

    Between Kane and Chychrun

    Chychrun would be my first choice and sending Grzelcyk as part of the return would be a must.

    My biggest concern for Boston is there D.

    I seen enough of Grzelcyk to know once the hitting starts, he consistent in coughing up the puck or poor passes. Just as he was against Columbus.

    I believe in the Bruins depth up front but not sold that their D is good enough for a long run.

    • Caper, so you thinking another offensive type guy to replace Grz, or go more big defender type?

      I don’t hate the idea of adding another middle 6 scorer, not sure we got what Chicago wants as a return when it comes to Kane, or a high end guy like him.

  10. Right now the only thing that might be missing for the Bruins is that one big tough winger
    ( Deslauriers) for protection of their Star players ….. a Frederic…Foligno … Deslauriers line would do that

  11. Perfect,Craig Smith is your man.Now we need a taker for Mike Reilly.