Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 4, 2022

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The Canucks give Brock Boeser’s representatives permission to speak with other teams, how the Avalanche could bolster their roster, and the latest on the Senators scouting the Canadiens in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reported the Vancouver Canucks have given Brock Boeser and his representatives permission to speak with other teams about a potential trade. The 25-year-old winger has been struggling to score this season.

Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser (NHL Images).

Friedman speculates the situation is reaching a point where it’s time to explore a possible move. He doesn’t know, however, where this is going to go. He also said the Canucks and the Boeser camp “have not confirmed” and aren’t commenting.

THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance reported Boeser was slated to be a healthy scratch for Saturday’s game against the Arizona Coyotes but go into the lineup owing to an injury to Dakota Joshua. He scored the game-tying goal in their 3-2 overtime win.

The initial decision to scratch Boeser from this game seemed heartless. It was on Hockey Fights Cancer night. Boeser’s father died of cancer earlier this year.

Drance indicated that the Boeser camp being given permission to talk to other clubs isn’t tied to what occurred on Saturday. Instead, it’s being done to enable the Canucks to free up some cap space and because this situation isn’t working out for either side. He questions the club’s decision to attempt to scratch Boeser from the lineup on Saturday when they’re trying to trade him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boeser has struggled with consistency due in part to frequent injuries taking him out of the lineup for lengthy periods. Nevertheless, he might benefit from moving on to another club with steadier management where he can get a fresh start.

Boeser’s skills as a scoring winger will draw interest around the league. He’s signed through 2024-25 with an average annual value of $6.65 million, which could prove difficult to move during this season with so many clubs carrying limited cap space. Still, a deal remains possible before the March 3 trade deadline.

The hiring last season of Jim Rutherford as president of hockey operations and Patrik Allvin as general manager was expected to bring stability to a franchise in need of it after the chaotic stewardship of the previous management.

Instead, there were months of uncertainty over J.T. Miller’s contract negotiations before he was finally re-signed in September. A similar situation is taking place with captain Bo Horvat’s contract talks. Head coach Bruce Boudreau’s been called out publicly by Rutherford twice, making his future in Vancouver an unnecessary distraction.

And now there’s the Boeser saga. Canucks followers are increasingly frustrated over the club’s ongoing lack of direction, which doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon.


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Duhatschek recently observed the Colorado Avalanche’s need to improve their forward depth. He acknowledged part of the problem is the injuries that sidelined five forwards, including wingers Gabriel Landeskog and Valeri Nichushkin.

The Avalanche still haven’t fully addressed filling the second-line center role following Nazem Kadri’s departure this summer via free agency. Duhatschek suggested Bo Horvat as a playoff rental if the Vancouver Canucks captain becomes available before the trade deadline.

THE DENVER POST: In a recent mailbag segment, Bennett Durando was asked if the Avalanche might seek a gritty, hard-nosed top-six forward. He believes the grit will be addressed once Landeskog and Nichushkin return from injury. Like Duhatschek, he believes they need a top-six forward comfortable playing center.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Everyone anticipates the defending Stanley Cup champions will be buyers again at the trade deadline. The second-line center position is their biggest weakness. Maybe they’ll pursue Horvat if he becomes available or opt for a more affordable choice in terms of return like Montreal’s Sean Monahan.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: Marc Dumont reports the Ottawa Senators have been scouting the Canadiens for some time. With the holiday roster freeze just over two weeks away (Dec. 20-27), he observed the Senators sent five scouts to the Canadiens home game on Nov. 29. Ottawa GM Pierre Dorion was also at a recent Habs game.

Dumont speculates Josh Anderson could be trade bait. The 28-year-old winger has struggled to adjust to Canadiens coach Martin St. Louis’ system.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators’ biggest need is blueline depth, which is why they’ve been frequently linked to Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun. The Canadiens have a bit of a log jam on their blueline, resulting in promising Jordan Harris becoming the odd man out in recent games.

Perhaps the Senators are scouting Joel Edmundson, who has also been the subject of some trade conjecture. Then again, maybe they’re scouting the Canadiens in preparation for the upcoming game between the two clubs on Dec. 14.


  1. What’s going on in van city? They had a promising team that needed a few tweaks here and there. I don’t get it, they shouldn’t have all these issues like this.
    Looks like ownership has got the wrong people running this team.

    • That’s exactly the issue.

      • Well, since I’ve compared the stats for a few teams today vis-a-vis a year ago today, I may as well compare those for the Canucks

        This time a year ago they sat 29th overall and dead last in the Pacific after 25gp with a record of 8 15 2 18pts scoring 60 while giving up 80 for an overall of -20 and a .320 % pace.

        This season, after 25 gp, they sit 23rd overall, 6th in the Pacific just 5 back of Edmonton with a record of 10 12 3 23 pts, scoring 84 while giving up 95 for an overall of -11 with a .460% pace.

        Their offense is up by 24 goals but their D/goaltending is down by 15 goals. Is it only the D/goaltending that’s at fault, or perhaps a combination of that and lack of back checking by some of the Fs?

    • Management should’ve realized, with the salary of there d core, paying BB, JT, BH doesn’t work. Plan should’ve been to trade one of them for assets or a top 4 dman.

      They did none of this and now they are at a point where this could all go bad fast. No goalie for 6 weeks and team isn’t playing up to expectations.

      The coach can only do so much with a team that is poorly designed, it is the GM”S job. They need to figure out who is more vaulable to the team, horvat or boeser and then make a deal.

  2. Van’s problem IS the ownership.

  3. Boeser should move on. I think he has a lot of value and you could add to that to make a trade that helps long term. I think this season is a write off already .
    I would look for quantity in return.
    Dumba Rossi Greenway

    • Rossi for Boeser would be a good deal for both sides, fresh starts for two struggling players.

      • You would need more then just Rossi on that trade

  4. When the New Managment team took over
    The GM, Coach, President took over Vancouver
    in-herited a Hugh Mess❗️
    Thats had been going no where for the past few years and thats thanks to the old GM for 7 years from 2014 202 (Jim Benning)

    There d is Horrible there 2 oldest d/men make $14.250,000 between them OEL & Tyler Myers
    they are not even top 4 any more.

    They told Brock Bowsers Agent yesterday that he can look for a trade…❗️, Im sure Bo Horvat will be traded at the dead line, and im sure they will try to unload 2or3 d/men they may have to give away a pick to move the 2 old guys if they want to do a faster Re-build.

    LA & Ottawa are intrested in Thacher Demko….🤔
    if they go the re-build route im sure Demko will want out, he would give them a good return….
    A Re-build could take them 3-4 years to get it sorted out
    or keep loosing and going no where like the past 6-8 years….
    Lots of Chatter in Vancouver about this mess…

    • I don’t think there is any interest from Ottawa in Thatcher Demko. Both Forsberg and Talbot have played well. The Sens need to shore up their defence, not their goal tending.

      • I can see the Sens interested. Talbot is a UFA while Demko is signed for four more years at $5M per. I think Ottawa needs to solidify their goaltending. Their goalie prospects are OK but nothing that jumps out. Big question is what does Vancouver want back and will Dorion pay.

        I do agree their defence needs another piece but they do have some young talent … Thomson and JBD to be specific.

  5. A lot of these proposed deals simply will not work because of cap space, a 23 limit roster (decide who gets sent down/waived). I don’t see anyone making big concessions to trade for Boeser with the way the cap is hamstringing most teams. The Ducks, Sabers and the Yotes are the only ones that can absorb that cap hit, and Buffalo has too many RFA’s to sign for next year so they have to be careful. BB may be sorry he explored a trade!
    Horvat would be easier to move as many would make room for a big, very skilled C. If Van is retooling Horvat would get a much bigger return.

    • come on…! Ottawa has 2 back up goaltenders,

      Talbot A UFA, who will be 36 next year, injury prone now and has never really been able to take it to the next level and is now he is going down hill @ $3.65M

      Anton Forsberg who is the highest paid back up in the NHL @ $2.75M for 2.5 more years….⁉️
      He is Not even in the top 10 in back up performances GP 13, GAA 3.5,
      so paying out 2 crappy goaltenders +$6.M..!!

      Demko would be a Great Goaltender for the Sen’s to go after in a Trade…. As They are set up front
      Thats the #1 weakest Area the Sens have

      They do need A 2nd pearing RD man to fill out there top 4 Zub as #1 RD, and Chabot & Sanderson as the 2 top LD Men….

      A Trade for Demko,… 4 items
      -I would trade a 1st pick
      -A good young prospect from the D pool
      -23 yr old LW Alex Formenton
      -Nikita Zaitsev & his $4.5M to make the cash work

      • Here are the numbers for these three goaltenders:
        1) Thatcher Demko
        2022: Goals Against – 3.93 SP .883
        Lifetime: Goals Against 2.94 SP .909

        2) Anton Forsberg
        2022: Goals Against – 3.31 SP .908
        Lifetime: GA – 3.06 SP . 909

        3) Cam Talbot
        2022: GA – 2.50 SP .919
        Lifetime GA – 2.62 SP .915

        So, Talbot is distinctly better than Talbot, both this year and lifetime, while Forsberg is roughly the same.

        Therefore, the Senators will not and should not trade for Demko. They might try to sign Talbot instead .

      • Over the past 5 games in which the Senators have gone 4-1 (with the 1 loss being a 2-1 setback to the NYR (a 3rd goal was into an empty net), the Ottawa goalies have played extremely well, and yesterday, against a San Jose 2-man advantage Formenton stopped 6 shots that were targeted (when Giroux slapped one past the SJ goalie shortly after they killed the penalties, the first thing he did was point a finger down the ice directly at Formenton and said later that he should have been given an assist).

        Right now, the 2 “back-ups” are playing a lot better than Demko is in Vancouver.

        They may well move on at the end of this season from UFA Talbot, but if they go in search of a replacement, Demko will only become a possible target IF he starts playing with more consistency down the line. And in that case, Vancouver will likely choose to retain him.

  6. I don’t see why the Sens would be taking in the Habs as they both need the same thing RD.

    Anderson is a player you love or hate,I can see the Sens wanting him but they have nothing they’d be willing to trade for him.

    • Hi George,
      I get where your going with that…. the Canucks have an even worse Defence than the Sen’s….⁉️
      Demlo is having a bad year for sure, But he is way better than both the sen’s back up goaltenders
      if talbot is the starter he is 36 & the over payed back up is 31….,
      Who should the sen’s go after for a goaltender that they could posibliy get in a trade if you dont like Demko….❓
      Demko will only be avalable if the Canucks go into a re-build… it looks like 50-50 right now in the UFA goaltender market its very Thin next year…?
      lots between 35-40 but they are All done!!
      you got 2-3 choices
      1-Tristan Jarry from the pens he is about 28…?
      2-Frederik Andersen the Cans starter is 33..?
      3-the rest are Garbage to old

      ❓A Long shot maybe the go after the Leafs back up Ilya Samsonov he is an RFA in 2023, 7.1&1 in 9 games with the leafs

      Sorry George, The Sens are going no where with this goaltending tandem.
      They pick top 10 if they dont trade for a goaltender this year 100%✅

  7. Credit to the Bruins for bringing it last night; however, would like to see that match up with Landeskog, Nichuskin, Manson and McDermid in the line up? Think we’d have a different outcome! GO AVS!!!!

  8. I don’t think there is any interest from Ottawa in Thatcher Demko. Both Forsberg and Talbot have played well. The Sens need to shore up their defence, not their goal tending.

    • Sorry, meant to say ” Talbot is distinctly better than Demko”.

  9. Ya not sure where all this “Sens need a goalie” crap is coming from. It’s a very thin goalie market right now but the Sens have some prospects in the pipeline. Sens fans have known for a while Dorion was going with the Islanders model. Though I do like the Islanders tandem better.

    Sens need a solid shut down D, and a new head coach.